On July 10th, 2023, WBAP conducted an intriguing interview with political strategist and author Raven Harrison. The discussion revolved around the recent events surrounding the White House, raising concerns about the security breaches and ongoing investigations. In this article, we will delve into the highlights of the interview and examine the pressing issues at hand.

WBAP July 10th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

WBAP Afternoon Show

During the interview, Rick Roberts and Raven Harrison discussed the perplexing situation surrounding the White House and its alleged cocaine investigation. Rick expressed his disbelief at the lack of clarity regarding the entry of drugs into the most secure building on Earth. Raven joined in, emphasizing the inherent security measures, such as video surveillance, visitor logs, metal detectors, facial recognition software, and secret service and Marine Corps details. Both participants highlighted the absurdity of claiming ignorance about the culprits behind the security breach.


  • Rick Roberts: We don't have a clue where this cocaine came from. As a matter of fact, we may never know. Well, then you need to board the whole place up. We need a wide shot on Pennsylvania Avenue of the doors and windows being boarded up, maybe closed, you know, a closed sign hanging on the doorknob. If that's the case, if you don't know what happened inside the White House, you need to shut the whole thing down right now.
  • Yeah, just sort of a over the weekend recap, no suspect yet in the White House cocaine investigation. The culprit, this is from them by the way, not me, the culprit may never be found. Really, well, that speaks highly of the internal security at the most secure building on planet Earth, the White House. The source provided more details on where exactly the drugs were found.
  • The secrets, you know, I even feel stupid doing this story because anybody with one brain cell bouncing around between their ears, they have to know the truth. And the truth is it's the most secure building on planet Earth, both inside and out, and you're telling me, oh, we don't know how cocaine got here. The investigation's ongoing. And to who brought the cocaine into the White House over the weekend. And it's not clear whether a culprit will ever be found. Really? And then what?
  • Jean-Claude Van Dampierre, whatever name is, White House press secretary, she said, well, I think it's highly, highly irresponsible to even ask the question. You know, I don't believe a thing that falls out of her mouth either. All right. With me, and she's with me on a regular basis, political strategist, former congressional candidate, author of Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. Raven Harrison, how you doing, Raven?
  • Raven Harrison: I'm doing great, Rick. Whose line is it anyway?
  • Rick: Man, you got me. I mean, this is the ultimate, ultimate dis on the American people. You know, this is, what are the American people to do in a situation like this?
  • Raven: Well, we are definitely not to listen to the White Powder press secretary. I'm sorry, I mean White House press secretary. This is absolutely, Rick, you are right. This is unconscionably ridiculous stretch of the American people's tolerance of this lack of common sense. This reminds me when my daughter, we got her a chocolate advent calendar the first year we did that, and she came in, I said, Patience, did you eat all of that chocolate? No. It was, it's Christmas tomorrow.
  • So it's, this is what you're looking at. In your right, you're saying, you're talking to a person who's been there and, you know, daughter of two, you know, Air Force Lieutenant-Colonels who had security clearance. This place, let's just for context, Rick, this place has video surveillance. It has visitor logs. It has metal detectors. The ones that the congressmen and senators have to pass through every single day that they pass through there. It also has facial recognition software that is used. And it is the most secure. It also has secret service and Marine Corps detail for security.
  • And they're wanting us to believe that they all know how, you know, the blow got in the White House. This is absolutely the dumbest and most ridiculous stain on this prestigious office and this White House I have ever seen. Memes were literally made for a situation like this.
  • Rick: Oh, absolutely. You know, they say, well, the Bidens weren't in the White House. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, you know, I've made fun of her name so long. I can't even remember what it is. But, you know, she said, well, I think it's highly irresponsible to ask this question. Hey, you're the press secretary. This is the fourth estate assembled in front of you. Nothing is irresponsible. You can either answer the question or refuse to do so. And I know you're not reluctant to do the latter because you do it all the time. It's correct.
