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Jeff Younger: Battle Over Son's Transition

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In a recent episode of Ravens Radar, host Raven Harrison delves into the deeply personal and highly controversial battle Jeff Younger is fighting against his ex-wife over the transition of their son. This episode sheds light on the challenges faced by parents in similar situations and the importance of understanding the role of the state, the legal system, and political establishments in these battles.

Episode 22 Summary with Jeff Younger

In this episode, Raven introduces Jeff Younger as a fighter thrust into the front lines by a story that is both extraordinary and heart-wrenching. Jeff, a father and determined advocate, shares his experience of how his ex-wife decided to transition their son at the age of three, which eventually led to a divorce and a custody battle. Jeff sheds light on the shocking circumstances surrounding his son’s transition and the challenges he has faced in his fight to protect his child.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome patriots! It’s that time again. It’s time for another Ravens radar and we are gonna light it up today We’re gonna bring you a story so powerful. I hesitate to even allude to it, but we’re going there We’re gonna get right to it. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome patriots! It is time for another episode of Ravens radar. We’re gonna get it. It’s been a crazy crazy week We say that a lot since 2021, don’t we? It’s utter insanity going out there So let’s get right to what’s going on in the world right now You know my signature sarcasm is going to be present and showing up today because we got some stuff that you just Wow, it’s it’s a joke. It’s just not the funny kind. So we’ve got a Florida judge Whoo patriots! So you want to know what difference it makes when we kind of get together and make our voices heard Florida judge has grappled onto The sanity we need to have as a country and demanded that Joe Biden do his flipping job He has said you have seven days to get this border secure For those who aren’t paying attention.
  • The border is a disaster. It is an invasion It is a flood of people we can’t support support and sustain that are just pouring across El Paso has video that would just make you cringe of People trying to beat down the barricades coming in and they’re just being moved all over the country and we’re getting the The epitome of gas lighting from the bad. This is good. They’re coming here because our economy is so great ha Okay, stop Just stop Okay, if you’re gonna pee on somebody’s leg, you gotta tell them it’s raining. You’ve got to stop it Okay, the border is open. This is not humanitarian. This is not just this is not Compassionate it is none of the it is dangerous It is dangerous. It is irresponsible. It is reckless and it is expensive Guys, there is a human toll for this. We cannot be incentivizing people to break the laws of our country It doesn’t work that way.
  • So we’re saying seven days because we have title 41, which is a covid protocol I’m sorry title 42, which is a covid protocol that was put in Um to be able to repel people but the bottom line is we can’t be accepting the world’s Everything we just can’t we can’t financially afford it. We can’t we just don’t have the resources for it and Biden knows this but they are continuing to try to gaslight Americans by saying they’re coming here because The economy is so great. They just you know, they are well, I guess if you’re leaving Venezuela and it’s 1500 percent inflation then yeah, you know our eight percent should look pretty good Okay, that’s not grounds for asylum biden and the cackling czar know that Okay, they know that so the end of the day Um, this isn’t sustainable. You have got to secure our border that is government’s number one job is to protect The safety the sovereignty of America and the safety of its citizens and they are failing miserably They’re just flat out refusing to do it to the point where a judge in north florida has to step in and say do your job Secure this border close this border down.
  • We can’t have Up anywhere from a thousand to sixteen thousand people pouring across our border every day They’re not being vetted. They’re not being screened. They’re not being Tested for various diseases. They’re coming in needing food housing education Transportation on our racist roads And they are overwhelming our resources and our system and crime is spiking We are in a free fall. This is a bad situation at the border and thank god for the patriots and for this judge to step up Okay, and wake biden up from his nap and tell him to do his freaking job Okay, so I just want to add to that. Thank you to this judge in north florida and I want to add to that You know, Joe Biden you suck sincerely everybody Okay, onto that now.
  • We’ve got So so the in the elections have consequences vain. Let’s move on to Um, what’s happening with uh svb, which is the silicon valley bank which just failed How is that biden’s fault everything is biden’s fault right now? That’s what it kind of means You know to take the top spot. That means the buck stops with you. So in our Economy which let me bring you up to speed. So biden shut down the pipelines We are no longer energy independent the way we were Under president trump.
