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Dr. Paul Brintley: Equipping the Faithful for Battle!

The latest edition of Raven’s Radar is a milestone one as we celebrate our 40th episode. It’s a great one. First Raven breaks down the issues of the day in her one-of-a-kind fun and irreverent style. She’s then she’s joined by Dr. Paul Brintley, the Senior Pastor and founder of the Christian Fellowship Assembly in Dallas, North Carolina. Dr. Paul, the driving force behind the annual Salt & Light Festival, discusses his ministry and passion – equipping his fellow Pastors and faith leaders with the tools, training, and resolve needed for them to engage in the war to preserve our values and save America. He and Raven discuss how the annual Salt & Light Festival has become an epicenter in that war. Episode 40 provides a clarion call to Christians you won’t want to miss.

Episode Summary:

In Episode 40 of Raven’s Radar, Raven Harrison engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Paul Brintley on the topic of balancing home life and church life. The episode emphasizes the importance of finding harmony between personal and spiritual commitments, urging listeners to reflect on their priorities and take proactive steps towards achieving a wholesome balance.

Throughout the episode, Raven and Dr. Brintley touch upon the challenges faced by pastors in juggling their responsibilities within their families and their congregations. They emphasize the need for pastors to lead by example, prioritizing their familial obligations while fulfilling their roles as spiritual leaders in their communities. The importance of open communication, support networks, and effective time management strategies are underscored as key elements in achieving this delicate balance.

Drawing upon their collective experiences in ministry and entrepreneurship, Raven and Dr. Brintley provide insights and actionable advice for navigating the demands of both home life and church life. Their dialogue serves as a motivational guide, encouraging listeners to approach the challenges with intentionality and dedication. By finding alignment between personal and spiritual spheres, individuals can foster healthier relationships, personal growth, and a more profound connection with their faith.

Episode 40 Transcript with Dr. Paul Brintley:

  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. I’m thinking today I’m going a little bit past her prime. Okay, that’s unfair, what does she mean? It’s going to be epic. We’ve got an incredible guest today, and we are going to get right to it. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.

  • Thank you, welcome, Patriots. I’m so happy to have you on this episode of Raven’s Radar. We have an incredible guest today. I am so excited to bring you what the front line is looking like, of what we’re going to do. We’ve been so light for the past few years on Solutions verbs in the sentence is what we’re going to actually do to fix this country. We hear a lot of this is what’s wrong, that’s what’s wrong. This is a curse, that is a curse. We have to get back to actual verbs in the sentences. What are we going to do about it? We all know what’s wrong, what are we going to do? So we’ve been taking you step by step, and that’s going to continue today. We have the one and only Dr. Paul Brintley with us. Pastor Paul Brintley, Guru Paul Brintley, just all-around badass Paul Brintley. He’s an incredible Patriot. But first, like we always do, we got to take an inventory of what’s going on in our own backyard, what’s happening in the world today.

  • Okay, so here it is: Trump, all Trump all the time. Um, it has been an absolutely unreal another wave of attacks on President Trump. It is, it is really one of those. Uncle, uncle, you know? Of they just never stop. The left is rabid. They are consumed. Trump lives in these people’s head rent-free and has since 2016. They just can’t stop attacking. My issue is they waste taxpayer money and resources doing this. It’s like, are there not any real issues in this country right now? Has anybody checked their 401k or inflation or gone to the grocery store or tried to fill up their gas tank anywhere? And this is what they’re worried about?

  • With everything we’ve got going on in the world, you know? And we managed to find crack in the White House. We are still… Okay, let’s see what trumped up charge, no pun intended, we can find. That seven years ago, five years ago. Let’s see, you know, let’s see if he’s got a parking ticket, let’s see if he’s cut the tag off a mattress, let’s see if he swore. You know? And every other nonsensical thing we’ve got going on. So now, another round of indictments.

