Politics has never been more contentious than in today's landscape, where an indictment has been unsealed against former President Donald Trump, accusing him of conspiring to defraud the United States, disenfranchise voters and obstruct an official proceeding. Some believe the charges are part of a concerted effort to take down Trump, while others view the saga as a clear demonstration of a two-tiered justice system in action. This insightful audio interview breaks down the situation, capturing the volatile climate of modern American politics. The discourse here emphasizes the perspective of Raven Harrison, a well-known political commentator, and other panel discussion members who express their views on the matter. The narrative lays bare the fault lines in public opinion, as these experts unpack the indictment’s implications, especially on a possible Trump re-election campaign.

KSSZ August 2nd, 2023 with Raven Harrison

Wake Up Mid-Missouri

"What are your thoughts on his campaign? Would you, as a former candidate, could you offer him any advice, candidate to candidate?"

In the recording, political commentator Raven Harrison discusses her thoughts on the recent indictment against former President Donald Trump, in which he is accused of attempts to defraud the US, disenfranchising voters and obstructing official proceedings. Harrison and other panelists debate the concept of a two-tiered justice system and the perceived political motivation behind the charges. She argues that every time something significant happens on the democratic side, Trump gets indicted, suggesting a skewed process.

Harrison also assesses Trump's potential re-election campaign and highlights the former President’s resilience in the face of past allegations and legal battles. While discussing Trump's survival against previous indictments, she dismisses claims that his popularity would wane after repeated legal battles. Instead, she insists that Trump’s popularity has seemingly grown after each indictment, seemingly defying conventional wisdom. However, Harrison calls for caution and considers the implications of indictments on ordinary citizens, expressing concern over a seemingly unjust system that she frames as reminiscent of communism.


