In a recent interview on KMOX radio, Texas-born political strategist Raven Harrison discussed the pressing issue of fiscal responsibility in the United States. As the host delved into various topics, Harrison highlighted the importance of addressing government inefficiencies and the need for transparency in elected officials. Her insights shed light on the concerns of the American people, who are growing increasingly frustrated with the state of the nation.

KMOX January 1st, 2023 with Raven Harrison

The Dave Glover Show

During the interview, Raven Harrison, author of Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America and host of the podcast Raven's Radar, provided a deep analysis of the Gallup poll that identified government and poor leadership as the worst problem in America. Harrison expressed her dismay at the disconnect between politicians and the American people. She emphasized that elected officials should prioritize the needs and desires of their constituents (such as fiscal responsibility), rather than assuming they know better.


  • Dave Glover: Think about all of the issues that we have going on in our country right now. And there's a lot of them. And there was a Gallup poll that came out yesterday or the day before, talking about identifying the worst problems in our country.
  • And as much as there are all kinds of problems, and we've seen some of them even this week, but we've got inflation. We've got problems with the deficit. We're going to see right now there's a problem with the debt ceiling. And we're seeing Kevin McCarthy negotiating with President Biden over the debt ceiling. We've got inflationary issues. We've got a slowing economy. We've got the potential for a recession, literally right around the corner.
  • So with all of these issues, Gallup said what is the worst problem in our country? What would you say?
  • Well, the results of this poll will surprise you. And to break this down, I reached out to Raven Harrison. I've talked to her before. She's a Texas-born political strategist, former congressional candidate, daughter of two United States Air Force retired lieutenant colonels. That's amazing. She's a business owner, a mother, host of the podcast, Raven's Radar, author of Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America, the longest resume outside of George W. Bush, or George H.W. Bush, I should say. Raven Harrison, welcome back to KMOX St. Louis.
  • Raven Harrison: Thanks for having me.
  • Dave: It's great to talk to you. And I mentioned all of these things that are going on in America. Yet with this Gallup poll, participants in the poll identified government and poor leadership as the worst problem in America. Can that be right?
  • Raven: That can be right. That goes to show you how out of touch the people in our capital really are. We've gotten out of the balance of listening to what the American people want and where government officials feel like they are smarter and more versed in the people who elected them. That's exactly what you are seeing, that despite what they are telling you, this is what the people are saying. We, the people, are saying we're not buying whatever you're selling.
  • Dave: Well, according to this data, this idea is really a bipartisan opinion, as government was cited as the most important problem by 24 percent of Republicans and by 18 percent of Democrats. Now, ideologically, and I think the answer is obvious, but why do you think more Republicans than Democrats see government as the main problem in this country?
  • Raven: Because I feel a lot of this centers around at least politically fiscal responsibility. What you're seeing is the kitchen table issues we are all facing right now, the economy, the inflation, the pain at the pump, the empty store shelves, all center around the same core concept, which is we cannot spend like this unsustainably, which has been typically the Democrat platform, tax and spend, tax and spend.
  • Usually the Republican platform is cut, tax cut, and boost the economy, but that's where we are right now is this administration has had three years with all branches of the government and they are spending and printing money and spending and funneling money to Ukraine and wars and Americans are maxed out. They are stressed.
  • So this comes down to you can't pass the budget. We seem to be in one war after another. You close down the pipeline. We're no longer energy independent. There's fighting about who's going to be in Congress. There's a lot of infighting that's going on and that's what people are taking notice of. Same issue if they don't seem to be able to be effective, no matter what.
  • Dave: We're talking to political strategist Raven Harrison and Raven. I think you really touched on it when you said fiscal responsibility. And I've been upset. I've been very upset with a lot of Republicans over the past few years who have been spending, I would say they've been spending like drunken sailors, but I have a lot of respect for all sailors, even those who occasionally become intoxicated. But when you look at it, it seems like that only literally since the first of the year have Republicans revisited this idea of fiscal responsibility. What took so long?
  • Raven: It took so long because they haven't been listening to us. We have a lot of cleanup that has to be done in the Republican Party. I've said that time and time again during the campaign, but that's what you're seeing right now is they're making it a priority because we are making it a priority. We are holding them to task. And this is a new era that we're ushering in of reminding people where the power lies in the seat of government. So we are now changing the direction. They want to tell us what the narrative is. We're telling them what the narrative is. But we're watching. People are watching this kind of corruption. But we never used to pay attention to this. Years ago, we knew politicians were corrupt. We didn't know how corrupt. And we kind of turned it well as long as they get mostly what they've done, but they haven't done any of that. We're getting ready to now have a discussion about the debt ceiling, which goes into that omni-strosity that was just passed, which goes into the fact that we're already $31 trillion in debt, but we've pledged whatever Ukraine needs, however many billions we need or however many villas the president's mother needs, we are there to do it. So that's where we are right now. We're at the breakpoint where we just we can't sustain this. So now Republicans have to stop, you know, being wishy-washy and they have to get up to the table and do their jobs.
  • Dave: Now, you Raven, you advise political candidates and current elected officials, but aside from political partisan positions, whether you're on the right or on the left, what do average voters want from their elected officials?
