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John Stubbins: American Anarchy – Exposing the Truth!

Welcome, patriots, to another thrilling episode of Raven’s Radar! In this electrifying edition, we delve deep into the heart of American anarchy, exposing the truth behind the chaos. Our special guest today is none other than the legendary John Stubbins, an activist, veteran, and producer extraordinaire. But before we dive into that, let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening in the world. Hunter Biden is once again making headlines, this time with a plea deal on a tax evasion charge. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be discussing the ongoing FISA abuse, the truth behind General Flynn and Roger Stone’s cases, and the unbelievable corruption within Congress. Stay tuned, patriots, because it’s about to get real!

Episode 36 Summary with John Stubbins

In this explosive episode, Raven and her guest, John Stubbins, leave no stone unturned as they expose the truth behind American anarchy. Starting with the FISA abuse that targeted Carter Page and infiltrated the Trump campaign, they uncover a web of corruption and criminality that encompasses General Flynn, Roger Stone, and countless others. Their discussion delves into the deep-rooted problems within the Democratic Party, as well as the infiltration of bad actors in the Republican Party. With their upcoming documentary, “American Anarchy,” John and Raven are determined to deliver the truth to the American people and inspire action against those who threaten their freedoms. They call on patriots to hold Congress accountable and, if necessary, ignite change by replacing those who fail to deliver. It’s time to wake up, stand up, and fight back!


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, patriots! It’s that time again, that time for this episode of Raven’s Radar, and it is going to be a monster. We’re going to be talking about Anarchy in America. What does she mean? I don’t know, let’s get right to it. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Welcome, patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. It feels good to be back in the studio, and we are hitting the ground running, literally. So, we have an incredible guest today that I cannot wait to bring to you. But first, patriots, as I always do, I got to give you a little highlights of what’s going on in the world. The most important thing we’ve got going on right now – you guys are going to love this one – Hunter Biden in the news. I know, so Hunter Biden is in the news again, okay, because we’re still trying to pretend that this guy is not ridiculous, like his father. Joe Biden says that’s the best guy I know. I actually believe that. It’s horrible.
  • So, Hunter Biden, two days before whistleblower testimony came out and was released by the house, he made a plea deal on a tax evasion charge. Now, that sounds kind of nebulous, doesn’t it, patriots? A tax evasion charge. Well, just let me, just for context, rapper Kodak Black, who has been a supporter of President Trump in the past, got three years sentenced for exactly what Hunter Biden pleaded to, to get no jail time. Let’s follow the litany, okay? Hunter Biden, they first said that his laptop was misinformation, then they said, okay, it’s real, but it doesn’t matter, then they said we’re not going to investigate it, then they said the guy who put the laptop forward was a liar, then they said, well, um, Hunter Biden just has some problems. Boy, that has the gravity of a black hole.
  • If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black, so you’re telling us that the crack-a-doodle has problems. Yeah, we got that. We got that. The problem is he’s our problem, but he has gotten what they are calling a sweetheart deal, so avoid jail time. And then he spent the night dancing the night away at the White House with Merrick Garland. You can’t make this stuff up. If that’s a sweetheart, that’s not a sweetheart deal. That’s like they’ve been married 75 years, platinum marriage deal. Are you kidding me? As Biden said, “come on, man.” You know, that is absolutely ridiculous, patriots. That means we’re not talking about the bribery, okay, where we got information the day we received Intel from the House Intel Oversight Committee that Hunter and Joe had received 5 million dollars from a foreign adversary.
  • They indicted President Trump, and this is how we’re going. So now, while they’re still trying to make a case against President Trump for jaywalking, they are saying that we’re not going to talk about Hunter Biden being in possession of a firearm that he disposed of recklessly. It’s okay. We don’t think it hurt anybody. It was a dumpster nobody really had access to. And so, that’s what they’re saying about that. We’re not talking about the porn and all the ridiculousness on the laptop. It was just a little bit of porn. Raven, oh my goodness gracious. I can’t even with these people. And they’re saying and then we’ve got Joe Biden who has been on camera everywhere saying he has no knowledge of what his son is doing, no knowledge of his business dealings, no knowledge of foreign payments and interference, uh, no knowledge. And then we’ve got a WhatsApp, supposedly leaked, allegedly showing Hunter Biden going, “I’m sitting here with my Dad, we’re waiting to see when the money’s coming, guys.”
