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C.L. Bryant: Runaway Slave and Race for America

In the latest episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison welcomes a true legend and spiritual powerhouse, C.L. Bryant. Known for his documentary “Runaway Slave,” C.L. Bryant is a man of many talents and a staunch advocate for individual freedom. In this episode, they discuss the profound impact of his documentary, the importance of embracing the truth, and the need for spiritual leaders to be on the front lines of the battle for our country.

Episode 46 with C.L. Bryant

During the episode, C.L. Bryant shares his journey from being the former president of the NAACP in Garland, Texas, to his current role as an independent thinker and Republican. He reflects on the profound changes within the NAACP, highlighting the shift from being a working arm of the Democrat Party to a more controlling and agenda-driven organization.

C.L. Bryant also sheds light on his documentary, “Runaway Slave,” which explores the ideology that some individuals, irrespective of their race, tend to trade their freedom for comfort and the perceived benefits offered by powerful entities. He emphasizes the need to break free from this mentality and build a new underground railroad to freedom, where individuals are encouraged to embrace their God-given talents and strive for prosperity.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We’re going to be hitting both ends of the spiritual spectrum today. It is going to be a powerful episode of Raven’s Radar. You ready? Let’s go. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots. It’s that time, time for another episode of Raven’s Radar. We are going to be having a really powerful episode today. We have a lot to cover. We have a phenomenal international world-renowned guest today in the one and only C.L. Bryant. We’re going to be bringing you that shortly. But first we have to talk about what is happening in the world. And Patriots, I have to start with my characteristically stern tone and tell you we are a mess. So for at the time of this taping, we had Israel has been attacked. And when I say attacked, it is horrific. Let’s roll clip. After more than 48 hours of fighting, Israel’s military says it has retaken control of all communities around Gaza.
  • On the ground, Israeli troops worked to secure the breach points where Hamas fighters across the border. Yes. One of the United States’ most powerful and longstanding ally was attacked in horrific fashion. Lots of questions, but let’s speak about what we know. What we know is that a few weeks ago, the Biden administration transferred $6 billion in aid to Iran. We know that at the beginning of this administration, he had a catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 soldiers dead, countless civilians dead, and left $85 billion with a B. There’s worth of military weaponry, ammunition, equipment, was left to terrorists in flip-flops, who immediately celebrated by hanging our allies and interpreters from the blades of the helicopters they had just inherited with the resident potato saying it was Trump’s fault. It was absolutely Biden’s fault.
  • And I want to take patriots through the litany of where we have now. So he has funded and armed terrorists, and they celebrated by paragliding and driving and bulldozing into Israel and murdering women, children, just horrific images coming out of Israel of what happened. A perfect example, patriots, the I told you so just doesn’t get it for the bleeding hearts of letting them know what this means. How did the Iron Dome fail? How did one of the most secure places on the planet allow people to paraglide in with machetes in flip-flops? How does that happen? It’s how is it that we released $6 billion in a prisoner swap to terrorists who have been chanting death to America and they defended this? The Biden administration before one of his many naps defended this, saying that we had to give billions of dollars. And for patriots who are keeping track, did Obama send billions of dollars in cash in the middle of the night without approval to Iran and terrorists as well? The answer is yes. Yes he did.
  • So now we are looking at what happens when you have weak, ineffective, and ridiculous leadership. This is it, patriots. This is what I and many others in the conservative scape have been warning about. This is what we’ve been talking about. This is exactly what we warned would happen when our allies could smell blood in the water, when they saw our weakness, when they saw our division, when they saw inept leadership of Biden and let’s stop pretending. Okay, let’s stop pretending that this guy is okay, that he’s not incoherent, babbling, absent, tripping, and feeble and infirm, because that argument isn’t flying anymore.
