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Pre-Show: RSBN August 8th, 2023

As the presidential primaries for 2024 are warming up, an insightful conversation took place in the “RSBN Live” pre-show. Brian Glenn engaged Raven Harrison, a conservative Texan powerhouse, in a discussion that covered a range of topics. This includes President Trump’s lead in the polls, the state of the economy under President Biden, and concerns over border securityimmigration, and oil & gas energy. In the extensive discussion, Raven voiced her strong support for Trump, citing his proven ability to weather attacks and prioritizing American citizens’ interests. Meanwhile, Brian Glenn shared insights into Trump’s popularity surge among independents and old-school Democrats disillusioned with the current party.

RSBN August 8th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

In an insightful conversation on “RSBN Live” held prior to the presidential primaries of 2024, Brian Glenn and conservative Texan powerhouse, Raven Harrison dissected the state of American politics. The speakers discussed President Trump’s dominance in the polls, the impact of President Biden’s administration, and other crucial topics such as immigration, border security, and the economy. Raven Harrison voiced strong support for Trump, highlighting his ability to face opposition and prioritize the interests of American citizens. Furthermore, Brian Glenn noted a surge in Trump’s popularity among independent voters and old-school Democrats dissatisfied with their current party.

Brian Glenn’s conversation with Raven Harrison sparked an engaging discussion on the fluctuating climate of American politics. Glenn remarks on President Trump’s significant lead in the polls and his popularity gain, particularly among those disillusioned with the current Democratic party. Further insights were shared on the economy under President Biden, along with concerns over immigration and border security, particularly in Texas. Harrison expressed her advocacy for Trump, citing his already proven capacity to manage attacks and his prioritizing American interests. The speakers also touched upon topics including oil and gas energy resources and their impact on the American and global economy.


  • Brian Glenn: Raven Harrison is a conservative here in the state of Texas and she’s got a few things to say about what’s going on here in the state. Now, being someone that grew up primarily in the state of Texas, I know a little bit about the history of the state politically speaking, but what is it like now? And is it as red as they say? And of course, the Democrats want you to believe this is a very purple state. I’ll get Raven’s take on that as well. But it’s all about the polling. It’s all about momentum. And the last time I checked this morning, President Trump was up in the polls by 35-plus percentage points over his next opponent, which would be Governor Ron DeSantis. So a huge lead in the polls going into New Hampshire, which their primary is the first one in the country. It’s generally the second Tuesday in March. So if this primary was over today, President Trump is your presumptive nominee.
  • Raven Harrison: Oh, absolutely. Trump is a rock star. And what it is, is we need at this time more than ever for him to do what he’s already done. And I think that was the thing that put him apart for most of the people that were in the running is all these people are campaigning, saying that they’re going to do what President Trump already did. We need the low unemployment. We need the cheap gas. We need the secure border. And we need common sense back in the White House. This is painful to watch what’s going on at the Capitol.
  • Brian: You know, it’s funny because when you look at the economy and, you know, Bidenomics, and I think we can all agree that I don’t know, they must have just, you know, throw us a dart at the board to come up with that plan. How destructive it is and to put an actual label to it and brand yourself. I don’t see how Biden can run in 24 based upon performance of the economy.
  • Raven: Biden can’t run anywhere. He is ridiculous. I mean, it’s in it. You’re correct. Why would you put your name on this dumpster fire? This is, I always tell people before you go vote, you know, check your 401k, fill up your gas tank and go to the grocery store. This is ridiculous how people are celebrating this high inflation as if it’s a good thing. Well, it used to be 9%. It’s ridiculous. We need money back in the American people’s pocket. These are kitchen table issues. Americans suffering and we got billions going over to the Ukraine, I mean, to the point where people are going to have to claim them on their tax returns.
  • Brian: Yeah, I thought about claiming a citizen of Ukraine. But you’re right on that because we sent about a billion dollars a month. And let me rephrase that for a second. That’s a billion dollars a month that goes to Ukraine that funds their pension, that funds their, that keeps the lights on there. And I think with the economy like it is, Americans are starting to realize, Raven, this is not what they want. 55% of Americans polled just recently, want us to absolutely pump the brakes on funding Ukraine because it looks like there is no end to this. This is like the slow drip to Vietnam. This is how we got engaged with that. Americans are turning away from that. I think as the Democrats lean into Ukraine, that is another element that can basically backfire on them.
  • Raven: Well, absolutely because the logistics and head by AOC, who I consider to be the poster child for useless people, of just going, this is an economics thing. We cannot, it’s not sustainable. There’s never been a universe or an economy that has been able to spend its way out of debt. We can’t keep throwing money at this problem, which is what the Democrats love to do. So Americans are feeling it hard and we are, you’re supposed to be our priority. We are American citizens. You secure our border. You make sure Americans have first and then we take care of the rest. But and everybody else is letting us pull the load. And that’s what we saw under President Trump, of somebody making people going, hey, you’re part of NATO, you’re part of these agreements. Start paying your share. Start pulling the load. Hey, you want to do this? We’re going to put a tariff on it. I mean, it was absolutely checkmate, boss mode with President Trump and we need that economy and our border secure, especially here in Texas, more than ever before.
  • Brian: Yeah. Raven Harrison joining us on this pre-show as we’ll continue to give you a live look whenever President Trump steps on the stage there in New Hampshire. He is scheduled for a 2:30 local time there in New Hampshire until then. We’ll bring it to you live here from our Dallas, Texas studios. Thanks for joining us. Let’s talk a little bit about your podcast. You know, you’re a personality. You ran for political office, had a good run at that. And this I tease this early on about Texas. People talk about Texas turning purple. What say you on that notion?