  • You know, absolutely incredible. Which if that turns out to be true, Joe, we gotta pack those diapers and some ice cream and get you the heck out of here. Ridiculous, patriots. That’s what’s going on. So they’re trying to sweep this, and here’s the creme de la creme, okay? If they are allowed to sweep this under the rug like this, then Joe Biden, okay, has the ability to probably pardon Hunter and himself if the teleprompter tells him to. Patriots, this is the grossest miscarriage of justice I can imagine. We have proof that there is corruption at the top level of government, and they are totally slapping on the wrist. This is Republicans should focus on something else. You’ve got to be kidding. Patriots, we aren’t going to stand for it. I’m telling you right now, we are not going to stand for it. They are also talking about the war that’s going on. People are saying, “Okay, polls are coming out that say we are hoping to be successful in Ukraine. We have to win the war in Ukraine.” Okay, and we’re looking at like Putin might be getting weak.
  • There’s some indications with an uprising that Putin’s power is being weakened. That’s what I’ve been hearing in the headlines. Weakened. Let’s talk about weak, shall we? We have a wide open border. We have given so many billions of dollars to Ukraine that we’ve spent more on Ukraine than the entire Russian defense budget. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but we are funding weapons, troops, and money to Ukraine to fight Russia. And here’s the best part. We’re trying to sanction Russia, but we receive oil from them. So, we’re saying, give us oil because we shut down our own energy production. But we’re going to fund a war against you. That’s Biden logic.
  • And for those of us who don’t speak Bidenese, it means we’re not in a position to talk about weakness in this country. Okay? Our military readiness is scary. Our economy is scary. Our inflation is scary. Okay? And what happens if they impeach Joe Biden is even scarier. We get the cacklings, so we have to really, patriots, get to this front line, and we gotta get there quick. It means we gotta stop being asleep. We gotta stop being afraid. And we have to walk boldly and realize that there isn’t going to be a tomorrow if we don’t get this right today.
  • So in that vein, we have to bring on a fabulous guest on Raven’s Radar. You see a lot of people in front of the camera, you see a lot of activists and people like myself who are on the front line. What you don’t see is some of the driving forces that go behind here. And I’m telling you, I’ve got one of them on the show today. I have got the legendary one and only John Stubbins. He is coming in to really just lay it down. He’s willing to put the bullets in there and give us the fire like you wouldn’t believe. Activist, veteran, patriot, producer, fighter, and he’s up right after this.
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  • Raven: Welcome back, Patriots. It is that time. You know what I say? It’s the time to get to our special guest. I am really excited about this one. I love to show you guys what’s happening on the front lines, but today I get to do something even better. I get to show you a driving force in the movement. Today, I am joined with the one and only, the legendary John Stubbins. Welcome to Raven’s Radar.
  • John Stubbins: Oh, what an introduction. Thank you so much, Raven.
  • Raven: This is… I want to tell Patriots, John Stubbins is a force. If you do not know who this is, you need to get familiar. He has got a dynamic resume and profile. He was an actor, a show host, a veteran of the United States Air Force, a producer, a conservative powerhouse, and a real force for the movement of helping to take our country back. And nobody gets it like somebody who’s fought for this country. Thank you so much for your service, sir, and welcome to Raven’s Radar. I’d like to just go right out of the gate and tell Patriots a little bit about you. Tell them what you’re working on now. You have a film coming out.
  • John Stubbins: Yes, “American Anarchy” is a documentary that we’ve been putting together for a couple of years now. It all started with the FISA abuse into my friend Carter Page, which was used to get into the Trump campaign. Even before President Trump was elected, it followed the Trump campaign into the White House. So the spying began way before the election, during the election process, and then after the election process. So the spying continued into the Trump White House. The story starts there, like I said, with my friend Carter Page and the damage that they’ve done to his life, but it goes into so many different arteries. General Flynn, Roger Stone, criminality, criminal audit, stolen money, just all kinds of different… Let’s call them tentacles. That’s the word that I like to use. I think of James Bond’s Specter. This big octopus with all these tentacles, and each tentacle is another distraction, another crime, another abuse.
  • Raven: Let’s talk about that. You just went through the who’s who of leftists, hoax and conspiracies, didn’t you? We’re talking about Patriots. We’re breaking this down. This is the one and only, John Stubbins. We’re talking about how this started with our country. You’ve got a veteran and activist who has got to the front lines. He’s friends with Carter Page. You’re talking about the warrant that they illegally secured to spy on President Trump’s campaign. And I’m old enough to remember, sir, when they said they mocked President Trump, didn’t they, for saying he was being spied on?