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  • Jack Smith: Third, an indictment was unsealed. Charging Donald J. Trump with conspiring to defraud the United States, conspiring to disenfranchise voters, and conspiring and attempting to obstruct an official proceeding. The indictment was issued by a grand jury of citizens here in the District of Columbia, and it sets forth the crimes charged in detail. I encourage everyone to read it in full.
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  • Branden Rathert: That's Jack Smith. He was hired his job, his job description. Go after Trump. It's the only reason he was hired. He's got the indictments on the Mar-a-Lago stuff, and now the stuff from yesterday, from January the 6th. That's his job. Go after Trump. Want to bring in Raven Harrison. RavenHarrison.com. He's here on Fox all the time. Raven, you see in this, yes, we knew that it was coming. But what are some of the thoughts rolling around in your head after this came down yesterday?
  • Raven Harrison: Well, after the initial outrage of the encore political theater on this, it really was just going, hey, I wonder when the indictment for Hillary claiming that the election was rigged. And she wrote a book called What Happened? And we've got now Trump getting indicted. It literally every time something happens on the left, Trump gets indicted. This is the first time we got proof of Hunter Biden's laptop. Then the indictment came down in Florida first time. Now we've got this other indictment that comes right on the heels of Devon Archer testifying before Congress that he had proof that Joe Biden had perjured himself in the treason that he was the big guy that he was involved in the business dealings, and which seems to be supported by the proof. I mean, it's just absolutely outrageous. And on charges or new charges stemming from two and a half years ago, why did they not do this two and a half years ago for the January 6th? We haven't seen the 14,000 hours of actual footage. We've had a lot of hearings and a lot of people. It was terrible. It was worse than 9-11. It was horrible. And yet we've got actual footage that shows us what happened in the Capitol. They won't release it. That's misinformation. So we're looking at the two-tiered justice system panicking right now because they are desperate to keep President Trump from running again.
  • Stephanie Bell: Now, do you think I saw some talk on Twitter yesterday that, oh, the third indictment, that's when things start to, because after the first two indictments, Trump's polling is still pretty good. And people are starting to say, well, once you get into the third and the fourth indictment, it's really, he can't really withstand that. What are your thoughts on that?
  • Raven: Well, I would say, statistically and strategically, that appears to be not the case. If you look at this, he's been attacked literally since 2015 since he came down the Golden Escalators. So if we're paying attention to his track record, after the Russian hoax and $40 million, polling numbers went up. In impeachment one, polling numbers went up. Impeachment two, up. Mar-a-Lago raid, sky rocketed. Indictment one, up. And so the president does not lean toward what the Democrats and the left are favoring in this. They are trying to throw everything at him to stop him. They're reaching back into any manner of something they can find to try to build a crime, which should scare and piss off every single American. Because once they're done with him, you know, they can literally just say, hey, Hannah, you know, we were accusing you of this, and then just keep the justice system hammering you until they get you to break. And that is communism. That's not the America we live in.
  • Branden: And what should we accuse producer Hannah of? 8-7-4-93-90. Good morning and welcome into the show. There is producer Hannah.
  • Hannah Adkisson: Hello.
  • Branden: Raven Harrison is here. Good morning, Raven. How are you?
  • Raven: Doing great. Good. We're glad you're here. There's Stephanie Bell.
  • Stephanie: Good morning. Mr. Marsh is here.
  • John Marsh: Yes, sir. My name is Branden Rathert. If something we can do for you, 8-7-4-93-90. 8-7-4-93-90. I want to ask you this about Trump, because here's the thing. I carried the torch for Trump in 2015, and I paid for it dearly here on the show. You got Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, ported him in. Have I ever told you? Have I ever told you the story about 2015? But I have to be honest with myself. And I think it's reasonable. And I'm asking you this kind of a personal question. Do you stop and think, OK, all this stuff? And we know it is a fact. They have relentlessly gone after Trump. It is incredibly frustrating. I mean, that's a real frustration. It's not anger. It's almost like hurt sorrow. But do you ever wonder, OK, but could both things be true? Yeah, they're going after Trump. Maybe this time, the walls are closing. And maybe this time they have him. Do you ever consider that?
  • Raven: Well, I don't, only because they have really corrupted any integrity this justice system would have with the way it's been applied. I mean, if you look back, Alvin Bragg literally campaigned on communism. He did not campaign to lower taxes, lower crime, lower, make New Yorkers safer. He campaigned on going after a citizen. He said, I'm going to get Trump. That's what he campaigned on. That is communism. It means that regardless of whether he was innocent or guilty, their platform was to get this guy, take him down, which means they're taking your choice. That means they're deciding who they will allow to run for government, who is acceptable choice for them to play this political game. And once Donald Trump said, I'm not for sale, they can't buy him. And if they can't buy him, then they want to destroy him. And that's what it just dismisses any credibility they have with all of these charges. They're going seven years. They went for the first indictment seven years back to a Stormy Daniels to find a crime. I mean, in your New York, if you're looking for crime, Alvin Bragg, all you have to do is look out any window in any direction of the office you're sitting in, right now to find it. So people are literally getting mugged on the street outside where he is. We have migrants sleeping out there that have been let in across the southern border. And you're on a seven-year-old, possibly campaign violation that you're trying to build into a felony. The American people are sick of it.
