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Lindsey Graham: Transformed by Cancel Culture

In this recent episode of Raven’s Radar, the spotlight was on Lindsey Graham, also known as Patriot Barbie. Lindsey’s journey to becoming a renowned activist and conservative warrior was not without its challenges, as she faced the forceful impact of cancel culture. This article dives into the highlights of Episode 47, where Lindsey’s remarkable transformation is celebrated.

Episode 47: Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie

During the episode, Lindsey Graham, commonly known by her moniker Patriot Barbie, captivated audiences with her story of resilience and determination. Her journey began when she defied the government-imposed lockdowns as the owner of Glimmer Salon in Oregon. The repercussions of her actions, which resulted in being canceled, took her on an unexpected path toward becoming a vocal advocate for conservative values.

Lindsey’s willingness to stand up against tyranny and reopen her salon earned her national and global attention. She received threats of imprisonment, the loss of her business license, and even faced the threat of having her children taken away by child protective services. This defining moment pushed her into a new realm of activism where she found strength in her faith and conviction.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. Today, it’s going to be fun. We’re playing with Barbies today. What do I mean? You’re about to find out. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. You notice I’m not in my studio background. We are on the road. We are actually doing it. Where am I? I am in Atlanta, Georgia right now on a RINO hunt. We’re headed down to Florida. We’ve got a big issue in America. And you guys know there are those who can and there are those who do. So I’m on the front line doing because we’ve got problems here with the speaker of the House vote. So as many of you may know, we are now trying to, we’ve been almost two weeks without a speaker of the House. And now that lays squarely at the feet of obstructionists and traders. And I said it, Patriots, here’s what we’ve got. We have some that have come on board, but we have holdouts from Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado, among others, that are basically saying, we’re going to vote with the Democrats because we don’t like how Matt gets handle things. We don’t like how we’re going to support Kevin McCarthy. So let me put the Bidenese translator on. We’re going to sabotage the freedoms of millions of Americans. We’re going to bestray our constituents. And we are going to fly in the face of what we were elected to do because our egos and our pride can’t handle the fact that the swamp days are dwindling. That’s what’s happening, Patriots. And that’s exactly what it is. Every single one of these holdouts is saying, I. I don’t agree with this. I don’t agree with that. I fought in wars. And I am going to do what’s best for the country. You weren’t elected for I. Nobody wants to hear your I. It is not I. It is we the people. And we the people have said, listen, Kevin McCarthy is out. We never wanted him. The swamp did. You need to get to work. You need to confirm Jim Jordan. And you need to stop using the word I when you are an elected official. You are a public servant. So it’s going to be primary season for certain Republicans, Patriots. Primary season, we are coming for you. There is nowhere you’re going to hide from this. And we are going to work diligently to remove every single one of you traitors that would hand our country over to the Communist Democrats to continue to strip our freedoms and lock down their citizens and force this social woke agenda down our throats because your feelings are hurt. America is not buying it. It is we the people. So you better get on board or get ready to pack because we’re going to be having a removal party for everybody who goes against the wishes of their constituents. Times up for the swamp. We’re done. And I’m telling you, we need it now. Why is this important, Patriots? Because our country is falling apart right now. Look at what we have going on. Our border is still wide open. And as of today, four terrorists from Palestine have been intercepted at our border. OK, while we have all these bleeding hearts arguing over, well, Jim Jordan thinks this. Jim Jordan thinks that. Doesn’t matter what Jim Jordan thinks. It matters what your constituents think. Let me run that back, Patriots. OK, in fact, I think we have a clip.
  • Clip Begins
  • Joe Biden: The state of Israel is born to be a safe place for the Jewish people of the world. That’s why it was born. Blanc said, if Israel didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. While it may not feel that way today, Israel must again be a safe place for the Jewish people.
  • Joe Biden: You know, years ago, I asked the Secretary of State, would he and I work in a Senate to write something for a man? He said, he wrote a line that I think is appropriate. He said, it’s not we leave not just, well, I won’t go into it, I’ll wait a little later. Taking too much time.
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  • Raven Harrison: I know, Patriots. I know. This is where we are. We are falling apart because our enemies sense our weak, inept leadership. They know that America is on the ropes. And they know that bumbling fool who can’t walk upstairs and cross the stage or make a coherent sentence, OK, is not running this country and they are all jumping ship, OK? We are currently the Titanic until we write this ship and we move it back forward. And that starts when Patriots pick up the phone and light these congressmen up on the phone and let them know that they’ve got, we’ve got primary season coming. And it’s not going to be pretty. So it’s important that we rise together and we the people. We don’t want to hear about Kevin McCarthy. That’s over and done. And if you would sell out the party, if you would turn your back on your constituents, if you would fly in the face of the Republican values that you swore an oath to uphold because you’re unhappy about something another congressman, one of your colleagues said or did, then make no mistake. You are what’s wrong with America. There it is. And while the Democrats try to make sense out of nonsense by trying to figure out, gee, what went wrong with America? You what went wrong in America? Democrats are destroying our country. And we’re not going to stand for it. We are not going to allow them to do this. And it starts