On July 24th, 2023, WBAP aired an interview where political strategist Raven Harrison discussed the latest developments surrounding Joe Biden. In this interview, Harrison shares her insights and analysis of the unclassified FBI documents that alleged Biden's involvement in an international bribery scheme. Let's dive into the highlights of the conversation.

WBAP July 24th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

WBAP Afternoon Show

During the interview, Raven Harrison and the radio host, Rick Roberts, discussed the release of the unclassified FBI documents that detailed Joe Biden's alleged involvement in a bribery scheme. The documents suggested that Biden and his son, Hunter, coerced the CEO of Barisma, Mikhail Zolinsky, into firing a Ukrainian prosecutor by leveraging the withholding of a billion-dollar aid package. Harrison points out the irony of Biden's previous claims that he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings, which now seem contradictory in light of the evidence presented. The conversation also touched on the implications of these allegations in terms of impeachment possibilities and raised questions about the fairness of justice between different political figures.


  • Rick Roberts: Republicans immediately, I mean, from the jump, began lashing out at President Biden when the release of those unclassified FBI documents detailed his involvement, excuse me, alleged involvement in that international bribery scheme, right, with Hunter and Barisman, all the rest. Some people are calling for his impeachment.
  • Senator Chuck Grassley, he released that form which detailed how Biden, along with Hunter, allegedly coerced Barisma, the CEO, Mikhail Zolinsky, you know, I don't know why we're going, hey, can you believe it? We got him on tape. As a matter of fact, Sean, see if you can find that for me, would you? It's where he's on tape bragging about the fact, well, I told him, I leave here in six hours, you know, you fire this guy or you're not getting the money. Okay, it's pretty clear to me.
  • Evidently, allegedly, the Biden boys were paid millions of dollars in exchange for their help in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the company fired. Well, that's what Joe Biden said, he's on tape saying it. I mean, that's not new. When they finally got a hold of the White House, the White House, now get a hold of this, wrap your head around this, just to tell you how stupid the White House thinks we are. The White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, I think his last name is Sam's, he said it's remarkable that congressional Republicans in their eagerness to go after President Biden, regardless of the truth, continue to push claims that have been debunked for years.
  • Okay, stop right there. Why were they debunked for years? Because they said they didn't do it. There was no evidence to debunk them and now we have evidence we didn't have then. I mean, how stupid do you think we are? I mean, this pretty much says everything about this issue that we need to know.
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  • Joe Biden: I said, we're not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority, you're not the president. The president said, I said call him. I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting the billion dollars. I said, you're not getting the billion, I'm going to be leaving here, I think it was about six hours. I said, I'm leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money. Oh, son of a bitch. Got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time. I said, I'm not going to give you the billion dollars.
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  • Rick: Okay, all right. What else do you want? That's what happened, according to Joe Biden. With me, and she is with me on a regular basis, political strategist Raven Harrison, Republicans are calling to impeach Biden. And that's growing following the release of these FBI documents that basically say what we just listened to. How are you doing, Raven? - Raven Harrison: I'm doing great. And yes, it's that hot. And always love to start out with that quid pro joe.
  • Rick: Quid pro joe.
  • Raven Harrison: Oh, my goodness gracious. Yes, we all saw that. And here's the funnier part. I was back there cheering you on, Rick, is that this just corroborates. I'm old enough to remember when Joe Biden said that he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings. Sometime after he said that was the best person he knows. But he said he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings. And wow. And so now we have these alleged bribery. It's time for some alleged jail time and some alleged handcuffs.
  • Rick: Let me ask you something. You know, I'm looking trying to look at this from all angles, given the time this guy's got left in his term, given, you know, who's next in line, the Giggle Queen Kamala Harris.
  • Raven: The cackling czar.
  • Rick: Yeah, do you really think it's a good idea to spend a lot of time on impeachment with this guy?
  • Raven: Well, it would be more ceremonious than anything else because nobody wants what's behind door number two. Well, that's a truth. That's a true. And so that's where they are. But you know, I tell people as a strategist, you have to look at this. Was this not part of the plan? Did they not put the most unpopular VP behind the most unpopular president? I mean, she's slightly more popular than athletes foot maybe slightly. But the problem is they put you in a position where you don't want to remove him because you don't want her. That was the fail-safe that was put in, you know, in the beginning. And for those who are keeping track, you know, if that was to go that way, that would make, you know, Kevin McCarthy VP and that would bring the whip up to the sticker of the house.
  • So we've got a whole train wreck, no waiting, you know, coming down the pipe on this. And that's what people should be most disgusted. This is where we have to break the chain of this, you know, corruption, you know, Memphis has Graceland. We have corruption island out there in Washington, D.C. It is just next level. And then they close the investigation, you know, after a week of whose crack it was, whose crack is it anyway? It's Hunter's.
  • Rick: Yeah, bottom line. I think you're right. Job security for Joe Biden is the second in command, the vice president. Nobody, not even a Democrat wants to see her behind the podium with a presidential seal. You know, the best, the best thing he's got going for him is her.
  • Raven: Correct. That it's really, I would say one hand scratches the other, one hand helps the other one when it falls off the stage after tripping over air. This is where we are. They're making a mockery. We found cocaine next to the situation room. Rick, I mean, this is supposed to be the most secure building on the planet. And after a week, yeah, we may never know whose it is. I mean, these are the kind of things that we are seeing. This is the, you know, our enemies have to be, you know, I'm surprised Putin hasn't accidentally hit the nuclear button with his elbow laughing at us so hard. This is embarrassing. It's a joke and it's dangerous.