  • And they came after General Flynn. This is when we saw the destruction of our country in real time, of people starting to tear it down. General Flynn, General, in our military, serving our country, branded a traitor, and they attempted to ruin him. So is this the premise you’re talking about, all of these things that we know now to be true? We know Obama, Clinton, and Biden, yes, that one, the sniff-51-sniff-and-blow. We know that they spied on President Trump, and they interfered with that. Carter Page has had legal bills up to the hill. They have come after American citizens, which is communism. This is the essence of what brought around “American Anarchy.”
  • John Stubbins: Correct, correct, correct. And you have to consider the damage that was done to Carter. It is severe and quantifies lifespan like you wouldn’t believe. But I tell you, even more damage occurred. Let me just explain something here. The FISA abuse continues today. So this is not something that has ceased. This is not something that has gone away. It’s still there. Okay? I mean, Congress right now, at this moment, is considering changes with the FISA court and what they’re allowed to do because of what’s happened in this case, starting back in 2015, leading all the way through the current Durham investigation, which people are talking about right now, every day.
  • So this buoys until, like I said, I mentioned Roger Stone, I mentioned General Flynn. General Flynn was hired by President Trump to come in and eventually start a criminal audit, which would have given General Flynn information about the Obama-Biden White House and the Clintons, the things that they were doing illegally, stealing trillions of dollars from the American people. And they were not going to allow that. And so they got rid of General Flynn real fast, didn’t they? Why did they get rid of him so fast? What was the threat? The threat was that General Flynn, if he would have been able to do his job, he was going to expose it all. And they couldn’t have that.
  • Raven: We know how they do this. And I’m telling you, as the daughter of two retired lieutenant colonels, United States Air Force, I can’t tell you how sickening it was to watch what they were doing to General Flynn, watching this man’s life, his family be dragged through the mud, his reputation, his stellar service to this country dragged through the mud. And yet, you know, now they’re… What? Slapping… You know, Hunter gets a plea deal and gets to plead to being an idiot and a slap on the wrist, and they took a hero and basically put this man in debt and ruined his life.
  • John Stubbins: Yeah. And it’s distraction, distraction, distraction, tentacle, tentacle. And the reason that that keep… keeps going on is because, again, they cannot allow the American people to know the truth. So next week, it’ll be a new distraction, and the week after that, another and another and another. And they’re gonna keep playing this game. And people need to wake up and understand that every week that goes by and they get bit on another distraction, you’re getting led off of what and why this all matters.
  • Raven: Come on. That’s what it is. So in that vein, like you said, we’re hoping that this movie that I know a little bit about, “American Anarchy,” is a call to action. I think we have a clip.
  • [American Anarchy Clip]
  • Raven: Tell me, John, what is the goal of “American Anarchy?” Is it… Because I don’t know if people are necessarily asleep or if they’re just afraid. Is this a call to the front line to get people involved and get this swamp drained?
  • John Stubbins: Yes, it is. Because here’s one problem that we have. We have a trust issue. Okay? And I’m not even going to talk about the Democratic Party. We know that they are all full on board now with American Anarchy and American Marxism, and they’re just… They’re done. They’re gone. I’m going to talk to the Republican Party now because the Republican Party has also been infiltrated by bad actors. People that do not have the best interests of America at heart, number one, and number two, are feeding lies to the American people. They’re taking money from the American people and getting nothing done with it. So here’s my call to action. We are going to deliver the truth. We’re going to deliver it in a substantive way, and we’re going to do it in a way that exposes all of this crap to you, and you can make the decision for yourself. But we need your help. We need your help now.
  • Raven: We do. And John, I want to do this. This is my perfect opportunity because I hear this a lot, and I address it, so now I’m going to put it to you. Let me play the uninformed voter. But, but John, having a weak or milquetoast Republican is better than having a Democrat.
  • John Stubbins: Not in my book.
  • Raven: Not mine either.
  • John Stubbins: Yeah, because we’re losing our freedoms, folks. Okay? You better wake up and you better look and see what’s happening around you because if you don’t, you’re going to wake up one day from your slumber and you’re going to figure out you don’t have any more freedom.
  • Raven: And you’re not just speaking about this, John, as a person who’s just very passionate. You’re a veteran. You fought for this country, did you not? I did, and I would do so again in a heartbeat. Well, I would argue you still are. And, Patriots, that’s the essence of it. Right now, we’re going to talk more with John Stubbins after this.