  • Raven: Not on my watch. It is what what you’re seeing is that there’s a little effort we have to put in. I tell people there’s a difference between being patriotic and being a patriot. And we need patriots. It takes some work, you can definitely see the influx coming in the, the Beto maniacs as they call them down here came in and brought all their policies and they campaign hard in Texas.
  • Brian: Well, Hollywood campaigned hard in Texas. And I think that’s what you saw a lot of the times is when she talks about these Beto signs, they were everywhere. And actually you still, if you drive on Austin, Raymond, you can still see a lot of Beto signs.
  • Raven: The trick is to not drive around Austin.
  • Brian: Okay.
  • Raven: So, but no, you, you, you do, but the important thing was just showing that, you know, Texans do what Texans do, which is we basically remind them what it is to Texas. You know, you’re fleeing whatever you’re fleeing, don’t bring it here. Don’t vote for that mess that you couldn’t live under wherever you were. And that’s the important thing is here. This is Texas and we fought back. We pushed back against the Beto. We pushed back against this globalist takeover and all these people. This is Texas. I tell people, we only serve leaded in Texas, but we, but we are willing to fight and the Patriots are standing up. We’re protecting our guns. We’re protecting our freedoms and we’re protecting the Constitution was not a guide, Biden. It’s not a guide.
  • Raven: And it’s not a working document where you can edit on the fly either. I think that’s one of the things that we do a lot. They think they can just erase a gun. Right. So let’s talk about some of the things that might be concerning to Texans. I mean, you go out and talk to a lot of people. You talk to people on your show.
  • Raven: Yes.
  • Brian: You talk to people out in the community. What is the number one concern to Texans right now in terms of what’s going on in the state of our country?
  • Raven: The thing that I hear more often than anything else is the border, the southern border. There is so much misinformation put out there. It’s closed. Biden says it closed. Well, Biden says his hair smells good too. It’s not closed. It’s open. And what people don’t realize is the catastrophic impact it has on Texas. We’re talking about 9 million people, people coming in 16,000 a day, coming in with brand new cell phones, but they need housing. They need food. They need all of these resources to sustain them. I think I’ve heard estimates saying it comes out to like 60,000 per migrant. Well, who is supposed to foot the bill for that when they come here? And they’re clipping through the razor wire. They’re walking on in. And now Biden’s giving them an app to say, you know, there really now is an app for that of an app to come in. And what people don’t realize, that means our roads are our infrastructure is crowded. Our hospitals are crowded. Our schools are crowded. Americans are struggling, but yet we are handing out money and resources. And the court system is a joke. They’re saying, well, it’s secure. It’s closed. It’s not. There are no ports of entry in the middle of the river. And that’s where they’re coming in. Nobody’s American dream should start by breaking the laws of this country.
  • Brian: I said this earlier. None of us are against immigration. That’s how this country was founded. I mean, you talk a lot about being a Native American, part Native American. Obviously, you’re the OG here.
  • Raven: Correct.
  • Brian: This country, right? So none of us are against that. We just are against illegal immigration, which is hurting this country. We talked a little bit about, I saw an article today about the Southwest Airline flight attendant that flagged a biracial family, a white mom, African American daughter, I believe. The flight attendant felt that there were some suspicious things going on. So she alerted the authorities there when they landed in Denver. And so as far as sex trafficking or anything like that, that turned out to be like, obviously now she’s suing Southwest Airlines for unclaimed damages on that. But that brings me to this topic of the reason why we need to shut our border down and control it because there’s a lot of sex trafficking coming, human smuggling, going across our southern border. I mean, sound of freedom, thank goodness that film was made because it was able to shine a light on that. But that is something that we need to get a hold of. And one way we do it, Raven, is to control the border.
  • Raven: We have to. And it’s important to put actual facts. I hear a lot of people who watch television and go, well, CNN says this. And guys, come on, we live here in Texas. And let me tell you, I’ve been to the border, and many of us have, and sound of freedom. It’s not what you think. The arguments that people say that this is just people who were here, they want to do the jobs Americans are not doing. Well then why do they need aid and support? But when I went down to the border, I didn’t see poor families struggling to break free. I saw fighting age men. I saw 30% Chinese nationals. We have all the countries represented. We also had two cases of leprosy come across the border. So this is what happens when these people are coming in without the health screenings and the sponsorship that we require from anybody else wanting to come into this country legally who are waiting in line. And we have these people coming in brand new cell phones. And that makes us a sponsor of this sex trafficking. They come in with these bracelets, Brian, of indebted. Nobody comes across that border without going through the cartels. So some of these bracelets have fallen off because they’ve come off children. And so they owe, so they come into this country in debt to terrorists. It’s unreal. And people are just going, well, they have a right to come here. They have a right to seek a port of entry in a legal manner. They do not have a right to get wire cutters and cut off and go into the river and risk the lives of our DPS and Homeland Security going in to fish them out because they are breaking the law.
  • Brian: So, Raven Harrison joining us on this pre-show as we make our way into the Trump’s remarks there in New Hampshire at the high school. We saw a good crowd there packed in there. Let’s talk a little bit about Trump’s polling numbers. Now we had Carolyn Levitt. She is spokesperson for MAGA Inc. The latest poll has Trump up 35 plus points in New Hampshire. Now I often compare that to a sports team. If your sports team was down 35 plus games in their own division, you could pretty much write off that your team’s not going to make the top spot in politics. We don’t do that. What’s your thoughts on the polls right now and why is Trump, why does he have such a dominance lead not only New Hampshire but across the country?
