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Grant Stinchfield: Insights on China, Biden & Patriotism

In the latest episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison is joined by conservative TV host and firebrand Grant Stinchfield. Known for his strong conservative views and commitment to common sense and patriotism, Stinchfield shares his insights on various current events and issues. From leaking classified documents to the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, Stinchfield provides a unique perspective on these topics.

Episode 27 Summary with Grant Stinchfield

During the episode, Grant Stinchfield discusses several key highlights concerning current events. He sheds light on a 22-year-old Air National Guardsman who was arrested for leaking confidential information, emphasizing the mainstream media’s attempt to portray him as a “gun enthusiast” in order to blame white conservatives. Stinchfield also delves into the leaked documents and their revelations about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, which further showcases the Biden administration’s ineptitude. Additionally, he touches on the dangers posed by ChinaRussia, and their potential collaboration with Iran and Saudi Arabia.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this fire-themed episode of Raven’s Radar. We are going to get it done. There’s a lot going on, and we’ve brought the fire to tell you how it’s going to work out. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots. Thank you for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar. You guys know how I like to do it, right? The front line generals and the verbs and the sentences. We have it all today. I have a legendary guest with me in studio. I’m going to try not to fangirl, but we’re going to get it. The one and only Grant Stinchfield TV host, I mean, just extraordinary firebrand and voice in the conservative movement, which is also the same movement of common sense, and decency, and patriotism.
  • Grant Stinchfield: I appreciate all the compliments. Keep going. You’re just saying. Because it’s true.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s right.
  • Grant Stinchfield: No, stop. No, stop going.
  • Raven Harrison: So, no, we’re lucky to have Grant with us on Raven’s Radar. And Grant, I wanted to take something different because this is something you normally tackle on your show. You have a few shows. Tell our listeners and our viewers where your shows are.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Well, since we’re on the podcast model here, so you can find me Stinchfield, any of the podcast platforms, including rumble, just type in Stinchfield, it’ll come up. But Real America’s Voice is where I am 7 p.m. Eastern time every night. And then America First News, which is a new platform we’re doing a show there daily, the show’s dropping the afternoon. And then I do morning drive radio in Los Angeles. And I do that from Dallas. I try not to tell anybody that, but I refuse to live in Los Angeles.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s right. So you’re going to Texas that California.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Exactly. Come on now. Yes, we’re trying. That’s kind of hard.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s how we do it. So, you know, normally I would go through the current events, but we’ve got somebody who tackles these current events. So we’re going to tackle them together today. And we’re going to go through because we got a lot going on. So just me or Biden is like walking material. We never have days that there’s not something humongous going on. So let’s just get right to it. So we have a 22 year old
  • Grant Stinchfield: 22 year old leaker
  • Raven Harrison: of confidential information. He had top security clearance from the Pentagon. This 22 year old from the Air National Guard had top secret security clearance and apparently leaking documents. I think we actually have a clip. Let’s roll
  • [Clip Begins]
  • ABC Reporter: the particular group that they leaked into was one where they were gun enthusiasts and very strong opinions. And given these days, they’re taking no chances there. That is the arrest of Jack Tashara, Air National Guardsman.
  • Raven Harrison: Wow. Just wow. So so many questions. I know patriots are asking right now.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Well, I’m asking one question about that clip. Let’s get it. Gun enthusiast. He’s a United States military member. So now they come out and say gun enthusiasts. And what are they talking about? They’re talking about every white conservative in America that they’re going to try to blame for this. And they’re going to try to look, they’re going to try to tie him to some kind of a make America great again guy as well.
  • You watch. That’s what’ll happen. But gun enthusiasts, he’s a member of the United States military. What do they have to say that for? This is not like he was in a mass shooting. He was in a classified document scandal, a leak, which I want to make it clear. I do not condone any kind of leaks whatsoever. I’m not, I’m not a Snowden fan. I understand the information that came out of those leaks are very important for conservatives. And it opened our eyes to a lot of things. But you can have people going around leaking classified documents.
