On January 23rd, 2023, WWVA conducted an interview with former congressional candidate and political strategist, Raven Harrison, to discuss President Biden's handling of classified documents and its potential impact on his decision to run for re-election. The conversation shed light on the concerns surrounding Biden's timing for announcing a re-election bid and the ongoing investigation. Let's delve into the interview that took place between Ron Potesta and Raven Harrison.

WWVA January 23rd, 2023 with Raven Harrison

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During a recent interview on WWVA, former congressional candidate and political strategist, Raven Harrison, discussed the ongoing investigation into President Biden's handling of classified documents and its potential impact on his decision to run for re-election. The interview highlighted concerns about the optics of Biden's re-election bid amidst various challenges faced by his administration. Let's dive into the conversation between Ron Potesta and Raven Harrison.


  • Ron Potesta: President Biden will not make any announcement in terms of running for re-election until after the State of the Union address of the Biden administration, sources say. The timing of the announcement isn't related to an investigation into his handling of classified documents. Here to talk about this, we bring in former congressional candidate and political strategist, Raven Harrison.
  • Good morning, Raven.
  • Raven Harrison: Good morning Ron.
  • Ron: Do you buy into what the Biden administration sources are saying in terms of this having nothing to do with the growing investigation into the classified documents?
  • Raven: I buy into very little of what the Biden administration says, and this is more common sense than it is strategy. He's got to be able to wield the optics to be more favorable than they are right now between the classified documents, the border, inflation, and the wars in Ukraine. He's not in a very good position to be announcing a re-election bid.
  • Ron: Well, the other problem, and again, he is now the first president to have reached the threshold of being 80 years of age while in office. In the history of the United States, we have never had a president at 80 years of age. I mean, let's be honest for a second. Joe Biden will be weeks away from his 82nd birthday on election day 2024. That, in and of itself, is no disrespect to the elderly in this country, but that, in and of itself, should be another strike, Raven.
  • Raven: Well, it should be. It's also compared with the fact that we've always had a president, it's always been a duty to release the medical checkups and the cognitive ability of our president. It was demanded of President Trump. And we've had questions about Biden's cognitive ability for, you know, about as long as he's been running, and we have not had any of that information released. So he's going into unprecedented territory with not releasing information on his mental and cognitive abilities, but also his age.
  • Ron: Now, the sources say the timing of the announcement, as I made mention, isn't related to the ongoing investigation into the president's handling of classified documents. State House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said the discovery of classified documents wouldn't impact Biden's timing on the decision. But I'm curious, Raven, let's say that more documents are found. I mean, as the evidence continues to mount, I would suspect that it actually would have a lot to do with an announcement.
  • Raven: You are correct. This is a mild amount of gaslighting that you were seeing going on because we know that it was found. We had some more that were found over the weekend. They're being sprinkled like salad topping across his residences. And where has he been? It does not change the fact that this is a mishandling of classified documents. And they say he's cooperating fully, as if that's some kind of legal precedent for why they were mishandled in the first place. So this is the optics in the political theater where you used to have them spinning it to try to find a window that's more advantageous. Right now, he's in a position where he should be being brought up on charges for this.
  • Ron: You know, I find it interesting that the Democrats, specifically the Biden administration, will say, well, look, at least we're cooperating unlike the former president. Okay. So maybe there is a point there, but at the end of the day, both the former president and the current president had classified documents on them. And it doesn't matter whether you're cooperating or not. And that's the point that I think a lot of Americans need to understand.
  • Raven: I think they also need to understand that as usual, Biden is comparing apples to ice cream. President Trump was the president and had the legal authority to declassify documents. They were found in a safe. He was vice president and did not have the legal authority to declassify documents. And they're being found at multiple locations, including private residences that at that time was the home of Hunter Biden, who we know has ties to the CPP and has a drug addiction problem. So it's not even a close call in terms of legal authority.
  • Ron: Raven Harrison, joining me. Raven is the author of "Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America." Raven, where can people find your book?
  • Raven: They can find it pre-released at my website, RavenHarrison.com. And then we'll release some information on our social media platforms, which is Raven, the Conservative Warrior.
  • Ron: Alright, Raven, before we let you go, and we're speaking with former congressional candidate and political strategist, Raven Harrison, at the end of the day, do you think that the president will announce his bid for re-election?
  • Raven: I do think he's going to announce his bid for re-election because I believe he's used to the protection his party normally provides him to prop him up and withstand some of these storms. But I do believe they've taken the sails down and they're hanging him out to dry.
  • Ron: Raven, thank you so much for coming on board. Really appreciate it.
  • Raven: Thank you so much, Ron. Have a great day.

Classified Documents Wrap-up

The interview brought attention to the growing concerns surrounding President Biden's handling of classified documents and its potential impact on his re-election bid. Raven Harrison expressed skepticism about the Biden administration's assertions that the timing of the announcement has no correlation with the ongoing investigation. Harrison highlighted the need for favorable optics given the challenges with classified documents, border issues, inflation, and conflicts in Ukraine. Moreover, she emphasized the importance of transparency in releasing medical checkups and cognitive ability assessments, particularly in light of the questions surrounding Biden's age and cognitive abilities.

The discovery of classified documents further compounds the situation. Both Ron Potesta and Raven Harrison acknowledged that the mounting evidence against the president could significantly affect his decision to announce a re-election bid. They dismissed the notion that cooperation alone absolves any wrongdoing, emphasizing that the presence of classified documents, regardless of cooperation, is a matter of concern for the American people. The implications of the investigation and its impact on the Biden administration's credibility will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion.