Welcome to WBAP, where we bring you the latest news and insights from around the world. In today's segment, we delve into the intriguing events surrounding the West Wing of the White House. Join us as we explore the discussion between host Hal Jay and renowned political strategist, Raven Harrison, that took place on July 10th, 2023 (AM).

WBAP July 10th, 2023 (AM) with Raven Harrison

WBAP Morning News Team

During the conversation, several captivating highlights emerged within the realm of the West Wing. Raven Harrison, an experienced political strategist, provided thought-provoking insights into the ongoing White House cocaine investigation. The discussion touched upon the potential culprits, the significance of the discovery, and the challenges in identifying the responsible parties.


  • Hal Jay: Raven, a political strategist, former congressional candidate, and author of "Raven's Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America." Raven, welcome to the program.
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you so much, great way to start.
  • Hal Jay: Well, let's ask about the White House cocaine investigation. Where do things stand? Does anybody know who brought the blow into the White House?
  • Raven Harrison: Or are we gonna play this out, that round of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" That's the man to pretend, we don't, we thought nothing, we heard nothing, we've missed nothing. This is absolutely ridiculous. But yes, they're still claiming that it is unlikely, quote, unlikely, that we will track down who left it in the West Wing, even with facial recognition software, video visitor log, and pretty much anyone with common sense.
  • Hal Jay: Thank you very much. Thank you. Do you think that they're really searching for it? And here's the other question, do you think this is the worst thing to be found in the White House?
  • Raven Harrison: I would say no and yes, respectively. No, I do not believe they're really searching for it. It really reminds me of when my daughter got her first advent calendar full of chocolate and came in covered in chocolate and asked me if Christmas was tomorrow. And this is what we're looking at. So they're not trying to investigate if they know exactly who it belongs to. This is the Secret Service's one of the most heavily surveilled and watched areas, and in theory, more than most secure on the planet. And they can't tell who brought coke into the library. And I mean, that's ablaze. It's clue. You know, was it Hunter in the West Wing with a straw? Or is this the case of Sherlock Hunter and the mystery of the white powder? I mean, they are just having a field day with it on the press. The only one who's not having fun is Jean-Pierre.
  • Hal Jay: Yeah, she is getting beaten up at most of these press conferences, which is actually enjoyable to watch. Because I think she gets a lot of softballs and sometimes you need to ask them tough questions and she's not handling very well. But my question is, you know, a lot of people have worked in the White House over the years, and I'm gonna bet this is not the first time. I mean, Chip Carter said he was smoking pot up on the White House roof at one point when his father was in office, right? So I'm gonna guess this isn't the first time.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I would say for drugs, it's the first I know of. I went back to look to see what I can see in the file. This is the first I've seen of cocaine actually being found in proximity because what people don't realize is most of the people who travel that are heavily tested for it. They have to empty their pockets except for family members of the president. So it's very telling the fact that Hunter Biden would not have had to go through the same scrutiny that everyone else is going through and that they were at point blank, I mean, that Karine John Pierre point blank if it belonged to Hunter or Joe. And that's when she pretty much went off the rails.
  • Hal Jay: Yeah, she did. She did kind of go off the rails on that one. Is this in the West Wing?
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, supposedly, probably in the library in the West Wing library. So that's why the clue memes are going crazy right now. But this is really, it is really a dark day for the office of the President of the White House. This was found in the West Wing. This is absolutely. And the fact that they're saying that they can't track it down with facial recognition software and all, by the way, it's okay, happened early because he was at Camp David during the time.
  • Hal Jay: How did this get out if they're not going to say who it is? How did it get out that they found cocaine?
  • Raven Harrison: Okay, I'm gonna save all my weak jokes about this. We have leakers. Is essentially we have people who are leaking, okay? From inside, okay?
  • Hal Jay: That's my theory, and Raven, you can comment on this if you want, okay? You've been to the White House, haven't you? Yes, and they checked you out thoroughly, everybody, right? Both of you that are right there. I think that when you work at the White House, when security is used to seeing you and they know who you are, I have a feeling there is a little bit of they just wave you on in. The search that you're talking about, Raven, happens to unknowns, but to people who are known, I don't know necessarily that they spend the time doing that. It's just human nature.
  • Raven Harrison: I don't know. I think it's an interesting theory and it's plausible, but I feel like in this day and age, especially since he's put a concrete wall around the Capitol and some other building for security, that I'm not sure that especially if you're a conservative Republican, I think you're gonna be frisked twice and probably tossed upside down to see what falls out.
  • Raven Harrison: "There's a concrete wall around the Capitol." Well, the Capitol building has a wall around it, and it looks like, you know, old Saigon. It's a little bit.
  • Hal Jay: So walls do work then. Well, not according to him. It's only around the beach house and the Capitol. Okay, all right. I'm gonna look confused there for a minute. That walls work is what we've been told. Alright, so coke in the White House, there you go. It uh… it explains a lot of the policies coming out of there, I guess.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, it does mean a lot of things coming out there, but I'm telling you, I told people that they need to buckle up, it's gonna be definitely a rough ride coming up. But we'll see. We'll get a blow by blow.
  • Hal Jay: I like what you said, is that they have tested this and they included DNA fingerprint test on the cocaine container, but they just can't figure out who it is. It's just a mystery to us. Alright, Raven Harrison, thank you, Raven, for coming on. We appreciate it.
  • Raven Harrison: Glad to be here. Thank you.


The discussion on WBAP between Hal Jay and Raven Harrison shed light on intriguing aspects of the White House cocaine investigation within the West Wing. From questioning the authenticity of the search efforts to contemplating the presence of drugs in the past, the conversation offered a unique perspective on the situation.

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