  • Raven Harrison: The ends does not justify the means. I have two military parents that were in the Air Force. The number of classified documents my parents leaked. So here’s the thing, but that’s exactly this is the left’s argument isn’t spoons, make people fat, guns, kill people, pencils, misspell tests. So instead of working on the fact that he leaked these documents, we’re going to talk about, well, he leaked them to gun and I’m a gun enthusiast and not a white supremacist so far as I know. But so tell us what, what do we know about the information that was in these documents that he leaked?
  • Grant Stinchfield: So you have the mainstream media coming out and saying that this is the worst leak since Snowden. It’s baloney. I’ve been talking about what was inside these documents for a really long time, but only confirmed what already knew it, confirmed that the war in Ukraine was not going well, that Russia was on the offensive, killing Ukrainians at a rate of seven to one. I had said that Ukraine is lying about their success in this war. I’d said this for a long time. They confirmed that there are United States boots on the ground in Ukraine, in Kiev. And I’ve said for a long time, it is my suspicion that we have special force operators on the ground in Ukraine. It confirmed that we’re spying on allies.
  • Now everyone knows we’re spying on allies. It’s the way things are done. Is it an embarrassment? Yes. It confirmed that we were trying to get in other countries like South Korea, trying to get ammunition to Ukraine. Did we know that was happening? Yes. Was it confirmed? No, but none of this is blockbuster stuff. What it does though is it makes the Biden administration look really bad. It makes the Biden administration look inept in their ability to run this war, and then inept in how they’re covering this story. I mean, when you think about the New York Times beats law enforcement to the house of where they arrested this clown, New York Times beats them there.
  • This stuff was being leaked out for weeks before our intelligence community even figured out that it was wrong. And then you have Joe Biden just last week saying he’s not concerned about the leak. Now, how are you saying you’re not concerned about a leak when it has all these things? You better be concerned about the leak.
  • Raven Harrison: And let’s do a hypocrisy check. Let’s do a double take because when Biden, we found documents everywhere, you know, for Joe Biden, we found classified documents at his house, at his think tank, and all these, they said it was reckless. But when this guy leaks it on Discord, a gaming site, it’s called treason.
  • But when Biden does it, it’s called, wait a minute, wake him up. When Biden does this, it is, I use this word and somebody lost their mind when I said this is treason. And they lost their mind. What’s the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About two weeks, Patriots.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Myocardaitis.
  • Raven Harrison: Come on. There it is. So that’s what I want Patriots to hear is this is real talk. We got to get through the garbage, which when you’re listening to Biden, that could be pretty much anything. You know who really, really needs to be checked. Biden’s sign language interpreter, somebody give that person a raise. That’s got to be the worst job in America. Hands down. But back. So that’s what’s happening on the leak.
  • But we also, whoa, we have our, our favorite, the, cause I’m old enough to remember when they said Hunter Biden’s laptop was misinformation. And they skewered President Trump for this. But now we not only know it’s real. Tell us where we stand with the blether of porn and crack a doodle that was found on this website.
  • Grant Stinchfield: I think that on which website, which
  • Raven Harrison: I’m sorry, on the, on the, the websites that were on his laptop, what was found on his laptop, don’t watch when you are eating.
  • Grant Stinchfield: So I think these two stories are absolutely 100% connected. So you have Joe Biden, the jet sets off to Ireland and he brings Hunter Biden with him to Ireland as stories are breaking that Cathaway bank is now giving millions of dollars to the Biden family that is confirmed in records, according to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, that they can confirm that these Chinese payments to the Biden family rank in the millions of dollars. That story is breaking. Then you have the Obama staffer who was a stenographer for Obama. The story is breaking that he overhears Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan on Air Force two talking to the media about this is on a trip to Ukraine about the most important thing and mission that they’re making to Ukraine is to help the energy sector in Ukraine.