  • Branden: That's what I'm thinking, a 35-year-old voter coming into their political acumen and going, OK, do I care about this stuff from several years ago? Or do I care about how over the past couple of years, my family's life has in effect been ruined financially. The future of my children and their college now in peril because of this guy in the White House. 35-year-old driving to work at 7.15, listening to Wake Up Mid-Missouri. I'm wondering what weighs more heavily on their mind. That, I don't know. Raven Harrison, ravenharrison.com, joining us this morning on the show. Raven, the tough question out there, and we hear it on the talking heads. One, will Donald Trump be convicted? Two, will he serve time in prison?
  • Raven: Well, that's the question. And if I'm looking in my crystal ball, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and I would say absolutely not. I think he's going to be the nominee because if they had had these cases, if they had had the facts to support them, it doesn't take two and a half years after January 6th to put some kind of field indictment, and all of a sudden, you're finding out all this new information. It doesn't ring true. It doesn't pass the smell test. Meanwhile, you literally have the White House imploding. I mean, we found Coke in the White House. We don't know who's blow it is. And we have Joe Biden literally is proof that he has perjured it himself, that he at the very least, and possibly committed treason, and we are still searching, okay, let's talk about January 6th, when people are getting crippled with kitchen table issues, the economy, inflation, high gas, the border's wide open. We have violence everywhere, and we're not dealing with that. Instead, we're doing a deflection. And my favorite, with all these kitchen table issues and everything going on, what's Joe Biden? We got UFOs, guys. That's where they are.
  • Stephanie: I like talking.
  • Raven: If you can't retire, that's okay, but we got ET issues here, guys. Doesn't matter whether you're 401K is thinking, or we have a wide open border. We got UFOs here.
  • Stephanie: I like talking about UFOs personally. Now, you have actually been a candidate. You've been out on the campaign trail. Have experienced running in federal elections. I wanna know your opinion about Ron DeSantis, because he got rid of a bunch of people, his staff, and he said he's gonna rework things, but people are still saying, well, he's on the slide, he's in a slump. What are your thoughts on his campaign? Would you, as a former candidate, could you offer him any advice, candidate to candidate?
  • Raven: Well, I mean, definitely it's a little bit of a step up for where he is to where I ran, but what I would say is I think DeSantis did a fabulous job of running Florida. However, what I do feel is when candidates step into this presidential ring, the people that surround them stop being the ones who will tell you the truth, and start becoming the ones that just, they start seeing the dollar signs. I think that it is not possible right now for DeSantis to put this train back on the tracks once it's derailed. The strategy of coming out, comparing yourself to Trump, and then attacking Trump was horrible, and I said that from the beginning. What I would say now is just, if he's positioning himself to be heir apparent, I don't think the water under the bridge between him and Trump is passable, it's not even legally overcomable, because I don't think you could have two candidates from the same state on the same ticket, but what I will say is that I do believe he's strong, and what he was doing for Florida, he has a strong future in it, just not in this presidential race, I would say to focus that energy on building the momentum you're going to need, because even after the Trump era, our country's not in good shape. We have got to put a lot of things back together.
  • Branden: Off the text, 874-9390, Doug says DeSantis is too damn whiny. Didn't we just highlight this yesterday, Hannah, here on the show?
  • Hannah: We did. And I liked this, I really liked his chances. I liked the guy, but he stumbled out of the gate so far, I've been way wrong on that. Neal says, here's what we could do to charge Hannah, Raven Harrison, our guest ravenharrison.com, you see her on Fox, she homeschools her children, she's run for Congress, she is sharp, love Raven Harrison, she talked about, hey, Hannah could be indicted next after the president. Neal says, how about this, this is what we indict Hannah for, false information on the internet. I love that.
  • Hannah: Ouch, Neal, ouch.
  • Branden: And then Sean said, very good question, if Trump wins the next election, let's see how well the Democrats accept their loss. I think that would be kind of an interesting take. Raven Harrison, go to our website, see who it is that we're talking to, learn more about her, love and Raven Harrison, ravenharrison.com, anything else that you would like to add before we let you go?
  • Raven: Just to tell people that this is not an R versus a D situation, this is what the founding fathers were talking about, about being vigilant and staying in the politicians who created this problem, these problems are not gonna fix it. We have to be engaged and we gotta move forward. This is what we the people mean. It means gotta get off the sofa, stop screaming at the radio and get out there and be part of the solution.
  • Branden: Raven Harrison, we love you, see you next time.
  • Raven: See you, get in.
  • Branden: All right, another group trying to do some stuff, no labels are now involved.

Two-Tiered Justice System Wrap-up

The audio interview again threw light on the possibility of the two-tiered justice system debate ensuing former President Donald Trump's indictment. Raven Harrison and the other panelists came forward with their viewpoints on the issue alongside expressing concerns about the credibility of a two-tiered justice system. As the conversation unfolded, Raven Harrison stated that Trump's popularity has only increased with each indictment. This counters traditional belief systems surrounding a politician's popularity in the face of legal battles. However, the implications of the indictment on ordinary citizens were not overlooked, with Harrison highlighting the unlikelihood of the charges leading to Trump's conviction. She shared concerns about an apparently unjust system which she compared with communism, and the detrimental impact a two-tiered justice system could have on the future of an ordinary citizen.