On January 16th, 2023, political strategist and former congressional candidate Raven Harrison joined Fox News Radio WJR for an insightful discussion on the controversy surrounding classified documents discovered in President Biden's Delaware home. As the search for these documents continues, Harrison addressed concerns about their implications, the role of the media in investigating the issue, and the potential consequences for the Biden administration. The interview shed light on the urgency of a thorough investigation and the need for transparency in matters of national security and government accountability.

WJR January 16th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

All Talk with Jordan and Dietz

During the interview, Raven Harrison delved into the details of the ongoing controversy surrounding President Biden's classified documents. The discussion centered on the surprising claim by President Biden and his press secretary that the search for classified documents was complete, even as new documents continued to surface. Harrison expressed skepticism about the search being truly over and raised questions about the extent of the search and the potential mishandling of these documents.

The conversation also highlighted the media's role in investigating the issue. Harrison pointed out the lack of attention given to the visitor logs of Biden's home, emphasizing the importance of transparency in determining who had access to the documents and whether proper protocols were followed. The interview delved into the media's responsibility to thoroughly address these concerns and to provide unbiased coverage of the ongoing controversy.


  • Tim Jordan: I'll admit it, I was surprised when I heard last week from both President Biden and his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, that the search for classified documents was complete. I thought, how can that be? They just found some more this morning. And they're saying the search is over? I mean, where else have they looked? Well, it wasn't true. The search was not complete because more documents were discovered this weekend after the search was purposely put on hold after the discovery of another document of Biden's home in Delaware. It didn't have proper clearance, so they picked it up again, Kevin. And I'm not convinced that the search is over even now, nor do I think the search should be over.
  • Kevin Dietz: Hey, Dad, can I borrow the keys to the Corvette? I want to take my new friend for a ride. Hey, what's in that bus? It's a little fictional scene playing out inside the body garage.
  • I said, how far fetched is it? I mean, what documents were in the big guy's garage? And why were they there? And who may have seen them? The Sunday Talk Show has discussed none of these concerns. These were not issues for the Sunday Talk Show. They wanted to spare Joe Biden and Donald Trump pushing the narrative that Donald Trump showed intent and Joe Biden did not. Therefore, Trump should be charged and Biden forgiven.
  • But they forgot to mention, we don't know what the secret documents are that he had in his garage. We don't know who had access to them, although we do know Hunter Biden lived in the house. And the Sunday Show seemed to forget that it's against the law to have classified documents in your possession. The vice president has no authority to declassify. It just made me wonder, is the media doing its job, or is the media doing a job on the American people?
  • So there's now is Raven Harrison, political strategist, former congressional candidate, and author of Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. Good morning, how are you?
  • Raven Harrison: Good morning. I'm doing great. How are you?
  • Kevin: I'm doing well. I didn't hear a ton of talk on the Sunday morning about the visitor logs for the house either. But where are the visitor logs? Why can't we find out fairly simply who has been at the house, or who may have had access to the garage?
  • Raven: Well, was Hunter supposed to collect them? You know, it's possible. So the reason is, is they're saying the official statement is that they don't have visitor logs for his private residence, which I find troubling at best. But this is all, I mean, they are desperately looking for a loophole in here, and there isn't one. And it's a lot of references to Donald Trump. Donald Trump was the president. He has the ability and the legal authority to do classified documents. And Biden does not, regardless of where they're stored. So whether they were stored next to, because he said, you have to know, it was next to a vintage Corvette. And I went, okay, well, that's it, isn't it? Well, it does. It was a vintage Corvette, not just a regular one, and he wanted us to know that convertible, the doors were locked. So, you know, what could go wrong? But that's where people have to kind of separate the layers from this, and it is, okay, storage is one thing. And the custody of those documents is another. I have two parents that were assigned to the Pentagon. Both my parents were Air Force colonels with top level security clearance. So I didn't know most of what they did, but I can guarantee you, I never accidentally came across classified documents in the home that I lived in. This just doesn't happen.
  • Tim: You know, Hunter Biden was, he was addicted to drugs at the time, and I don't think this is about Hunter Biden and his drug problem, but he says he lived at the home where the documents were discovered in that time period. Should Americans be concerned about that?
