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The CHAUNCEY Show-Meet Raven Harrison 2022 Candidate for Congress Texas D-26

The CHAUNCEY Show is a conservative talk podcast with America First candidates running to represent you “We The People” in our nation with host Chauncey I. Brown III. Live every Tuesday and Thursday from 6PM to 7PM EST on BlogTalkRadio.

“The CHAUNCEY Show-Meet Raven Harrison 2022 Candidate for Congress Texas D-26. Service to our great country is the foundation on which Raven was born and raised. She is the daughter of true patriots; two retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonels. Raven is also married to a patriot and warrior, Paul Harrison, a retired Major in the United States Air Force and former C17 pilot, now commercial airline pilot. Raven was raised by, and married to, heroes on the frontlines in service to this country. This unique dynamic paved the way to Raven’s path to service. Raven believes that the salvation of our Constitutional Republic depends on true conservatives, serving in the United States Congress, leading the charge to protect the freedoms her parents and husband fought tirelessly to protect; Freedoms her children are in grave danger of losing without strong leadership.

It is in this time that Raven understands she is uniquely qualified to take on establishment elites. Raven is not a lawyer, Raven is not a politician. Raven is a Christian, patriot, accomplished industry pioneer, entrepreneur, savvy businesswoman, devoted wife and protective mother.  Raven is the worst nightmare of the radical left. She will bring a perspective and fury to Congress, the likes of which have not been seen before.  Raven will lead the charge, rally the patriots and take our country back from the brink of destruction.  Raven is a powerful weapon needed to save America.  She will not yield, she will not sway, she will not fail.  In our country’s darkest time, We must Unleash the Raven. Join national political commentator/host Chauncey I. Brown III and us congressional candidate for Texas district 26 Raven Harrison as we talk about border security, immigration, and more.”