  • Well, what does that mean, Raven? Let me tell you. Let me give you a timeline, okay? On March 17th, they had to admit, Hunter admitted the laptop was real. On March 18th, Trump was indicted. Okay? On June 8th, the House Oversight Committee got conclusive receipts and proof that Joe Biden had accepted bribes. I’m sorry, allegedly, allegedly had accepted bribes. On June 9th, Trump was indicted. I mean, this is on July 31st, Devin Archer testified before Congress after Biden’s DOJ tried to have him arrested and incarcerated so he could not testify against the big guy, big sniffy. And on August 1st, are you with me, Patriots? Trump was indicted. I wish that was even close to being a joke or satire that the day after Biden gets slammed for being corrupt as hell, Trump gets indicted. And this last one, are you kidding me with Jack Smith disinformation? He told people that there were problems with the 2020 election, that there were irregularities, that there are things that needed to be investigated, and they sent the SWAT? You’re kidding, right?

  • I’m old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton wrote a book about it. It was called “What Happened?” You lost! But she’s as far as I know, running free. What about Stacey Abrams, who still contends to this day that she’s the governor of Georgia? Okay, she has not conceded. She went across the country saying it was rigged. It’s not fair. okay, they’re picking on me because I’m ridiculous. I mean, black, or because I’m breathing. It’s just absolutely unreal. And if that sounds eerily reminiscent of what VP Word Salad was saying, “Oh, the reason I’m unpopular is because I’m black. I’m actually Jamaican and Indian, but that counts as I identify as black if it gets me more popularity points, which it won’t. You know what? I’ll take ridiculous for 200, Alex. The VP of Word Salad today is a day after yesterday but not quite tomorrow. And passed yesterday, so we must live in our todayness.

  • PS vote for me, I’m awful. So that’s what it is. But the thing with Trump, this is an assault on Free Speech, Patriots. The Constitution basically says we have the right to free speech. He has the constitutional right, President Trump does, as we all do, to petition for our grievances to the government. Okay?

  • Constitutional, free Republic has the right to free speech. It has the right to due process. It has the right to prevent unreasonable search and seizure, okay? Which means, why was Barron Trump’s room rated and Hunter’s wasn’t? Okay? We should have sent the drug-sniffing dogs in there before we found crack in the White House. Anyway, that’s what it is. You have the right to say, “Hey, can we look at this again? I don’t think this was right. It doesn’t pass the smell test.” Okay? And people have done that. Hillary did it. Stacey Abrams did it. None of them indicted, none of them arrested, and now, here on the Trump side, he’s spreading disinformation. And as that’s coming out… Michigan’s like, “Oh, oops, a forensic audit says that there are some irregularities and illegal ballots were cast. Is that going to be a problem?” Okay? Well, according to the Democrats, “No, here’s another problem.” Somebody in Jack Smith’s office, I think it’s Roddy David Roddy, gave $5,600 to the Biden campaign in 2020. So he donated to the resident turn-up, and yet he gets to investigate Trump. Nothing to see here, folks.

  • It is absolutely mind-blowing. I think we actually have a clip that sums this all up perfectly. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. So, what we’re seeing, Patriots, is this is the precursor to Communism. This is how it starts. You know, you cannot comply your way into freedom. The reason that we have these rights is because they are to protect us from a tyrannical government. What is a tyrannical government? One who tells you that you have to put something in your body to be able to feed your family, one that arms okay with assault rifles, with ARs, arms the IRS tax collectors and gives them $700,000 worth of ammunition and then tells law-abiding free Americans they shouldn’t have these kinds of weapons. You don’t need it. Trust us. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Give me a break.

  • So, that’s what it is. We have armed IRS agents by the same people who said we don’t need these guns. And this is their favorite talking point. Um, why does anybody need a weapon like that? Here’s the best part. The Constitution says, the second “A”, “shall not be infringed”. It’s none of your business. I don’t have to tell you what I want it for. I’m just allowed to have it. And if you don’t want one, don’t get that. That’s free advice. I’ll be here all week. That’s what people need to remember. Is this making sense? Who are the last leaders to have their political opponents arrested? Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Stalin. That’s what they do. They silence the opposition. They put them in jail. They remove them. They execute them. They outcast them. This is how it starts, Patriots. There’s no such thing as a little communism. We’re on a dangerous slope. So, whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, these rights have to be absolute. They have to be fought for. You only get to vote for communism one time.