  • People are dying because of all those reasons I just listed. And while Americans who are caught over there in Israel are being murdered, tortured, what is Biden doing? Let’s roll clip. Biden’s decision to host a barbecue at the White House amidst the ongoing Israeli conflict has ignited a firestorm of criticism. With many accusing the administration of being out of touch with the realities of the world. While Israel declared war following surprise attacks by Hamas, the former vice president and his wife opted to enjoy a picnic complete with a live band. The barbecue intended for White House executive residents, staff, and their families raised eyebrows as reports of escalating casualties in Israel continued to emerge. At least 700 people have lost their lives since the attacks began and over 2,000 have been injured.
  • The shocking audacity of hosting such a jovial event while a crisis unfolds halfway across the globe did not go unnoticed. Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, voiced his discontent on social media, accompanied by a screenshot of a White House pool report that mentioned the live band. Hawley’s sentiments resonated with a growing number of conservatives who questioned the wisdom of the administration’s choice. The decision to proceed with the barbecue with a live band serenading attendees is seen by many as indicative of a lack of awareness and sensitivity to the gravity of the situation. I’m with you, Patriots. I can’t even with this administration. It is a pitifully predictable joke.
  • This is what America has been reduced to, of the laughing stock and the scapegoat for the world. American citizens’ innocent blood is being spilled while we are playing a very dangerous game of Patriot games at the Washington, D.C. Capitol with people who don’t have a clue what they have ushered into our country. So while that is happening here, we have thousands of Middle Easterners and Chinese fighting age men coming across our border. We had 9,000 come in the last week, and they are here. They are here, and we should be really prepared. So I would tell that to every Patriot, be prepared. Also want to talk about the speaker vote. Since many of you are aware, Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a vote, and it was proof that, first of all, America is watching, and we the people really do have power. We do. We the people have power, and we said enough. We said, despite the fact that people spent 15 votes cramming this down our throat, despite the fact that he has a horrible track record of voting with Democrats and against conservative principles and fiscal responsibility, that we would let him, we would let him serve under the conditions that he released the January 6 footage, all of it, so we could see for ourselves why Americans are being held in prison to this day over this sham, that he was going to indict Hunter Biden and impeach Joe Biden and bring forth single bill accountability with, I believe, 72 hours to review, making sure that our legislators that we elect know what they’re voting on and have time to read these bills instead of cramming these things through the government.
  • And Kevin McCarthy, after 15 votes and threatening most of Congress said, okay, I’ll do it. And what do you think happened, Patron? He didn’t do it. Spoiler or load. He didn’t do it. He didn’t do it. He did what all politicians do. He immediately jumped into the sack with the Democrats and started giving us a bunch of speeches about what he was gonna do. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Never. Okay. And that’s what happened. And Matt Getz, the congressman from Florida had the guts to stand up and say, whoa, dude, okay, you said you were gonna do this. We’re waiting. When does this happen? And Kevin McCarthy did the old schoolyard. Bring it, Matt. And Matt said, fine. And he got ousted. Bravo, Matt. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. And then what happened when somebody stood up and did what we’ve been asking the Republican Party to do?
  • When somebody stood up and said, hey, we are done with business as usual. We are done letting you vote Democrat and claim to espouse Republican values. We are done with the lies. We are done with the double talk. We are done with our country going to hell in a hand basket, compliments of Joe Biden. We’re going to stand against and show the American people and restore their faith in the government. And what happened? The establishment looked like they were jumping off the Titanic. They called him a traitor, okay, and an obstructionist and a closet Democrat. Are you kidding me? But, Patreus, we got a chance to see where exactly the swamp is. In order to drain it, we got to know where it is, right? So that’s what we got a chance to see. All the people who claimed to be standing up and fighting for conservatives, now we know why it’s so messed up. Now we know what kind of inept leadership and backdoor deal making where Kevin McCarthy has been sending billions to Ukraine and now Israel needs our help. That’s how it happens. That is the danger of these politicians getting up there and making these deals to stay in office.