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  • Raven: Welcome Patriots! We’re back with the one and only John Stubbins, producer of American Anarchy, and really just a behind-the-scenes force. You may not see him out in front of these things, but he does have a show, “Indivisible,” and it is fire! You guys know how I like the firebrands. But Patriots, I want to give you the encouragement of what it means to fight this fight. We all have a role in it. Back with the legendary John Stubbins. John, tell us about… I mean, you’ve been on both sides. Not only are you a veteran, but you were an actor, you were inside Hollywood, you have a list of film credits. And yet now, you’re a conservative activist. Tell us what that transition looked like.
  • John Stubbins: Well, you know, from a creative point of view, um, I don’t really associate my creativity necessarily with being a political figure. Although I will say, ever since I started my show, having that creative juice in my veins, um, it has helped me with my show, it’s helped me with the documentary, and many other things that we’re doing for the country. So, I don’t want to downplay my creativity, but I also don’t want to give credit to the left for my creativity. That’s a natural, god-given talent.
  • Now, that being said, I’ve worked with a lot of people from the left to help mold some of my natural abilities when I studied in New York, you know, the time I spent in California. So, I’ve worked with a lot of these people, but I’m certainly not going to give them full credit for my natural ability. I’ve got to give that to the Lord.
  • Raven: Oh, amen. Love it! See, we walk boldly in our faith, Patriots. That’s how we do it.
  • But yes, this is great. And I have to honestly tell Patriots, we were at an event together at the home of John Rich. And this was like the who’s who of conservatives. And something people would never expect. Musicians, politicians, activists, warriors, conservative warriors, you know, descended upon Mount Richmore. I think we have a clip.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • John Rich: I’m John Rich. I’m one half of the multi-platinum duo Big and Rich, originally from Amarillo, Texas, and now I live right here in Nashville, Tennessee. You know, I think above and beyond songs that I put out or brands that I’m with, or whatever. I think what people hopefully respect about me and identify with in me is that I’m a regular guy. And here, I do irregular things. I get to go do really cool, big things. But I grew up in a double-wide trailer. I have a high school diploma, just like a lot of people in this country. And that’s still how my head works. I still how my brain thinks. Those are still the people I like to hang out with.
  • I understand them much better than the people in the music industry or the television industry or anywhere else. I identify with those people, and they know that. And they’ve watched me step out time and time and time again over these past several years and speak my mind about our country, speak truth about what I know to be true about our country, speak about God, speak about my family, the red, white, and blue. All the while, these people know I bet John’s getting slapped around somewhere because you’re not supposed to be able to say stuff like that in the wide open and be a successful entertainer. That’s not possible anymore. It’s called cancel culture. But he’s still doing it.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven: That was incredible. And I know, I’m getting slapped. Tell us about the event with John Rich and who the who’s who are in this movement helping you get this message out.
  • John Stubbins: Well, there’s a lot of people that I work with on many different investigations. You know, I work down at the border with Jason Jones, Tom Holman, President Trump’s ICE Director, Border911. You know, I work with Attorney General Ken Paxton. We were talking about him, Sid Miller, down in Texas. You know, great people like that. The great John Solomon. I love James Rosen. There’s a variety of people that I can rely on, that I can trust in this movement. John Rich is one of them. You know, Ted Nugent, yeah, there’s another one on the musical side.
  • I mean, so there’s a lot of Patriots out here. And I’m not going to get into every single name of everybody that I work with. But I gotta tell you, with all the investigations we have going on right now, whether it’s the border or the Rush Oaks or big tech, and, you know, Section 230, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, the lawsuits there, China, all these different variations of, again, I refer to them as technicals, because it’s problem, problem, problem. You know, one right after the other. It’s another distraction. It’s like a cat kind of chasing its tail. “See if you can solve this problem, meanwhile over here, I’m stealing trillions of dollars out the back door of the U.S. Treasury.
  • Raven: Well, yeah, you’ve got that. That is kind of the left’s playbook, isn’t it? The border’s wide open, squirrel. We’ve got inflation at record highs. You know, did we mention that President Trump cut the tag off a mattress? And you know, so that’s what they like to do is completely deflect. You know, my favorite is, you know, when Biden goes off the teleprompter, because the only person in all of this, I feel sorry for, is Biden and Fettermann, sign language interpreters. That has to be the worst job in the history of the universe. But that’s what they do, Patriots. Everything is a deflection. And they’ve shown they’re willing to create this kind of chaos. You know, they create, never let a good emergency go to waste, right? John, right?
