On August 2nd, 2023, WBAP aired a segment featuring an interview with Raven Harrison, a Texas-born political strategist. The interview discussed the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump and its implications.

WBAP August 2nd, 2023 with Raven Harrison

WBAP Morning Show

In the interview, Raven Harrison provided insights and analysis on the Trump indictment. The discussion touched on various aspects, including the timing of the indictment in relation to recent developments involving Joe Biden, the potential seriousness of the charges, and the broader context of political divisions in the justice system.


  • Ernie Brown: Well, Hal's back.
  • Hal Jay: Yep, thank you.
  • Ernie: And so is Raven Harrison, a Texas-born political strategist. Raven, thank you for coming on today.
  • Raven Harrison: Glad to be here. We've got to have Hal back.
  • Hal: Oh, Raven, listen to you. Thank you so much. Keep going.
  • Ernie: You're just getting rolling here.
  • Hal: There you go.
  • Ernie: All right. Well, we had another indictment come down. This is the third one, I believe, against President Trump. And it happened to come the day after Devon Archer testified that the big guy, Joe Biden, was actually involved with his son's dealings when he had said for years that he was not. But now that's off the front page. Now we have the former president indicted here. Is this one more serious than the other ones?
  • Raven: Well, I don't think it's more serious. I think it's a combination. And we've got a fourth one looming in Georgia. So what we're looking at is, ironically, yes, the timing of right after Joe Biden has been implicated, possibly perjury and treason, then again, we've got another indictment, four counts from a special counsel in Florida for Donald Trump stemming from the January 6th. And ironically, misinformation about spreading information that he had lost in 2020. No word on whether we're indicting Hillary for a book that said, "What Happened?" Yeah, you lost. And they weren't accepting that in 2020. But it's interesting how the justice system is working now.
  • Ernie: It does seem like it's going kind of both with our two tiers of justice nowadays. If you're on one side, you get one tier. On the other side, you get the other, you're guilty until proven innocent versus innocent until proven guilty, which will never be proven guilty because we'll never bring it to trial. That's problematic. President Trump said this is nothing but election interference again.
  • Raven: Well, basically, yes, because you're looking at charges. I mean, statistically, charges that stem from two and a half years ago, relating to the January 6th probe. So we've had hearings about the January 6th testimonies on Capitol Hill. What we haven't seen is the 14,000 hours of actual footage of what happened at the Capitol. So it's ironic that we're going the scenic route on the way to the point again of we could release the information we already have and then allow the American people to kind of synthesize where the justice system is applying justice at this point. But that's not what's happening. So we've got another indictment and probably another one looming in Georgia having to do with their saying, quote, pressuring officials to change the election results, which, you know, at the end of the day, being able to file a legal brief saying there's some shenanigans here does not normally qualify to having your First Amendment rights assassinated, which is what we're looking at right here.
  • Hal: You're a political strategist. So for both sides of the aisle here, whether you're Biden or Trump, Republican, Democrat, then you have the border, throw that in, then you have the high cost of food and everything. Are people tired of hearing about this? Is the media making this a big deal? Or I know it's important. That's not what I'm asking. But are we burnt out yet?
  • Raven: Yes, we are. I think what you're seeing is government fatigue. Initially, we would have called it political theater, but you're seeing fatigue. And absolutely, because this is just nonstop with the issues that America is facing right now on every walk, especially our kitchen table issues. This is what our government is wrapped up, millions of dollars, and man-hours just invested into these attacks going back and forth on the Capitol, which is not what we're electing them to do. So on behalf of the American people, you know, just get back to work.
  • Hal: You know, I'm kind of afraid come November of next year, people are going to go to the polls, going, "I don't even give a damn who wins, mark somebody."
  • Raven: Whoever has the least indictment.
  • Hal: Now that's a political strategy right there.
  • Ernie: That's a good one. I like that. Raven Harrison, Texas-born political strategist. Thank you, Raven, for coming on. We appreciate it.
  • Raven: Thank you.

Trump Indictment Wrap-up

Considering the ongoing political divisions and the fatigue experienced by the American public, the interview highlighted the importance of focusing on pressing issues such as the border crisis and the high cost of living. Raven Harrison emphasized the need for elected officials to prioritize the concerns of the American people and to redirect their efforts towards meaningful work.

As the discussion around the Trump indictment continues, it is crucial for the public to stay informed on the latest developments. Stay tuned for updates and further analysis on the Trump indictment and its potential impact on American politics.