  • They’re so busy worried about keeping their jobs. They’re not doing their jobs. And that’s on both sides. And just for a fun fact, Patreus, did you find it interesting that even though Kevin McCarthy is pretty much given the Democrats everything they wanted, okay, he’s caved on everything, everything, even though they’ve done that, he still got, they all banded again together to vote him out. That’s how they had no loyalty, no allegiance to him whatsoever. That’s how it is. And then just to make it a party, Patriots, one of these Democrat senators, I mean, Democrat congressman, forgive me, I gave him an upgrade. Democrat congressman pulled the fire alarm to stop the vote. Now what’s his version of it? I didn’t know it was going to go off. I was a former school principal and I am a United States congressman, but I didn’t realize when the sign said, hold this and pull for a certain number of seconds to trigger the alarm, it would actually do it. Even he doesn’t believe the government works. So that’s where we are. And is he in jail for that?
  • Cause that’s a felony for anybody paying attention. That’s a felony and it’s indefensible, which of course means the Democrats couldn’t wait to try to defend it. He didn’t see it. The fire alarm was racist. It was Trump’s fault. So Patriots, just so we’re clear, there are people for January 6th that are in jail for exactly what this congressman just did. Okay. There’s our government. That’s why we have to get all of these traders out. And for McCarthy and all the serial sell out in the career swamp creatures, let that be a warning shot across the bow that America is done. We the people are done with you. Sicko politicians. We are done because now we are living in really dangerous times because you failed to do what you were elected to do. You took an oath and you guys had better remember that sometime before the next election, because we the people are coming and we are not going to take it anymore. We are done letting our country be ruined by a guy who’s afraid of somebody named corn pop. You heard it here first Patriots. And then as we wrap up on what’s going on in the world, Biden has done a complete reversal and now suddenly after all of the Democrat cities that welcome these illegal immigrants are overrun and don’t have the money and resources to support them, they’re all now like, guess what? They’re all the walls, not racist. We need to start deporting people.
  • We need help to which Biden took a nap. Okay. And probably possibly craft himself and left the stage. That’s where we are. So Patriots on either side, Democrat, Republican, this is no longer an option. You have to, we have to save our country and it requires people to put on the full armor of God and the full armor of God is not to sit on the sofa and shake your fist at it. Is to get to this line. It is Patriots right now. We are done accepting the things we can’t change and we are changing the things we can’t accept and it starts when we decide and I’m telling you, I’ve already decided, you know, I, I get to do this for a living. I get to piss off swamp creatures for a living Patriots. It doesn’t get better than that. But today let’s take it from the doom and gloom and go straight to the other end of the spiritual spectrum to a real spiritual powerhouse. I have a legend with me today on Raven’s radar, the one and only C.L. Bryant and we’re going to be bringing him in right after this..
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome Patriots, it is that time. It’s time to get on the front line with our fabulous guests. We are here and joined by a true legend, spiritual powerhouse. You guys want to know where us fire brands recharge. This is where it is. We are here with the one and only C.L. Bryant. Before I bring him in, I have to show you Patriots. He is the creator of a documentary that you must see. This is a must watch Patriots and we have it. It’s called Runaway Slave.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • C.L. Bryant: I’m C.L. Bryant and I am a Runaway slave. Wake up America, tell me why you’re great. Is it because of our government or is it because of your people? Run America, run away from socialism, run from statism, run away from progressivism. Who holds your liberty? Who holds your freedom? We don’t get our freedoms from republicans. We don’t get our freedoms from democrats. We lend them our power. America is perhaps the greatest success story that the world has ever known. Here I am, the grandson, former slaves. I encourage Americans everywhere to run away from economic slavery and run toward the blessings of liberty guaranteed by our constitution.
  • So join me America as we travel the underground railroad and we seek to free ourselves from the slavery of tyranny. Pre 1960, most African Americans were republicans. After Martin Luther King was freed from jail by John F. Kennedy, the African American vote has gone democratic. What exactly did we get exchanged for our 95% democratic swaying vote?
