The WLW radio interview conducted on August 19th, 2023, delved into the critical topic of the judicial standpoint. The discussion centered around the handling of legal matters, the fairness of the justice system, and its impact on political figures. Let's delve into the highlights of this insightful conversation.

WLW August 19th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

Craftsman Electric Saturday Extravaganza with Ken Broo

Raven Harrison, a former presidential candidate and daughter of esteemed individuals who served the country, joined the interview as a guest. Known for her keen insights and perspectives, Harrison shed light on various aspects related to the judicial standpoint. Her new book, "Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America," has gained attention and piqued curiosity among readers.

Throughout the interview, a range of topics captured the attention of listeners. One of the focal points was the continuous stream of indictments surrounding the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. Harrison voiced her observations, questioning the impartiality of the justice system and highlighting instances of politically motivated charges against Trump. However, she also acknowledged the importance of considering the judicial handling of these cases separately from the question of guilt or innocence.  From a judicial standpoint, there is no way to reconcile the difference in application of law between Biden and Trump.


  • [Announcer]: To financial privacy,
  • Ken Broo: on uh… on Wednesday night. All of this with it, it just seems like an indictment a day hanging over the former president of the United States. As I said, some of them are absolute hilarity and I think most people are looking at that that way. Some of them are bookkeeping problems that he has, uh… some seem to be politically motivated, and there are some serious charges that are in there. But it just seems like every time that something comes out about Joe or Hunter Biden, bingo, the next day even the same day later on something comes out about the president. And it just, it just smells a little fishy to me the way this is being handled from a judicial standpoint.
  • The extract, the extract whether or not you think either by the or Trump, are is guilty of anything, just take that out of the equation and just look at the way that this is being handled from a judicial standpoint, from a legal standpoint, and you'd have to say that it doesn't seem to be even-handed justice, just that aspect alone. Someone who's keenly watching that, I'm sure along with me, is my next guest. I've had Raven Harrison on before because I like Raven and I like your podcast, Raven's Radar.
  • She's got a brand new book out that is doing remarkably well and, uh… a lot of people want to read it because a lot of people want to hear what she has to say. She's a former presidential candidate, she is, uh… you know the daughter of people who have served this country, and, uh… she's someone who I think knows a little bit more about what's going on here than just about anyone else. It's great to have her again, Raven Harrison, how are you on this glorious Saturday?
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you, can it could be here, happy to be here. But I was not a presidential candidate, I think you gave me an upgrade.
  • Ken: What?
  • Raven: I don't know.
  • Ken: I, I, I, I, I,
  • Raven: should have a congressional yes. Well, you know what anymore? But I don't know, Raven, I think you probably want, I, I, I, I with the way we things operate in Congress, you know, presidential in title and also in merit must be an upgrade as well. I mean, it just seems like
  • Raven: I'm telling you I would happily given the way the country of going on will do it. And now, okay, I'll do it.
  • Ken: I understand. I mentioned in the last hour that I would not be surprised if Trump just says to hell with it and shows up on Wednesday night. Would you be shocked?
  • Raven: I would not be shocked, but I really what people have to look at it from a strategy standpoint. It really is no benefit for him to be there. The bar is following him. He's already laughing in the polls. He's already leading. All eyes are on him, and the Democrats have made him center stage by the constant and relentless attack. So he is head and shoulders above the nearest, uh… other GOP candidate. So it really is of no benefit for him to be at this debate.
  • As much as people would like to see that, it's also going to be an interesting dynamic while he and Tucker, you know, another figure, you know that's really less FOX and now you know he's breaking out. The people are very interested in what, uh… Tucker has to say, and those two together will be interesting what this does to the debate, uh… in Milwaukee.
  • Ken: I don't know what to expect on Wednesday night. I'm sure that the pinatas will be Biden and will be Trump, but I think the these people that are going to be up on the stage on Wednesday night have to be very careful when it comes to Trump because you're right you look at any poll any state even in a national presidential preferential, uh… poll they've got to be very careful in how they handle Donald Trump, and you have some candidates in Chris Christie would fall into this category or simply in there to just beat up on Donald Trump. I don't think I've heard a new idea from Chris Christie in the last six or seven years, so they've got to be very careful on Wednesday night, don't they?
  • Raven: They do, and it's really important you mentioned that, can get. Here's the important thing, is what has been the faltering point of a lot of these people. It's been coming in saying, "I'm not Trump." Well, people like, "Well, congratulations." Or, "I'm Trump light." Well, people like, "I want to have ultra." So here's what I feel like. You have to DeSantis, especially if he came out comparing himself to Trump and then he attacked Trump. But here's where we are now. This is allowed to stand, these constant indictment is one calling indictment polooza. If it could allow to stand against President Trump, your platforms don't matter. If they are allowed to do this to President Trump, none of these great ideas the other candidates claim to have for going to make a picture difference. If our justice system can't be, you know, trusted to carry out a free and fair election and can't be trusted to apply the law evenly. And what you said, that's the biggest thing we're looking at here between Joe Biden and President Trump. If you look at the apples-to-apples classified documents, well, Biden was even allowed to have those in possession. They're spltting hair there the Trump president. He's allowed to be classified anything he chooses to. So there's already a layer there that comes that a lot of people don't realize how you're going to indict President Trump for what Hillary Clinton, book Bush, Obama, and by the end of all admitted and that all admitted to doing.