  • So, in that spirit, Patriots, I want to bring you the spiritual side of what this war looks like, of how we remain strong, how we remain vigilant. And what is our mandate from God? What is our precedence? What did He want from us in these times? I see Christians are starting to break down a little bit and get a little weary, and they’re cheating everything’s terrible. Well, this is what the Bible warned us about. He warned us that it was going to be a time we were going to have to raise up. And we’re at that time. So, now it’s time for verbs in the sentences, my favorite time. And we’re going to be talking with the one and only Pastor Paul Brintley today, and we’re going to talk about how we walk forward boldly, excitedly, and we take our country back, right after this.

  • Hey there, Patriots! It’s Raven Harrison, your Conservative Warrior. I’m coming to you on behalf of Raven Pack, which is an organization I founded to ensure that real Christians, real believers, real Patriots have the resources and the funding to fight this unprecedented war for our freedoms and our country. Not all heroes wear capes, but wars are expensive and tiresome. I encourage you to go to ravenharrison.com, click on the link for Raven Pack, and give us your most generous contribution. As I always say, if you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are. Every little bit helps. This is an unprecedented fight for our freedoms, but it’s a war we can win. I am grateful for every Patriot who will go to Raven Pack and donate and be a part of this great country and restoring it to all its glory. Until then, keep fighting.

  • Welcome back, Patriots. It’s that time. It’s time to get on the front lines. We’re getting biblical with the one and only Dr. Paul Brintley. Just amazing person, pastor, entrepreneur, speaker, motivator, just all-around badass. Can I say that on a podcast? Well, I just did. So today on Raven’s Radar, we are joined by the one and only Pastor Brintley. Welcome to Raven’s Radar. God bless you.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Thank you so very much for having me. I am honored to be on your podcast.

  • Raven: Well, I’m telling you, a lot of people don’t have the backstory that I have with you. You really are a jack of all trades. So tell our listeners and our viewers a little bit about you, what got you in, and what brought you to the front lines of this spiritual revolution?

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Wow, so I am a born-again believer, just like you are. I’m also a patriot, business owner, excited about what God’s doing in this great country that we live in called America. And just feel like I have a passion to help pastors be able to get engaged into the community, get engaged in what’s happening, with politics. A lot of them are afraid, a lot of churches are kind of standing back. And so I just wanted to help break that mold, to energize our base, those biblical conservative values that all of us have, and share just wanted to put those on the forefront. So we do that in different ways, in media and events, in books, whatever we can do to spread the word.

  • Raven: Well, that is wonderful. And I’m so glad you said that. This is important because in these difficult times, that’s when we need the churches. And the churches are like, “Whoa, we don’t want to go there.” And you are stepping up to the front line because, in fact, you have an event that I love, that I have been to. You are one of the founders of the Salt and Light Festival. Tell us about that.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: So that’s an annual event. It’s held in the fall of the year in North Carolina. We’ve had it in the mountains, we’ve had it in Charlotte, in major cities like that. And then we’re going back to the mountains, more towards Asheville, this year in Marion, North Carolina, September 22nd-23rd. It’s a two-day event. We were blessed to have you and Bishop Archer last year in Charlotte, and you were a blessing to us, and he was as well. So we’re looking forward to that event. We’ll have speakers from all over the country, headliners like Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mike Huckabee, Lauren Boebert, Tulsi Gabbard. I mean, just headliners. Our Lieutenant Governor is a national star as well, Mark Robinson. So all of them will be there, probably be about 30 speakers involved, over a thousand people in attendance. And it’s a two-day event, starting with a concert on Friday night.

  • Raven: That is awesome. And yes, Bishop Archer and I had a great time at this event because it was good to see Christians and Patriots going, you know what’s our role? How do we help? How do we move this forward? Because we are in those trying times, and everything’s kind of political now. But you also have a lot going on on the entrepreneurial side, don’t you? You do, am I reading my notes correctly that you were the youngest Subway franchise owner?

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: I was, back in 1996. Someone has eclipsed my accomplishment now, but I was, in ’96, the youngest Subway franchisee in the country. It was probably about 30,000 stores at that time. So we still have Subway franchises. I’m behind the scenes in those now, but yeah, that was a great venture. Got a paralegal firm. We started a paintless dent removal franchise. And our latest accomplishment was building an All State agency with over a million-dollar book of business.