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Woo Patriots, did I tell you that’s it? He said run, don’t walk as we’re going to do to our guests the one and only C.L. Bryant. Welcome to Raven’s radar, sir.
  • C.L. Bryant: Well thank you, Raven, and it’s glad to be on with you here at Raven’s radar.
  • Raven Harrison: It is an honor, sir. I’m very familiar with your story. You are a man of everything. You are a man of God. You are a pastor. You are a freedom fighter, an activist, an author, a director, a producer. I mean, you are doing it all, but tell our guests the ones, the few who aren’t running to that movie right now, and you should be a little bit about you.
  • C.L. Bryant: Well, I’m a Louisianian by birth and certainly have lived all over the country and have traveled the world recently. Four years ago, I lost my first wife and I’m about to be married again. My father of four and the grandfather of 11 grandchildren, and it’s one of those things where it has been a journey for me from being a former president of the NAACP in Garland, Texas, 30 over 30 years ago to where I am now. The evolution of politics did in fact bring me from that and brought me here to this.
  • I couldn’t see what God was doing at the time, but he certainly knows what he’s doing and he does all things well. I thank him that I’m able to place my trust in him and I give him the glory for anything that has happened in my life good and anything that may have happened negatively that I have learned from. That’s what we try to do is present a message, whether it’s on film or on books, of how to learn from the errors of the past and let the pains of the past be a bridge to a better future for us. I don’t think we’ve learned that quite in America yet.
  • Raven Harrison: Whoo, that is it. You know, we, they grow them spicy in Louisiana, Patriots. I guarantee this is our, I’m sorry, that is, but yeah, that is where we are. We, in the South and you know, your roots expand. Now you’re an international figure, but it’s funny of those origins of the NAACP. You have a front row seat to what that has become. What is the most profound change that you can say you have seen in that organization from where you were then to now?
  • C.L. Bryant: The NAACP 30, 35 years ago, and I have been a lifelong member of my father got me my first card, lifetime card when I was seven years old. And father was an activist, a contemporary of King. In fact, he and my mother helped bring Dr. King to Shreveport, Louisiana back in 1959. To Galilee Baptist Church, which is my home church. And there when I was just a child, a very small child. And so I’ve always been a part of a family that of activists. But the NAACP at that time was not the working arm of the Democrat Party that it is today. I left because I got a director from then national director, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, who go and speak at a pro life, pro choice rally. I went to speak at a pro choice rally. And he told me that he wanted me to go and then encourage them to at least give this Planned Parenthood thing a look. And when I looked at it, I knew that this was something that was bad for the design of the black family.
  • And I voice that opinion to the national office. My star Raven that was rising rapidly in the organization abruptly began to go down. I told my wife at the time, you know, they just don’t want to control the agenda. They want to control me and use me as a tool to control this group of people. And so I left the NAACP. My executive board turned against me and the mob think, the group think was in full swing and full effect when it came to me. And they certainly acted in a tribalistic type of way. The chief had spoken. I disobeyed what the chief wanted me to do. And very much like it is in the black community or the black pastor or whoever it might be, if they say certain things, then the tribalism that goes along with that many times will ostracize anyone who goes against the directions or the ideas of the chief.
  • And so I left them and started on my way toward this journey becoming an independent at first. Couldn’t put the R in front of my name just yet, but I got there and I’m there now. So that’s how I left them and began a different type of journey.
  • Raven Harrison: And welcome. We are so glad to have him, but that is really profound because I think you would agree with me, wouldn’t you, pastor, that the right road is often the one that’s less crowded?
  • C.L. Bryant: Amen to that. Amen to that.
  • Raven Harrison: We’ve got to, that’s what it means to be a true leader, Patriots. And in these times, especially churches and our spiritual leaders, we need that bravery to stand for what we know is right because if God says it’s a sin, your opinion doesn’t matter, spoiler alert. So you left the NAACP and now you are a Republican and an activist and it brought you forward. You had to do it with people, you know, chiding and spitting at you, but you went from one cultural revolution to another. Now you’re an activist and you have a book and you have a documentary. First let’s talk about the documentary, The Runaway Slave, because that is powerful. What inspired you to do that? And tell us about Runaway Slave.