  • Raven: They want transparency. They want to see that they are holding to their party's platforms, whatever that is. You know what, you know, Democrats used to be the party of perceived as the party of the working man. That kind has changed, but they're tired of seeing these people who are amassing incredible wealth, but then coming up to the podium and saying, we can't balance the budget, we need more money, we need a reconciliation, we need this, it's not jiving. How is AOC? She is six years into being a congresswoman who is a broke bartender. She's now worth $35 million.
  • Dave: How does that happen?
  • Raven: It's the lobbyists and it's the utter corruption that runs in here, these committees, and this is all you hear, investigation after this and grandstanding and all this other and then but that's the bottom line. How is Pelosi worth $294 million? How are all of these people worth this kind of money on their salary? It's insider trading, spoiler alert. It's insider trading, you know, and that's why people are watching. Pelosi is notorious for bringing certain things to a vote that she's had a chance to either acquire stock or dump stock in and this is now what Americans are starting to pay attention to, is, you know, what they're talking about. They're all saying we can't balance the budget. Well then how are you all millionaires?
  • Dave: Right. You know that Missouri's own Senator Josh Hawley has introduced the Nancy Pelosi Act that talks about stock trading and insider trading and obviously it's supposed to engender a response when you call it the Nancy Pelosi Act, but it also highlights that this is a real problem and we have even the President of the United States currently who's been in public office his entire life and he's got about four different houses. Even today the FBI and the Department of Justice searched his beach house. Well how do you afford to buy a beach house when you're a public servant making really, in comparison terms, not that much money?
  • Raven: Correct. And how do you afford to put a wall around that beach house? Who paid for that? You know and that's the other thing we have to do is we have to start changing the verbiage. You know they keep saying government funded. There's no such thing as government funded. The government doesn't have money. It's not just a job. It's taxpayer funded. It is always taxpayer funded. That is your money that's going to the Ukraine to secure their border. That is your money that is paying to put a wall around his property probably to keep him in but that's what you need to be paying attention to. They've been double-talking us with this for a lot of years and you are correct. You know there is on both sides so we have to start now getting to the task but you know Senator Hawley is right on to the point with this. We've got to get, you know there's a lot of damage the bureaucracy has done to this country and it's going to take a while to undo it but right now we've got to stop the political theater, the circus that's going on of oh we're going to have an investigation, we're going to have another one. How much is that going to cost and who wins at the end of that? It's not the American people.
  • Dave: No, it is not.
  • Raven: I'm glad that they're waking up to this.
  • Dave: Absolutely. And stop allowing this double talk. We're talking to political strategist Raven Harrison and Raven I've just got one or two questions left for you this evening and I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. The mainstream media delighted in the chaos that we saw surrounding the voting for the Speaker of the House last month. But isn't that the way democracy is supposed to work, where we actually see the votes, we see people working to get votes? Isn't that the way democracy is supposed to work, as opposed to the old days where we'd have a back room deal and then there was no transparency and we were simply presented with someone, rather than seeing them get elected?
  • Raven: You are on the bullseye. People squawked and balked. That is exactly what we want to see. We saw two things. One, that Kevin McCarthy had already moved into the Speaker's office before he was elected. So, that tells you where the mindset was. And then, when we started seeing these holdouts, I was surprised at how many Republicans called them traitors and terrorists and I'm like, oh no no no, this is what we asked Republicans to do. We asked them to grow a backbone. We asked them to challenge the status quo. To push back against the left. That is what we asked them to do. So, I was extremely proud of those 20 who stood up and did the people's work and we have a long way to go, but that was a great start and change is uncomfortable, especially for establishment swamp creatures.
  • Dave: Exactly. This is why I love talking to you, Raven, because you really nail the issue in a way that is unequivocal and you get right to the point. You are a former congressional candidate and I salute your parents, the daughter of two US Air Force retired lieutenant colonels. Your resume is amazing. You have a podcast, you are an author. If folks want more information on you, Raven, how can they find you?
  • Raven: I am always here when you need me. You can call me for a certain account on me anytime. I am your conservative warrior too, but they can find me at That is our website. There will be information about the book, or they can find me on social media at Raven, the conservative warrior.
  • Dave: And what about your podcast? How can folks find your podcast?
  • Raven: The podcast is Raven's Radar. We usually have links on the conservative warrior page on social media platforms, but it is on all podcast platforms. Spotify, Rumble, Apple. So anywhere you can find a podcast, you can find Raven's Radar.
  • Dave: Excellent. Raven Harrison, thank you so much for taking the time to join us this evening here on KMOX St. Louis.
  • Raven: Anytime. So glad to be here. Thank you.
  • Dave: My pleasure.

Fiscal Responsibility Wrap-up

Raven Harrison's insightful interview on KMOX highlighted the urgent need for fiscal responsibility in the United States. With rising inflation, a growing deficit, and looming debt ceiling issues, it is essential for elected officials to prioritize the concerns of the American people. Harrison emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in government, urging both Republican and Democratic politicians to address these critical issues.

As citizens concerned about the future of our country, it is paramount that we stay engaged and informed about the actions of our elected officials. We must hold them accountable, urging them to prioritize fiscal responsibility and work towards reducing wasteful government spending. By actively participating in our democracy, we can help shape a better future for ourselves and future generations.