  • Raven: Correct, Rick. But is it important to remember that somebody actually a reporter asked her point blank if it belonged to Hunter Biden? And she didn't answer it. The answer would have been yes. It is or no. It's not. And instead, she went down the it is irresponsible to ask that question. Let me be perfectly clear. I'm not going to answer that question that we all know. The only person who doesn't know who's blow it is a secret service.
  • Rick: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, the only the only person that has no information are the people that are charged with securing that building and knowing the whereabouts of everybody there.
  • I guess the source, you know, air quotes here, who's familiar with the Secret Service investigation, told Fox News Digital, I guess it was Thursday, that it's going to take time. Well, Rick, it's going to take time to review the evidence. Officials admitted there is a possibility they will never be able to determine who brought the drugs into the White House.
  • I'm sorry. As a free American, that's not good enough. Try again.
  • Raven: Amen. And that's what I encourage Americans to do. We are not going to let this drop. If not, we can just bring in Sherlock Hunter and have him solve the mystery of the White Powder. But at the end of the day, the questions are so simple. And she's used to softball questions. Here's the question. Is it hunters? Did you check him? Did you ask him? And that information of what he wasn't there is probably up there with one of the dumbest responses I have ever heard to a question.
  • Okay. That's like me saying to my kids, again, did you clean your room? I'm not even at the house right now, Mom. So that makes absolutely no sense. So at the end of the day, we've never had a situation where somebody with a diagnosed and very public cocaine problem has been in the White House. But I can tell you this is the two-tier, Rick, on display. Because if they had found this, if they had found a powder like this, this could have been anthrax. This is a huge security breach. And the fact that this is supposedly an investigation, but they're already telling you, they're probably not going to be able to solve it. How is that an investigation? What are you investigating then?
  • Rick: Well, you're right. It could have been anthrax. It could have been ricin. You know, if it were what it should have could have. And you are telling me if it were anthrax or ricin or something that would have threatened someone's life, not that cocaine doesn't from time to time. Your answer would be the same. Gosh, we don't know how I got here. Nothing on the cameras, nothing on the videotapes. The dogs didn't alert. Nothing on the logs. We have no way of knowing. It's like for a brief period of time, the earth stood still at the White House. Nobody believes this. Not even the Uber Left believes this.
  • Raven: Correct. Because everybody will operate the common sense realm until we force them to join us. And that's where it basically is. Is we have got to demand this is unacceptable. It is an unacceptable breach of security. And either they or we have a problem with their facts. And so that's what we need to be focusing on is we can't accept this. Right? This is an unacceptable answer of, you know, of them using air quotes. We may never know. Well, it's funny that you've just started the investigation, but yet you're already sure you're not going to find out who it is.
  • Rick: Exactly. Talking with political strategist, former congressional candidate, Raven Harrison. She's the author of Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. I mean, there's plenty of folks in line for that.
  • Raven, I ask you to stick around because the question was, are we getting, I remember one of the tired mantras of the Left when Trump was president, the guy's nuts. He's going to get us into World War Three and so on and so forth. We never even got close to that. But the Biden administration is now providing cluster bombs to Ukraine and expected to announce additional military aid, I guess, up to $800 million for war efforts against Russia.
  • Now, a lot of people Raven are saying, well, this is kind of controversial because these weapons are going to be coming from the Pentagon. Also, Bradley and Striker armored vehicles plus a bunch of ammunition and all the rest. Now, these cluster bombs release smaller bombs designed to kill personnel and destroy vehicles, but one cluster munition or I guess canister can carry tens to hundreds of these smaller, what they call bomblets.
  • They're controversial and a lot of nations have outlawed them because the small bomblet targets a wide area once the shrapnel from the bomblets is released. It doesn't really have a specific target. So it poses potential threats to civilians and infrastructure and I guess unexploded bomblets could even kill civilians long after they're released. What are we doing here?