  • Ken: Yeah, I want to get into that first. But you made it, you what you just said about Ron DeSantis. I watch the status debate, Charlie Christ, in that uh… of Governor Tort Governor's election in Florida last fall. Uh… DeSantis not a strong debater, he just isn't. I mean, I was in there and he's like he's the everyday guy. He has no traction with his can't campaign right now for, for uh… for the presidency.
  • Raven: Correct.
  • Ken: I just don't think there's an appetite for Ron DeSantis on a national level, even inside his own party. I, I, I think it's one of the more stunning things I've seen so far in this whole process.
  • Raven: I think I was one of the first people to say this can of what, I noticed is if the messaging strategy, because we were all watching that Gubernatorial Race and people, he was losing, uh… until he reached out to President Trump for his endorsement. Trump endorsed him, he won. And then for any part of this, you know, he's coming out now he came out pretty hard against uh… President Trump and now, you know, people were initially thinking, well, what a great duo those two would make or maybe he's positioned himself to be heir apparent. But I think the messaging strategy, with off, of comparing yourself to Trump and attacking Trump, it faltered. It's not gain traction and now he's not in that position either to be of a good pick for VP. So, I feel like it was definitely a mess.
  • Ken: Yeah, excellent, excellent governor. I, I don't, I just don't think nationally is working.
  • Raven: Absolutely.
  • Ken: And that then seems to be the strategy here, particularly for the Democrats, but certainly, their cohorts in the media, is they realize that the business list of candidates, many of whom will see on the stage this Wednesday night, isn't strong enough. So, the whole thing is take down Trump, and we're back for another four in 2024. They're really, it's so transparent you can see right through it. That's the strategy, right?
  • Raven: It is, and what it's going to do is basically obliterate the debate field because it everybody's coming up there taking pot shot. Trump is taking on the swamp. It doesn't matter whether you like him or you dislike him. You can't deny that what he is in enduring this relentless attack on him there are very few people that could that have demonstrated that weather this kind of assault them religiously. And I don't believe that these people getting up on stage when he's not there, I think that Christie went into NewsMax said that Trump is afraid of him, he's a coward for not doing that.
  • And you know, that is, uh… really, really ridiculous in a Sweet Valley High strategy. I'm pretty sure of all the things President Trump is afraid of, Chris Christie, if not one of them. Yeah, I would say that. If they're gonna turn this into this is an opportunity though it Trump is not there to steal the light, let's see how many people put the light back on Trump or people who try to steer this in a different direction.
  • Ken: I, I, uh… I, I listen to a lot of podcast, you're one of my workout buddies, I, I, take your podcast whenever it's there, listen to it. I don't know, the gym your last one, I really like, "Masculinity Isn't Toxic, It's Necessary." I love that podcast, you get great guests. Uh… I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due. I think another podcast I listen to is Bill O'Reilly and I think O'Reilly said this week, uh… what the point I made just a few minutes ago, if you just extract whether or not you think Trump is guilty, whether you think Joe Biden is guilty, just take that out of your ideology for a moment and just look at how the Justice Department is treating both of these particular individuals.
  • Trump, it's everything every day they hold a prosecutor special prosecutor from prosecuting war crimes in the hay, you know, bad stuff killing and maiming in the innocent people they drag him over here because Trump is more important. And then they try to swing a sweetheart deal with Biden and that whole thing in Delaware, well, I've got blown up by a judge that was vigilant and did her job. And now, he takes the same guy that wanted to make that sweetheart deal with the defendants attorneys and put him in charge of what's going on now with with Hunter Biden, slow walk that thing for twenty-four, thirty-six months while everybody wants Trump in a courtroom getting prosecuted sometime in the next six months.
  • Just extracted for a moment, forget about whether you're Republican or Democrat, just look at that and say, does that seem fair? Is that the way you want your justice system to work? And I think the answer has to be no, doesn't it?
  • Raven: Well, correct. And I always, they put this deal, it would have been easier for Hunter, why don't we just have Hunter Biden investigate himself? You know, that would have been much more efficient and cheaper than this charade that they are doing. And you're correct, I tell people that all the time. I said, you know, take Trump's name out and insert yours and if that still sounds great, that they're going to reach three and a half years, seven years in the past, they're going to just come after everything, and they're just not going to stop.
  • That's what you're seeing here, these politicians are trying to decide who gets to run for president, who they deem an acceptable choice to govern you know, because I think that you're not being governed, you're being ruled when the politicians decide. And that's what they're trying to do with Trump, they're trying to take his ability to run but you don't have the ability to vote for him. That is Marxism, communism on steroids at the essence of tyranny.