  • C.L. Bryant: The venom that was directed at a man who happened to be black in America because he had a different opinion than others who were black in America. The venom that was directed towards me actually made me realize that somehow my individual mind did not matter to the group as long as I was speaking as the group was speaking, acting as the group was acting and of course going in the direction the group was going.
  • I realized that there was a design to all of this and we didn’t really see it then because we were thinking that somehow we were going to overcome through the aid and policies of Democrat ideals and so forth, but for the longest time we were under a false impression of what America itself was about and it wasn’t about succeeding as a group, it was about succeeding as an individual and then being able through the American system to use that individual thought to drive you in a direction of prosperity or whatever is necessary through your God-given talents to prosper in this country. Frederick Douglass was certainly an example, a prime example of that even 140, 150 years ago did not matter where you came from or who your people were or what the color of your skin was in America. He proved without any exception that you, with your endowment given to you by God, can in fact be the best you can be in America regardless of your circumstances. It just takes the God-given will to be the best person that you were created to be and that’s the message in Runaway Slave. The slave does not necessarily seek freedom. The slave seeks comfort and more food in his bowl, a roof that doesn’t leak, a bed that’s softer than the one he had, a job that he can do that is pretty easy, but yet he still gets all the benefits for them. A slave will trade his freedom for comfort, an Obama phone.
  • A slave will trade his freedom for what he perceives to be comfort and this is the underlying message in Runaway Slave and it’s time for us now to build a new underground railroad and I think that the planks, the rails that we laid through our movie are now being traveled by those who were once held captive in a mindset. I think the captives are being set free and that was the mission of Christ to set the captives free.
  • Raven Harrison: Whoo! Did I tell you, Pey, that was it? That was, I can’t even say that was a mouthful. That was a couple of mouthful from Frederick Douglass. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish and moving forward to Runaway Slave of just going that’s it. So Patriots, what I want you to hear from that is this is how we take our country back. We have to understand what the mindset is of the ones who are voting against it. We’re going to get more from the legendary C.L. Bryant right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: So we are here on Raven’s radar with the one and only C.L. Bryant. Powerhouse who’s been telling us about the premise of Runaway Slave and we see that now, that has very deep political fingers right now, especially as we are in such turmoil right now of looking at the mentality. How do we move this mentality forward, sir? How do we get people moving in the direction of being grateful for the nation and for the principles God led with and most importantly, I know a question a lot want to ask you, sir, how as a as the descendant of slaves, how do you think ancestors would feel your ancestors would feel to have so many people voting for the people who enslaved them?
  • C.L. Bryant: If our grandparents or great grandparents, Raven were to see the things that we vote for the things that we talk about the behavior of our children and the school systems that we have now, the home that we are inhabiting all around America now, they would be absolutely appalled and shocked and they would know that we had lost our way. And in many cases, they would think when they see our voting patterns and the way we vote and the things that we vote for, they think that we’ve lost our minds. There is no way that my grandfather or grandmother would ever tolerate the type of behaviors that we now think are acceptable and decent.
  • And there’s a word that you don’t hear a lot anymore, decency. Decency is absolutely vanished from our schools. It’s vanished from our streets. It’s even vanishing from our churches, which is an incredible sad thing to consider. But to tell the truth about it is the solution. And there has to be a way for us to share conversation without being combative in that conversation, regardless of if you’re a black man or white man or Native American, as far as that is concerned, each man’s opinion in America should be just that, his own or her own. And it should not be a situation where we’re ostracized for speaking our minds. In fact, that is the first freedom that we have is the first freedom that God gives to us is the matter to choose or the ability to choose our words and choose our life direction.