  • Raven: Well I just feel I am a huge. I say I’m not a Trump fan. I am the Trump fan. But because he is a force, he has shown that he has the ability to withstand these attacks and essentially he is America first. He cares what Americans experience are and the polling numbers are reflective of this trajectory. I always say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Ever since they have attacked him since he came down those golden escalators, his numbers have gone up. Impeachment one, they went up. Two, up. And then the raid. He is showing that he’s weathering it and he exposes more of the Swamp Creatures every day that he does it. But he’s a force. There’s just, they’re trying to stop him and break him. They can mock him. They can insult him. But they can’t stop him. He is going forward and that’s what we need right now. We need somebody as you put in the sports team. We’re ready. This is the fourth quarter and we need our star player to run that thing right into the end zone and that’s where we are.
  • Brian: I think he’s also resonated with so many Americans, not only Republicans, but he’s also resonated with a lot of independents.
  • Raven: Yes.
  • Brian: The numbers are up because people have seen exactly what the policies under the Biden administration has done to the average American. Take the mean tweets out. Take all the truths out. Take all the social media posts out and just ask yourself, is your life better now than it was four years ago? And without a doubt, the world is more toxic than it was four years ago. The world is chaotic crime-wise. It’s more expensive to live. And I think that we had way more stability back then than we do now. So Raven, I see these poll numbers go up because more independents and I would say to a certain extent old school Democrats. This is not the Democratic Party and we could talk a little bit about that in a second, but this is not the Democratic Party that it was 20 years ago. It’s just not there.
  • Raven: Correct. It’s so a different party from when JFK was in there, but that’s what you’re seeing. Independence, it is the same Reaganomics as I call it. The peace through strength doctrine is Trump is the one you want. At the schoolyard when you’re getting roughed up by the bullies, you want that tough kid. You want the one who’s going to. And we had that. Everything they have accused Trump of, he’s going to get us into wars. He’s going to crash the economy. He’s going to make us less safe. Everything they accused is now happening in real time under Biden. It’s not a state of mind. This is we have a wide open border. He’s literally tripping over air at this point. We found cocaine in the White House in one of the most secure places on the planet. We’re finding all of these things and it’s just scandal after scandal after scandal. And every time they go after Trump and you’re seeing the polling numbers reflect saying, man, this guy is straight ahead. He’s not going to be detoured. He’s not going to be taken advantage of. And that’s what our enemies above all else need to see right now is that we have power and strength. Our enemies don’t respect us and you’re seeing that play out.
  • Brian: All right. Well, hold that thought. I want to talk about one of our partners today. That is the Birch Gold Group. We’ve talked about the economy and we’ll continue to discuss that. But with all this talk of getting rid of the dollar and going to this digital currency, which I can’t under any circumstances imagine that would go well, it might be time for you to diversify and look into gold, silver and precious metals and our friends over at the Birch Gold Group can help you take that first step in making that educated decision to not only transfer, show you how to do it for a traditional IRA to go into a goldback IRA and no one’s suggesting that you should do all of your investments. But it is wise to look at it and some of our viewers have done just that. The Birch Gold Group, take that first step, simply text the words Trump to 989898. That is Trump to 989898. Pretty easy to remember that. Take that first step into investing in gold, silver and precious metals because we look at this global stage that we’re on, they want to take us down economically. We’ve seen exactly what China is trying to do. And really, I tell you who’s taking us down indirectly is Ukraine by draining us of all this military stuff. So your thoughts on the economy moving forward? I know gas here in Texas is relatively lower than most gas, let’s just say on the west coast is much higher. But I was talking to an oil expert before this show started and they said, Brian, we’ve got more rigs that are active outside of the US than we do here in the US. And I looked up the petroleum reserves. That was such a big story. If you remember that, we were draining it. The Biden administration back on August 3rd stopped the movement to basically refill our petroleum reserves because gas oil rather was too high to do it and he wanted to save the Americans money on refilling that. I say you, he made it difficult for us on day one of his administration by cutting all the regulations and also basically handicapping our oil manufacturing capability here in the US. What’s your thoughts on oil?
  • Raven: Absolutely spot on. That was one of his first executive orders was to shut down our pipelines and we were this close to energy, not only independence but dominant to a point where we were exporting. That’s jobs for American and oil and petroleum products are the lifeblood. They’re not going to want to hear this, but these electric collars are all fueled by dirty fossil fuels. And what does it mean to people? It means your phones, the plastics, your phones are made out of. Your heating oil, all of these things. So he shut that down day one and has put us in a position where we’re begging for oil from countries that hate us. So the price has gone up and he emptied our strategic reserves to get a couple of cents to knock down a couple of cents. So great, it’s not $8 a gallon, it’s $7.98 and we’re good. But this is what people need to understand is now we need to have those reserves were meant to be and this is coming from the daughter of two retired Air Force colonels. Those were supposed to be for Americans should war come. Should we have times for Americans to be able to heat their homes and get where they need to go? We’ve emptied our ammunition out in Ukraine. We don’t have enough to give them. They’re saying give us more ammo. We don’t have it. So he has really put us in a position where we don’t have military readiness. We don’t have an economy. Economy is on life support and we don’t have the energy and oil dominance that President Trump had already achieved. We had a secure border. We had cheap gas. We had low unemployment. We had a thriving stock market. It was all of those things. But what mean tweets? Okay guys.
