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My Platform

Vaccine Mandates:

Vaccine mandates are medical tyranny and have no place in a free society. I support medical freedom and strongly oppose vaccine mandates and everything medical mandates represent.

The government has no moral, statutory or Criminal authority to mandate what we inject into our bodies. My opponent voted “yes” on HR 550 to allow the government and employers to do just that. HR 550 is a 400 million dollar, anti conservative, HIPAA-violating, Constitutional overreach on which I would have voted NO. I will fight for our medical freedom without question, without compromise and without fail.

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Border Security and Immigration:

A country without borders is not a country. The catastrophic ripple effect that has been caused by Biden’s wide-open borders hit Texans first and hardest of all Americans.

I will work to ensure President Trump’s remain in Mexico policy is upheld, complete construction on the border wall and funding for the National Guard, military, Texas Rangers and all law enforcement needed to secure the border.

Immigration reform is a multi-step process that the Biden Administration does not understand. First, we must secure the border, protecting Americans and ending a humanitarian crisis. Then, comprehensive immigration reform must be done.

I will work to remove the incentives to break our immigration laws; end birthright citizenship, Catch and Release and chain migration. No one who has entered our country illegally should be receiving any taxpayer money or benefits of any kind. Any person who has broken the law to enter America illegally should be ineligible for citizenship

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Economic Policy:

We must rebuild the Trump economy. The Trump era tax cuts fueled historically low unemployment, historic stock market gains at the time, particularly among minorities, the return of manufacturing jobs and low gasoline prices; the crown jewel of the United States’ new found energy independence.

I vehemently oppose government overreach, mandates, and crisis-driven spending. I will work to end the government’s uncontrolled, unsustainable, and wasteful spending. I will also work to balance budget through welfare reform. In Congress, I will stand up for small business and prioritize rebuilding them after the destruction caused by Covid-19 policies.

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Election Integrity:

Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. It is a Constitutional right, and safeguard for a government for the people and by the people. The American people need to have faith in our election system. We must fight to prevent further Democrat destruction of our election system by preventing mail in ballots and passing voter identification and integrity laws. I will stand up against Democrat sponsored federal election laws and will fight and defend Texas’ Voter Integrity laws.

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National Defense and Foreign Policy:

Our military has been ravaged by radical ideology, inept leadership, and medical tyranny. As our enemies get stronger by the day, our dedicated soldiers are overwhelmed by political correctness at the bases.

What is left of our military might, is being obliterated by forcing an experimental “vaccine” on our healthiest, finest trained service men and women. I will not turn a blind eye to the egregious abuses, disrespect and mistreatment of our heroes in uniform by those that profit from the suffering their sacrifices provide. Congress must stand up and protect the men and women who risk their lives for this country. I will be a fighter and a defender for our military against the Biden Administration.

We must return to the Reagan era doctrine of peace through strength. I will work to rebuild our military and eliminate forced medical procedures. I will work to rebuild the shattered relationships with our military, our allies, especially Israel, and our constituents. There must be accountability for those responsible for the lives and trust lost in Afghanistan. America always has and must once again lead the way to securing world peace.

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