The impeachment and acquittal of Ken Paxton has stirred up controversy and divided opinions. On September 18th, 2023, NTD brought in political strategist and former congressional candidate Raven Harrison to discuss these developments. Let us delve into the highlights of the conversation and gain insights into the implications and potential consequences of this significant event.

NTD September 18th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

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During the interview, Raven Harrison expressed his views on the aftermath of the acquittal. While some speculated that the political figure in question might pursue higher office, Harrison believed that he should instead focus on his responsibilities as elected by the people of Texas. Emphasizing the support he received from 4.2 million Texans, Harrison commended the figure for taking on corruption within the Biden administration and achieving success through various lawsuits.

The conversation shifted towards the impact of the impeachment on the Republican Party. Harrison acknowledged the fractures within the party and the infighting that became apparent during this contentious process. Echoing former President Trump's sentiment, he referred to the impeachment as a weaponization of the government where decisions were taken away from Texas voters and placed in the hands of 30 senators. Notably, he highlighted the danger of such a move, particularly as the political landscape heads towards the 2024 elections.


  • Evelyn Li: And we want to get more on the acquittal. We're bringing in Raven Harrison, a political strategist and former congressional candidate. Good morning Raven, it's good to have you. Now what do you think Paxton's next move is going to be? Some say he's emboldened not to run for higher office. What do you think?
  • Raven Harrison: I don't think higher office. I think right now he should celebrate his win and continue to do what the people of Texas elected him to do. 4.2 million people elected him to go after the corruption of the Biden administration and he's been very successful against this administration of winning various lawsuits. So we are happy to have him back to work.
  • Evelyn Li: I see. Now this impeachment, what do you think it says about the Republican Party? It brought out some divide, right? So how is this divide going to impact the GOP in Texas?
  • Raven Harrison: It highlighted the fracture I've been saying all along. We definitely have some fracturing in the Republican Party. A lot of infighting and that's what you saw here. And I agree with President Trump. This was a weaponization of the government when you tried to take the decision out of the hands of Texas voters and put it into 30 senators, 12 of which Democrat senators had gone on record of saying that they were going to quit him without even having heard a shrap of evidence. So that's what you're starting to see here is things coming to a head as we start to move into 24.
  • Evelyn Li: Well, and with that, are you worried at all that this would make the Republican Party vulnerable in any way?
  • Raven Harrison: I think what it's going to do is it's going to force accountability. There needs to be some deep house cleaning in the party. There needs to be some accountability. We need to find out why this was rammed through this impeachment was sent through and I watched it cover to cover. I saw a lot of credible witnesses. Law enforcement what I didn't see was evidence. I didn't see what the compelling evidence was that would lead them to remove a man from his position and basically destroy his life. And that is a dangerous precedent that we cannot have in a free America.
  • Evelyn Li: Now the acquittal doesn't seem like it's the end because Paxton has been under investigation for felony fraud as well. What do you think is still to come for him there?
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I think that there's going to be an interesting light shed on this FBI case. They've had this case for years against Ken Paxton and chosen not to move forward with it. It is really gone nowhere. We will see now that this has become a highlight issue if they actually proceed with something. But it doesn't seem if they've been sitting on this case for a while that there would be any urgency to proceed with it now.
  • Evelyn Li: Now, before we go here, obviously there is a different opinion, different opinions about this. But what for you do you think was the reason for the impeachment? I think it was an attempt to weaponize. I think it was to a shot at Trump for one to try to destabilize Texas. Ken Paxton has been a strong supporter of President Trump. We're going into an election year. There's been a lot of friction between Ken Paxton and the Biden administration.
  • And I believe it is definitely a power grab that you wanted to say, okay, instead of let's letting the voters decide who they want to be governed, who they want to be attorney general, we're going to let 30 politicized members of elected office decide. And that was a dangerous precedent. I think that was the driving factor behind all of this.
  • Evelyn Li: I see. Well, thank you so much for your insights, Raven Harrison. I appreciate your time this morning.
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you.


The interview with Raven Harrison offers valuable insights into the impeachment and subsequent acquittal. It highlights the divisions within the Republican Party and the potential repercussions of the impeachment process being used as a political tool. Harrison stressed the need for accountability within the party and expressed concerns about the lack of compelling evidence presented during the impeachment proceedings. He cautioned against setting a dangerous precedent that could result in the destruction of an individual's life based on unsubstantiated claims.

The events surrounding this impeachment and acquittal serve as a reminder of the impact and consequences of political battles. As voters, it is crucial for us to engage actively, seek credible information, and hold our elected officials accountable. By staying informed and exercising our democratic rights wisely, we can shape the future of our nation. Let us learn from the lessons offered by this impeachment and strive for a more transparent and fair political landscape in the future.