  • Brian: Yeah, it’s interesting when I meet someone that likes to kick back and go, well, I just can’t take some of his social media stuff. I just want to say grow up. We’re not electing someone for an eighth grade student body president. We’re electing someone that can run this country like a business that it is. You’re taking a live look right now on the left side of your screen, great crowd there in New Hampshire as the high school. Can you imagine this is your first day of school or maybe you start school tomorrow and the president’s making the parents at your high school. That has got to be pretty cool. I kind of wish Trump would have, you know, at the day and age, someone like Trump could actually visit at my high school.
  • Raven: I’m telling you, that would have been it, Brian. That’s classes over. This is it. This is your lesson for the, it’s Trump.
  • Brian: Here’s your history, your economic lesson, your civil, your civics lesson, your foreign policy lesson.
  • Raven: And your social media presence.
  • Brian: There you go. That is a great look there, New Hampshire. And we’ll get to that. He is scheduled to speak by the way at 2.30 their local time. We’ll bring that to you as well. Taking a look at the polling, we said this earlier, Caroline Levitt tuned in with us. It is 35 plus points across the board. You know, you’ve got some of his, you know, you’ve got the Will Hurds of the way, which is a Texas congressman running there for president. And Sharp decline. I mean, being an outright critic of the president, Chris Christie being very critical of him. I think if there’s anything they can learn from all of this is don’t attack the president, because when you attack the president, you’re attacking a large percentage of base of voters. And they’re just not going to take it very well.
  • Raven: Well, that’s it. I noticed that that was DeSantis’ strategy coming out was he compared himself to Trump and then he attacked Trump. And all of them are doing this. And again, what is the strategy behind this? Trump is the force, but it’s the same doctrine that the Democrats have. They have put him in the press every day. They have put him in the forefront of everything. I think they’re doing a better job of campaigning for him than all these people who were attacking him. But correct. All these people who were attacking were at one point getting favors. I mean, DeSantis was down in the polls for governor before President Trump endorsed him.
  • Brian: Just a couple of nights ago in South Carolina, President Trump told the story of how that all went down. And of course, it was a week before the election and DeSantis reached out to Trump and for a little bit more in the week for that endorsement. He gave that endorsement and then went into, I think he had three rallies there in Florida that got DeSantis across the finish line. I think that’s why the base so much is resentful towards DeSantis. They feel like it’s not his time that Trump has an agenda that he’d like to finish. And we feel like the 2020 election, they had widespread discrepancies, which did not enable him to win that election fairly. And so it’s his time to come back. So people see the fact that Trump did so much for DeSantis and then for DeSantis to come out and say, well, when he was asked months ago, whether or not he was going to run for president and he said, I’d rather not answer that question. And you can look up what Trump’s response to that was because it’s pretty interesting. I just feel like this primary is over. In my opinion, I don’t think statistically anyone can come back and beat Trump and get that nomination unless they do it legally through the court system. And that’s what they’re trying to do right now.
  • Raven: Well, it is. But it’s also that’s the Democrats doctrine. They all lock arms. They are all in unisys. No matter how absurd Biden’s policies are, they are all lock and step for it. And I think that was part of the strategy of putting Kamala in there. The princess of word salad was to make sure that we wouldn’t impeach Biden because nobody wants that. Nobody wants what’s behind door number two. But with DeSantis, that is exactly it is where is the loyalty we have to do better, especially as conservatives, Republicans, we need to unify. And how do we do that when you’re basically taking aim at the person who helped you? You asked for his help and he gave it to you. And now it’s, you know, you just couldn’t wait to be part of that. That would have been a dynamic team to have the two of them together. But I stand with President Trump. I mean, what it feels like a betrayal because it was and the voters have responded as such as saying, you know, hey, you know what? But we want, I don’t want someone to give me campaign promises. I really love Trump’s promises made promises kept. We know he can do it. He’s already done it once. So that’s a different argument to say, do what you’ve already done instead of somebody saying, oh, I can do it just like Trump. I’m Trump light. We don’t want Trump light. We want Trump ultra.
  • Brian: Yeah. Yeah. That’s a good point on that. Okay. Let’s turn our attention to the Democratic Party. I don’t like to talk about them too much, but why not talk about them a little bit. We had Christina Bob in earlier. We both think that, and I said this two years ago, so I’m not like I’m jumping on a bandwagon right now. I don’t think Biden is your Democrat nominee. I think it’s Gavin Newsom. I think there’s a reason why he’s having a head to head debate with with Ron DeSantis. This is just not for grins and giggles. This is for a head to head to let the American people see who the establishment views as the contenders for the 2024 presidential election. They are hedging that President Trump will be basically off the ticket due to all the legal complications. And they’re hedging that Biden, due to his popularity or his drop in popularity, his poll numbers, the economy, the endless war in Ukraine, the personal, well, I mean, you know, his mannerisms. He’s not a man of strength, obviously. He’s aging and God bless him. But they view this as the presidential campaign. They, they, it’s Biden. I’m sorry, it’s Newsom versus DeSantis. I think Newsom is the nominee to be, I want to get your thoughts on that because I know that a lot of people disagree with me because they think that Biden has to stay in office because of all the corruption that he’s under and they need someone to control. And Biden is the person to do that because it’s there, there’s, there’s something on there and you guys can look it up. I almost as very hesitant to even say it on the air, but it’s called Operation Snow Globe. And if you take a snow globe and you have somebody in the middle of it, as long as you obey everything, it’s all great. But as soon as you get out of line, they shake it up. And what that is, is problems swirl, controversy swirl, maybe things that you’ve done in the past swirl up and it really spends your, your world in the, in the chaos, if you will. I think they need Biden to control some of the things they need, but they know the general population is not behind Biden for reelection. Therefore it’s got to be somebody new. I think it’s Newsom. What’s your thoughts?