  • So we are no longer exporting and energy independent. We are now dependent on enemies who are hostile Engaged in war for our oil so that we can remain sustainable So we also have had inflation that got as high as 9.06 percent Which was staggering crippling Americans and crushing The kitchen table issues that most Americans dealt with in midterms We have empty store shelves as usual and we have a staggering debt with him pushing through that Omnistrosity for 1.7 trillion dollars. Meanwhile, you know biden’s teleprompter told him that he’s reduced the debt the deficit more than any other president He said by 1.7 trillion dollars, which is ironically the exact amount of the omnistrosity that they push through and that one of the last official Acts of pelosis gavel, you know a vodka soaked gavel fingers Putting through and this is where we are. So biden’s proposal.
  • You guys are gonna like this spend Okay, biden’s proposal is let’s add 20 trillion dollars To the debt to make sure our roads are not racist and that your investments are woke Okay, esg. That’s another episode of ravens radar, but i’m telling you this is their plan They’re going to spend their way out of debt They are going to spend their way into oblivion. So they are going to his proposal That he just unveiled at 20 trillion dollars bringing our debt to 51 trillion dollars and oh by the way Let’s include the debt ceiling and over and hundreds of billions earmarked to take care of all these people He is allowing to run over our border And the triple effect is that banks are are going to start failing all over the place guys. This is serious Okay, we are in debt up to our eyeballs Our financial institutions are failing because they’re investing in this woke garbage and svv fail the bank failed now Rising interest rates. This is we’re going to have to buckle up this part of the storm is going to get a lot worse before it gets better I’m telling you guys.
  • This is going to be a rough ride. We know how we’re going to come on the end of it We’re going to get real leadership in 2024. This is why we fight back. This is what elections have consequences Don’t vote vote with your emotions vote with the facts Okay, and vote with your wallet. So i’m telling you the best advice I can give patriots raven. What do you suggest stop voting democrats? Okay, they’ve had two years to show you what they could do and the economy the stock market the border Okay, and quality of life supply chain issues. This is the proof is in the pudding. I don’t need to sensationalize that they’ve shown what they can do over two years And they have brought America to the brink of ruin. So that’s what it is.
  • That’s my advice and in that vein And in that vein, let’s talk about we’re going to branch out today and talk to a guest because that war that they’ve declared on our freedom And our sovereignty also filters out to our youth That was a doctrine that hitlands hitler stalin Marx lenin all the other tyrants of history have all used is to go after the youth to mold the youth Into mindless soldiers who are just obey and give up their their god-given rights And we’re not going to do that. So I’m going to give you a story. You have to To hear to believe it’s powerful It has to do with the father fighting one of the most fundamental betrayals you can imagine of having um, your children offered up as Sacrificial lambs to a woke agenda So we’re going to have the one and only jeff younger on our show today And i’m telling you this is one that you need to Do here and see to believe and we’ll have him right after this break
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome patriots. So it’s time. We’re getting to this episode of ravens radar and i promised you epic And we’re going to give it to you today We have an amazing guest, but before i tell you what’s so amazing about this guest I gotta show you some video that backs up everything i’m about to tell you. Let’s roll it
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Crowd: F**KING FASCIST (repeatedly)
  • [Clip Ends] Woo patriots, did i tell you do not adjust your filters? That is truly the next generation that’s supposed to be in charge when we can’t do it anymore that you saw attacking My guest my guest is the one and only jeff younger. He is a father. He is a fighter He’s a front line in the movement Catapulted into the front line by a story you have to hear to believe and he’s here with us in studio today Welcome jeff.
  • Jeff Younger: Thanks for having me raven.
  • Raven Harrison: Welcome to ravens radar My goodness, you know people know that i tend to get worked up and fired up and i sensationalize it Is there any universe you saw this as being your path when you became a father?
