The impeachment of Trump has been a topic of intense scrutiny and debate surrounding the former President since the beginning. On July 26th, 2023, KSSZ aired a show featuring Raven Harrison, who shared her insights and opinions on the matter. In this article, we will explore the highlights of the discussion and delve into the key points raised during the conversation.

KSSZ July 26th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

Wake up Mid-Missouri

Raven Harrison, a prominent commentator and frequent collaborator with Fox, was the guest on the KSSZ show on July 26th, 2023. The segment focused on the topic of the impeachment of Trump and its implications for the country. Harrison expressed her views on the matter, shedding light on the double standards and shifting narratives surrounding the impeachment process.

During the discussion, Harrison highlighted the contrasting positions taken by various individuals on different impeachment proceedings. She compared the statements made by Leon Panetta, who served under both the Obama and Clinton administrations, regarding the impeachment of Trump and Biden. The inconsistency in Panetta's stance raised questions about double standards in politics.

Harrison also touched upon the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, and the impact it could have on Biden's presidency. The revelations and allegations related to Hunter Biden's involvement in various activities, such as the laptop scandal and questionable financial transactions, were discussed with a critical lens.


  • [Announcer]: This is why we listen to you. Get ready, pal. And now here's your host, Branden Rathert.
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  • Leon Panetta: We've had the Republicans stumbling around like so many inspector Clouseau for a year and a half looking for something anything to impugn the president. They haven't found it. And now it's like will impeach details to be determined. And you know to quote the great Logan Roy, these are not serious people.
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  • Branden Rathert: Leon Panetta served in the Obama administration, served in the Clinton administration, saying, we shouldn't be impeaching Mr. Biden. There's nothing there. He went on to say, and this is hurtful to the country. So that was him last night. Here's Leon Panetta, CNN, November of 2019, when we talked about the impeachment of President Trump.
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  • Leon Panetta: We've had the Republicans stumbling around like so many inspector Clouseau for a year and a half.
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  • Branden: Actually, that's the same audio. But no, to Eris human, to really follow things up, that requires a computer. But I will tell you this, November 2019 on CNN, Leon Panetta, when it came to the impeachment of Trump, totally different tone. Yes, we need to do this. Last night, he's going, well, you know, it's bad for the country. We don't have all the facts. And of course, Trump, we know what happened in those impeachment trials. Well, apparently, they didn't have the facts then either. Raven Harrison,, does a lot of stuff with Fox. What's the double standard here? What's going on?
  • Raven Harrison: Oh, I don't even know that it's a double standard, Brandon. This sounds to me like my kids' liberal logic of, you know, my eyes are closed and my room is clean, right?
  • Branden: Yeah.
  • Raven: You know, I can't, I can't see anything. So, you know, the room's clean. Mom got this. This is exactly, if they didn't have a double standard, they wouldn't have any at all. This is exactly what Leon Panetti said in 2019. We have to, it was an imperial mandate to impeach Trump. And now that it's Biden, I can't believe he actually said they can't find anything. You know, you're talking about, oh, you mean other than the light, the laptop and the blow in the White House, they couldn't find anything. They can't, the bribery, the $17 million tolerance and receipt going to Hunter for just being an awesome person. And all of this prior to Hunter Biden's making a court appearance today. Welcome to the show. This is Wake Up Mid-Missouri.
  • I am Brandon, right there at Stephanie Bell.
  • Stephanie Bell: Good morning.
  • Branden: Brian Hauswirth is here.
  • Brian Hauswirth: Good to see you.
  • Branden: My name is Brandon. My name is Brandon, 8-7-4-93. 90-year guest, Raven Harrison. Great website, Does a lot of stuff with Fox, joining us on the show now. So Hunter Biden making a court appearance this morning. And here's why I think the tide is changing on this. CNN, MSNBC, they're all starting to cover this a little bit because Fox has been doing this for a while and a lot of folks, I think rightly so. I was in that camp too, like, hey, you got to give us some. Now they're starting to come forward with stuff. But Raven, do you get that sense that, and I'm honest when I say this, I really do mean that. I really do feel like people are going, huh, and I say that because again, CNN, USA Today Covering it, do you get that same sense?