  • Raven: That is incredible. So, pray hard and eat fresh. That’s right, come on now. So, no, this is exciting because a lot of times, you know, and what do you hear primarily, I hear a lot of Christians getting really weary. They’re feeling, you know, really broken down by seeing what’s going on in our world and people turning away from God. And I’m telling you, this is the time. We gotta get fired up. What are you seeing as a pastor?

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Well, I am seeing people get fired up. There was, a law COVID brought this loyal into the country, not only into the country, but also into the church. And the church had to find a way to navigate through that. And I believe God helped us to do that. And we are now victorious on the other side. But I also saw a revival among conservatives during this time. They kind of were, Lord, asleep as well. They listened to what the government said or their governor or local officials, or our president at the time, what they said for us to do, they obeyed that. And then they were kind of asleep. And the scriptures tells us that the five wives and the five virgins, the ten virgins, five were wise, five were foolish, and they all slumbered and slept. And so, I believe that’s where we were. But the scripture also says that the bridegroom comes. And so, that’s where we are now, we’re waking up the bride, to say, hey, there’s a bridegroom out there by the name of Jesus Christ, and he’s coming. And he needs a church to come back for.

  • Raven: And that is, see, Patriots, you see where I get it from. These are the people who influence me. And he is on target, because the five wise, the essence of that scripture is preparation. He said they’re coming. So don’t get sloppy, don’t get lazy about having your oil prepared and to be ready when the bridegroom returns. Occupy till I return, and you know, that’s what it is. Isn’t it, Pastor? It’s faith without works is dead. So we gotta get to the front line, gotta be doers of the word. So you have to be doers of the word. And speaking of which, I wanted, there’s nothing like a word at one of these Salt and Light Festivals. I think we have a clip, let’s run it.

[Salt & Light Festival Video Clip]

  • Mark Robinson: I want you to think about what would have happened, them boys that bass stone had stayed in the foxhole, that hadn’t come out on them boys over, you know, oh D-Day. If they’d stayed on the ships, instead of getting on the Higgins boats, landed on D-Day, and giving their lives, what would have happened to this nation? What would happen if nobody had showed up on Bunker Hill? Got politicians that won’t show up on Capitol Hill. When the going gets tough, they’re nowhere to be found. Here’s what’s even worse, got a whole lot of pastors out there that won’t get into fight either. They’ll send into their own communities, find their own little comfortable foxhole somewhere in that big mega-church with a micro-gospel, and have the nerve to say, “I’m not political.” No, you’re not political. What you are is a coward fit to be called a follower of Christ. Every pastor in this nation right now ought to be coming out of the foxhole. They ought to be standing up on the parapets, rifles raised on one hand, and the Bible in the other, proclaiming these two words, faith and freedom, and we will fight for both. See, America and God? I’m going to tell you like this. America does not have time for the cowards and the Sackers, the jellybacks who want to hide when the fight gets hot. We don’t need no sunshine, Patriots. Tell you what we need, we need people that are willing to stand up and lead with the wisdom of Moses, fight with the courage of David, and give their heads like John the Baptist, if need be. It’s time for the real Patriots of this nation to stand up, out of that foxhole, and encourage their fellow soldiers. And tell them, “Come on, do you want to live forever? It’s time to save America. Let’s get out here, fight for what God has given us, and let’s do it in His name.”

  • Raven: That’s it, right? That’s how we recharge the fire. And we do it. And I’m telling you, this is just the beginning, Patriots, of what we’re going to do. There is change happening, and I am honored to be able to be with Dr. Paul Brintley and people who are making that happen. We’re going to get more with him after this.

  • Hey there, Patriots. It’s Raven Harrison, the Conservative Warrior. The book is out, Raven’s Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America. It is a powerful memoir that you have to read to believe. Not just my story, the loop of being raised in the Cold War and now being on a loop with Communism, but also, what the story of the daughter of two retired Air Force Colonels looks like, what the front line looks like, and more importantly, what created the Conservative Warrior. It is a story you have to read to believe. It is available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, on our website, ravenharrison.com, and in bookstores. I’m encouraging you, Patriots, to go out and get a copy of this book, support us in this unprecedented fight for our freedom, and know what the front line looks like. An informed Patriot is a powerful Patriot. And like I always say, if you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Keep fighting.