  • Raven: Well, I think that’s a very well put. This has all been strategy. They didn’t expect him, in my opinion, as a strategist to fall apart as quickly as he did, but he is, he is deteriorating rapidly. They know that they can’t use Kamala. So what they’re doing is they want to upgrade this nepotism because everybody knows that Gavin Newsom is Pelosi’s nephew. If you want a little bit more on that, you know, let’s just check our governor of New York is what the stepsister of Pelosi. It’s crazy how this family works. But the issue is they are trying to keep, it’s like, do you remember the, where they had the finger in the dam and then another whole breaks in the dam? And by the time you’ve got all his fingers and toes, that’s where the Democrats are right now. They’re trying desperately to keep up with scandal-palooza that’s going on over here and try to prep Newsom behind the scenes for a run. But the problem is, is he got more, Gavin Newsom got more signatures on his recall petition than he did for the votes he got to supposedly become governor. He is not any more popular than Biden and Kamala. So they’re trying to prep this now, why they keep the rain off of Biden’s head. I do think that they’re going to make a strong, I think they’re trying to talk Michelle Obama into it behind the scenes.
  • Brian: It’s interesting. People have brought that up to me. I don’t buy that. But I mean, but I think it’s a strategy. I think it’s a play. It’s a strategy. I don’t think Michelle Obama wants to come out of her life right now. I mean, she’s got to go. No, Obama’s are done. They’re in there. They’ve sailed into the retirement. I’m not sure. I guess for this third term, he’s running through Biden. Well, of course we got that too. I just don’t think it happens, but it’s a possibility. Who knows?
  • Raven: I think that they like to keep that threat there to keep everybody on. But why didn’t they get behind RFK? He’s got the name. He’s got the, you know, the presence to do it. And it’s very telling that the Democrats are kind of like who he’s like the redheaded stepchild in the room. They’re not even talking about it.
  • Brian: All right. Quick check of the time. It is coming up on two o’clock on the East Coast, President Trump is scheduled to take the stage at 2.30. Thanks we’re joining us. Raven Harrison, Brian Glenn joining you from our Dallas studio. It’s a nice place to set up shop for the day. I got to say it’s a little hot here in Texas compared to probably what it feels like in New Hampshire, but glad to be here to be able to do this with you today. Programming note we don’t have on the calendar right now any additional rally scheduled on the books that we know of. Now I’m sure obviously President Trump’s going to be rolling those out shortly, but we will stay on top of any type of legal proceedings in terms of Trump and where that might happen. Obviously I think we all might have seen the notice on social media that the Fulton County around Georgia, around the courthouse has put out a bulletin advising certain workers and work remotely these first two weeks going into August. That might indicate some type of legal proceeding that might happen there, but we’re definitely going to stay on top of that. Well you’re glad you’re joining us. We did talk about some of these indictments. Let’s go to the one that just happened in DC, Raven, because the seditious conspiracy, this is the one for January 6th trying to pen rather the acts of January 6th on President Trump at the time. We kind of knew that that might be the one that would have some teeth so to say because of the classified document, the handling or the mishandling of classified documents. That was a part of the first two for the most part, but this one was all has to, it had to do nothing but January 6th. I don’t think the American people is going to buy this thing because it’s going to be very, it’s a stretch to try to pen that President Trump for a fact knew that he lost the election but was lying trying to mislead the American people and trying to overturn an election. I don’t think they’re going to be able to prove that. I don’t think he generally knew that he lost the election. I think that he knew there was discrepancies in the election. I mean heck, we had Christina Bob on here talking about it. I think this is, I don’t think this goes anywhere but I will say this. It’s in DC, the judge is known to be very harsh towards J6 defendants even when the prosecution wasn’t even really wanting that much jail time but she was giving them jail time anyway. So I don’t know what to expect from this personally but this will be probably one of many that you’re going to see just like this.
  • Raven: And what’s disappointing is this is how our justice system, our two tiered justice system is working lately. They have, you know, they want to have roots and wings. They’re in both sides. So they’re saying right now for President Trump to exercise his right to petition his grievances and say I don’t believe we need to make sure that all the evidence is seen. There’s some irregularities we need to investigate. They’re calling that spreading of misinformation but when Hillary Clinton literally wrote a book saying that she thought the election was rigged, Stacy Abrams went on a tour of saying and refused to concede, refused to accept anything other than she was governor and that no indictment. Even with the classified documents, President Trump as president had the authority to declassify anything that he chose to. Biden as vice president and now Obama has admitted he had documents. Pence admitted he had documents. Go to Hillary and Bush, none of them have the authority but no indictments. Literally you’re trying to attack his first amendment. He has the right to say hey, can we make sure and if you’re going to prosecute him, how are you going to do that? And now they’ve given his lawyers the gift that keeps on giving. We can now, subpoena power for all these people involved in the election. Checkmate Donald Trump.