  • Jeff Younger: No, i didn’t anticipate this at all. I expected to have six children live a quiet life racing grandkids And pass on my values to the next generation. I had no idea this would be me That was that was lofty.
  • Raven Harrison: I think a lot of us share that but instead you married Um a lady who was a pediatrician
  • Jeff Younger: and georgias from capel Texas pediatrician
  • Raven Harrison: pediatrician
  • Jeff Younger: So she’s kind of tasked with the safety and health of our children as a profession in addition to being a mother But you have two you had twins. Yeah, we had twin boys james and jude. We named her method the brothers of jesus Um and starting about two years old. She decided that james was a girl And began to start to transition him and when i opposed that When james was three years old she filed for a divorce and forced me out of the house and continued to transition the boy
  • Raven Harrison: So how does that okay? Let’s for the patriots who are walking. We’ve all heard this they’re transitioning What does that actually mean? So what happened? Did he start coming home? and uh And saying i mean what? What kind of discussion takes place in a household where all of a sudden your wife goes? You know what? I think he’s a girl and we should start making that permanent
  • Jeff Younger: Well, we really don’t have to speculate. She testified in court about it.
  • Raven Harrison: Okay. What was the testify?
  • Jeff Younger: Well under oath She said that excuse me She testified that uh james asked for a girl’s toy at mcdonald’s And a few days later he saw a silver purse at target with a multicolored unicorn on it And he wanted the purse and it was at that moment. She thought he might be a girl
  • Raven Harrison: Oh my Gosh
  • Jeff Younger: Oh my that’s what led to all this I mean patriots. Are you hearing this my son used to feed my daughter’s baby dolls for her when she wasn’t around How parents come on so she so he he notices some things at two or three
  • Jeff Younger: three
  • Raven Harrison: two three years old He notices a a toy that would be considered a girl’s toy and that was it. He’s a girl There’s no turning back. So what did it look like after that? So she comes to you and says I think he’s a girl and you say what and then what happens?
  • Jeff Younger: Well, I said, well, he’s not a girl and you can’t teach him as a girl So she filed for divorce and since she’s a pediatrician She manipulated licensed care providers and forced me out of my house. I moved a mile up the road We had 50 50 custody of the boys They the court appointed a custody evaluator. His name is Blake Mitchell He lives in frisco and he’s uh, he works out of dallas and frisco
  • Raven Harrison: Is this a part of a divorce proceeding is to hire a custody? Yeah, okay So somebody now the court has appointed somebody to do what
  • Jeff Younger: a psychologist So we have no fault divorce in Texas So the role of the psychologist and family court is to assign blame in the marriage So the judge can give custody to one person So this this guy Blake Mitchell. He’s an executable liar Asked me. What are my top issues in this divorce? My number one issue was she’s tampering with my son’s gender identity So he looked into this. He charged me 40 000 Spent a year looking into this And and tells the court that she not only is she not tampering with my son’s gender identity But that I lied To him in order to get an advantage in court and on that basis They gave me less than the standard possession schedule with my sons So and now we all know that she’s been transitioning my son, you know hardcore Blake Mitchell knew the truth. He lied about it in court and these these psychologists in court Every single one of them in court has lied and supported transitioning my son
  • Raven Harrison: So I want to just you kind of skipped over a mega nuke right there So the court tells you this guy has to be involved. Yes, and then you pay him 40,000. Yeah, you have to if you don’t pay the 40,000 dollars you go to jail
  • Raven Harrison: Anybody paying attention yet? I am so you you pay the 40 000 So now this is getting expensive.
  • Jeff Younger: Mm-hmm
  • Raven Harrison: while this is happening. She has custody
  • Jeff Younger: She has well, we had 50 50 custody during this period He recommended that that change Tilt to the point where she has has them like 80 80 over 80 percent of the time
  • Raven Harrison: So, okay, so then this is happening. What happened take us through now the accelerated What happened with the legal so this is happening you’re on opposite sides, right?