  • Welcome back, Patriots. I’m telling you, we’re in this biblical moment here with the one and only Dr. Paul Brintley. Uh, Dr. Brintley, we just showed a clip before the break about, you know, the Salt & Light and the energy. Were you surprised at how this has grown and the energy that’s gone into this conference?

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Yeah, five years ago when this conference began, we had no idea it would get to this level. And now people are excited coming from different parts of the country to be a part of it, and it’s just a time to be revitalized. You get in that environment, you find other conservative, biblical, valued people that believe like you do. And a lot of times, a believer gets all alone, and they think they’re out there fighting this battle by themselves. And then you come to a conference like Salt and Light, and you hear the gospel. You hear from renowned famous folks. You hear from authors, people on Fox, other news channels. You hear from them as well. And all of that gets mixed together, and the synergy from that just explodes. And people leave our conference ready to join the office, ready to get people to register to vote, or ready to go vote themselves. They hadn’t voted in years. And so we… it’s just so much that happens at our conference that gets people excited again to be a patriot.

  • Raven: It is, and having been there, Patriots, I can tell you, the energy is electric. And it’s amazing when you’re emboldened and refreshed and supported and lifted up by your brothers and sisters, and you can walk forward with boldness. I mean, I really had a great time at this conference. We’re going to be looking forward to it coming this year. And in that vein, you also have – you’re an accomplished author. You have a book. You have several books, actually. But you have books, and I’d like you to share with us your book and just what the thought is and what you’re hoping to convey to readers.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Yes, this is the book “Two Wives in the Pastor’s House”. When I originally wrote the book, it was called “Two Wives in the Parsonage”. So sometimes people Google it and they find it. But my publisher asked me to change the name from “Parsonage” to “Pastor’s House” because a lot of people are not familiar with a parsonage. But anyways, “Two Wives in the Pastor’s House”. And so what do you think? You already have a copy. So before you got the copy, what did you think that book could be about?

  • Raven: I was thinking that, you know, “Two Wives”, it was some kind of duplicity of the role of serving the household and serving God. You know, what constitutes… it was kind of in that bridegroom theory of, you know, for Christians right now, having divided loyalties. That’s what I thought it was going to be about.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Yeah, and so that is part of it. And a lot, I’ve been all around the world, and I’ve had people ask me all kind of questions about what could the book be about. Some think it’s polygamy, some think it’s about adultery, you know, some people’s thoughts go way to the other extreme. Or maybe multiple wives in the pastor’s house. But the premise of the book is how to balance home life and church life. So many pastors get that out of order, and the scripture tells us, before you can lead the church, you have to lead your home. And so, the premise of the book is to get a balance on that, how to make sure your home life is right before you start leading the church. The second part of the book is how to balance that, because a lot of pastors marry the church, and their wife gets neglected, their children get neglected. There’s a saying out there that PKs [pastor’s kids] are the worst. Do you have anything to say about a PK?

  • Raven: Well, at worst children, but no, you’re right. I mean, nobody likes to be in that place, the eye doesn’t see. So that’s so important what you’re talking about about, but no, I don’t have any thoughts on PK.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Okay, so one of the things we do – my wife helped me write the book, along with my son. My wife wrote a portion about living in a glass house. And like you just said, everybody’s looking at you, everybody’s observing you. Then my son wrote about from the perspective of being a preacher’s kid, and how everyone expects him to do ABCD because he already lives with me, he already knows my expectations. And so, we attack both of those at different angles and been able to help a lot of pastors, especially young pastors but even some senior pastors, help them to balance their home life and church life.

  • Raven: And that’s amazing. It’s what we need, because this is not a shaming. This is helping people to get it right and help to interpret the scripture. It’s so freeing when you understand how God’s grace and mercy and His love, agape, and all this other works together. And I love this. What I love about this book, which I did read, is that you also – I love how I am about verbs in the sentences. Don’t tell me what’s wrong without telling me what we’re going to do about it. So it lays out wonderfully and in digestible context of what we can do to put these in balance and move forward. And it’s life-changing, right?

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Well, thank you so much for reading the book. Thank you for bringing it up. I really appreciate that, and we’re looking so forward to having you in September at our Salt & Light conference. You bring it when you come, so we’re looking forward to that.

