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Gavin Wax: State of the Party & Leadership Failures

In the latest episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison welcomes Gavin Wax, the president of the New York City Young Republicans, as a special guest. Gavin’s recent speech at the Young Republicans Convention has gone viral, showcasing his passion and call for action within the conservative movement. In this episode, Gavin addresses the current state of the Republican Party, the failures of its leadership, and the need for grassroots involvement and accountability.

Episode 9 Summary with Gavin Wax

During the episode, Gavin Wax delivers a powerful and thought-provoking speech at the Young Republicans Convention. His speech emphasizes the urgency to fight back against the left in all arenas, including the media, the courtroom, the ballot box, and the streets. He highlights the importance of using every available weapon and tactic to secure victories and maintain a position of power. Gavin calls for a complete overhaul of the Republican Party’s leadership, stressing the need for conservative warriors who are committed to upholding traditional American values and national sovereignty.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome Patriots! As we are ramping up for this holiday season, we have a lot to cover. It has been a week, not necessarily a port in a storm, but help is coming. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly. Welcome Patriots! We have a fabulous episode of Raven’s Radar Plan for you today. I, like most of you, are watching the news and still trying to find a glimmer of hope and sanity in our world. But like everything else we do, let’s talk about what’s happening and solutions, what we’re going to do to fix it. The first thing that everybody is talking about is the Brittany Griner release from Russian Penal Colony. I have to make this position clear, and I want to tell Patriots who are listening and watching, that this is my perspective as the daughter of two retired Air Force Lieutenant-Colonels, the wife of a retired C-17 pilot, military-made.
  • I was Texas-born, military-made, and this hits really close to home. When you have people who are in service to this country who are fighting the ugly, dirty, dangerous fights that most of us never see, you learn one thing, which is we cannot show weakness, peace through strength. I literally grew up listening to the phrase, we don’t negotiate with terrorists. I’m old enough to remember when Iran released their terrorists without something for us in the 1980s, because they knew Reagan was coming and it was not going to be a pretty sight, and we can officially say that those days are gone. Brittany Griner has come home, and we have in return released Victor Boot, who is a prolific arms dealer. He is responsible directly and indirectly for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and people. It is a travesty.
  • We gave up the merchant of death to secure probably the only watched trade in the WNBA to date. Absolutely horrific, and I tell people who are saying, well, isn’t it good that we brought her home? It’s always good when we bring Americans home. It is not good that we left Paul Whalen, still in Russia, who’s been there since 2018. He was a law enforcement. He was military, marine guy, and we left him as part of the trade. And instead, we got a WNBA player who was arrested on a petty drug charge, and we released somebody who has been documented to kill tens of thousands of people. I just don’t even have words. This is going to make us less safe. So that’s the issue for the ones who are asking, well, what’s the big issue? The big issue is now we have shown that we are willing to surrender because this was not a trade. It was a surrender.
  • We are willing to give up a terrorist, the caliber of Victor Boot, in order to save a basketball player who pleaded guilty to bringing drugs into Russia. I don’t have words. So if you’re abroad, please take extra care, because this is what preempts people to start kidnapping Americans and trying to get ransom, because we’ve shown that we’ll give anybody for anything. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. I just want to remind patriots, too, that by this time in 1776, we would have already had tea in the harbor. It would have been the Earl of Gray Harbor. We would be protecting right now. We have got to start learning how to push back on this, make some noise while Biden is doing a victory lap before his nap. I would warn patriots that this is not a celebration. It is a failure. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.
  • And not only in this case, did we negotiate with a terrorist? We negotiated with a terrorist for a terrorist. It’s a double whammy, and it’s a foreign policy debacle. It’s Afghanistan 2.0. We left Paul Whalen stranded. We brought home Brittany Griner, and this administration continues to be a joke. Well, we also have some movement now in my home state here of Texas. The GOP has called for a vote of no confidence and shaking up the Republican leadership, a no vote of no confidence in Ronna McDaniel. There is a lot of evidence and substance to back this up. But the important thing is this is progress, Patriots. This is it. We are starting to push back.
