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Weapons Supplies: NTD TV July 27th, 2023

Welcome to NTD TV’s coverage of the interview with Raven Harrison, a political strategist with Air Force expertise, discussing the critical issue of weapons supplies. In this interview, Harrison sheds light on the current state of weapons supplies, the implications of low stockpiles, and the urgent need for action to ensure national security.

NTD TV July 27th, 2023 with Raven Harrison

During the interview with NTD TV, Raven Harrison emphasizes the alarming level of low weapons supplies faced by the United States and its allies. Harrison highlights that $65 billion in ammunition and arms have been sent to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict with Russia in February 2022. The extensive aid provided has rapidly depleted American stockpiles, leaving the nation vulnerable and less secure than before. Moreover, this lack of supplies inhibits the United States’ ability to provide timely reinforcements to its NATO allies in case of conflicts in other regions.

Harrison emphasizes the need to prioritize the replenishment of weapons supplies. Acknowledging the administration’s various priorities, Harrison argues that efforts to rebuild stockpiles should be elevated to ensure the safety and readiness of the military. Harrison also draws attention to the strategic approach of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, who seems to be playing the long game by making deliberate moves while the United States appears relatively unprepared.


  • Kevin Hogan: dangerously low levels. That’s according to top Air Force commander General James Hecker. He says the U.S. and allies need to think seriously about their supplies. We hear from an analyst about the reasons for this and the risks it poses. Joining us now for some discussion is Raven Harrison, a political strategist with Air Force expertise. It’s great to speak with you, Raven. The U.S., as you know, has delivered $15 billion in aid to Ukraine in the form of weapons and equipment since Russia invaded back in February 2022. Is that the main reason for these low supplies?
  • Raven Harrison: Well, it’s a combination of factors. It is, that has a lot to do with it. The fact that I think our records actually show it’s close to $65 billion in ammunition and arms that have been sent to the Ukraine since the beginning of this conflict. And now we’ve put ourselves in a position where we have depleted our stockpiles, which makes us less safe across the board. And we have put ourselves in a position where our NATO allies cannot count on us to be able to come in with reinforcements should conflicts arise in other places.
  • Kevin: So what can be done to replenish here?
  • Raven: Well, we’ve got to make that a priority. And right now this administration has a lot of different priorities. And the most insignificant element of this is Putin seems to be in this for the long game. He is playing chess, and we’ve got G.I. Joe playing checkers over here in a very, very dangerous game. So we have got to get our stockpiles up by making that a priority, getting our military shored up in our reinforcements and putting us in a position where, according to Joe Biden, now he is forced to send cluster ammunition, cluster bombs, which are equally good at killing enemies as they are American, international and innocent civilians.
  • Kevin: So General Hecker is calling on the industry to help with this resupply here. How can we get them on board?
  • Raven: Well we can get them on board by all of us remembering what our oath was to NATO in the first place. We are supposed to stand at a readiness. UK as the Ukraine as of right now does not belong to NATO. And we have got to get our allies confidence that we are taking this matter seriously, that we are taking the necessary steps, getting the appropriation through Congress, getting the funding to put the priority and equipping our military to do what we tasked them to do.
  • Kevin: And of course there are a lot of threats around the world and the United States has to look out for its own national security, which is one reason to resupply. And then of course there is treaty obligations, security commitments and crisis response. But in your view, what is the main reason why the United States needs to beef up its weapons supplies?
  • Raven: Well I think that beefing up of the weapons supplies is because that is our fundamental goal, is to protect America. We have to have the stockpiles and the resources. We can’t be the offensive, defensive, counter offensive and backup reinforcements for the entire world without having the ability to protect our homeland first. This makes us wide open and ripe for an attack on American soil. It also has us eyes on Taiwan, who if that goes pear shaped we are going to need America more than anything else. And our NATO allies, which are counting on us and as of right now we have orders not fulfilled, not delivered. We have people waiting on us for munitions, which we just don’t have, and they are going through this ammunition and munitions faster than we can replenish them.
  • Kevin: Just yes or no, do you think there is enough public sentiment here to get Congress to enact these funding provisions for these weapons supplies?
  • Raven: Currently, no. I would say I don’t think there is enough to get it to rise to the occasion of making this the monumental importance that it is. But we have to keep the heat on it, we have to keep the pressure on it and we have to make this a priority. Safety is key.
  • Kevin: And going back to what you touched on deterrence is of course another advantage to having a robust supply of weapons here. Raven Harrison, political strategist, thank you so much for your insight today.
  • Raven: I’m grateful to be here. Thank you.


The issue of weapons supplies discussed with Raven Harrison on NTD TV brings to light the critical need for immediate action. The depletion of stockpiles threatens the safety and security of the United States and its NATO allies. It underscores the urgency for the industry and Congress to collaborate in replenishing these essential supplies.

It is crucial for the public and lawmakers to recognize the monumental importance of providing funding provisions for weapons supplies. Strengthening weapons supplies serves not only the goal of national security but also fulfills the obligations and commitments the United States has with its allies. It is imperative to maintain pressure and create public sentiment to ensure that this issue receives the attention and resources it deserves. Safety should be our top priority.

In conclusion, addressing the issue of weapons supplies is of utmost importance for the United States. By taking immediate action to replenish stockpiles, the country can enhance its deterrence capabilities, secure its homeland, and fulfill its commitments to allies. Let us rally together to prioritize the funding and allocation of resources necessary to safeguard our nation and maintain global stability.

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