  • Brian: Yeah, this is probably what they would want in the very end is to expose some of that stuff. Alright, I want to take a quick, I want to shout out to, this is a great sponsor. I’m going to put my glass on so I can make sure I get all my copy notes here. These are these tumblers. Now these are patriotic, Tervis made, 100% USA tumblers includes a lifetime guarantee. Now that means for whatever reason why you don’t like these tumblers, you can simply return them and they will basically replace them. And these are, here’s the styles you have to choose from. The information I’m sure is on your screen. We the people, pretty cool. Don’t tread on me like that and home with the free because of the brave. These are vacuum insulated to keep your beverage piping hot up to eight hours and also ice cold as well up to 24 hours. I couldn’t, I couldn’t have needed that yesterday out here on the tennis courts. Anyway, go check it out. It’s a double wall vacuum insulated to keep your beverage hot and cold. Also leak proof as well. Go check them out. The website, let’s see if we got the website on here. Anyway, it’s on your screen. Made in the US, go check it out because you know what? We need partners like this. And when these companies step up to offer a product that’s made in the USA that is themed around conservative values and they’re willing to put themselves out there. We’ve seen what happened when companies go the other direction. Let’s reward those companies that support programming like this. Go check out those Tervis tumblers. Get the We the people. Don’t tread on me. Go get one of those designs made right here in the USA. And I tell you what, nothing. You got kids going off to college right now. You’ve got high schoolers about to start school. Why not get there on my tumbler? So when they go to class, can you imagine a college professor walking in and you all of a sudden you’ve got this don’t tread on me tumbler right there on your desk. That just says, I love this country. I’m not going to put up with your crap.
  • Raven: Yes.
  • Brian: And I’m going to enjoy my coffee for the morning. So go check it out. These Tervis tumblers, we’re glad to have them as a partner here on today’s network. It is 1:02 here central, 2:02 back on the East Coast. Raven Harrison joining me. She has a show. We haven’t really told people how to find your show. We kind of jumped right into policy, but I’d like to give you a chance to maybe promote what you have and how people can find you.
  • Raven: Well I’m telling you, we’re doing a lot of things. They always say God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies who he calls. And I feel honored to be in that walk. So yes, we do have a podcast that’s on all platforms called Raven’s Radar and we’re really telling people instead of just telling them what’s wrong, we’ve got to tell them what’s wrong and what we’re going to do about it. Who are the front line fighters? And that was great for the tumbler. Go out and get your tumblers, Patriots, because we vote with our wallet.
  • Brian: Yeah.
  • Raven: Don’t fund people who are selling you out. And I also have a book, Raven’s Mantle. It’s Fighting the Betrayal of America. It tells how I became the conservative warrior and what dropped us in. Spoiler alert, my eight-year-old daughter was thrown out of school for voting for Trump in a mock election in her elementary school. They expelled her from school and poked the giant. And we have a saying in Texas, you mess with the bull, you get the horn. So now I am on the case to fix our America.
  • Brian: So walk me, let’s walk back on that just a second, because that’s interesting. A lot of our viewers, probably the majority of them don’t know this story. Your daughter was kicked out of school for voting for President Trump during a mock election in a classroom. How old is she?
  • Raven: She is now 13. She was eight at the time. And we got a call 10 minutes before the end of school saying, come get her. There’s been an incident. And so we went running to the school and to find one hysterical eight-year-old crying like I’ve never seen her before. And I said, why does she look like this? And they said, well, you know, we had an election today. In school, I said, you’re studying civics. And she goes, no. But you know, your daughter voted for Trump. And we were just like, so? She’s eight. She can’t vote. But I’ll high-five her later. But we had no idea that this had, I had never heard of CRT. I had never heard of this. And they said she’s being expelled. I said, she’s being removed. I said, you’re not going. I’m taking her out. But it just blew my mind. I had no idea that there was really this kind of war going against our children. And from that moment, I was, you know, I just literally said, God, what do you want me to do? And the phone rang and said, somebody said, have you thought about running for office? And I’m like, anything but that, God. But we did it and just realized that it was time to come to this line that it can’t be just my child. It has to be, and it is, it’s a war on our children. It’s an assault on our children because they know they can’t do anything with us patriots. So they got to get the impressionable and the vulnerable. But it was heartbreaking, but that’s when they started dubbing me the conservative warrior. And now I feel honored to be able to step up here and have this fight because if we don’t get this right, our kids have no chance.
  • Brian: And what scares me is this wasn’t in Massachusetts. This wasn’t in New York. This wasn’t in California. This was in Texas when this happened. And that is an indication of how they really have gotten their school system. Look, you know, you would have run this back in the day if someone had said I would have voted for Al Gore or Hillary Clinton or any of that. We don’t care. Right. It’s just, we don’t make a big deal out of it, but it seems like Trump has really set off trigger alerts to a lot of people in our system. And it’s interesting because I have got some friends that live in New York City and I’ve asked them, they’re big Trump supporters. I go, well, do you wear your MAGA gear on the streets in New York? And they said, absolutely not. Like you would. That’s like.
  • Ravem: I do
  • Brian: That is a, that is a, well, you know, maybe they’re not going to hit a woman. I don’t know. I mean, maybe that has a lot, maybe some to do with it, but, you know, it’s really, it’s disturbing that just the words Trump can just bring out so much anger in somebody. And I kind of feel like, you know, we’re better than that. You know, we don’t, we don’t judge others because they vote a different way politically. I mean, we could say that their ideologies are messed up, but we don’t want to violently attack somebody because they don’t like Trump. Like I, that’s not how I’m wired. That’s not how you’re wired.
  • Raven: And that’s not how children.
  • Brian: That’s definitely how children is wired.
  • Raven: They’re showing them that hate, but you know, one thing really profound came out of that because I, it was nowhere on my radar. We didn’t talk politics with our children because at that time I’m thinking they have 18 plus years to be grumpy politically charged adults, but they only have 18 years to be kids. But here’s what’s profound. I asked her later, you know, why didn’t you, we brought her home and got her calm down and she goes, do I have to go back there? And I said, no, I said, you don’t have to go back there again. And she goes, good, because I would vote for him again. And she walked out. But the thing that she stood Brian against a whole school system, I think back on that and go, she could have changed her vote. She could have gone, oh no, I, you know, and she stood for President Trump. And I just felt like in that moment, I always liked him. I had voted for him both times, but I realized I’m like an eight year old girl did what a lot of people in his camp won’t do, which is she stood when the pressure was on the whole school came down on her. And she knows that her mom had her back or dad has her back. And I’m telling you, I feel pretty honored to be, she’s my hero of going, wow, she stood against the entire establishment and her mom will do no less.