  • Now, unbeknownst to the media at that time, three days earlier, Hunter Biden gets his job with Burisma. Nobody knows that they go to your Ukraine. A few months later, you have $50 million in American taxpayer dollars now sent to Ukraine’s energy sector. So you can make the argument that American taxpayer dollars were being money laundered through Ukraine to be sent back to the Biden family. And lo and behold, now they’re in Ireland. Now we have this story breaking about the leaker and that story disappears from the headlines as we’re so focused in on what’s going on with the leaker. See, nothing is really ever what it seems in Washington. And so you gotta be focused on
  • Raven Harrison: his mouth is ever what it seems. But let me do the CNN view, but we’re just, we have to help our allies. We have to secure their border. Do you realize we’ve spent more in Ukraine than the entire Russian defense budget? That’s how much money has gone to Zelenskyy in all this time. I mean, does, do we owe him money on our taxes this year? Is anybody paying attention? Billions.
  • Grant Stinchfield: So when you think about the leaks and you think about Ukraine, so what, what happens now? It looks very bad with how the war is going in Ukraine. You mark my words, the Democrats now are going to use those leaks to say, well, now we have to double down on Ukraine. Now the world knows that it’s not going well in Ukraine. And now we got to double down. We got to send them more money. We have to send them more equipment. God forbid send more boots on the ground. We were told there were no boots on the ground. I knew there were, but we were told there weren’t. Why are they lying to us? Will those questions ever be answered? No, but they’ll use this. They’ll use it to push more money to Ukraine. You watch.
  • Raven Harrison: They, I mean, an argument could be made, does Biden even know what boots on the ground means? Bueller. So that’s, but this is what conservatives need to hear because they’re all over the place. They couldn’t wait to spin this to a gun control issue. You know, these are the same guns. I just want to tell the, the, the, uh, the liberals, this is the same guns that are protecting Joe Biden’s incompetent Keister right now.
  • Okay. So Pelosi, if you want to, whenever these guys are on cameras, pan out a little bit to see if those are slingshots or actual guns, protecting these people and then come back and we’ll, we’ll talk about it. But that’s huge. We also have a lot going on. That’s not getting as much attention with our currency and money. Okay. Right now, the reason that we have staved off economic disaster is because the dollar is still the trading currency, which right now Putin and G, you know, this is good stuff. Somebody wake Biden up. Putin and G have been meeting to destabilize and make the Chinese currency and this petrodollar, the currency. And if that happens, they can call in all of our debt and they collapse our economy like that.
  • Grant Stinchfield: They could. I’m not worried yet about the U S dollar becoming obsolete on the world scene. It’s the least rotten apple in the cart right now, the U S dollar. So you watch the next major crisis that happens, they’ll flood right back to the American dollar. But what it, you should take a point from is that you’ve got, you’ve got China and you’ve got Russia working with Iran and even Saudi Arabia now, uh, working to use the Chinese yuan as a currency, not good.
  • It’s enabling Russia to prop up its economy, sell oil back to, uh, back to China. You’ve got Saudi Arabia, which was supposed to be an ally of the United States. And now Saudi Arabia is helping China build two oil refineries in, in, in their country, not to mention recruiting in Iran. It sure looks like a coalescing of enemies that could be the start of World War three. Now I’m not saying we’re at that point yet, but certainly these are signs of what would happen if someone was preparing for World War three. The only solace I take out of all of this is that China needs the United States so bad when it comes to their economy, just as much as we need them.
  • Uh, it would really not be in their best interest to start a World War three. But in the end, you don’t know how the Chinese think because the Chinese want to take over the world. They have said it over and over again. They don’t want to just take Taiwan. They want the entire world. They would colonize the United States if they have the ability to do that.
