In a recent WTVN segment, host Brandon Boxer discussed the findings of a Fox News poll regarding the mental soundness of President Trump and Joe Biden. Political strategist Raven Harrison joined the discussion to provide insights and analysis on the poll results.

WTVN September 18th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

The Boxer Show

The Fox News poll revealed that more Americans perceive President Trump to have greater mental soundness than Joe Biden. However, a majority of respondents expressed doubts about the cognitive abilities of both candidates. The results of the poll indicate that while Trump may be seen as mentally fit, neither candidate is viewed as fully capable of leading the nation.

Raven Harrison, a political strategist, explained that the poll is attempting to compare the ages of Trump and Biden rather than focusing solely on cognitive abilities. She agreed with Trump's suggestion of a competency test and criticized Biden for refusing to take one. Harrison emphasized that the acumen of a candidate should be prioritized over their age.


  • Brandon Boxer: 7:07 it's Boxer good to have you with us this morning on social @TheBoxerShow on Twitter you can find me on instagram theboxershow facebook page 2 super easy 614 821 WTVN and and the talk back feature on the iHeart radio app too just a few minutes away from political strategist Raven Harrison on a new fox news poll on how more Americans think that Trump between Trump and biden who has the more Who's more mentally fit who's more mentally sound and according to this poll by fox news may or may not be a surprise to you.
  • More think that Trump has mental soundness than biden although It appears that the majority say neither has the cognitive ability to actually lead the nation but There's it's also twofold because if you wonder why Trump is still so far ahead On the GOP side as far as those numbers go in the the recent polls There's definitely a reason you see all the things that are going on right now Especially how it's affecting your wallet and those who vote with their wallet are running away with Trump right now That would be one explanation, but Raven's going to be joining us in just a few minutes in our second half hour I want to save a lot of our Ohio state stuff For 7:35 with Jeff Logan part of our best buck eye coverage The countdown is on to South Bend beat Notre Dame week, but we also want to talk about What I think Buckeye nation the coaches staff had to be pleased with what they saw over the weekend with how the game was played With Western Kentucky very very dominant at 63 to 10 win considering, you know college football.
  • There's all sorts of roller coaster rides But when you have some of the biggest names in college football in the top 10 Struggle against unranked teams Is nice not to have that case with Ohio state was pretty dominant over the weekend So just going to give us his take on that coming your way at 735 a news radio 610 WTVN.
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  • So if you're looking for a deal And maybe you're already hungry. Maybe that could be your uh your lunch item today The big story locally here has to be hands down what happened yesterday and that's with coach mike bagcock Who resigned as the head coach of the columbus blue jackets? And it took I'd like to think it took. I mean, did you honestly know did did you know that was coming? Even after phone gate last week. Did you see something like that coming? I didn't in And and I I stuck up for a coach by babcock last week When regards to the you know phone gate at the time it just appeared like a big misunderstanding But was it the final nail in the coffin for mike babcock? So just three days to before the start of the training camp for the upcoming season today by the way happens to me media day I can imagine there's a few very high up with the blue jackets organization that did not get any sleep last night.
  • Babcock was hired back in july But the nhl players union had begun an investigation into reports that he asked his players to Scroll through photos on their phone um His excuse to that seemed to kind of make sense wanted to get familiar with his players But some might consider that uh, well a bit creepy So this investigation started and he's like, you know what? I I think it might be best that I resigned instead of being a big distraction at this point So that's where we're at the ua w worker strike Uh, the big three automakers has reached a fourth day Reports are saying that the union met with ford and gm over the weekend very little progress though There was a meeting too with stilettis Uh that scheduled for today. I guess that's still on and stilettis is the one that I I guess came to a 21 increase in wages Uh ford I know came to 20 before the strike last week, but you have nearly 13 000 auto workers that remain on strike at three plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri and apparently.
  • Uh, some representatives from the white house are in detroit today trying to bring these two sides together On the legacy retirement group dot com phone line It's always a pleasure to have Raven Harrison with us a political strategist and talking about the new fox news poll this morning Where more Americans feel that Trump has the mental soundness more than Biden. Raven, Good morning
  • Raven Harrison: Good morning. Thanks for having me.
