Grandparents Day, a beacon of tradition and legacy, stands as a testament to the universal role of grandparents in sculpting generations. Their tales, woven with wisdom and love, shape our past, present, and future.

A Glimpse into the History of Grandparents Day

The tapestry of Grandparents Day is rich, embroidered with stories of pioneers who recognized the significance of setting aside a day to honor grandparents. It's not just a day; it's an ode to the evolution of recognition, a tribute to the elders who've been the bedrock of families across the globe.

The Indelible Impact of Grandparents

Imagine a world without the comforting embrace of a grandparent or the tales they tell under a starry night. Grandparents are the custodians of family wisdom, traditions, and values. Their influence seeps into our very being, molding our character, shaping our dreams, and grounding our realities.

Celebrating Lieutenant Colonel John Zebelean and Lieutenant Colonel Mae Friel

In the annals of military history, the names of Lieutenant Colonel John Zebelean and Lieutenant Colonel Mae Friel shine brightly. Their distinguished service in the USAF, especially their pivotal roles at the Pentagon, is a testament to their dedication and valor. But beyond the uniforms and the salutes, they were the pillars that held the family together. Their values, principles, and the love they showered upon Raven have been the guiding stars of her life.

Lt. Col. John Zebelean and Lt. Col. Mae Friel

Honoring Howard and Mildred Harrison

Howard and Mildred Harrison, names that resonate with love, warmth, and wisdom. Their legacy, though not etched in stone, is imprinted on the hearts of those they touched. Their successful efforts in raising a family that cherishes legacy and tradition are evident in the man Paul has become. Their tales, their laughter, their lessons - all echo in the corridors of time, reminding us of the values they held dear.

Howard and Mildred Harrison

The Legacy Continues: Major and Patience

In the sparkling eyes of Major and Patience, the future of the family legacy shines bright. Their bond with their grandparents is special, a blend of old-world charm and new-age zest. Through stories, shared moments, and lessons, the values from their grandparents are being intricately woven into their young lives.

Major and Patience Harrison

Raven's Reflection

Every family has its stories, its legends. For Raven, her grandparents were not just elders; they were the storytellers, the dream-weavers. Their influence on her life is profound, shaping not just her but also Major and Patience. As the pages of time turn, Raven cherishes the memories, the lessons, and the love, ensuring that the family's legacy lives on.


As the sun sets on another Grandparents Day, let's take a moment. A moment to cherish, to celebrate, and to honor the grandparents who've been the compass guiding us through life's journey. Their tales, their wisdom, their love - they are the treasures we hold dear, today and always.