  • Raven Harrison: Exactly. And let’s just, because China actually made a comment about that, that was something that I think, um, Frank Gaffney had made a comment about on my show about right after the Cold War when Russia, everything came from the Soviet Union. China instantly came up and said, now they’ve got a cold war with us. So we had the little foreboding about that coming up, but you are correct, but it’s important to mention we didn’t have this problem. Saudi Arabia was an ally under President Trump.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Well kind of Saudi Arabia has never been great. Remember the 9 11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. They did. I’ve always had my eye on Saudi Arabia. I don’t, I don’t trust Saudi Arabia, but you are right that they were better under President Trump.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Nobody made a move under President Trump because they didn’t know what he would do. And they trusted him that if he said he was going to do something bad to them, that he would carry through with it. Nobody trusts Joe Biden to do that. And I will say this too, energy independence was all about keeping our enemies in check. That’s right. There’s no way that Vladimir Putin could afford to go into Ukraine when oil is at $40 a barrel.
  • He needs oil to be at $80 to $100 a barrel in order to be making money because the Russian government is the one that produces the oil. It costs them a lot of money to produce oil. When oil goes to $80 or $100 a barrel, then Vladimir Putin can go on the move. So we can talk about how strong Trump was and he was certainly very, very strong. But oil being at $40, $45 a barrel is what kept, kept Vladimir Putin in check.
  • Raven Harrison: And it was, and it was good. It was also not now to see Biden pretending to sanction Russia when we now need them for oil. You know, hey, you guys did a really bad thing, but we need some oil. So it is absolutely comical. But we’re going to, we’re going to come back. We’ve got to keep going because are you guys getting this? You feeling the, the, the burn, not that burn, not the, the, the old one who needs to retire. We’re talking about the real burn.
  • Grant Stinchfield: I was worried you were talking about like sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Raven Harrison: No, we’re talking, we weren’t talking about that. I think that was Bernie that we were. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I’m going to be good because I want to get to heaven without picking the lock. So yeah, we were talking about the old Bernie Sanders doctors.
  • Grant Stinchfield: The other burn is not good.
  • Raven Harrison: Yeah. Either burn is terrible, but we’re talking about that. Whenever we’re going to return, first we’re going to take a break and go to our Patriot mobile sponsors because you vote with your wallet. And this is how Patriots power up right after this.
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  • [Clip Begins]
  • Grant Stinchfield: I’m going to tell you this right off the bat. I’m going to mispronounce her name. I know I’m mispronouncing it wrong and I really don’t care. Megan Rapino, the soccer player. Okay. The pink haired, blue haired, whatever she chooses in the day, is speaking out against the protection of girls and women in sports act. This is a woman who’s made a fortune playing female sports, speaking out against protecting it. Okay. This is her statement. “Today politicians in DC are claiming to protect women’s sports by pushing a transit intersex sports ban. Call your congressional rep today to say women’s sports need protection from unequal pay, sexual abuse.” Give me a break.
  • I can’t even read that one. I can’t read these leftist statements. Here’s the reason why. Megan Rapido, I don’t even play soccer. I’m 54 years old and I could go out there right now and I could feel a team of male soccer players and guess what? We kick your ass. That’s the bottom line. We would kick your butts and that goes for your wife too, who is an NBA star, right? Sue Bird. She’s complaining about this protecting women’s sports. I’m a 5’9″, 54-year-old white guy.
  • I’ll field a team of basketball players and we’ll go beat any NBA team out there. I say this somewhat in jest, but I’ll tell you this. It’s not in jest. I could take the best high school boys team in Texas and I promise you we would beat any WNBA team out there. It would not be fair to have boys playing against these girls in any sport at all. Knock it off. Act like a feminist. You want to claim to be one. Act like one and protect women.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, that was it, Patriots. I’m telling you that is the one and only Grant Stitchfield giving us the fire and that’s what I always like to tell conservatives right now. They want us to be broken down, defeated. That’s kind of the mentality of communism, but we need to be chest out, strutting and going, you know, this is how it’s going to be because this is how this is what it’s going to need to get our country back.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Don’t forget about humor. It’s the most important thing. You have to be able to smile and laugh and you have to be relatable to people. So when you’re talking about this stuff at home with your family, with coworkers, make sure you do it with a smile. Do not do it with some of the stuff you just saw right there that works for conservative television. It doesn’t always work at the office cooler, right? At the water cooler. So humor, relatability and empathy goes a long way when you’re having these conversations.
