On August 18th, 2023, WBAP hosted a riveting discussion on the state of political debate featuring political strategist Raven Harrison. The conversation touched upon various aspects of the current political landscape, including the recent controversies surrounding debates and the strategic decisions made by politicians. Let's delve into the highlights of this insightful discussion.

WBAP August 18th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

WBAP Afternoon Show

During the discussion, Raven Harrison provided valuable insights into the ongoing debate frenzy and the decisions made by political figures. The conversation focused on recent events involving former President Donald Trump and the upcoming debates among Republican candidates.


  • Robert Peters: Let's start off with our friend Raven Harrison. She is a political strategist here in Texas. We talked earlier this week as well. Raven, how are you?
  • Raven Harrison: I'm doing great, staying cool.
  • Robert: I was gonna say, staying out of the heat, that's very, very smart. There is just so much weirdness going on right now in the political arena. I mean, we got, you know, Trump decides he's not gonna have his press conference. Was that supposed to be tonight if he had it?
  • Raven: Well, I think they were saying it was Monday, but there was some speculation he might do it early, but he's skipping it out.
  • Robert: Right, he's gonna say, yep, whatever. And likely now, I just saw this headline over at CNN. It looks like he's going to skip out on the debate. Surprise, surprise.
  • Raven: Correct, correct.
  • Robert: All right, so is that a good move?
  • Raven: I think that's a good strategy move for him. All eyes have been on him and really given his lead in the polling, that there really isn't a need for him strategically to do that.
  • Robert: Right, and instead of doing that, he's going to, according to the story anyway, he will be doing an interview with Tucker Carlson on his set.
  • Raven: That is the word on the street, and it will be very interesting from a ready standpoint, but it'll be interesting to see how the debate field will try to distinguish themselves without using Trump as the mark. So it'll be interesting on both sides, but I think you're gonna see a polar rating dynamic going on that day.
  • Robert: It's weird, I mean, you're right. He has everything to lose, Donald Trump does, and nothing to gain if he takes part in any debate really, any Republican debate. I mean, why would he bother to do it at all, ever?
  • Raven: And they've not been very good to him even in the first round of debate. It was really not an area that was stacked in his favor, but again, I think he is smart to use the popularity he has. All eyes are on him, so he's gonna decide where the light is shown.
  • Robert: Right, I mean, I don't know if they think he's, if the political power brokers and the mainstream media, I can't figure out if they really think he's stupid or if they are just clueless. I really, I don't know. It baffles me.
  • Raven: I have to sign the light on that. Trump is playing 5D chess, and they are all playing checkers. Let me just put it in that field.
  • Robert: I'm with you on that. And there was a poll that was released today's Friday, it was on Wednesday. There was a piece in it today in the New York Post that the poll said the majority of Americans definitely won't vote for Trump in 2024. Do you believe the poll?
  • Raven: I do not believe the poll. I do believe that that's probably, nine out of four Biden's they interviewed, probably said that they wouldn't vote for him, but no, I don't believe that poll. It's not consistent with any of the other data that's out there right now about his lead in the field, his popularity, even when you cross those polls against independence and moderate, but that still seems way out in left field, no pun intended.
  • Robert: Right, right. Well, and it's, as the late great Rush Limbaugh said many times, polls are used to influence public opinion, not reflect it. And-
  • Raven: So, I rest his soul.
  • Robert: You know, I think that for whatever reason, most mainstream media outlets, I think they're still playing by what they believe are the old rules. They still think that people are simpletons for the most part and that they will lap up whatever they put out there. And a certain percentage, you know, do lap it up and just go and regurgitate it to all of their friends. But I think, and I hope for the sake of the country that there are more people out there that have seen the curtain pulled back on everything. And now when they hear these stories, they're like meh, and they don't pay attention.
  • Raven: Correct. I really think we have to look at this now for the propaganda war as the pre and post COVID era. I mean, there are a lot of people now, there are things that we didn't question, we didn't research, we just accepted, you know, from the government, including a level, a baseline level of corruption. Now everybody's eyes are open and, you know, we trust but verify is what Reagan said. So now I think it's gonna be a little bit tougher, but you're gonna see the antics increase to try to cram these propaganda narratives down voters throat as we get closer to the election.