  • Jeff Younger: So what happened is she began to really ramp up the transitioning to the point where she began to dress him and dress As presented to the world as a girl with a fake girl’s name and finally she tried to enroll him in school as a girl the school Coppell school district supported transitioning my son And for a year I was taking my son to school in boys clothes on fridays And they would change him into a dress the teacher would give him a dress and make him use the girl’s bathroom And they didn’t tell me about this and what I learned from this Raven is that in Texas and actually all the 50 states Parents don’t have rights to the psychological and medical records of their children
  • Raven Harrison: Say that again
  • Jeff Younger: people don’t know this parents in Texas Do not have a right to the psychological and medical records of their children
  • Raven Harrison: How do you know that
  • Jeff Younger: because I had to contest it in court I’ve contested it twice and I’ve lost both
  • Raven Harrison: so you found out in court
  • Jeff Younger: Correct
  • Raven Harrison: that you didn’t have the right.
  • Jeff Younger: That’s correct.
  • Raven Harrison: I want to actually address What is your son saying to you during this time when he’s got to be at this point completely Confused
  • Jeff Younger: so during yeah, because look, I mean that his his mother his sisters his step sisters his teachers The the school principal the police officer at school the lunch lady the librarian. They’re all telling him. He’s a girl I’m the only one telling him. He’s not a girl.
  • Raven Harrison: What is he telling you?
  • Jeff Younger: He’s praise he straight up told me and the court appointed counselor multiple times that he’s a girl with his mom because she doesn’t love him If he’s not a girl
  • Raven Harrison: Ouch Patriots that’s
  • Jeff Younger: But this this is how the transitions are happening in schools The reason the school can legally transition a child without the parents knowledge Is because Texas statutes allow both doctors and counselors To exert a right of privacy For the child against the parents and the psychologists and doctor doesn’t have to tell you about it So they can counsel your child teach them that they’re a girl The your son is a girl and withhold medical records from you and there’s nothing you can do about it’s legal in Texas
  • Raven Harrison: Well, I and see now I’m going to switch hats and I’m going to be the CNN informed viewer And I’m going to say but jeff You know, it’s important that these children can be able to express themselves and they can’t always do that with the parents that raise them That are responsible for them. It’s the school’s responsibility to give your kids values and direction and structure. Isn’t it?
  • Jeff Younger: No, it’s not The schools are there to impart academic information although we know From the recent moves towards social and emotional learning that education has been redefined It’s not an education is legally defined in a way that is not academic now At Texas law and Texas policy. It’s defined as as molding the attitudes and beliefs and emotional responses of your children
  • Raven Harrison: and that Patriots is the one I want you to see when you realize, you know, the gravity of what’s happening This is why my kids are homeschooled because this is what’s happening And I can’t tell you I you probably had a dollar for everyone who’s oh, this isn’t real It’s you know kids kids go through some stuff, but our job as parents is to be the Port in the storm not to be one of the shutters flapping in the wind with them I mean being an adolescent is hard enough without You know having the full weight, but this puts so many things into play and then you find out So this is becoming expensive. This is becoming drawn out. So what happened, you know recently she moved Didn’t she
  • Jeff Younger: oh, yes. So just to put in perspective I’ve spent about one at this point $1.6 million trying to keep my son from being Chemically castrated here in Texas and I succeeded in that he was not chemically castrated in the state But it took $1.6 million and about seven years of litigation to stop that So I have I have been extremely effective as you know in putting political pressure on the legislature To pass laws to outlaw these practices these practices of transitioning children Particularly medically transitioning them through chemical castration or surgeries should be classified as child abuse
  • Raven Harrison: I agree with you on that and I haven’t read a study recently But have you seen the study that is said that the kids brains aren’t fully developed until They’re in their 20s.
  • Jeff Younger: Yeah,
  • Raven Harrison: so as a pediatrician your wife would know that.