  • Raven: Yes, on several levels. And the reason is because before the election, this last presidential election, they classified Hunter's laptop as misinformation. Now we know that's true. We also found, started finding these classified documents. And remember, Biden's been in government for 47 years. So he should know at this point how to remove, move, and get rid of classified documents. But the point is, is that there has to be a sequence, and they didn't release this information. They found this six days before the midterm. They discovered, quote unquote, these classified documents, but they didn't release it to the public until January. We don't know what the documents are. We don't know, we know that they're top level classified, but that isn't really the point. They're taking a victory lap right now saying, hey, we did the right thing. Well, eventually, we did, that's like somebody turning themselves in for a crime 40, 50 years later when they're about to die. But at this point, that's what people should be looking at, is they were stored in multiple unsecured locations. Wilmington, in the think tank that you can, I mean, this is a disaster. It is an unmitigated disaster.
  • Tim: And would they have ever come forward if the House hadn't taken over the House representatives? We don't know that.
  • Over the weekend, former press secretary, Jen Psaki, he commented that Joe Biden essentially handed all of this correctly, that he did everything right. But when President Biden's team argues that the classified top secret documents were just inadvertently misplaced, and when he found out about it, he did everything right. Even if that's true, that they were just, you know, it's inadvertent, he misplaced them, he wasn't aware of it. Even if that's true, isn't that by definition mishandling classified documents, and therefore not exactly doing the right thing?
  • Raven: Correct, because the mishandling of classified documents does not specify intent. It does not specify that you intended to store them properly. You know, that is no legal defense to anything. And then they've gone the route of, well, the vice president can declassify some, no, the vice president can only declassify what he has originally classified. And there is no indication that any of those fall into that category. So, and now that the comparisons to Trump, well, Trump had a lot, and you know, Biden had a little version I heard, and that's equally ridiculous, because Biden, you know, Biden wasn't a little president. He was Trump was president. Biden was not president at the time, and Trump had him in a locked safe, something that he had declassified, and he had him in boxes next to a Corvette.
  • Tim: Yep, so now President Biden is president, so in your opinion, would it be the right thing to do for Biden, who is present, has that authority to declassify materials? Should he declassify these documents and let the world see what he was potentially hiding? I mean, in the interest of transparency.
  • *Raven: Well, I think they're going to find that in a special counsel, because that would be doing something retroactively. Another question is why Obama has been so silent on this subject matter, because he would have been the president at the time. So, we don't know, you know, what this is. What I feel is clear is this, is that the Democrats are now prepared to hang Biden out to dry. I feel like they could have released this before the midterm, and now we are splitting technically gray hairs. So, that's what it is. There's no precedent for him to now go back once he's been caught mishandling information to then go, that'd be attempting to make it legal after the fact. So, I don't believe that there'd be any benefit or precedent for him trying to declassify them now. It won't explain why they were mishandled in the first place.
  • Kevin: I don't think we can count on the media to get to the truth of this. Do you have faith in the special counsel alone, or do you think Rep. James Comer, the new chair of the oversight and accountability committee needs to hold hearings as well while the special counsel does its job?
  • Raven: I have very little faith in government as a whole. I'm a fan of action speaks louder than words and demonstrate that. So, I know that there's been a lot of sensationalism. The Democrats opened the door with this nonstop, you know, impeachment and investigation. So, this just sounds like it's going to be a very expensive, drawn out event for American taxpayers, but I am anxious to see them, you know, follow the sequence and apply the law equally. But I'm hoping that we can eliminate as much of the political theater that's going to surround this as possible and get straight to the facts are, and they are not in Biden's favor.
  • Tim: No, they are not. We appreciate your perspective. Raven Harrison, political strategist, former congressional candidate and author of Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. Thanks so much, Raven. Good to talk to you.
  • Raven: Great, have a great day.
  • Tim: You too, thank you.

Classified Documents Wrap-up

As the interview concluded, Raven Harrison underscored the need for a comprehensive investigation into the classified documents found in President Biden's home. She emphasized that mishandling classified documents is a serious matter, regardless of intent, and expressed concerns regarding the delayed release of information about these documents. With potential legal implications and implications for national security, Harrison called for transparency from the Biden administration and a commitment to holding individuals accountable for any mishandling.

The conversation with Raven Harrison on Fox News Radio WJR served as a reminder of the importance of government transparency and accountability. It highlighted the need for a thorough investigation into the classified documents discovered in President Biden's Delaware home, as well as the media's crucial role in ensuring the truth is uncovered. As the controversy unfolds, it is essential for the American public to stay informed, demand transparency, and hold elected officials accountable for their actions.