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Raven Harrison is known for distinguished public speaking, noted for her dynamic and poignant presentations on public service, leadership, faith, and the transformational role of public office. Her personal story is told with profound authenticity, manifesting her convictions as a seasoned warrior for educational parity, child welfare and the power of faith.
She carries an unerring ability to weave together personal anecdotes, a principled outlook, and motivating calls to action. Providing faith-based insight as she shares her journey from being a struggling parent to answering the call to run for a political office, she exhibits an extraordinary blend of passion, wit, grit and spirituality.
She is an exceptional orator, speaking with candid fervor to audiences about the importance of showing up, stepping up and doing what it takes to make a difference while ensuring a proper health balance with humor and grace.
Her public speaking is fortified with the understanding of complex social issues, naturally drawing the listener into her intimate dialog with God, and the crucial revelations it gave birth to. She inspires her listeners to pause, reflect and act upon their own calling, whether it be in the realm of politics or simply making a difference within their own communities.
Moreover, her interactive and lively public speaking engagements encourage her audience to find and follow their own path to political, spiritual and personal change. Raven’s intent is to electrify audiences, shift perspectives, and ignite fires in the bellies of those who listen, prompting them to step beyond their comfort zones, challenge their status quo, and stand up for what they believe in.

Public Speaking at Balm of Gilead Global Ministries

In a heart-moving speech, Raven Harrison elucidates her path to public office, unpacking the crucial events paving the way for her surprise call to political service. The narrative begins with her inner struggle: a parent in endless pursuit of the best for her children, seeking divine guidance amidst feelings of failure. She recounts a transformative phone call and an initially dubious response, leading to a family prayer that resulted in an awe-inspiring revelation of her political fate.

As she fields challenges in her personal life and political ambition with fiery resolve, Raven moots the importance of showing up and doing what one is called to do, citing passages from the Bible for emphasis. She highlights the unwavering faithfulness of God, catalyzing her listeners to transmute their faith into action. Her public speaking showcase builds into a crescendo as she summons her audience to step up, lean into their faith, and join what she views as a divinely ordained mission to effect a positive change in the world.


  • Raven Harrison: Guys, this is where I should have began. And I understood that it was a Friday. On Friday night, I was on my knees where I should have started the journey. I said, “God, I’m lost. I will fight all day, every day for these babies, for these kids, but I don’t know what to do. We’re trying to get the best schools. We’re trying to give them the best environment. We make sure they go to church. I’m failing, and I don’t know what to do.”
  • Let me tell you all, God is faithful to his word. He says if you seek me, he will be there. “I will never forsake you”, and he did not. The next day on a Saturday evening, the phone rang out of the blue, “Is this Raven Harrison?” I said most of the time. It was a gentleman. He said he’s from the Alaska GOP; he’s the chairman. I asked, “What can I do for you, sir?”
  • Well, I’m scanning my brain for what I would have called Alaska for, and he says, “I got your name from somebody who was running for congress in California.” And he said, and I quote, “Raven Harrison is the person who’s going to change the face of politics.” Hallelujah. I replied, “This guy told you I was a greedy politician?” And he said, “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that and ask if you have ever thought about running for office.” I retorted, “Never. Why would I want to run for office? Life is pretty difficult as it is. I don’t need any more drama. I’m good with that.”
  • So what I’m telling you is we had to sit and pray as a family, but my prayer was just, “God, I don’t know what to do, and you need to smack me upside the head with it.” Don’t be subtle. This phone call, y’all, I hung up the phone and I said I’d call you back. I just wanted to be polite. I was raised with manners, wanted to be polite. Just looking to tell him no to his face. And I hung up the phone expecting my husband to go, “Wow, that’s crazy. That could only happen to you.”
  • And instead, something else happened. God showed up. My God. He looked at me and I said, “Is that the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?” And he said, “Actually, I think God kind of put you on this earth for this.” Y’all, God shot. That was a God nuke, okay? A phone call on a Saturday night. I asked him to smack me on the head with it and he sure did. But I want to tell you, y’all, that was when I understood the call. I understood why I was raised a warrior, why I was home most of the time, why, most often, I’m a leader. Because I had no choice. I had to lead. All the puzzles came together, okay? She is a fighter. She’s a woman. I am God’s frontline protection for the children. Yes. Inherently wired and built for this. Ready and made for a time such as this to show up. And I did what I should have done. Started on my knees and said, “God, what would you have me do?”
  • And God said, “Show up. You don’t have to have it figured out. I’ve already won the war. I need you to show up. Yes. Glory to God. I need you to get off your knees and stop praying and go do what I called you to do.”
  • I get it now, y’all. I get it. And I’m telling you, I was always a fire breather. I am blazing now, fire of God in my belly and two kids to protect.
  • And I’m telling you, loving every minute of it. Because when you understand that God uses you, I don’t have to have this figured out. He figured it out here. He paid it here. He carried this so I didn’t have to. I get it now. I get it now. He didn’t say it was going to be easy. He didn’t, okay? But let me tell you what he did say. What he said in James 4:7. You know it, Pastor. “Submit yourself then to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
  • God never lies. Amen. Amen. Amen.
  • I’m telling you, guys, put down the smartphones and pick up a book. And we’re in Vegas, y’all, so I can tell you that this book has accurately predicted the winners and losers since the beginning of time. Come on, now. Don’t tease me with a good time. Let’s go.
  • What I’m telling you is, listen to that. That’s where we have to activate our Christianity, okay? This is not passive time. Prayer is necessary, but faith without works. Come on, now. That’s what I’m telling you. Faith without works. The time for prayer is a time to step up and do what you are called to do. God needs you to show up. He’s raising his army. Show up? Yes. Don’t ask. Just say, “God, use me.” He’s faithful. He’s been faithful to his word. Hallelujah. That promise came from the cross, and we’re still looking to qualify. God. God, help me. God, rescue me. God has always showed up. He’s always been faithful. Have we? Are we going to show up? We have to do it, y’all. It’s time. He’s called us for this. He’s a God of mercy. He’s also a God of choice. Follow me. Yes. He’s not demanding you do it. He’s given you the answer. So don’t spend your time trying to carry the cross. Spoiler alert. You can’t. You can’t lift it, y’all. My God. Nobody could do that. And remember that when you’re struggling. Remember as our bishop is ailing, okay? If he can do it, he can overcome. We can overcome. Yes. My God. He’s following the same blueprint. The same blueprint.
  • So let me tell you what God did say, okay? He did not say that it was going to be an easy journey. He said he would be faithful. We got Lucifer loose in the world. We set him free, and he still showed up. He gave us everything, and we sinned. So what did he do? He gave the last and everything he had to give: his son. Yes. For us, there is no greater love. That’s right there.

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