  • Ken: Have you noticed how any of the really big voices in the Republican Party, and I don't mean those that are on comers committee or coma himself for Jim Jordan, they're very vocal, and they're very good at what they do, but I mean the, I mean the really big swingers like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, John Barrasso, John Thune, anybody that you would look at as a mainstream Republican, you don't hear a word out of these people when it comes to Donald Trump. I, I don't understand that because if indeed for you is successful and is reelected in 2024, they got to work with this guy. Why don't we hear anything from these people?
  • Raven: Well, because they're establishments, uh… your big, these are the establishment uh… Republicans, the status quo, the we must reach across the aisle, wink wink with Democrats, and they are not. The, one thing you have to get Democrats, if they are holding to their platform, it may be aggressive and radical but they're sticking to that whereas Republicans are rolling over, but we have to compromise.
  • And that's where you think the fracturing in the party, but look at what's happening, Ken even here in Texas, they impeached, a Republican-led House impeached the attorney general, and people are saying, well, maybe if he's guilty the problem is we can't get back on how justice work. It doesn't go, if he's guilty, okay, but you don't go after the crime but the issue is they ran this without due process, this man's posted to have a right to see the charges, he has a right to confront the accusers, he has a right to mount a defense, none of that is presented with ram through on Memorial Day weekend, and people are asked to vote on this. This is already dividing our house but this is what you're seeing. The heavyweights are not standing up for due process because they don't want to endorse Trump, but Trump's rights are our rights. This is how do you process work? Right, by Pelosi going, you have to prove your innocent, that's not how justice work, yeah, innocent and will prove in guilty, sure.
  • Ken: And I don't know what that does, you know far better than I because you're in the game, you understand what this does but I see Trump running away with everything right now from a Republican standpoint, and I mean it would take really some sort of miracle, I mean despite indictments despite everything that's going on with him in the media, it would take a miracle for him not to get that nomination in for the 2024 race. But if he gets it, and where does where does his support come besides the grassroots support of the people, I mean he is flying in the face of so many things that you need to do to get elected president if he's indeed the nominee, every single day. You know what it's going to be like from the mainstream media. Uh… I'm just wondering, you know, what if that happens, how does he make it happen in 2024 where again, let's not relitigate the 2020 election, he did very poorly with independence? How does he has he get those votes back?
  • Raven: I think what he does is by focusing here's that the platform that President Trot had, you know, whether you like him or hate him, let's look at it factually. The economy thriving when he was president. Gas was cheap. Uh… inflation was low, we had those kitchen table and he was working towards securing the border. We had those and we were almost energy independent, which means we're exporting uh… oil at that point. Now that's the, it's the economy that Biden inherited. Again, not talking about whether you're an RD, talking about that where Biden has had to come from. So he took a thriving economy and all these things, and now this is what crippling Americans. This is what's happening. So this is where the independents are now because this is kitchen table politics, people caring about how we can put food on the table, what's happening my 401k, what's going on with the border. And those are things that President Trump was able to demonstrate he was able to do. Now the independent and the swings are looking at going, wow, they're really coming after him for something but the bottom line is I still was doing better under Trump than I am right now, so that's the war that you're seeing at the kitchen table issue, who's going to address what is affecting the American people the most and right now Biden's concern is Ukraine. We have billions going there, he won't get to Hawaii he's not getting to the southern border, and I think that is going to be the tipping point for your independent and your moderates.
  • Ken: Well, you get seven hundred dollars, a family if you're in Hawaii, so that should make up for a lot of things. I would think that uh… fire, you know,
  • Raven: you're right and you can buy a lot of cream with that, but that's not much else.
  • Ken: Your book is terrific, Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America. I bought that book, I want to say right before July Fourth weekend. I read it, it's phenomenal. I hope it's doing as well as you hope it's doing, and keep up the good work. It's great having, uh… straight, having a lot again. It's good to hear your voice. You are, uh… you are a very powerful woman in a very, very focused, laser-focused on what's going on in this country. Thank you so much for your time.
  • Raven: Thanks, Ken always be honored to be here. Thank you so much.

Judicial Standpoint Wrap-up

Considering the insights shared during the interview, it becomes evident that unbiased and fair justice is a crucial aspect of any democratic society. The system should not be influenced by political affiliations or personal vendettas. As the conversations surrounding the judicial standpoint continue, it is essential to assess the integrity and justness of legal proceedings as it impacts the nation at large.

Intrigued readers are encouraged to explore Raven Harrison's book, "Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America," which offers further insights into the issues discussed during the interview. Furthermore, it's important for individuals to stay informed, engage in discussions about the judicial standpoint, and seek clarity on the matters that shape our justice system.

The interview on WLW provided valuable insights into the judicial standpoint, emphasizing the need for fairness and impartiality in legal proceedings. Understanding the complexities of legal cases involving political figures allows us to critically analyze the workings of the justice system. By doing so, we can strive for a society that upholds the principles of justice and equality.