  • John Stubbins: Well, and it also disappoints me just how uneducated our electorate really is to vote for some of these people. Okay, I mean, it’s, you know, this guy who’s in the White House, he can barely speak, he can barely stand. I mean, he’s got all kinds of medical cognitive issues. And yet people voted for this guy. I mean, how do you look yourself in the mirror knowing that you voted for that scumbag? I mean, and not only a scumbag, but it is not even in his right mind. Daddy, you vote for someone like that? The only response that makes any sense is if you just don’t care, and you want anarchy.
  • Raven: Or you’re a lying dog-face pony soldier, right?
  • John Stubbins: Exactly. And it is, that’s their justification.
  • Raven: I really am with you on that, John. How do you actually just look yourself as a sane adult in the mirror and say, “That record inflation, a wide open border with people coming in, upwards of nine million people, unvetted, unchecked, unscreened, coming in, crippling economy and infrastructure, supply chain issues, rules in our schools falling apart, CRT?” And you’re saying that’s better than mean tweets? You know, if you are having any, it says, like, one in four people has, you know, mental issues. If you’re not sure who that is, it’s probably you. So, we have to get there, but I would like to talk real quick about the Congress. You’re doing a lot with our legislators, with our House. And what I always say is, guys, we’re tired of your speeches. We got to get stuff done. What do I want to say to the Patriots about what you’re doing in Congress to get them out of this? They just talk and talk and they give speeches, and, you know, things are terrible. Join us next week for more highlights of how horrible things are. No solutions, just highlights. What are we doing to push this forward from our elected officials?
  • John Stubbins: Well, it gets real simple. Either Congress needs to start getting things done and hold people accountable using the power of the First, if need be, or they’ve got to go. And we’ve got to replace them with somebody else. That’s the way of America. Okay? We’ve got it. This country is more important than any one individual out there or any one race over here or over there. That’s why this documentary is so important, because it isn’t about one individual. It isn’t about one race or the presidency, or this or that. It’s about the truth, what’s happening under your nose that you’re not seeing for whatever reason. And exposing it and showing you what’s happening, so that you can make an educated decision since you won’t read, since you won’t do your own homework. We have to deliver it to you using another vehicle, and that vehicle being film.
  • Raven: And I’m telling you, and that’s what I like to tell Patriots, my bishop says this all the time, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” So, that’s what we all have to do. There’s nothing.
  • John Stubbins: Let me just say this. There are many members in Congress right now that are subjects in some of these investigations. Some of them are probably under sealed indictment, or maybe unsealed indictment. We don’t really even know. This again goes back to General Flynn and that criminal audit that he was never able to do. Boy, can you imagine if he was able to do that audit? You know, I really wish that if we could go back in time, that President Trump, General Flynn would have just said, “You know what? We don’t care what you have to say over here. We’re going to go forward anyway for the American people. And if you want to take us to court, you can try to do that later. But we’re going to deliver the facts to the American people.” I really wish that would have gone down. Because you’ve got people like Adam Schiff in this Congress, who he’s as big of a problem and a problem causer with this whole Russiagate nonsense as there is anybody. I mean, I could go on down the list. There’s lots of people over there. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer. I mean, you go right down the line. Okay? And there’s racists over there on the Democratic side. We know about that history. Right? So, look, we can go on and on and on about the lies of the Democratic side. We know what they are. We just need to expose them now and share it to the American people. And let them know who they are and what they’ve done and why they’ve done it. Okay? Where did this money go? Where did your tax-paying dollars, your hard-earned money, where did it go?
  • Raven: It went into investigations or something or a vodka bottle, you know. Because what have we got? You are right on the money, Patriots. Schiff doxxed people, used his position at the Intel Committee to doxx people. You know, Nancy Pelosi is worth $290 million on a civil servant’s salary. Okay? To get the money, Schumer stood up and threatened Supreme Court Justices on the floor, you know, in front of the Capitol.
  • John Stubbins: How did they get that money?
  • Raven: They bought Hunter Biden’s artwork, the crackadoodle. So, yeah, people have to start asking questions. And if your response to that is, “Well, it’s better than mean tweets,” you know what? Just stop. Sincerely, everyone. But that’s it.
  • So now, “American Anarchy” is due out in theaters when?
  • John Stubbins: Uh, next year, 2024. We haven’t given a release date yet. I’m sorry. Um, so we’re going to give you that information probably closer to Christmas, as we kind of know when we’re going to release it. But we’re also going to be very cheerful with that release date for obvious reasons.