  • Raven: Well, yes, because we're half two, it's working. That's what I was telling people is, you know, justice dies in the dark. So you got to carry a big flashlight. If they're not going to cover it, we're going to cover it. I talk about it on my podcast. We talk about it nonstop. We cannot allow these politicians to keep doing what they do, which is basically sweeping it under the carpet and trying to move on to the next crisis. Unfortunately, with this administration, it is literally like you can feel the holes in the dam bursting. There is one, first they said the laptop is misinformation. Now it's real. Then it's bribery. Now it's the Burisma thing. We all saw the tape of Joe Biden years ago saying that this guy was going to be fired and he was going to hold up billions of dollars. They did nothing. So all of these things now are coming to roost and they're having a really hard time sweeping all of these, you know, under the carpet, even the press secretary just pitiful of going, Hey, is it hunters blow? That's an irresponsible question. I said, well, then irresponsibly answer it. Oh, you know, is it, is it his? You know, we, I think the secret service is the only one who doesn't know who's it is. And that, and now he's going to plead to some bogus charge. People have gotten years in prison for what he's getting ready to get a slap on the wrist for.
  • Raven: And I'll tell you,
  • Branden: I outrage every American. And it should in the most frustrating part in all this KJP yesterday at the White House, Raven Harrison, for example, the stuff happening in Florida, they're saying, Oh, this is horrible. You're racing history. Teach us slavery was good. We featured audio yesterday of Dr. William Allen, former US commission on civil rights member of Florida's African American history standards helped put those slavery teachings together in Florida. And he's like, and he was very polite when talking about vice president Harris, as they said, well, she is incorrect in what she's saying. But KJP and Kamala Harris, all these people, they go on to the TV, they stand at the White House podium, Raven, and they lie. They flat out, they just lie. And there's people that's not quite as intelligent as all of us hanging out here this morning. And they're just eating this stuff up with a big old ladle, or oh, what? Yeah, you see, racism are in Florida and Joe didn't do anything wrong. How do we overcome that?
  • Raven: Well, I tell people you can add years to your life by turning the TV off. Okay, that's the first way. And I tell people that and they say it and they, it always raises eyebrows, but I don't watch mainstream media for the same reason I don't drink out of the toilet. Okay, I don't get my news sources. People have got to stop letting people spoon feed them. This is how gaslighting works when you can see with your own eyes. Joe Biden telling you that this record inflation is good. You know, I mean, I've heard Kamala say that this is, you know, good and Pelosi made a comment the other day that the Biden's economy is worth this record inflation and supply chain issues and crippling life support our economy is on is all good. The reason people don't know it is Biden hasn't told them yet. I mean, that is like, I'll take word salad for 200 Brandon. This is what we're talking about is stop allowing these people to spoon and tell you that you're looking outside that the sky is purple, not blue. That's exactly what they're doing. And I was saying, hey, don't look at what you're seeing, listen to us.
  • Branden: And I would think every, everybody listening to wake up mid Missouri this morning, I hope that you're having these conversations in a polite way with coworkers, relatives that think, oh, Joe Biden's politely tell them like, you know, look at other stuff really look for the facts and don't don't necessarily go to Fox, but just go to everything. And you really, and it's so sad that we have to do that, that we have to go and double check what's being said on news outlets like CBS and CNN and that they lie and that they know they're lying. But the most disturbing part then is people watch this stuff. They believe it. They don't do their own homework. And then they go and they vote for people like Joe Biden, Raven Harrison, hanging out with us this morning, wake up mid Missouri. Hannah has a question.
  • Hannah Adkisson: Hey, Raven, I know that, you know, Biden has obviously been problematic for the last couple of years. Hunter Biden, we could also label as problematic. But I think there's a new problematic member of the Biden family and it's commander. So who would you say is the most problematic member between those three got Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and commander Biden, the German Shepherd?
  • Raven: Well, I just, I was glad because I remember when he had one named major and my son's name is major. So we're not going to go there. But I would definitely take Hunter for the win. But I tell people, you know, Hannah, it is, it is awesome because Joe Biden said Hunter Biden is the best person he knows. And that explains a lot. The problem we have is I tell people, don't, you know, it before you make any decision on Joe Biden, go check your 401k, go to the grocery store, fill up your tank. Okay. That's, and then then you can turn on your news and see that the border is wide open. But I tell people that these are the kitchen table issues that are going to crumble, you know, America, it as an economy, it's on life support. But I'm telling you this, all of this drama and that Hunter Biden has in and out access to the White House, it's just become, you know, a travesty of what's going on there. But I tell people, like instead of listening, what you see on TV, just go check your 401k, see what it's valued at, see if the trajectory is up or down. That, that takes kind of the sentiment out of it and puts it in real time for everybody because this is an issue that affects every single one of us. And this guy is a dumpster fire. He's literally tripping over air.