  • And America is the greatest pattern and the greatest thing that has come out of that God-given gift, a nation that is a race of people who are free. It’s a race for freedom. That’s what America is. It’s a race of people created and given the blessings of liberty by Almighty God on these shores. We didn’t start off with the most perfect country. We don’t have one now. We shall never have one. But those old white men said something in the preamble of the Constitution. It says, in order to form a more perfect government, we the people, in order to form a more perfect government. They knew that they weren’t forming something that was right with perfection. But we are continuing to form that the evolution of America is continuing. And the luninous of the past is somehow with this woke movement hindering us from becoming that more perfect union. Because there are some who profit from us remaining the way we were in the past.
  • Raven Harrison: I mean, that is it. We see a lot of that. CL and I both take a lot of heat for our political views. But if you look at this right now, CL, we are in the midst we’ve had attacks in Israel. We have our borders wide open. We are overrun with people who hate this country. And I hear a lot from especially the black community of going, how can you vote for Trump, Raven? How can you do this? And I’m like, how can we not? This is, if you’re paying attention, the Constitution says a limited form of Republican government. It actually says that. So this is being on the right side of history. But I want you to CL, and that’s the name of your book, right? It is a race.
  • C.L. BryantA Race for Freedom.
  • Raven Harrison: And I encourage every patriot, it is deep and profound just like CL. But I would love for you to just look into the camera, CL, and tell our listeners and our patriots and the black community, the white community, the Hispanic community, every community it’s looking because we’re supposed to be looking through this through one filter, under God’s filter. Look at them and tell them what our country must do in these times.
  • C.L. Bryant: Our country now must embrace the truth of who we are. We are the light to the world. Jesus came to seek and to save those which were lost. And of course, America, Jesus came to set the captives free. And anyone who doesn’t understand that when he came, he took on a political structure. He was unafraid to do it. I would say to American Christians in particular, it is time now for you to be about to be about your father’s business because our mission, our job is still to follow him. And his job was to set the captives free. Those pastors, those of you who are out there who are slow about becoming involved in the political process, I doubt whether or not you understand the mission of Christ. He came to set his people free. The Jews free from oppression of the Romans came to set them free from the spiritual oppression of the evil one, the devil.
  • And our mission is still that. But if you’re afraid of the crucifixion, then you will never accomplish that goal. Fear has no place in the hearts or minds of a person who loves and follows our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you’re afraid of the crucifixion, then we will never experience the one thing that our nation needs. And that is a resurrection, a resurrection of American principles, a resurrection of American truths. We should follow him. And Ronald Reagan probably said it best as anyone can. The day that we forget that America is one nation under God, we will be one nation that has gone under. Ronald Reagan.
  • True words from him and true words and the truest words coming from Scripture that you are the light of the world, city that is set upon a hill. And it cannot be hid. So do not put a bushel basket over that light that God has given to America. And friends, the fear is that it is slowly being extinguished by those who are the messengers of darkness. So let’s ask God to teach our hands to fight and our fingers to war against the enemies of this great republic that he has given to us as Americans.
  • Raven Harrison: Woo, Patriots did I promise you it was deep. That’s where we need to hear it. We need our spiritual leaders on the front line of this war. And it is a spiritual war. It is one we can win. And we got the tools. The faith without faith, it is impossible to please God. And faith is the substance. It is the muscle of the spiritual community that brings the invisible to the visible Patriots. This is our time. This is how we do it. And we have people and amazing leaders like the one and only C.L. Bryant. Patriots. I am encouraging you to get out, get behind this man. It is an experience to listen to him speak and to be around him. I consider it a great honor to have him as a friend. So Mr. Bryant, please tell us, where can Patriots find you? Where can they find Runaway Slave? Where can they find your book and get involved with this revelation that our country needs? It’s time.