  • Raven: Well, you're correct. You've given us a lot there, Rick. And, you know, having to, this is where having two military parents, this is an I guess work for me. That comes into the family. The cluster bombs are in the family of the dirty bombs, which are designed to initial impact from when they are dropped and then lasting impact in the surrounding area. So it is a bad situation.
  • There's nothing controversial except the fact we didn't know we were in a war in Ukraine. That was lied about by the Biden administration. Now we know we're boots on the ground that we've spent more in Ukraine than the entire Russian defense budget. That's also, you know, something when they keep throwing these numbers around these staggering numbers. 800 million is on top of the over 46 billion they've received. And Ukraine is not a member of NATO. So when we talk about NATO in that context, it's important to remember that they're not even a part of NATO. So we are funding this war and then trying to simultaneously get oil from Russia, who we're trying to sanction and to fuel this.
  • So we are funding a war, you know, against somebody we were attempting to get oil from that it only makes Biden logic. And as far as North Korea, I remember this too, Rick, I'm old enough to remember. Trump's going to get us into war. He's a traitor, treason, all this kind of other stuff that was coming. And we only had peace. We had record peace. There was not a single missile test while President Trump was in the White House. And they went crazy when he said my button, my red button is bigger than yours. And everybody lost their mind. But essentially, it was peace through strength. We had, you know, we had they knew they didn't know what President Trump was going to do, but they weren't willing to find out.
  • And now they don't fear us. And we've just dropped that blood in the water and the sharks are all circling the tank. So that's where we kind of are right now. We are dangerously close and people don't realize they have to get off of this. This is not about your feelings. This is about we are less safe. We've had seven to nine million people trot across our wide open southern border. A lot of these are Chinese nationals. They're setting up bases in Cuba and other places. And now they're getting help from our adversaries when we are on the rope. We are in the worst possible military position for this kind of offensive.
  • Rick: No doubt. No doubt. And, you know, one of the strong points of the Trump administration was that he was unpredictable. You know, and I've said it much to the chagrin of a lot of people. I don't care whether you're left or right, but if you're sitting behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office, your enemies need to fear you and your allies need to be able to trust and rely on you. And we don't have either one of those things.
  • Raven: We don't have either one of those things, but that's what people need. You needed the tough kid to kind of, when you're in the schoolyard, you want the tough kid to kind of set things right. And that's where we were in all of this. But now it has become an absolutely beyond dangerous situation of them not knowing. But one thing I do know is that President Trump, if you remember when he, he nuked Soleimani before he had a chance to finish the sentence that he was in. And the next thing you know, the last said, oh, he killed a Rhodes scholar, you know, a scholar and not a terrorist.
  • You know, it was absolutely amazing how they twist the narrative and now they're fine with it. But this is what we need desperately back. We need our military might. We don't need our military to be a social experiment. Whatever you do in the privacy of your home is a freedom that these people fought for. It doesn't belong on the battlefield. It doesn't belong in the forefront. And that's where we are right now.
  • Rick: Raven Harrison got a run. It's always a pleasure. The book Raven's Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. Tell folks where they can pick that up, Raven.
  • Raven: They can get it on Amazon.com. They can get it on BarnesandNoble.com or they can go to our website, RavenHarrison.com. Or you can check out Rick Roberts. He's got a special copy.
  • Rick: Thank you so much, Raven. Have a great week, will you?
  • Raven: Thank you too, Rick.

White House Wrap-up

The interview concluded with a discussion on another crucial issue: the controversial decision of providing cluster bombs to Ukraine. Raven highlighted the potential dangers of using cluster bombs due to their impact on civilians and infrastructure. The participants explored the geopolitical complexities surrounding Ukraine, emphasizing the need for coherent foreign policies while protecting national security interests.

Events like the White House cocaine investigation and the provision of cluster bombs to Ukraine cannot be taken lightly. As Americans, it is essential for us to demand transparency and accountability from our leaders. We must actively engage in the democratic process, urging our elected officials to prioritize security, national interests, and reliable foreign policies.