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GOP Debate: NTD August 24th, 2023

NTD August 24th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

During the NTD broadcast, Raven Harrison offered her insights and analysis on the GOP debate. One of the noteworthy highlights was her praise for Vivek Ramaswami and his approach to the Ukraine war. Harrison commended Ramaswami for his clear and concise agenda, emphasizing an “America first” approach. According to Harrison, Ramaswami highlighted the need to prioritize American interests and reconsider the billions of dollars spent in Ukraine, redirecting those resources towards solving domestic issues.

However, Harrison expressed her disappointment regarding the lack of attention given to China during the debate. She stressed the significant threat posed by China, particularly in relation to American interests. Harrison highlighted China’s dominance in the production of batteries for electric cars and the strategic alliance between China and Russia. She emphasized the importance of recognizing China as a major threat and developing a comprehensive approach to address its influence and potential alliances.


  • Kevin Hogan: Now for a little deconstruction of the first GOP debate, we’ll be discussing some of the candidate stances on the Ukraine war and China with an author who has a unique military business and academic pedigree. Raven Harrison, political strategist and former congressional candidate from Texas joins us live. Raven, good morning and it’s great to have you with us. A big topic at the debate was the Ukraine war. Which candidate do you think laid out the most sensible approach to the war in terms of American interests?
  • Raven Harrison: I think and good morning to you. I think that Vivek Ramaswami hands down ran away with this. It was clear, it was concise. He laid out an agenda that was America first, which was surprisingly not contagious among the other GOP candidates. But he basically went in and explained how the money that we’re spending in Ukraine, the billions that we’ve already spent when we have Americans at home who are suffering, he brought up Maui, he brought up the devastation right now in Hawaii with a thousand missing and how our priority has to be America first. That’s the piece through strength.
  • Kevin: Raven, was China talked about enough at the debate?
  • Raven: Not at all. Not for the threat that they posed to America. When you’re talking about, whether it’s talking about Biden and his green energy policies, 86% of the batteries that the electric cars and things run on are produced by China. They’ve now formed an alliance with Russia who we are now getting oil from because we are not energy independent. We are funding a war against Russia, but then asking them for oil. So we, these are the two entities, China and Russia, we cannot allow to form any kind of unholy alliance. So we need to be taking that as a threat it is. So we’ve got a lot of, even with the border, we have 30% of those who have come to the border are Chinese nationals. And we know that’s where the primary fentanyl is for ground zero. So we have got to take them as the threat that they are.
  • Kevin: So why wasn’t China talked about enough? Was it the moderators not picking into this topic enough?
  • Raven: I think the moderators, as you had correctly stated, kind of lost control of this for a minute. It became a little bit of a free for all. But I think at the end of it, what they’re missing is this is the biggest threat we talked about Ukraine and the money, but we are not talking about, this has been a priority since before President Trump went into office. He talked about the threat that China posed, our dependency on China. And now we know that they’re getting in their oil in a position where we are very weak. So this is something that should have been a top priority. And I think Vivek Ramaswamy was the only one who really highlighted that he’s not establishment, that these are all politicians who have been there for years, buying to solve the problems that some of them had a hand in creating.
  • Kevin: Political strategist Raven Harrison, I appreciate your time.
  • Raven: Thank you. Have a great day.


In conclusion, the NTD broadcast of the GOP debate on August 23rd, 2023, provided valuable insights into the candidates’ positions on critical issues. Raven Harrison’s analysis shed light on Vivek Ramaswami’s approach to the Ukraine war, focusing on prioritizing domestic concerns. However, the debate fell short when it came to discussing the significant threat posed by China. Harrison emphasized the need to address China’s dominance in key sectors, such as green energy, and the potential dangers of its alliance with Russia.

As concerned citizens, it is crucial for us to remain informed about the discussions and positions presented in political debates. By actively engaging in critical analysis, supporting candidates who prioritize American interests, and participating in the democratic process, we can contribute to shaping a stronger and more secure future for the United States.

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