  • Jeff Younger: Oh, she knows that look the I’m a working statistician That’s my job. I I make a living In the statistical analysis of experimental data So I looked at all these studies, right and it’s very clear If you don’t do any intervention at all and you simply socialize a child normally into the socially normal gender identity 90 plus percent of these children simply grow out of it What this means is something very startling It means that for children with gender dysphoria the cure is puberty puberty is the cure for gender dysphoria That’s why these leftist psychologists have to put kids on puberty blockers and chemically castrate them. They have to stop the cure For transitioning these kids. So if they when they halt puberty These children can then be socialized into an alternate gender identity
  • Raven Harrison: And that sounds pretty expensive because normal puberty is pretty cheap. Isn’t it? Yeah, look, it’s it’s free
  • Raven Harrison: It’s it’s free guys. Are you with me? It’s free. It’s free. It’s free. That’s the bullet But the drugs that are used to chemically castrate children. It’s a drug called lupron And it’s the most expensive drugs sold in the united states They have calculated that each child that gets on it because once you once you take lupron and then you go into Cross-exhormones, which sterilizes the child by the way So they’re sterilizing kid prepubescent kids.
  • Raven Harrison: They’re making a decision about their future that the kids haven’t even made yet
  • Jeff Younger: They absolutely are So once once that happens that you can’t stop taking them It’s sort of like when you when men get onto testosterone therapy Their body suppresses the normal production of testosterone. So you’re you’re on it for life So these children become on average a five million dollar lifetime income stream to these clinics And they’ve done the numbers and these gender clinics can make billions of dollars And it’s it’s actually one of the largest growing medical businesses in America right now
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s what people say, you know, this is a big thing on the left follow the money We just followed it and in this case it led to millions of dollars for big pharma It led to California.
  • Jeff Younger: Yes,
  • Raven Harrison: we’re now she’s being hailed as a hero Yeah for doing this and the child is caught in the middle literally
  • Jeff Younger: literally in the middle and and the One of the things that I think people in Texas need to know Is that the republican establishment in Texas? Including the Supreme Court of Texas the legislature And the district courts have all helped my x y transition my son
  • Raven Harrison: How have they helped by allowing her to move taking her letting them take the kids out of state jurisdiction?
  • Jeff Younger: So first of all the the district court violated my constitutional rights and said that I could only see my children If I would not run for political office So I ran for office here in Texas. Yes, you did I ran to be a state representative in house district 63 against Ben Bombgartner And the the court put a gag order on me to stop me from running for office. That’s highly illegal Okay, because I ran for office and I violated the gag order, which is illegal and they knew they could not enforce the gag order That’s why they never tried to enforce it I begged my judge in court to throw me in jail for violating the gag order because I wanted to go up to the higher courts And just get the gag order thrown out So they wouldn’t do that because they knew it would be thrown out So what they did is they took my children away from me and said well, you’re not following.
  • Here’s how they reason we issued an illegal gag order You’re not following the illegal gag order Therefore, you’re not acting in the best interest of your children as determined by the court. Therefore, you can’t see your kids So then they said since you haven’t seen your kids because we wouldn’t let you Now your ex can move to California Because you haven’t seen your kids. So they play this game where They put they burden the exercise of your parental rights to the point where you can’t exercise them anymore And then on the basis of you not exercising the parental rights, they take more rights from you And the district courts have all helped my x y transition my son
  • Raven Harrison: And but here’s the lesson that’s I know what a lot of you are thinking what I’m thinking is my goodness I drank what what episode of the Twilight Zone did I just pass into?
  • Jeff Younger: Yeah,
  • Raven Harrison: but patriots, here’s what I want the message to be with that is they have thrown everything But this is your frontline task from God is to be a father to these kids and you’re still fighting Tell the patriots, you know where because it’s obviously it’s working. You’re getting national international attention for this What do we need now patriots to do to help you in this fight because the fight continues
  • Jeff Younger: So first of all, you know, I think the first task of all politics is to identify the enemy This is one of the things where repop conservative politics fails. We do not identify the enemy So in my case, for example, I went all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas And I said look California has a sanctuary law Once they determine my son’s transgender or gender dysphoric, they’ll never return to Texas and will never enforce the Texas court order to protect them So I went up to the Supreme Court of Texas said look you can’t a court Texas court can’t send my son Into a state that will that will sexually abuse my son Like no court judge can order such a thing into a you know where this where The state has said it will not protect children against child abuse and will not return them to Texas the Supreme Court of Texas Looked at the California statute and said oh, it doesn’t say that and by the way Your ex-wife is no more likely to transition your son to a girl in California than in Texas, which is the most absurd thing Probably ever put into a Texas legal opinion And I had attorneys I had attorneys from the top law office.