  • Rick: Now I think you're right. And you know, I'm a little concerned. Republicans, you know, immediately began lashing out at Biden Thursday, following the release of that FBI document that went over his involvement in this bribery scheme with a number saying, hey, he's got to be impeached. Do I think he's committed impeachable offenses? Absolutely. I do. Is it the best thing for the country to impeach this guy at this point in his term? I don't know. But I mean, you know, we keep going back and forth about did they do it? Did they not do it? Well, we got him on tape bragging about it. You know, I mean, what more do you want?
  • Raven: Well, exactly, and here's where the bigger part is, while we're all caught up in impeachment theater that's going back and forth and really nothing happening. Why is the FBI allowed to just turn its back? Why are any of these Justice Department allowed to decide that they're going to do their job?
  • This is not something on the Constitution to protect and defend if it fits into your schedule or if it doesn't make Biden look bad. I mean, how is it that they are not pursuing this and not, you know, we found crack in the White House already closed? We think Trump, I mean, one source said that they thought Trump put it there. I mean, can you stop? And then the other ones are the FBI saying, well, we've policed ourselves and we think we're okay. Are you kidding me? So this is where we are right now. Why are we allowing the Justice Agency to get away with not following through on justice?
  • Rick: You know, and I like her a lot. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kerry Lake, she said that the president was guilty of extortion and treason in addition to bribery and then claimed former President Donald Trump was impeached for Biden's crimes. And if you think about that for a second and the tape I just played, Trump made a phone call to say, okay, what's going on? Got impeached for that. Biden is bragging on tape that you don't get the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecutor. And nothing happens. It's like, well, once again, we've got two systems of justice. Everybody's given a pass on the left. No wonder the American people don't trust the Department of Justice.
  • Raven: Well, correct, and that's going to be a lot of things in play. Kerry Lake right over the target. Kari Lake is a good friend of mine and I agree with her whole, whole hard way. We all saw this. This is the ultimate gas-lighting. We all saw what Joe Biden said. We've also noted about what about the classified documents that were not authorized to be in his possession found in multiple locations that swept under the rug. They said Hunter Biden's laptop is misinformation. That's now real information. And again, being game, given a slap on the wrist. I mean, they are just really thumbing their nose up at it and President Trump released that phone call to the entire world and they still impeached him over the over a perfect phone call. As he put it, absolutely unbelievable.
  • This two-tiered justice for as many, but as many people are celebrating this because they don't like Trump. This will be you next. This is what happens with if you're okay with the ends not justifying the means. Here's where we are. Here's the crossroads. We are where there's a different set of justice in place for some and not for others. And I'm telling you, most of us don't have the money and resources to field attacks like this. So we should be very concerned at how his rights are being trampled on.
  • Rick: And talking with Raven Harrison, you know, as I said, Kari Lake, you know, she's pretty bold. Let me ask you this, because she did. Is this why Biden has America involved in the war in Ukraine? Joe Biden is a criminal. He's compromised. He's leading us into World War III because Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has proof of more Biden crimes. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that out. The Republicans can no longer delay, but we need 218 Republican votes to do it. I've been there since day one. And so, so are the American people impeach Biden. Raven, what do you think of that?
  • Raven: I think there's a lot of truth to that. The only thing I would take issue with is anybody using the word, and I'm going to put air quotes "leading" with Joe Biden. Anybody who thinks Joe Biden is at the helm of his ship is not paying attention. That man is literally falling apart mentally and physically. So I do not believe in any stretch that he is running anything. I think he's doing what his handlers are telling him to do. So I would say we're being led into war, but absolutely. This has been a corrupt enterprise from day one, including the fact that when we look at Burisma, not only did Joe Hunter Biden serve on the board of Burisma, but what about Nancy Pelosi's son, John Kerry?
  • So we've had a lot of people from our side on the Democrat side who have interest business dealings in Ukraine and we have funneled billions over $42 billion. We have funneled to Ukraine throughout the context of this war. We're sanctioning Russia. We're fighting a war against somebody we need for oil because he shut down our pipelines. Yeah, this is absolutely Biden logic, but I do believe that I believe that they are trying. They can't see the forest or the trees that they are trying to deflect from the massively dangerous state that we're in. Our economy is on life support. Our border is wide open and our economic outlook is extremely bleak right now. And right now this is what we're trying to do, deflect and defend, deflect and defend. So I 100% agree that that's what it was. Everything they said Trump was going to do. He's going to get us into wars. He's going to crash the economy. He's going to make us less safe. This is what they screamed for years and this is exactly where we are today under Joe Biden.
  • Rick: Yeah, political strategist Raven Harrison. Raven tell people about your book and where they can get it.
  • Raven: Raven's Mantle Fighting the Betrayal of America is a really profound story. It's going to take them through the loop. I mean, we are in a history loop. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. And so I'm going to take you through how we got through the Cold War with two military parents and we're going to end it with verbs in our sentences of how we are going to fix this country and spoiler alert, it's not going to be the politicians who wrecked it. It's going to be we the people who fix this and you can find me at ravenharrison.com and you can find me at on social media at raven_TXwarrior.
  • Rick: All right. Thank you, Raven.

Joe Biden Wrap-up

The interview sheds light on the mounting evidence and allegations surrounding Joe Biden's actions and the potential consequences of his alleged involvement in an international bribery scheme. It raises important questions about the fairness of justice and the discrepancies between how different political figures are treated when facing similar allegations. The conversation also highlights the concern that if Biden were to face impeachment, Vice President Kamala Harris's ascension to the presidency may not be desired by the majority of Americans.

As for the truth behind these allegations, further investigation is necessary to fully understand the extent of Joe Biden's involvement and to determine whether any legal implications arise. However, it is essential for the American people to hold their leaders accountable and demand transparency and integrity in public office.