  • Brian: Do no less. Raven Harrison joining us here on our pre-show as we get ready. Have some live look on your screen of what’s going on in New Hampshire right now. A big crowd there, assembled at the high school there. And he’s scheduled to take the stage at 2.30. I want to go back here just for a second and kind of recap what is going to happen when Congress gets back in session here in the second week of September. I know that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has teased an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden and I want to unpack exactly what that means. It’s basically looking at all the reasons why a vote should occur in order to vote for an impeachment. It’s kind of like the step before the major vote for impeachment. I was talking to you off camera earlier that people would be stunned to find out the names that are voting, are likely to vote Republicans against the impeachment of Joe Biden. Despite all of the evidence that has come out during all of the, you know, the STARS reports and the, and the FD 1023 forms, the whistle-blowers, all of the stuff that we know, you would be absolutely stunned to know. And I’m not going to name some names now because I don’t want to call them out not yet because I want them to have an opportunity to do the right thing. I feel like for the American people. But your thoughts on if you were in the House right now representing your district here in Texas, would you even hesitate for one moment to vote for impeachment inquiry?
  • Raven: Not even a nanosecond because this is what it is about being brave. We’ve got to stop this posturing and politicking and they use these trigger words, you know, like we need experience. Well, the Titanic had experience too. So we have to be careful about that. But no, this is what people are seeing, and especially in Texas, you know, a Republican led house impeached our attorney general and it’s caused chaos. It went through on Memorial Day weekend and we’re supposed to be honoring our fallen who died for this country. And I think it’s now important that you’re bringing this to light so people are not surprised if you don’t know what your legislators are voting for or how they’re going to vote. Now is the time to find out because we don’t need that kind of surprise. This is the time that we need to get behind and do that and leave that politics. We have to reach across the aisle. We don’t reach across the aisle with communists. We need to do what the American people elected you. You only get to vote for communism one time. So we have got to get this right. And it’s important that these legislators stop playing politics and do what the American people elected you to do.
  • Brian: Yeah. And what’s funny is when this topic is brought up, many of them say, well, you know what, my constituents back in my district, this is really not what they want. And I say bull crap on that because they are just covering up for a lot of their, I would say, establishment ties that they’re trying to cover up from that. We’ll get back to that in just a second. But if you are suffering any adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, if you were able, if you got the vaccine, whether or not you volunteered for it, you’re forced by your employer to get it, you’re not feeling yourself. The wellness company has perhaps a supplement to help you kind of get that pre-COVID, pre-vaccine feel. And Dr. Peter McAuliffe is a world-renowned doctor, has developed a special formula to remove that spike protein that’s in your system that might be causing you not to feel the best to your ability. And we’ve seen what has happened. We have several athletes, young, healthy people suffer some effects from the vaccine. So we’re so grateful that the wellness company is there to offer this as an option to improve your health. Now, it’s not for everybody, and I’m not certainly a doctor, so I’m not going to advise you to not seek doctors’ recommendations from this. But this is definitely a way to get back to your pre-COVID self. Go check it out, and don’t forget to use that promo code RSBN on there so they can track where you came from, who told you to get it. And also, there’s probably a special incentive on there to use that promo code as well. The wellness company, make care great again. You’ve got to love that website. Make care great again. And like I said, we’re not doctors. She’s not a doctor, but we want you to get to your best health ever. Go check it out, the wellness company. And it’s interesting. We were talking a little about the vaccine mandates. Now I was at the White House covering the operation warp speed when that first came out, and President Trump did amazing things to cut the red tape to getting this vaccine, get these companies started on coming up with a way. Now, you get a lot of people that criticize Trump for the vaccine, for getting the vaccine rolled out. But, Raven, we understand that this was the most difficult time in human history that this is something that none of us had ever experienced. So I feel like, obviously, President Trump did the right thing, and he knew we had to come up with some type of medical cure to protect people. I don’t ever want to discount that. We’re very grateful that he did that. He did so much. But with the vaccine, without going too deep and being able to get kicked off of streaming platforms, we talked about this off camera. I truly believe we will never see this country shut down like we did back in 2020. And I mean, even in Texas, which I think we were on the tail end of shutting down, we weren’t on the, you know, we went to California, we weren’t filling skate parks up with sand and basically, you know, taking down basketball hoops to prevent people from playing basketball outside because, God forbid, someone placed basketball on Venice Beach. But never again will we see this government shut this country down.
  • Raven: No. And I have to give President Trump kudos. I didn’t take it, but he did what leaders do, which is we were facing something unprecedented. He started something. I believe that process got corrupted after he went out of office and everybody wanted to take credit for it. But this is now not the time to be shaming, you know, patriots. If they took it, if you took it, and there’s help and resources out there. So patriots, be good. Some people didn’t have a choice. I mean, they tried to levy that on our household, but that’s where it is. When did we get to a point where you tell Americans that they must take this or they can’t keep their job? They can’t do this. They can’t feed their families. That’s not America.
  • Brian: I agree. No, I agree. And I, especially with churches and what they did with places of worship, you have to close your church down. You can’t gather. But you can go to liquor store or you can go gamble in a casino.
  • Raven: Or strip club.