  • So, but it’s going to be 2024. Make no mistake about that.
  • Raven: It’s going to be. And if John is anything like, and trust me, I know John, so he’s just as fire as he is in front or behind the camera. So, I always tell you Patriots, what do I do? Get the popcorn ready. It’s getting ready to go down, because we all have a hand in taking this back. John Stubbins, the man, the legend. You can tell I’m a fan, so that’s on fan guard, but it is so. And we tell our Patriots as we wrap, where they can find you, where they can get more information, what you’re doing, and what it’s like to be with fellow fire breathers.
  • John Stubbins: Well, my show is on Tuesdays, 10 p.m. Eastern. We may be changing that at some point soon, only because we’ve started looking at going on Pluto TV as well. So, we may be adding some additional channels. But for right now, you could always find out all the information, even if we do make a change, just go to JohnStubbins.com. You can donate there. You can get information about the documentary there. You can find out what channels we’re on with my weekly show. And just get general information about events like Nashville and other things. Again, at JohnStubbins.com.
  • Raven: And I’m telling you Patriots, we will also have information on our website about John. He is an amazing Patriot. I’m telling you, he and I share, we’re backing up the Patriots. He’s even here supporting Sid Miller and Ken Paxton and our front line Patriots who are taking a lot of heat. They are standing. They’re taking. We are taking heat. Okay? For doing this. And he protects and stands for yours truly, the Conservative Warrior. I have to love him. John Stubbins, thank you so much for being with us on Raven’s Radar. My pleasure, Raven. God bless you, my friend. Amen. And we’ll be back right after this.
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  • Raven: Thank you, Patriots, for joining us on this episode of RavensRadar. I hope, Patriots, you feel as encouraged as I do. I am on the front line, the back of the house, the driving force behind this movement. It’s tough, but it should be encouraging. We’ve got the best of the best, Patriots. While they’re trying to figure out what a woman is, we got this. We’ve got, you know, Patriots like John Stubbins. He really is not only a jack-of-all-trades, he’s a master of all of them. He’s fought for this country, been in different environments, acted, a conservative activist. He is a back of house fighter, a push behind a lot of what you see going on. And he’s one of those ones I personally adore and really stand behind.
  • I just want to tell you, Patriots, we are fighting. It helps when you see people fighting for your freedom. If you can’t be on the front lines, join those of us who are. Check out John on Stubbins.com. Check out the indivisible. It is fire. And check out Amanda, American Anarchy. It is an incredible story. And we’ve got all kinds of Patriots, John Rich, Sid Miller, all these Patriots coming together to really make a stand. We’re going to show you, Patriots. We’re going to make you proud.
  • And in that vein, I’d like to encourage Patriots to go out and get the book, Raven’s Mantle. It is a monster. I’m going to talk about what we’ve got going on. My daughter being expelled from school at eight years old for voting for President Trump in a mock election. Going to talk about parents in the Pentagon at 9/11. Going to talk about what it was like to run for Congress. What does it mean to drain the swamp? Let me just give you guys a spoiler alert, okay? This is the swamp. The sewer that it drains into is Washington, D.C. You heard it here first.
  • But I want Patriots to hear this. Front line, it’s a blueprint, Patriots. It’s an action strategy. A lot of people don’t realize this, but the Bible is actually an action document. It’s not like, okay, God, we got it. It’s a report to this line. We predicted these times. He needs you. We were all made for a time such as this. You can go to my website, RavenHarrison.com. You can find me on social media at Raven_TXWarrior, Raven the Conservative Warrior.
  • And I encourage you also to donate to Raven PAC. Every bit helps. Raven PAC is our PAC. We are supporting conservatives, and we are supporting true American fighters. No rhinos, no sellouts, no radicals. No, I don’t know what. We identify, you know what? We identify as a free nation. And that’s what I’m fighting for. So until then, Patriots, keep fighting.


And there you have it, patriots! Our minds have been blown with the explosive truth revealed in this episode of Raven’s Radar. Now, it’s time for action! Support John Stubbins and his documentary, “American Anarchy,” as they dive deeper into the corruption and expose the hidden agenda of those in power. Check out JohnStubbins.com for more information and show your support. Remember, patriots, we have the power to make a difference. Get involved, stay informed, and let’s pave the way for a brighter future. Together, we will reclaim our country and restore true American values. Stay strong, stay vigilant, and keep fighting for freedom!

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