  • We are tired of this milk toast. Say one thing, do nothing. I can’t even say do another. Do nothing. Say one thing and do nothing. Leadership all talk, uniparty, results, lists, baseless, inspired lists, party, and we are calling for a no confidence vote. That’s what needs to be happening. I want patriots to see that when we get involved, when we make our voices heard, when we put fire and heat to the leadership, things get done and the popcorn will be ready.
  • So that’s what we need to do. And leading into that, we have a fabulous guest to talk about that. Today we’re going to have as a special guest is Gavin Wax. Gavin Wax is the president of the New York City Young Republicans. And he is a thought provoker. He is a conversationalist. He is a contributor to Newsmax and several other conservative outlets. He is he gave a speech recently at the Young Republicans Convention and it is a barn burner. Take a look at the clip.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Gavin Wax: But ladies and gentlemen, we want more offenses. We want flanking maneuvers. We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war. We must be prepared to do battle in every arena in the media, in the courtroom, at the ballot box and in the streets. This is the only language the left understands, the language of pure and unadulterated power. For our decadent technocratic overlords expect to lull us into a deep sleep through technology, ubiquitous propaganda and artificial prosperity created under a mountain of debt. Many have fallen under a spell and content to accept their subjugation with a smile on their face buried under three masks that they wear as a sign of mindless obsequiousness.
  • I see no masks in the audience so you’re all good. They have become nothing more than serfs to the elites. So I declare tonight no more bringing a knife to a gunfight. When they ballot harvest, we ballot harvest. When they early vote, we early vote. When they mail in, we mail in. And when they litigate, we litigate. Use every weapon at our disposal. No more whining about the hypocrisy. No more complaining about the double standards. No more coveching about what is fair. Fight, win, govern.
  • And when we secure power once more, we must govern with a ruthless efficiency. We must waste no time in passing legislation, in issuing executive orders, in breaking up corporate monopolies, in prosecuting the corrupt, in cleaning house of the federal bureaucracy, and in appointing an army of energetic, ambitious, patriotic, ideologically committed and God fearing young men and women to staff the administration of state. We demand nothing short of a complete and total national renewal, free of corporate special interests, free of foreign influence, and committed only to upholding traditional American values and our national sovereignty.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Woo, that is now you speak in my language. That’s it right there. We are talking about all the hit points. That’s where we need to get. You do not have to tease this Native American constitutional conservative with Texas tea in her veins with a good time. Let’s bring it. Gavin is on fire and we’re getting ready to have him take us through what the next phase looks like.
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  • Raven Harrison: Well, Patriots, I am excited. We’ve got a good, fabulous, great, awesome, spectacular and energizing guest. It is my pleasure to welcome Gavin Wax to Raven’s radar. Gavin, welcome.
  • Gavin Wax: Thank you for having me. It’s great to be here and I’m looking forward to the discussion.
  • Raven Harrison: Oh my goodness, Gavin, that was, that’s a viral video of you that you just spoke at the young Republicans gala. And I’m telling you, it was fire. So is it safe to say that no one can hold a candle to you?
  • Gavin Wax: I mean, you know, there’s a lot of great talent on the right. So I don’t want to say that, but it certainly was a speech full of fire and brimstone. I think it was a speech that needed to be given. I think there were a lot of people in that 600 person room that were looking for energy. They were looking for fire. They were looking for pushback against all the disasters and embarrassments we’ve seen since the election. And I think I gave it to them and I’m glad people are sharing it. It’s going viral and many are appreciating the words within the speech.
  • Raven Harrison: We are. And I’m telling you, we’re going to get into the meat and potatoes, even though I don’t know if you caught the candle and wax reference. I know guys, I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out. But I wanted to tell you, let’s talk about that because we are very light with solutions on what to do about what’s happening. We alluded in our previous segment to some shake up and changes in leadership, but give people the cliff notes on your thoughts of what needs to happen here with with Republican leadership.
