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“Raven Harrison, known as the Conservative Warrior, is a firebrand with an incredible military, business and academic pedigree. As the daughter of two retired USAF Lieutenant Colonels and a scholar who left for college at age 16, her awe inspiring journey through communism, the Cold War, racism and modern- day politics is now captured in a powerful story. Ravens Mantle is the striking memoir of Ravens incredible rise with a firsthand account of the most pivotal moments in modern history. Raven details growing up in war zones, having a parent in the Pentagon on 9/11 and being injured in the worst
massacre in U.S. history in Las Vegas. Raven’s journey culminated in a life-changing event which catapulted her to the forefront of the fight for the soul of this nation and inspired her to run for Congress in her home state of Texas. Raven, a native American, was raised by warriors who instilled in her that “Freedom is never free.” Now, she’s taking on the ills of society for a better and freer America. Raised by warriors. Called by God. Deterred by nothing. Raven Harrison is the Conservative Warrior!”

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