  • Brandon Boxer: Hey, sure. You know raven. I I'm not really surprised by this However, if you if you go in and read this poll a little bit more and I'd love to get your take on this It it seems that the majorities here the majorities say neither has the cognitive ability to lead the nation But either way Trump apparently still wins the poll here
  • Raven Harrison: Well, it is and I think what they're trying to do is make an apple to pears comparison. They're comparing Uh Trump's age to biden which you know, biden is still older, but you know Trump hit it right on the head But he said listen, I think there should be a competency test There should be an acuity test and he's been willing to take it He took it last time he was in office and Biden has refused. So we are we are watching it fall apart I think he is absolutely correct. It's more about the acumen of the candidate than it is about the age
  • Brandon Boxer: You know and raven harrison's with his political strategist We're talking about this new fox news poll where more think that Trump has the mental soundness Than biden and maybe you're in your car going well duh boxer Of course, I could have told you that but you know, you know to a tour of fact though We've seen biden sadly go down. Look, I I don't want our American leader to look bad in any way I want him to look him or her good I want them to look strong around the world But that hasn't been the case and and it appears that the sentiment to raven has written steadily over the last three years with this
  • Raven Harrison: It is and I have to agree with you, you know as just personally as a christian We we aren't condemning we we're not here to make fun of people and shame them I'm very critical of biden, but I'm more critical of the people who are allowing this This does feel like elder abuse this man should be allowed to retire And keep what's left of his dignity instead of parading him when he is obviously in mental and physical decline
  • Brandon Boxer: Raven is it just me we've discussed this before with with different guests, but it just appears that at this point biden seems more like a puppet than anything else where there are people behind the scenes Actually driving the car or moving the arms and the legs of biden and the right and
  • Raven Harrison: What you should really be what we should take away from that how terrifying that is that means somebody is behind the scenes Operating with impunity which means they can do and ram through anything they want any desire any war any policy And then they will use biden as the scapegoat You will say oh, you're right.
  • He's too old and pull them out after they have You know pushed through a bunch of destructive policies. They have not been elected to execute and they have no accountability for Should scare every American of who is behind the wheel there
  • Brandon Boxer: Absolutely raven and when you dig into this fox news poll a little bit more I noticed one thing I thought was interesting voters are More than twice as likely to expect Trumps legal issues Will hurt him rather than 20 percent in the general election Um, I look I know we don't have crystal balls here But I I thought that was interesting to see what is to come of all these legal issues, especially in 2024
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I think to be honest with you. I agree. I feel like President Trumps confidence comes because none of these These uh impeachment these indictments none of this have come with solid Evidence and they are not based with fact just for example, you know jack smith the one that was done in georgia They set forth before all protocols had been followed. They didn't even follow procedure Now we've got a judge on the federal level who made a comment.
  • He should be in jail providing over one of these Trials it is a kangaroo court. This is not justice to have this kind of impartiality I mean just imagine you walking into A courtroom to be tried by your peers and having the judge are you that you're guilty
  • Brandon Boxer: Yeah, exactly. Hey raven. I've got less than a minute and because you're a political strategist You're the perfect person to ask this about Mitt Romney last week saying that he he won't run for reelection You've got one side that says well, he's probably smart because he's probably gonna lose anyway But it's what he said in that press conference meeting about Feeling that both Biden and Trump should bow out. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Raven Harrison: I think that I share the sentiment of a lot of people that we are very happy for Mitt Romney to retire Um and but I I disagree. I don't think it's I I don't think that's what his his driving force I think his driving force is because he knows that he is becoming increasingly unelectable So, um, I think he might still as an opportunity with Trump's legal trouble and Biden's mental and physical decline, but Uh, statistically, you know, he's better off. This is a good path for him to retire.


The findings of the Fox News poll highlight the importance of evaluating the mental soundness of presidential candidates. As the 2024 elections approach, it is crucial for voters to consider the competency and capabilities of the candidates. Public engagement in assessing a candidate's qualifications is vital for making informed decisions and ensuring the successful leadership of the nation.

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