In the world of news and current affairs, there are times when certain topics capture the attention of the public. Today, we dive into a significant incident that occurred on July 10th, 2023, involving a mysterious bag of coke found in the White House. Our guest, Raven Harrison, provides valuable insights on this captivating event, shedding light on the unfolding story.

WERC July 10th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

Alabama's Morning News with JT

On July 10th, 2023, Raven Harrison joined WERC to discuss the shocking discovery of a bag of coke in the White House. Raven, a renowned expert on political scandals, elucidated the details surrounding this strange occurrence.

The WERC interview with Raven Harrison uncovered intriguing information surrounding the bag of coke found in the White House. Raven highlighted the apparent lack of clarity and transparency in the investigation carried out by the authorities. Despite the presence of advanced security measures, including surveillance cameras, armed guards, and visitor logs, the responsible party behind leaving the bag of coke in the West Wing library remains a mystery. Raven expressed his disbelief at the notion that such a high-security area could have an unidentified bag of drugs without any solid leads as to the culprit.

During the conversation, Raven Harrison also touched upon the subject of scrutiny and security measures within the White House. While senators, congressmen, and other visitors must undergo stringent screening protocols, immediate family members of the president, including Hunter Biden, are typically exempt from the same level of scrutiny. This exemption raises questions about how a bag of coke could have evaded detection and who it might have belonged to.


  • John Mounts: And this is Alabama's Morning News. I'm John Mounts, in for JT and we're joined and this is one of our favorite guests. We love talking with Raven and Raven, I understand that you're going to be coming. This is Raven Harrison. You're going to be coming to Birmingham possibly.
  • Raven Harrison: I am. Well, look like we're going to be making a trip there in mid August. Looking forward to it.
  • John Mounts: Great. Well, we would love to have you in studio whenever you come in. When with JT, I know especially looking forward to seeing you.
  • Raven Harrison: Excellent. Looking forward to it guys.
  • John Mounts: So right now, this situation in the White House with the cocaine investigation, is there a possibility we're ever going to figure out who's coke or what people's coke this is? Who either gave it, who left it and who it was intended for? Maybe it was the same person?
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I will put, you know, investigation in air quote. This is basically whose line is it? Everybody knows who this belongs to. But let's just for the sake of putting the facts in it, you're talking about an area, the West Wing of the White House, specifically the library, but you're talking about video, visitor logs, armed guards, surveillance, facial recognition software and they're saying that they can't figure out who left a bag of coke in the library. It is absolutely unfathomably and unconsciously stupid that the people are willing to believe that they actually don't know who this is.
  • John Mounts: So they said they found it in a cubby, at least that was the last I heard. Is that official or they think it was in a cubby or maybe it was on the floor or do they know?
  • Raven Harrison: They, I believe they know what they're saying is very little. I think their silence is deafening. They are not saying specifically all we knew conclusively is that it was found in the White House, the West Wing library. And what we do also know conclusively is everybody, including senators, congressmen, go through metal detectors, they have their pockets emptied, they go through rigorous screening even though that's a heavily trafficked area. It is required constant security. So the only people who were typically not scrutinized that level are immediate family members of the president. That has been a longstanding precedent. So anything other than that and basically the press secretary was asked point blank if it belonged to Hunter Biden and she went off the rails. What she typically, let me be perfectly clear, I'm not going to answer this question. And she called it actually irresponsible to be asking that question, which pretty much everyone is asking right now.
  • John Mounts: That's what they always say. It's irresponsible. And you, how dare you ask this question? This is a private family matter between a son and his father, his loving father. How dare you bring this up? This just makes us all sick and we are just apoplectic about it. Raven Harrison, thank you so much for joining us to give us the latest on this. We're looking forward to you coming to town and we're very much looking forward to reading Raven's Mantle. So we would love to have you on whenever you do come. Thank you for being on the show today.
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you so much.
  • John Mounts: We have to take a break for traffic and weather when we get back in about 15 minutes. We'll be talking with you.


In light of the astonishing events surrounding the discovery of a bag of coke in the White House, it is clear that more answers are needed. The lack of transparency surrounding this incident has only fueled public curiosity and raised further questions. As the investigation continues, it is crucial for the truth to come to light, ensuring accountability and maintaining the integrity of the highest office in the United States.


As concerned citizens, it is our responsibility to demand answers and push for transparency in matters of national importance. Stay informed regarding the evolving story of the bag of coke found in the White House. Follow reputable news sources, engage in conversations, and unite with others who share your interest in upholding the integrity and security of our nation's institutions.

Together, we can ensure that incidents like this are thoroughly investigated, keeping our democracy strong and our leaders accountable. Stay vigilant and stay informed.