  • Raven Harrison: No kidding. And what I’d like to talk to be since we have a personality, you and I are very similar in personality. We’re out there. We’re in the forefront, but you have a lot of people. I hear this, you know, they’re asleep or people waking up. I don’t think they’re asleep. I think they’re afraid, you know, and we’ve got to, this is what it, if this was 1776, we’d already have tea in the harbor.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Yeah. Well, I tell people all the time, you have to be bold. And boldness means it could mean walking neighborhoods for a candidate. It could mean starting a podcast. It could be running for office. It could mean a lot of things. It could literally just mean talking to people, like I said, at the water cooler, at the office, and talking about politics in a respectful manner and trying to pull people in respectfully to our camp.
  • But you have to be bold. Those who hide how you believe our country is never going to survive, if you hide your true beliefs or you’re afraid to speak up. Now, I understand that people have businesses and you got to take care of your family. And it’s not always, you’re not always able to put it on the line and you’re going to lose customers and those kinds of things. So it’s a fine line. I get it. But in the end, you’ve got to find spots and pick your spots to be bold, because if you’re not, our country will be lost.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct. And we call that Thomas Paine referred to them as Sunshine Patriots. It’s the ones who are, we’re Patriots from way back here, but here’s the thing. Not wanting to speak is different than not being able to. And the essence of communism doesn’t care about your business, your family, or anything else. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So tell these Patriots, if you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are.
  • So Patriots, that’s it. I need a sign. Here it is. Report to this line right now. So in doing that, where do you feel like we are in terms of, I tell people, communism is here. You know, we’ve been spoon fed this communism. And now that’s what we’ve got. The government’s not working properly. It’s not functioning properly. This is exactly the government that our founding fathers warned us about.
  • Grant Stinchfield: So before President Trump came around, I said, one of our biggest threats, I now believe Joe Biden is our biggest national security threat within the Oval Office. But one of our threats was what I call a ruling class of career bureaucrats, ruling class of career politicians. This is today’s deep state that profit and benefit off of self interest first, national interest second. And they just want to grow government at a rate that we cannot sustain. So when you combine that with the leftist push in America, China infiltrating our government at all levels, and I do believe that China has infiltrated, including the Justice Department, correct.
  • They’re not in our backyard. They’re not knocking on the back door. They are in the house. Yes. And you combine that with the the blind liberal zombie ism in America today, that literally people cannot think for themselves anymore. They follow these, these liberals who the leadership of the Democrat Party has a different objective than the blind liberal zombies. The blind liberal zombies probably think that they’re doing the right thing and they’re being nice.
  • The leaders of the Democrat Party are devious. They want to fundamentally change America to control literally every single one of us at every single level. And they do it by growing the size of government. And they did it through COVID by testing out how far they can push us. I know that’s common theme. But in the end, our country’s in some really bad shape. Here’s the great thing. I call the people that watch my program, Stinchfield’s Army, there’s lots of them out there.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s me.
  • Grant Stinchfield: And well, I love it. Well, thank you, Raven. There’s lots of us and you don’t even need to be a member of Stinchfield’s Army. You can still think like Stinchfield’s Army. This is why America survives. I promise you, there is no way they steal this country from us. Not a chance. There is no way the people that I know when I go to Waco, Texas, or I go to Iowa, or I go to Nebraska and I see the Patriots, the people that love this country and I see the fire in their eyes and the passion that they would literally be willing to die for this country. There is no way some weenie latte drink in liberal in San Francisco has taken our country from us.