  • Raven: I love it because I get surrounded by people like you, sir, who help, you know, just recharge the fire. And we understand there’s a boldness that comes when you understand that you – God has your back, God has you protected. Walk boldly. And what I tell people is don’t – you know, don’t tell them, “I have to save my country.” We get to save our country. We have a country to save. We were made for this time. So, Dr. Paul Brintley, thank you so much for being with us today. Tell people where they can find you, the Salt and Light Festival, and get a copy of your book.

  • Dr. Paul Brintley: Sure. So, for the event in September, go to ncfaithandfreedom.com, and then there’s a slash Salt and Light. (https://ncfaithandfreedom.com/saltandlight/) But if you get on our website, you can navigate to events, and you can find it. And there’s other events we call bold and courageous events that we’re doing throughout the year. We have a couple of those, leading up to our major conference, which is Salt and Light. You can find me at paulBrintley.com. I’m on all the social media channels as well. You can buy my books on Amazon, or if you want an autographed copy, you can get them on my website.

  • Raven: That is fantastic. And I am encouraging every Patriot, you know, for people, what can we do, right? Get to this line. You want to talk about one of these salt of the earth pastors who is going to get it, if you’re struggling, if you are trying to wait for direction and strength, this is where you’re going to find it. So Patriots, report to this line. Go to the website. We will have information on our website as well. And again, the one and only Dr. Paul Brintley, thank you so much for being with us. God bless you. Amen. And we’ll be back right after this.

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  • Thank you, Patriots, for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar. I am so grateful to Dr. Paul Brintley. He is an amazing Patriot and conservative. He really inspires me. Had a great time at the conference. Please go check him out. Go check out our website, ravenharrison.com, and on social media, Raven_TXWarrior. You can get information about this show, past guests, the Salt and Light Festival, and, importantly, Raven PAC. Raven PAC is the PAC that I formed to make sure that conservatives, believers, doers have the money and the resources to fight this war we are in for our country. And we are an award for our country. This is an unprecedented assault on our freedoms, our religion, and our liberties. And we have to push back. That is our responsibility. The Bible tells us that faith without works is dead. So, I’m asking you to click on the link, Raven PAC, give your most generous contribution, and help us fight this war.

  • In that vein, I’d also like to encourage Patriots to go out and get a copy of my book. This is “Raven’s Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America”. It is a barn-burner. There’s no recipes in this book, actually. It’s a recipe for freedom. It’s the loop of the Cold War. They used to say this when we were young that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Well, this is where we are, Patriots. We are in a loop. We’ve been here before. And the good news is, we have a way out of this. So please pick up the book. It’s available in bookstores, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and on our website at ravenharrison.com. This is the time we spoke about, but I’m going to give it to you raw. We are going to put verbs in our sentences, and we are going to be the substance of history that we were made for. This time, so please go out and get the book, please go to our website, please get involved, get engaged. This is the time. We need you to sign. Raven, here it is. This is the sign. Come and join us, and until then, keep fighting.


Episode 40 of Raven’s Radar centers around the crucial theme of balancing home life and church life. Throughout the episode, Raven Harrison and Dr. Paul Brintley shed light on the challenges faced by pastors and individuals in managing their responsibilities within their families and faith communities. By emphasizing the need for intentionality, open communication, and effective time management, they provide actionable advice for achieving a harmonious balance.

The conversation highlights the significance of leading by example, both as pastors and as individuals dedicated to their faith. Raven and Dr. Brintley stress the importance of prioritizing family and personal well-being alongside one’s spiritual commitments. They underscore the need for robust support networks, proper time allocation, and effective communication strategies to successfully navigate the demands of both spheres.

As listeners reflect on this discussion, they are encouraged to actively seek alignment between personal and spiritual priorities. By doing so, individuals can cultivate healthier relationships, personal growth, and a stronger connection with their faith. Raven and Dr. Brintley’s insights serve as an uplifting guide, inspiring listeners to approach the challenges of balancing home life and church life with dedication, mindfulness, and a deep-rooted commitment to their beliefs.

In summary, this episode serves as a call to action, motivating individuals to prioritize their families, personal well-being, and faith while fulfilling their roles as leaders within their communities. With intentionality and a steadfast commitment to finding balance, individuals can navigate the challenges inherent in managing their home life and their participation within their faith communities.

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