  • C.L. Bryant: You can go on Tubi. If you have Tubi in your smart televisions, go on Tubi and you can watch Runaway Slave tonight. Everyone is in it from my mentor Dr. Thomas Sowell, Andrew Breitbart, everyone in the film, Star Parker, Alan West, Herman Cain, another mentor of mine who god rest his soul. You can go on Tubi and see that. And of course, go to Amazon and get my book Race for Freedom. And of course, just Google it. C.L. Bryant I’m on Twitter and had to get off Facebook. They treated me really bad. Had to get off Facebook, but just the same. And also Instagram, I’m there. Whenever you want me, just call Michelle. You can get her on, just Google me and we’ll be able to get that done for you.
  • Raven Harrison: I’m telling you, Patriots, that’s how you have to find him. He’s not the only one. We’re going to get t-shirts, sir, for Facebook at jail. It’s time. But Patriots, this is the one you need to get behind. I bring you a lot of firebrands. Nobody moves it like this guy. So go to his website, find him on social media, get behind him and watch this movie. It is a game changer, Patriots, I promise. And we will be back right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you Patriots for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar. This man just exudes strength. I hope you enjoyed the one and only C.L. Bryant. He is a powerhouse. He’s had international following millions of people who gather to listen to him speak. He is an incredible speaker and pastor and man of God and just deep and humbling. So Patriots, please go to his website, get his book. If you want more information about C.L., you can go to our website as well, which is RavenHarrison.com. I want to also encourage Patriots, sign up for Patriot Mobile. They are one of our sponsors. They are cell phone service. The only Christian wireless provider.
  • Stop funding these people who are selling you out. So it starts a little bit at a time and our cell phones are really personal. Get on with Patriot Mobile. Give them the activation code Raven. They’re going to hook you up. Not me, you. They’re going to hook you up. I’d also like you to get a copy of my book, Raven’s Mantle. This is what we’re talking about. You watch the monologue about what’s going on in Israel, fighting the betrayal of America. This is where we are. It is a blueprint. It’s how we were here before Patriots and how do we get out of it? I am encouraging you to get the book. Read how we take this country back. Some of you know it. Some of you are military. Some of you will be hearing it for the first time, but I am a verbs and a sentences kind of gal. This is the time. I have not got the full armor of God so I can sit back on the sideline going, wow, I wish I could have helped my kids somehow.
  • This is our time Patriots. We were made for this time. So get a copy of the book, amazon.com, Barnes and Noble. You can go to our website. We’ve got information about some Gala’s coming up. We’re going to be sponsoring a lot going on at RavenHarrison.com. Patriots, I’m so grateful for you to be here and to stay encouraged. Be of strong heart and be of good cheer because I have overcome the war, our Lord said. And he’s got this. Without faith, is it impossible? It is impossible to please God. So keep your faith. And until then Patriots, keep fighting.


To gain deeper insights into C.L. Bryant’s powerful message, Patriots are encouraged to watch his documentary, “Runaway Slave,” available on Tubi. This eye-opening film features prominent figures like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Andrew Breitbart, and Star Parker, who share their perspectives on individual freedom and the impact of political ideologies on various communities.

Furthermore, C.L. Bryant’s book, “Race for Freedom,” offers a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges faced by our nation and the importance of embracing the truth. By understanding the mission of Christ and recognizing the need for spiritual leaders to actively engage in the political process, Americans can work towards building a more perfect union and upholding the principles upon which the country was founded.

Patriots are encouraged to support C.L. Bryant by visiting his website, where they can find more information about his work, access his book, and connect with him on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Let us join C.L. Bryant in the race for freedom, empowering individuals to rise above tribalism, engage in meaningful conversations, and work towards a brighter future for all Americans.

In these challenging times, it is essential to have leaders like C.L. Bryant who fearlessly stand for truth, justice, and individual freedom. As Patriots, let us rally behind his powerful message and play our part in shaping the destiny of our great nation.

Remember, a nation that forgets its history and fails to uphold God-given principles is doomed to fall. Let us stand united and resolute, ensuring that America remains a shining city upon a hill, inspiring the world with its commitment to liberty and justice for all.

Together, we can make a difference. Embrace the race for freedom and join the movement led by C.L. Bryant.

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