  • Gavin Wax: Well, we need a full scale house cleaning of the Republican Party from top to bottom. The leadership, the establishment have completely and utterly failed their voters and constituents. They have been incapable of winning the victories that need to be won. One victories that should have been won from the Senate to the House to Governorships, you name it. So they have failed in the most incompetent and embarrassing of fashions and we need to replace the Mc leadership triumvirate of the GOP, McConnell, McCarthy, McDaniel.
  • And we need house cleaning. And until we get new leadership that truly understands the future direction of the Republican Party that fully understands how to beat the Dems at their own game. And until that happens, we are not going to actually beat a cohesive force to push back against the left. So I’m calling for a complete gutting of the Republican establishment and replacing it with conservative warriors trademark there to replace them and lead us into new victories in 2024 and beyond.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, and I’m glad that you said that this is something I said on the campaign trail, Gavin, many, many times. It doesn’t do any good to take the House back if you don’t clean it first. That’s what we wanted because we talked about people assume that this is just an issue of their cheating at the ballot box. And this is so multifaceted. Where are we losing it? Because you are correct. We are losing these on things that we should have been able to stand up for and push back. What are the issues that Republicans are just giving away right now?
  • Gavin Wax: I mean, I don’t even know where to begin. I mean, the list is so long, they’re giving up on the border. They’re giving up on culture. They’re giving up on social issues. They’re giving up on protecting American industry. I mean, they’re surrendering everything to the left. They’re surrendering to the left’s narrative, to their frame, and they want to go back to being a token opposition that gets pats on the head from big donors and the Chamber of Commerce and all the rest.
  • But we need real fighters. We need people to fight back. We’re bringing knives to gunfights. We need to fight tooth and nail against the left. I said it in my speech, if they’re going to ballot harvest, we should be ballot harvesting in states that we’re allowed to. If they’re going to mail in votes, we should be mailing in votes. If they’re going to early vote, we should early vote. We need to use all the tactics and weapons at our disposal politically to fight back.
  • And we are surrendering too much ground politically to the left. And the left is able to energize their frankly, you know, very apathetic voter base this past election because they had a massive runway of over a month to collect early votes. They were able to get them to mail in, and then they were able to ballot harvest them if neither of those worked. So they were able to make up for their apathy and lack of energy with all these tactics. And then we only vote on election day.
  • And then we vote on election day, and then we still lose, even though we vote overwhelmingly. So we just need to realize the rules of the game have changed. And we have to play by those rules. And once we win, we can change the rules. But we can’t complain about the rules right now, because it’s already been set in stone. And if you’re upset about them being set in stone, I’m with you. But that’s that again goes back to the Republican parties ineptness and allowing these these different electoral methods to become law. But let’s play the game to win. Let’s win. And then we’ll rewrite the rulebook.
  • Raven Harrison: Absolutely. I feel like I know patriots do not adjust your screen. This is something I say all the time, especially in Texas about bringing a knife to a gunfight and having to fight fire with fire. And you are spitting it right here, Gavin. This is what people need to hear. What they need to hear is this is we’re giving it away. I have my own thoughts, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on specifically early voting, because in my opinion, early voting is a parameter that tells them what the boundaries of cheat are. What are your thoughts on early voting in general?
  • Gavin Wax: I mean, absolutely. It’s definitely a useful tool for them because they can measure what they need to do to overcome our generally historical, you know, election day massive victories. So they get the numbers they need to rally. But, you know, if it was up to me, we would only have one day of voting. We wouldn’t have mail in. We wouldn’t have early voting unless, you know, you’re in the military or you have some sort of disability or something like that. But unfortunately, we don’t have those rules.
  • So I think Republicans, we should engage in early voting. There’s a lot of Republicans out there that don’t come out often enough as they should to vote in these elections. And we can get them to rally earlier by doing early voting campaign tactics and getting them to come out and vote early, because we’re still going to win on election day. But we need to have that ramp up period because there’s a lot of apathetic Republican voters. Maybe they only come out for Trump. Maybe they only come out for certain candidates. But if we use that month-long ramp or whatever it is, we can make up ground. So look, it’s not the best.