  • Brian: You can go to strip club. Those places are okay.
  • Raven: Correct.
  • Brian: But don’t worship, you know, we want to take away that. That’ll never happen again. So you know, so my fear is how do they go about doing, what tactics are they going to do now? Because I mean, if that doesn’t work, then what will?
  • Raven: Well, my theory is they’re not going to go there again because we’re not going to take it. They’ve been pushing the limits of our freedom to see what we would accept and when we would push back on it. And that’s it. You know, Americans have like, okay, the science fell apart and garbage. But what I think they’re going to try now is to go through what they’ve been trying to institute with the social credit system of the digital currency of trying to, oh, you know what, Brian’s a conservative. Let’s lock down his bank account. Let’s prevent him from being able to feed his family or pay his mortgage. I think that that’s, you’re going to see it in the cyberspace. I think that’s where they’re going to try to attack it this time. But we have to realize again, and churches, and then we saw depression spiraling. People I lost a good friend of mine to colon cancer in March, right after the lockdown started and not being able to go to her funeral, not being able to say goodbye, but then they have George Floyd and they’ve got hundreds of people that were, that was heartbreaking. And that was the lesson to me about this government is people didn’t get to see their loved ones pass away. They were separated in, you know, ICU’s. And that, you know, just seeing how many people were struggling with depression and alcoholism because our government was trying to rule with an iron fist. And I just say in these times now, Patriots, this is what the Constitution, the Declaration was not a suggestion. Okay. I can’t tell you how many times Biden says, you know, that, well, it’s not absolute. No, it is absolute. That’s what it means. They hadn’t just finished deer hunting. They had just finished liberating a country. And so it, these rights are absolute and not granted by the government. That’s why you can’t take them away because they don’t come from you. And we just need Patriots to remember that this is what our founding fathers, they gave us this blueprint so we would know what to do when this came. So when you see President Trump, somebody who’s taking the lion’s share of the heat and the arrows to protect your freedom, your rights, stand with them. Courage is contagious.
  • Brian: Yeah. Courage is contagious. We’re probably about 13 minutes away, the last tracking I got on President Trump that he was on time, which is nice. 2:30, speech there. And New Hampshire probably can talk a little bit about veterans as well. And he’s been a big supporter of the military. I know you’ve got family members that are veterans. And you know, what, what has happened to our veterans is a disgrace in this country. And I know that Trump wants to and will certainly have a plan to turn that around.
  • Raven: He does. And you know, having both my parents are retired Air Force Lieutenant-Colonels. My husband’s a retired major C-17 pilot in the Air Force. We are Patriots in this family. And I’m telling you to see how happy my parents were when Trump came into office. He cared about, they felt cared about. They felt protected and supported and empowered and that he gave them raises and did empowered them to do what we need them to do. And our military readiness at this point in time is scary and dangerous. So what we need now is somebody who’s pro. We also are seeing a shift of people who are supporting illegals that are coming into our country over veterans. There are charities and Catholic charities and places on the southern border that are kicking out veterans, stepping over veterans to allow, you know, those who have crossed our border illegally to come in. And this cannot happen. This cannot be the way we treat people who fought for this country. You know, all gave some, some gave all. But these are people, there’s a certain kind of person that will run into a burning building and who will defend and serve. And our veterans deserve our respect and they deserve us to be put on the pedestal they have because very few people can say that they fought and bled and been willing to die for, you know, their freedom. There’s no greater love than those who would lay down their life for another. They deserve better than this. They deserve better than being, having their pensions raided and having illegals given everything and their struggling and suffering. And I just, that’s, I’m a big proponent of that. We are going to make sure our military is great again and President Trump will do that.
  • Brian: Yeah, we also got a live look right now. You can see them several people taking their seats on, on the stage, which is an indication that we probably are about 10 minutes away from the president taking the stage as well. So we’ll continue to monitor that. We do want to remind everybody to follow us on social media. You can follow me on to social @Brian. You can follow me on Twitter @BrianGlennTV. That’s Instagram and Facebook. And I want to make sure people have a chance to follow you too.
  • Raven: That would be awesome. Glad to, glad to be here. But I’m Raven_TXwarrior Raven, the conservative warrior on all of these platforms. There you go.
  • Brian: Speaking of Facebook, I read a story this morning Raven that now the truth is out that the fact checkers were nothing more than just a liberal minded critic that was basically just offering a different counterpart. It wasn’t necessarily the truth or not. We kind of knew that that the fact checkers, well, who’s fact checking the fact checkers? We kind of knew that that was the case. But it’s so funny how, how this has all come full circle with all of the misinformation that was labeled on the internet. I remember I had gotten, well, I’d gotten fired from a previous job for several reasons. One of them being supporting President Trump. Another one was for even staying the fact that took Ivermectin. And it helped me, you know, I supported Ivermectin. I thought it was a, definitely an option to stay healthy. And of course, corporate media did not want me doing that. And so I.
  • Raven: Amen. The fact checkers didn’t come out until the truth started hitting out. I had my account torpedoed by saying, retweeting somebody talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop. And I got my account nuked.
  • Brian: Yeah. And it funny how the Russia, Russia, Russia was all misinformation. And now we look at it and we’re like, wait a minute, it’s, it, the laptop’s true and all of the other conspiracy theories. Are true. We’re all true. There was a, there was a hat that I was given at one of the rallies and it said Trump was right and that’s when he was right on everything. And so I often wear it in public and I get people come by and give you a thumbs up. So yeah, he was right.
  • Raven: I get a lot. I wear my hats and everything everywhere. I am like a trigger warning.

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