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FreedomĀ and Faith at the Salt and Light Conference

The Salt and Light Conference brought together prominent civil rights leaders who shared their insights on freedom, faith, and the responsibilities that come with them. Dr. Paul Brintley, Alveda King, Clarence Henderson, and Raven Harrison engaged in a thought-provoking discussion, emphasizing the importance of these values in shaping the future and preserving freedom for future generations.

Recent Radio

Fox News Poll: WTVN September 18th, 2023

In a recent WTVN segment, host Brandon Boxer discussed the findings of a Fox News poll regarding the mental soundness of President Trump and Joe Biden. Political strategist Raven Harrison joined the discussion to provide insights and analysis on the poll results.

Impeachment: WERC September 15th, 2023

On September 15th, 2023, political analyst Raven Harrison made a special in-studio appearance on WERC Radio. Known for her insightful and bold commentary, Harrison brought attention to key political issues, particularly the ongoing impeachment process and the strategy of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for the upcoming election.