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Grandparents Day: Honoring the Pillars of Our Family

Grandparents Day, a beacon of tradition and legacy, stands as a testament to the universal role of grandparents in sculpting generations. Their tales, woven with wisdom and love, shape our past, present, and future.

NC Salt and Light Conference: A Beacon of Faith and Freedom

The NC Salt and Light Conference is more than just an event; it's a clarion call for those who believe in the power of faith to shape our culture. Set against the serene backdrop of the Nebo Crossing Church in Marion, this conference promises to be a transformative experience for all attendees.

Minions Vault Room in Orlando Florida

Raven Harrison, a renowned conservative commentator, has recently embarked on a memorable journey to Orlando with her family. This trip isn't just about relaxation and sightseeing. It's intertwined with the significance of the upcoming NC Salt and Light Conference, where Raven is slated to be a speaker. But first, we need to talk about the minion in the room - or more accurately in the Minions Vault!

Sideshow Fetterman

In the circus that is American politics, Senator John Fetterman stands out as a bona fide sideshow. With his audacious choice of attire and brazen comments, Fetterman has not just courted controversy—he's married it. This article will rip apart the façade and delve into the circus act that is Fetterman, examining the public outrage, the Senate's complacency, and the Democratic Party's role in this fiasco.

Eagle Pass Texas: Meaningless State of Emergency

The town of Eagle Pass, Texas, is grappling with a crisis that many argue is undermining the very fabric of American society. A state of emergency has been declared as an unprecedented influx of migrants, viewed by some as invaders, flood the border. This article aims to shed light on the situation, focusing on the perspective that these migrants are not only breaking U.S. immigration laws but also straining resources and posing a threat to American jobs.

Recent Radio

Fox News Poll: WTVN September 18th, 2023

In a recent WTVN segment, host Brandon Boxer discussed the findings of a Fox News poll regarding the mental soundness of President Trump and Joe Biden. Political strategist Raven Harrison joined the discussion to provide insights and analysis on the poll results.

Impeachment: WERC September 15th, 2023

On September 15th, 2023, political analyst Raven Harrison made a special in-studio appearance on WERC Radio. Known for her insightful and bold commentary, Harrison brought attention to key political issues, particularly the ongoing impeachment process and the strategy of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for the upcoming election.