Today, on September 11th, 2023, WTVN pays tribute to the solemn observance and memorial taking place across the country in remembrance of the tragic events that unfolded on this day in 2001. This chilling morning serves as a reminder of the lives lost and the resilience of the American spirit.

WTVN September 11th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

Brandon Boxer

During the WTVN broadcast, Chuck Douglas engages in a conversation with political strategist Raven Harrison, discussing the decision of President Biden to attend a memorial service in Alaska instead of being present at the commemorative events in New York City. The discussion highlights the controversy surrounding this decision and the disappointment expressed by many.


  • Chuck Douglas: 7:08 Chuck Douglas in for Boxer this morning a chilly morning in my opinion Well, I mean compared to what we're used to 56 right now I've got the complete forecast coming up with meteorologist Andrew buck Michael here in just a bit note from Benjamin on the Facebook Thanks for bringing up Mel Tucker had not heard a thing about it until you said something. Well, you're welcome Benjamin, however Grains of salt my friend grains of salt. Let's see what happens. I I give you I give you two words Michael Irvin, okay?
  • I'm just saying in case you didn't notice he was he was back being Michael Irvin on the NFL Network yesterday after a lot of controversy similar accusations Marriott hotel lawsuit and all that kind of stuff and That all kind of went away now and the lawsuit's over and he was back doing his NFL Network thing so Let it play out Like I say with all things get the evidence get the information don't no snap decisions.
  • Patience is your best friend when it comes to things like this at least as far as I'm concerned again It might be the ultimate dirt ball story, but for right now what we have is you know an accusation and an action from the University and I The the University attempting to take a moral high ground if you will which I have a problem with because The story has been there for months and it was not until USA Today Published this that they decided they were going to take action. They were gonna let it ride and try to stay Stay low and quiet and Got called out. So again grains of salt today being September 11 I observances all over the All over the country and and a few around the planet as well
  • I mean that was a day when we were not necessarily on our own there were There were non-American Americans all over the planet earth because people had never seen such a thing the United States of America that great city on the hill as as we've been called and and Seeing an attack like that that captured The attention of not only our allies, but even people who are countries that are disconnected from us Not allies not enemies were just we're all on the same rock and the people paid attention and The earth kind of stood still for many because it was so So out of the ordinary
  • And so these observances are going on today and you know, obviously New York City and many of the major cities around the United States where there will be services of memorials vigils in some cases and things like that that will all be going on and You expect I guess some people to be in some places The president is is going to apparently it's a fueling stop or something in Alaska where he's going to go to a 9-11 memorial service or I don't know what's going on with this But I figure we better check with somebody who's better connected than I Raven Harrison on the standby right now Political strategist and wealth of information Raven. Good morning.
  • Raven Harrison: Good morning. Chuck. How are you?
  • Chuck Douglas: I'm confused a little bit I mean, is there is there a legitimate logic for the president to go to a memorial service?
  • Raven Harrison: No, the simple answer is no all right, and it's not going to be a very warm welcome You know, they had their governor governor Dunleavy was on Cudlow yesterday just saying this guy is ridiculous. He's canceling oil permits. He's breaking our oil and gas laws You know, he's hobbled our economy and then he's stopping here on a day of reverence is not being received well
  • Chuck Douglas: I would think I mean he's he's I guess traveling back now from India
  • Raven Harrison: Yeah from he's traveling back from Asia and he's going to make the stop the plan appears to be that He is going to stop in Alaska and and really stoke the fire there of a bunch of people who are who are angry with him They're saying 55 actions.
  • He has committed against Alaska and they're going to have the most unpopular VP and candidate of all time go to New York for tribute and Jill Biden is going to The DC area the Pentagon Memorial is the way they seem to be structuring this trip But it is across the board it appears to being received as a disaster and an insult to many
  • Chuck Douglas: This is Raven Harrison by the way on the legacy retirement group comm phone line She is a political strategist and and and she seems equally as baffled by this decision I I would think now. This is just me if and I were Mr. Biden I would sleep during the fuel stop and get get a nap in and go to New York later in the day But I I almost feel like you as president of the United States You must go to New York for an observance like that. Maybe I'm just idealistic
  • Raven Harrison: No, I think that you're absolutely correct I think anything other than being right at ground zero with the president being there to honor that was a huge and impactful and powerful day for America and it needs to be represented as such it can never be forgotten I had a parent who was in the Pentagon on at 9-11 who thankfully Made it out, but this tore the fabric of our society It also for a short time brought us that together like we had never been before.
  • You know Americans where we were all Americans There was probably the most unifying time we had is after the towers fell But he needs to be there in remembrance. This is such a big day for America and The fact that again, it it seems to be a systematic Process by this administration that everything else seems to be a priority that's not American interest first and This is this is going to be a day that he's really gonna feel the pushback on it
  • Chuck Douglas: But you and I said essentially the same thing at the beginning of the show this morning Mr. Campana and I speaking and I on September 12th of 2001 We were the best I have ever seen us as Americans and I do not want anything Tragic like that to happen again, but sometime hard of hearts.
  • I believe that's the only thing that's going to snap us out of this ridiculousness we seem to be in in 2023 and bring us all back together and There's got to be something unifying out there. I don't want it to be Another 9-11 event, but there's got to be something that just can scare 300 million of us all at once
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I agree with that and like you said again, nobody wishes that would come But it was amazing to see the resolve and the strength You know and to be able today honor those people those are our heroes I mean the Bible says that there's no greater love than one who would lay their life down for another and You know a lot of people you know died for us to be better to give us the opportunity to move forward So we need to make best use of that.
  • So I think that this is a horrible political strategy by Biden I it's insulting to the people but you know, we will give them the tribute they deserve today
  • Chuck Douglas: Well just over a minute left here because I don't want Mike to hit me in the head with anything I want to ask you this You know the Kamala Harris I've I wrote off explaining that a long time ago But is it my imagination or is Dr. Jill Biden playing a much larger role in appearances in the last six months or so?
  • Raven Harrison: She is and I think largely that has to do with the accelerated rate that Biden is falling apart Doesn't matter what side of the fence you are on it is clear that this man is falling apart There is no universe. He's going to make it through another four terms So right now I feel like we are seeing is is image and damage control until they figure out who they're going to put in They put everything on Biden
  • They let him take the fall for everything that's going wrong and the economy crumbling and then they slip somebody in at the last minute and Say well, this is all Biden's fault. Sorry. We got rid of that this guy can can move forward I think that's what they're planning to do.


As we reflect on this day, it is important to remember the sacrifices made and the heroes who emerged from the ashes of tragedy. While the decision made by President Biden may have sparked controversy and disappointment, it is crucial to focus on honoring the memory of those we lost on September 11th, 2001.

Let us come together as a nation to pay our respects and keep the spirit of unity alive. Visit a local memorial, participate in commemorative events, or take a moment of silence to remember the lives forever impacted by the events of September 11th. By doing so, we honor their memory and reaffirm our resilience as a nation united.