  • Raven Harrison: Come on, Grant. You know what I was going to say? No vegan Lotties here. That’s Patriots. We serve Texas tea here. So that’s what people need to hear. That’s what it’s about because people tell me all the time, well, Raven, how can we, you know, they’re so big. That’s what communism does. It’s a psychological game. They have to make you feel we’re too big. We’re too strong. But remember, it’s because of that Rattatat Army in 1776.
  • It was, they were underfunded, under resourced. And that’s the reason you don’t speak British right now, guys, is because we had to push back anybody, Fort McKinrick, anybody. That’s how you get it done. I tell people it doesn’t have to be, it’s a she’s calling for an insurrection. No, she’s not. You know, Rosa Parks, go to the back of the bus. No. That’s how it’s done Patriots. And that’s what people need to do. So what are you doing now? We’re both on the front lines. What are we doing now to advance this and help take our country back?
  • Grant Stinchfield: Well, I would offer up that you need to be talking, as we said, I would offer up that you need to be giving money to candidates that you support. Money is everything in the game right now. That’s right. So my support is 100% behind Donald Trump. So I believe that you need to be supporting him at this time. And you need to be taking matters into your own hands and go walk neighborhoods for your local school board candidate.
  • Like, that’s how they’re taking this country is from these little tiny local offices. Be a precinct, captain. You know, we have like 50% of the Republican party across the country, 50% of precinct chair positions. These are little neighborhood jobs. All their job is to get out the few block area in their neighborhood, get them out to vote. Those positions sit empty. You want to start someplace? Be a precinct captain.
  • Grant Stinchfield: And that is such good advice. What do I always say, Patriots, if you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are. And it’s important to remember not everybody who says they’re a conservative or Republican.
  • Grant Stinchfield: You know, honestly, Raven, I don’t even believe I’m on the front line. I’m a voice for people. And I get to, I get to, I get to talk on TV and I do radio in the second largest market in the country. And I got a national TV show, but I’m not the front lines. The front lines are the people that are going to work every day. They’re literally having to deal with this. The front lines are literally the cops and the firemen. And God bless our military.
  • These people are willing to lay down their lives for us. Police officers today that are protecting communities. You have prosecutors, it’ll turn their back on a, on a police officer and support a criminal before they will the cops. These are the front lines of America. I sit behind it in front of a camera. Come on. It’s the easiest job in America. And I’m blessed to be able to do it, which is why I never ever felt like I really had a job. But, but this is not the front lines. It’s not.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, it is for me. I feel like you’re an inspirational general, getting people to step up into the calling and emboldering them to help. Cause some people just don’t know how to fight.
  • Grant Stinchfield: Yeah.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s kind of how we, so, you know, all generals, you know, if they have an army, they’re a general. So that’s what, so, Grant, we love having people like you. And that’s where I am. And that’s where it’s important to pay attention. Patriots, this is how we do it a little bit at a time. Get behind those of us who are doing it. And again, we can, this is a winnable war. They showed us this in 1776. We know how to, and I was raised by warriors. So there is failure is not an option.
  • Grant Stinchfield: No,
  • Raven Harrison: I heard that at the dinner table almost every night. So that’s what people need to keep in mind is we can take our country back what we have to see through the smoke and mirrors, you know, and that’s what it is. Joe Biden is ridiculous and they’re trying to double down, but they are, do you see a little element of panic coming in here with the Biden administration? I mean, this is all their narrative. January 6 is crumbling. We’re seeing photos of people being tour guided through. Yeah. Insurrection with a tour.
  • Grant Stinchfield: You would think they’d be in panic mode. Certainly it’s collapsing around them, but the mainstream media runs cover for them and props them up.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, they do. So, but we tear it down. That’s what we do on these is the truth is the truth. It’s not your truth and my truth. It’s the truth. So it’s reminding patriots that that’s what it’s about. Freedom is not free. It’s paid for. And I just want to thank like you said, big thank our veterans. Thank our, you know, thank our military, our law enforcement, the ones who are being, you know, just smacked around by this government and defunded and everything every day.