  • I can’t mention their names Um big foundations lawyers calling me federal lawyers saying are Texas justices on the Supreme Court too stupid to read laws? And I had to say yes Texas justices on the Texas Supreme Court are too stupid to read laws
  • Raven Harrison: Well, this is heartbreaking any parent that is going through this. I can’t imagine
  • Jeff Younger: the enemy That conservative space in Texas is the republican establishment
  • Raven Harrison: Come on.
  • Jeff Younger: It’s not it’s not just democrats The republican establishment works together with democrats to control who wins primary elections. They fix primary elections all that’s a dirty secret Democrats. Yes, democrats have been fixing general elections in the state of Texas We need to stop that the dirty secret though is that the reason the republicans have allowed them to do that is republicans have been fixing primary elections In the state of Texas
  • Raven Harrison: and for those who just need the cliff note version of it Okay, is that brutus had to be close enough to put a knife in the back of Caesar. You heard it here
  • Jeff Younger: That’s right. So you’re fighting uh Dade Phelan In the house of representatives who for six years has blocked Outlawing these barbaric procedures and has has literally allowed my son to be abused full while knowing what was happening to him Dade Phelan who won’t secure the border? Dade Phelan who just passed a big lgbt resolution in the house and castigated conservatives who didn’t want to pass it Date felon who has blocked all conservative legislation in the state of Texas.
  • He’s your enemy Um, the Texas Supreme Court has outed itself. It’s composed primarily of liberals Who are serving the social interests of democrats just like the federal judges are Your Texas Supreme Court is no more conservative than the federal bench who has done all this terrible stuff You’ve got members of the of the legislature who are prepared to throw you under the bus and here’s how they work in Texas Legislature they’ll propose very conservative bills and then they kill their own bills and committee behind the scenes So here’s how that works that means they can come back to the voters and say see I I propose that conservative bill You should vote for me But then they can go to their big donors who are liberals northeastern liberals and say look I killed that bill You should give me money so they please both sides and they get reelected and they get all the money And that’s the game they’ve been playing on you the problem with conservatives Raven and you said this during your campaign As I followed your speeches very carefully You repeatedly mentioned this we have to identify the enemy And if you’re not understanding that your enemy in Texas is the republican liberal establishment That rules this state you will never win
  • Raven Harrison: So because I had said that I said that quite a bit on my campaign because the democrats are a known quantity That’s not what’s dangerous. It’s the ones who worship with us who claim to espouse our values Who clap and applaud and people think they’re championing our causes and then go right into bed With the enemy.
  • Jeff Younger: Yep.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s what it is So for people now we as we close up on this for ones who are going. Okay, man. Jeff. That’s Heavy what do we do? How can we stop this? How can we Get involved? How can they find you and get involved with you and stop this and and add traction to this movement?
  • Jeff Younger: All right, so I’m not going to give you the conventional answers that most people would tell you which would be call your representatives Uh, you know be be active in elections. We all know that voting doesn’t mean as much as it used to with these fixed elections, right? What I’m going to tell you is this You have to find the levers of power To force elected officials to do your will Now that is not going to come from just voting.
  • It’s not going to come from angry phone calls to legislators. They don’t care It’s not going to come from testifying for bills When you go up to Austin, I’ve done all this. I know hundreds of thousands of people who have done all this That does not change policy What these people care about are two things I could break it down in two categories. They care about money And they care about their reputation Those are the levers of power that you have I suggest that your listeners find out the donors To these political enemies in the republican party And they go talk to those donors and tell them to stop giving them money and that you’re going to expose their businesses and take A commercial activity away from them. If you go after their donors, you’ll find that elected officials will often just do whatever you tell them to do Because they’re all bought and paid for
  • Raven Harrison: that’s what they’re supposed to do anyway
  • Jeff Younger: That’s correct.