  • I don’t want to have, I would like to live in a country where we have one election day and that’s it. We don’t. So we’re going to have to learn how to fight. And we don’t even have to win these votes outright. We don’t have to win the early vote. We just need to win on the margins because we’re always going to win on election day. And election day is what’s going to push us over. But we can’t seed so much during the early vote because if we do, if we seed enough ground, that’s where we make these, where we have these narrow defeats that we saw this past election cycle.
  • Raven Harrison: There it is. I mean, Patriots, are you listening? This is what I’m always saying. Breach, Gavin, this is it. Republicans who don’t vote elect Democrats. Okay, that’s been proven time and time again. But more importantly, people wanting to know what they can do, what you can do. This is verbs in the sentences. This is where we need to get. We need to stop these apathetic voters for voting for Milk Toast Republicans. That’s where we have to be doers of the word. And is there accountability that you see needs to happen? I’m telling you in the congressional race that I ran in, people voting, they don’t even know what they’re voting for. And I just, do you see a little of that? Is it a different tide of informed voter now going forward, Gavin? What are your thoughts?
  • Gavin Wax: Absolutely. An informed voter is the establishment’s most feared opposition. We need Republicans, conservatives, the grassroots to get involved in their local party to become, you know, county committee men or precinct leaders. Each state has different terms, but they need to get involved in their local party apparatus where they can elect the local party officers who then go on to elect the state officers who then go on to elect the national officers. That’s how we’re going to change the party. You got to call your committee men, your national committee man, national committee woman, tell them to vote against McDaniel.
  • You got to call your members of Congress, tell them to vote against McCarthy. And we have to be also involved in the primaries. We have to get involved at the primary level. It’s not just the one election, the general election that we have. We’re struggling to get people to vote for. We need to get people to vote in the primaries themselves and to vote in America first conservative populist candidates because the primaries are frankly the most important battle in many of these races. And many of these races, the general election may not even be competitive. So that’s where the primaries are super important, super important to make sure that we push over the edge our candidates and make sure they go on to the general election and win.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s something I wanted as we’re wrapping up really want to hit on because I’m not only an America first, I’m a first American. You guys catch that? It’s a good thing. But what I want to specifically hit on is, and you have a lot of expertise in this, the leadership, this is a trickle down effect of McTerrible leadership. So as you can say, we’ve had Texas just voted and no confidence in Ronna McDaniels because she tends to support the clear clear cats like her uncle. Tell me your thoughts on what we need to see now in the RNC leadership who has utterly failed.
  • Gavin Wax: I think right now we need to rally behind and get behind Harmeet Dillon. I think she is the most viable conservative alternative to Ronna McDaniel. I think she has the grassroots on her side. She has the energy on her side. There’s a lot of people in the comment in the conservative commentators pundits, whoever we’re getting behind her. I think this is the person who can lead the fight against Ronna McDaniel and win, but it’s definitely still an uphill fight.
  • It’s definitely not a guaranteed win. She has a lot of the states in the bag. She may already have the votes in the bag, but it’s important to put up a fight, to send a message, and to keep everyone on notice because we have presided over, because she has, because Ronna McDaniel has presided over a series of defeats from 2018 to 2020 to 2022. We cannot have another defeat in 2024. Our republic is on the line. Our country is on the line, and we need to clean house. We need new leadership, so we can fight back. We can win against the Democrats, and we can govern effectively and return America to some sort of semblance of sanity and common sense.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen, because a house divided cannot stand, and that seems to be where we are right now with the Mc leadership of it’s between the grassroots and the establishment elites, and this isn’t going to work on any front. And I would wager to say, is it your guess that the Dems are already planning their strategy for, you can’t even say cheating, because what they do is they get in after this, and then they try to make these things law, so it’s not actually cheating. But they’re probably already ramping up for 2024 while we’re still pointing fingers at what happened on November 8th.