  • Robert: Exactly, exactly. And again, it will be obviously better for the country, the more people that, you know, do end up getting red pilled and can actually see what's going on. Then we have on the other side of the aisle, the story that just reared its beautiful head was it yesterday that the president, paging Dr. Robert L. Meyer, or Peters rather, Robert L. Peters, please come to the nearest courtesy phone. He was using a pseudonym on his emails.
  • Raven: Correct. So another, this is a, you know, all the jokes I could make. This is another round of the shell game with this, this president, we've seen a one day turnaround every time something Biden has indicted or some corruption is uncovered, Trump gets indicted. Now the new trend is, you know, what are we not, what are we being deflected from? So this is exactly what it looks like. Sensoring, you know, doubling down on the censoring on social media, doubling down on, you know, trying to restrict free speech and now getting caught, you know, multiple shell companies confirmed bribery. I mean, the amount of evidence right now, I'm not talking about speculation or circumstances, the amount of actual evidence that exists against this president is staggering. If we had had even a corner off of one of these pages, we would have had Trump would have been in handcuffs. It's just unreal, the two tier justice.
  • Robert: It is, and at some point, I start going into overload because I've been paying close attention to this now for the past several years prior to that. I was guilty of not paying my share of attention to it. And, you know, I blame myself for being, we're all in this situation because a lot of people like me weren't paying close enough attention. But now that I am, it's so frustrating to see the obvious things that should be happening and they're not happening. I mean, like you said, if this was Trump with any of these other charges, they would have had him in handcuffs by now. But because it's Biden.
  • Raven: Correct, and we've been allowing that. So this is not only a test of our failing justice system. This is a test of the resolve of the American people. They are wanting to see how much we will take. Because so far, we've let them lock us down. We've let them mask us up. We've let them tell us what you have to inject in your body. We've allowed, you know, there was crack in the White House. I'm old enough to remember when they found blow in the White House. And we are just kind of, you and I both know, 20 years ago, this would have been top page news forever. And now in less than two minutes, that's because we're, oh, you know what? We'll never find out. Well, you guys are the only ones who don't know who it is. So we just have to, right now, this is where the voice comes in for the American people. You can't, don't shake your fist at the television or the radio. Go out and do something and definitely vote.
  • Robert: Amen, sister. I totally agree. And a lot of people do want to give, I don't want to say they want to give up. They're frustrated and they feel like their vote doesn't count. But every time I encounter someone like that, I, you know, I try to nudge them in the direction of, you know, get out there and vote. You may not at least do it this one more time. Just to see, because if they, if we do have enough people out there, disillusioned that don't go to the polls, we're, we're screwed in that sense too.
  • Raven: Well, that's true. So I tell people, friends don't let friends vote alone. So, you know, don't just go bring 10 people with you. And remember, you know, you don't want to be in a situation where you would have should have could have. You only have to vote for communism one time. So get out there, make your voices heard. They're trying to encourage you not to vote. Not, it doesn't matter. Your vote does matter. Your voice does matter.
  • Robert: Exactly. Raven Harrison, the conservative warrior over at ravenharrison.com. And I didn't, you wrote a book as well called Raven's Mantle. Yes?
  • Raven: Yes. Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. It's on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.
  • Robert: Excellent. Appreciate your insight. Again, Raven will talk soon. And again, stay out of the heat.

Debate Wrap-up

The debate between Robert Peters and Raven Harrison shed light on the complex dynamics of the political arena and the strategic decisions made by politicians. The controversy surrounding the upcoming debate, particularly in relation to Donald Trump, was a focal point of the discussion.

As concerned citizens, it is crucial for us to actively engage in the political process. One way to do so is by staying informed about the current debates and the positions taken by political candidates. By educating ourselves and participating in discussions, we can contribute to the democratic process and make informed decisions when casting our votes.

Let's actively follow the upcoming debates, seek multiple sources of information, and critically evaluate the policies and strategies proposed by the candidates. Together, we can ensure that our voices are heard and our democracy thrives.

Remember, your participation in the political process matters. So let's make our voices count!