  • We love you. I’d also like to give a big shout out to my oil and gas people, the literal life blood of America, the heat while everybody, all this green energy has, you know, them under attack. Those are my people. Shout out to the oil and gas workers association. Love you guys. Thank you for my heat and my lights that you can see Grant. Come on now. Lights are it. So Grant, thank you so much for being here to just kind of put some pep back into the step. So tell our listener and viewers again, where they can find you, where you’re filming next.
  • Grant Stinchfield: So again, the podcast is real important. Just type in Stinchfield, anywhere you find podcasts, including Rumble. And then I was taken off YouTube, by the way, literally obliterated from YouTube last week. My account’s gone to the point where I can’t even log into YouTube TV, like YouTube TV, where I get my cable, they blew the entire account up because they didn’t like me talking about COVID.
  • Raven Harrison: And YouTube is literally Facebook 2.0 for those who don’t know.
  • Grant Stinchfield: So very, very sad there. But and then Real America’s Voice show, 7pm Eastern time every night. So I’ll be headed next to go do that show. And America first news, all kinds of places. But podcast is the most important and Real America’s Voice every night at 7pm Eastern time.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s it, Patriot. Did I tell you it’s going to be epic? So I’m telling you, this is great. This is the front line. There’s going to be information about Grant as well on my website. And we’re going to keep that information coming Patriots. We’ve got a country to save. We’ll be back right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you Patriots for being here for this episode of Ravens radar. That was it. I’m telling you guys might want to put the AC on after that. It’s two fire breathers in a room. It doesn’t get any better than that. But I really want Patriots to, uh, I want you to feel encouraged. This is not a doom and gloom. This is a, you know, we get to take our country back. We get to, we get to call out. I mean, our existence, we were made for this time, you know, for this fight, for this movement in this moment.
  • So that’s what I want Patriots to take away from that is this is what you want. So if you want to see more information about Grant, you can go to my website, Raven Harrison.com. You can also find me on social media, Raven, the conservative warrior, and that’s Raven underscore TX warrior. We’ve got a lot of fakes out there who, who wish they were Raven, they wish so out there, but Raven the conservative warrior on TX underscore warrior on social media and our book, the book, it’s the blueprint of how we started in the Cold War and how we are now back in the Cold War. We’re not repeating. We’re in a loop right now that we have to fix. So you want to know what it was like inside the Pentagon.
  • When it was hit, I’m going to tell you the Vegas massacre, everything that was shocked as a conspiracy theory, we’re going to discuss and I’m going to bring you through the book with the verbs and the sentences, what creates a conservative warrior. I’m going to show you. And it’s quite a story. So on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com, you can get Raven’s mantle and it’ll be out by the end of May. It’s going to be a great ride. It’s going to be a great read.
  • It’s going to, it’s going to take you through some things, Patriots, but in the meantime, vote with your wallets, support our sponsors, the oil and gas workers association and Patriot mobile and all the people on the front lines. And remember we were made for this time. So walk in that light. God is on the throne and we’ve got this Patriots. We can do this.
  • We’ll see you next time.


In conclusion, Grant Stinchfield’s insights and perspectives provide viewers with a better understanding of the current political landscape. Despite the challenges faced by conservatives, Stinchfield emphasizes the importance of being bold, supporting like-minded candidates, and actively engaging in local politics. He reminds Patriots that the fight to preserve American values and sovereignty is ongoing and encourages everyone to stand up and play their part in this crucial battle.

To stay informed and engaged, viewers are encouraged to support Grant Stinchfield’s podcast and TV show, where he continues to address important topics and provide analysis from a conservative perspective. Additionally, they are urged to support conservative candidates and consider taking on active roles in their local communities, whether as precinct captains or through other means of involvement. By standing together, Patriots can ensure that their voices are heard and that the principles upon which America was founded remain strong.

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