  • Raven Harrison: Do what I tell you to do do what you were elected to do
  • Jeff Younger: power is really it is really not exercised The way most people think donor money is one of the easiest ways for you to do it And the other thing is to simply expose these people and put their reputations on the line You know when Dade Phelan a block those transgender bills, I called him what he was He’s a despicable child abuser who wants to allow child abuse medical procedures on kids He hates Texas children and won’t protect them And I say that and you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to understand how that works in Texas
  • Raven Harrison: So there it what did I tell you patriots? But this is what the front line looks like. It’s ugly. It’s dirty It’s dangerous and you know what we can still do this. So Jeff Thank you so much for coming on for sharing this. This is this is a people are gonna need to watch this a second time This this needs to be absorbed. What’s really happening? But this is what we’re talking about verbs in the sentences verbs in the sentences. What’s the action plan now? We know what’s wrong. What are we going to do about it? So we are so grateful thank you for being here to share the story and How can people reach you on social media if they want to get involved with what you’re doing?
  • Jeff Younger: Well, there’s three places you can go I’m mainly on twitter because they don’t censor me facebook censors me you can find me at jeffyoungertx just jeffyoungertx On twitter you can find me at my substack where I do long form writing I do a lot of writing about political philosophy there It’s jeffyounger.substack.com and since i’m not allowed to send letters to my son I publish letters to my son on a substack so that they’ll know that I love them when they get older And they’ll know that I was always thinking about them and that’s at youngerbrothers.substack.com Younger brothers just one word.
  • Raven Harrison: So patriots that’s what I always say, isn’t it? If you can’t be on the front lines You know then support those of us who are jeff it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for bringing this to the front line to protect parents And we are going to be back right after this
  • Raven Harrison: Did I tell you patriots? Did I tell you it was going to be a monster? But hey the front line isn’t always the scenic It’s it’s dirty and down and whoo, but thank god for people who will stand up for what’s right You know our founding fathers stood against an army try to think of this this ratatat army In 1776 that didn’t have the weapons the resources the money The manpower to match the british are the reason that we’re here today with the kind of freedom that we have Incredible and mind-blowing want to thank our guest uh Jeffrey Younger that’s a heck of a story and that’s a heck of a fight and Patriots will will we’re going to be in it with him because this is what the front line is There’s going to be a lot of elements of taking our country back and we need to be there for all of them in that vein I’m happy to announce that Raven’s Mantle my my book The story the fighting betrayal of America is now available for presale at amazon and barns and noble.com You can also go to our website ravenharrison.com. You can also find me Across the social media either ravens radar for our podcast or raven the conservative warrior And we look forward to your comments and feedbacks, but this story is going to blow your mind I’m going to tell you some things. It’s going to take you through it communism cold war Um What the betrayal in America looks like right now and more importantly?
  • What are we going to do about it? And this is coming from somebody who was raised by warriors raised by two Retired air force kernels and i’m telling you they know how to get it done We are going to be able to get it done too patriot. So be encouraged and remember we were made For a time such as this god does not call the qualified. He qualifies who he calls and if it was easy Anybody could do it. He didn’t say all things were easy. He said all things were possible and we’ve got this.
  • So until then keep fighting


The battle that Jeff Younger is fighting is just one example of the many daunting challenges parents face in legal battles over their children’s gender identity. The episode highlights the need for a greater understanding of the enemy parents like Jeff are up against: a political establishment that works in alignment with the opposition, including both liberals and the Republican party, to push their own agendas.

In the wrap-up of the episode, Raven invites viewers to join the fight and take action. She emphasizes the importance of identifying the levers of power in order to force elected officials to listen and act in the best interests of their constituents. Raven encourages viewers to engage with the issue by targeting political donors, exposing elected officials, and challenging the status quo.

Overall, the episode serves as a powerful reminder of the lengths parents are willing to go to protect their children and the need for greater awareness and action in the fight against the transition of minors without proper consent.

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