  • Stephanie: Where, where are you at on DeSantis with the big news out yesterday that he's shedding staff? You know, we had our former disgrace governor say that he's done for. I mean, what are your thoughts on that?
  • Raven: Well, I think that I've been calling this as a strategist. You have to keep a very open mind and look at things very objectively and judge it dispassionately. And I said this in the beginning, his messaging strategy out of the gate was horrible. How are you going to compare yourself to Trump and then attack Trump? That is a horrible messaging strategy. Then he's been, you know, kind of putting himself at arms. And then the strategy was, well, that I'm not Trump. And, you know, everybody said, pick a side. So I think that the campaign is falling because people want what Trump has already done. This is not about who he is, the person. It's about what real Americans are facing, you know, at the pump, at the grocery store with their 401ks. And Trump has already demonstrated he could deliver those things. A low, you know, a thriving stock market, low unemployment and a secure border. And we need those. We got 7 million to 9 million people that have been let in under Biden, you know, and it affects every walk of life. So we are less safe. Our enemies are having a feel damn surprised Putin hasn't accidentally hit the nukes button by laughing so hard that we're tolerating this.
  • Branden: By the way, and this, I think goes back to one of the problems that we've already been talking about. You talk about these facts. Look at your 401k. What's happened? We know that NATO says, Russia invading Ukraine. That was because of Joe Biden. We've played the audio hundreds of times here on the show. People could look if people were to look at all these facts or for news outlets, other than Fox and some other select few outlets, if they would highlight this stuff, these facts. So it goes back to our original point that people are just taking whatever it is they see on the news and they're not looking for themselves at things like, Hey, have you looked at your retirement? Are you seeing these things? And here's the other thing I wonder about Biden, you know, Biden's supposed to be rainbows and unicorns and let everybody into the country and love everybody, whatever gender you think you are, all this love and family stuff yet he won't acknowledge his youngest granddaughter to the point this is becoming such a point he's supposed to be this good family man, right? Rainbows and unicorns. When I think of my three grandkids, yeah, I think rainbows and unicorns. So Joe Biden is a hypocrite when he talks about love and all this won't acknowledge his own granddaughters. Matter of fact, USA Today did a big story where they were talking to potential Biden voters in Philadelphia about this and a lot of folks going, Yeah, that doesn't make sense. I thought Joe was love and unicorn, but won't acknowledge his own flesh and blood. Raven Harrison. Raven does a lot of stuff for Fox and I know you've been and I'll ask you again here. I know you've been working for a while. You're trying to make your way to mid-Missouri. Do we have any progress on that?
  • Raven: Yes, we're looking at like the third week of August. We're going to be up in your area. So still on schedule.
  • Branden: All right. Well, you let us know and we'll make sure we'll make sure we all hook up. Raven Harrison, please go to our website, You like her stuff here on the show. Do it now. Go check out our website. We appreciate you, Harrison. Raven, we'll chat with you next week.
  • Raven: Sounds great.
  • Branden: Coming up, we're going to be doing What's Hot with Hannah?
  • Hannah: I was able to find another animal story.
  • Branden: Yeah, it's been too long, hasn't it?
  • Hannah: It's been a couple weeks.
  • Branden: What's Hot with Hannah? It's coming up 7.25. Ish. Good morning.


In conclusion, the conversation on KSSZ's July 26th, 2023 show with Raven Harrison shed light on the impeachment of Trump. Harrison's insights about the inconsistencies and double standards observed in political discourse were thought-provoking. Additionally, the discussion around Hunter Biden and the potential impact of his controversies on President Joe Biden's administration added another layer of complexity to the conversation.

To stay informed and gain a comprehensive understanding of the impeachment proceedings and their implications, it is essential to follow credible news sources. Seeking multiple perspectives and critically analyzing information can help us better navigate the complex political landscape. Stay engaged, exercise your right to vote, and foster conversations that promote transparency and accountability in our democratic processes.