  • Gavin Wax: No, you’re absolutely right.
  • Raven Harrison: It’s got to, Gavin, this has been a breath of, this is the fight. This is what people need to see. They want to see, because this is the essence of communism. I have military parents. I have lived in communism, and the essence of communism is to mentally and emotionally break you first, to feel like you can’t overcome the system. Gavin, it has been an absolute pleasure and honor to have you on the show today.
  • Tell the Patriots who are listening and watching, where they can find you and how they can get involved with what you’re doing.
  • Gavin Wax: Well, again, thank you for having me on. This was a pleasure. You can follow me @GavinWax, G-A-V-I-N-W-A-X on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it, and you can follow the club, the New York Young Republican Club, @NYYRC, NYYRC.com, oldest and largest young Republican club in the country. We look forward to having you all at our next event and next year’s gala.
  • Raven Harrison: It’s going to be fantastic. So, Patriots, but before I let you go, we have to ask the most important question that I should have gotten to or led with, which is, what is New York pizza and does pineapple belong on it?
  • Gavin Wax: No pineapple on pizza. That’s disgusting. New York pizza is just the best pizza. I mean, you know, I’m above a pizza place right now. My apartment is above a good pizza place, so I smell it every day. But yeah, we have the best pizza and pineapple certainly does not belong on it. I’m sorry to say.
  • Raven Harrison: Okay, now we can be friends. Patriots, that’s what you are hearing. And again, Gavin, thank you so much for the fight. Guys, get involved. Reach out to Gavin. Follow him on social media. Get involved. If you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are Gavin. It’s been an absolute pressure. Thank you so much.
  • Gavin Wax: Thank you.
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  • Raven Harrison: Well, Patriots, I don’t know about you, but I am definitely energized. Having Gavin wax on here, someone who is a doer, that’s something I say often. Faith without works is dead. Gotta be a doer of the word. So if you are not involved with your local organizations, your elected officials, if you’re not paying attention, this is a time to get involved. This is how it’s done. We have to stop getting it from a trickle from the elites to a roar from the base. That’s where we need from a trickle to a roar.
  • So get involved. You know, make noise. Let them know that we are ready for this change. We are ready to take our country back. And quite frankly, we’re not asking. This is happening. And that’s where we need to be, Patriots. In the meantime, I just want to remind all of our Patriots and tell them that the book, the must anticipated, how does one make a conservative warrior? I’m going to tell you, it’s quite a story. The Vegas massacre, having parents in the Pentagon 9 11, being on the forefront of some of history’s most pivotal events has given me a perspective you don’t want to miss. It’s going to be available for pre sale. Go to Raven Harrison.com. Join us on social media Ravens radar and Raven the conservative warrior on all social media platforms, including true social.
  • And we are going to look forward to seeing you next time we can do this.


Gavin Wax’s passionate speech and insights shed light on the current state of the Republican Party and the failures of its leadership. He emphasizes the necessity for grassroots involvement, active participation in primaries, and a complete reevaluation of the party’s direction. Gavin’s call-to-action urges conservatives to rally behind candidates who prioritize America-first policies and to hold party leaders accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, it is clear that the Republican Party must undergo significant changes to effectively combat the left’s agenda. Gavin Wax’s message serves as a wake-up call to conservatives, encouraging them to become informed, engaged, and proactive in shaping the future of the party. By doing so, conservatives can reclaim their political power and restore America to a position of strength and prosperity.

To get involved in the fight for conservative values, individuals are encouraged to follow Gavin Wax on social media (@GavinWax) and support the New York Young Republican Club (@NYYRC). Additionally, active participation in local party apparatus, engagement in primaries, and holding elected officials accountable can help usher in a new era of leadership and effectiveness within the Republican Party. It is only through these collective efforts that conservatives can make a lasting impact and secure a brighter future for America.

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