Patriots when we decide. When we decide we’ve had enough. When we decide that, I think we have a clip. The yeas are 216. The nays are 210. The resolution is adopted. Without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. The office of Speaker of the House of the United States House of Representatives is hereby declared vacant. That we are stronger than that fool, OK, who can’t put a sentence together. Are you kidding me? That guy, let’s finish the job. What, you want to finish destroying it? I don’t think there’s anything left for you to finish, Biden. We already have crippling inflation. The economy is on life support. You’ve gotten us into two wars. The weapons and intelligence you left in Afghanistan are now being used to murder Israelis and Palestinians and Americans, OK? We have a wide open border that the Catholic czar has not bothered to secure. We are having our civil rights eliminated while you go after your political opponents. It’s OK to have press in the courtroom with Trump so they can tell their story, but he’s got a gag order. This is a kangaroo court in a banana republic. And at the head is the king banana, king dingley, the first. So he’s going to be going home. We’re going to pack him a bunch of depends and a diaper and we’re going to send him home. We can let the cackling czar drive him. And he can take the vodka queen just for good measure. That’s where we’re going with it, patriots. But this is how important it is. Do not let these sellouts take your eyes off the prize. We’ve got to stay on target. We’ve got to keep the pressure on. Justice dies in the dark. So keep the lights on, patriot. You know how I do it. I’m headed to Florida right after this taping to do a rhino hunt. We’re going to be down there in Florida talking in the districts of people who are trying to sell out America and find out exactly what primary season is going to look like. Who wants to see that? It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to be doing a Facebook live on that, patriots. You don’t want to miss it. But in the meantime, let’s get to the fire line. That’s always the best part when we have our interview. And today we have a spectacular guest. We have a mama bear extraordinaire. Mama bear squared. OK, of the highest order joining us today. International sensation, the one and only Lindsey Graham, also known as Patriot Barbie right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, patriots. It is that time. It’s that time to get to the front line. This time it is glorious. I’m telling you, patriots, we are playing with Barbies today. That is so cryptic, but I’m telling you, we have the one and only Patriot Barbie Lindsey Graham. I can’t even begin to tell you what this woman is like. She is the epitome of the firebrand. But before I tell you who she is, I’m going to show you.
  • Clip Begins
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: I am a cat. Meow, meow. I’m not a woman dressed as a cat. I am a cat. By show of hands, I’m curious how many of you believe and confess that I’m a cat? Great. By show of hands, I’m curious how many of you believe that your child or a child from this school would believe that I’m actually a cat? No one. You are right. Truth prevails over imagination. Reality exists. Discernment is innate and something we are biologically wired to have. One look at me and you know this to be true. I am a woman posing as a cat.
  • Clip Ends
  • Raven Harrison: It is absolutely my honor, patriots, to welcome the one and only Lindsey Graham Patriot Barbie to Raven’s Radar. Welcome, Lindsey.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Hello. Thank you for such an incredible introduction. That was so sweet. Meow, meow.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, thank you for being incredible. Patriots got to see a little bit of the sizzle in the clip. That made international news. And it’s really important. But I would like patriots to hear what brought you to the forefront of this movement.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Oh, boy. Well, I’ll make that story as short as possible. I was the salon owner in Oregon that a lot of people saw on the news in 2020 when they locked everyone down in March of 2020. So six weeks into it, as hard as this is to believe, no one was still opening up. We were afraid of the government. I reopened my hair salon in Salem, Oregon, Glimmer Salon. And I did so not politically, not religiously, just a hardheaded human being that said, I am going to go bankrupt if I am not allowed to work. I have kids to feed. I have bills to pay. I have a mortgage, like all the rest of you. I’m going to open up. And it wasn’t the fact that I opened that was global news so much as what Governor Kate Brown did to me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’d never, of course, thought about fighting the government before. But I was told I would be thrown in jail, issue the class C misdemeanor, had my business license taken, kicked out of my building. And ultimately, child protective services showed up. And they threatened to remove my three children from my home. All within a 72-hour period of defying government. And so that really opened my eyes. I mean, that was like turning my whole family, my whole life on its head. I was wide awake. And what really happened within the three months to six months after that was that God changed everything. He took everything away from me. And he said, I have called you into something bigger. It took me a few months to figure that out. But I’ve called you into something bigger. You’re not going to be a hairstylist anymore. You’re not going to be a salon owner. You’re going to be a voice for the values that I want America to remember. So I’ve just jumped into full-time activism since then.
  • Raven Harrison: Woo. And there it is, Patriots. Don’t I say that all the time? God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies who he calls.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Yes.
  • Raven Harrison: The answer is always yes. And thank God for that, Lindsey. So you basically took a giant leap forward in saying, because you got a front row view to communism. Yes?
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Yes, I did. Tieranny, ultimate tyranny. I had no idea what tyranny even meant. I didn’t care about communism or socialism or capitalism. But when I understood for the first time that the government could tell us what to do, take away our rights, and then say, well, we can provide for you, which, by the way, didn’t actually happen, I went, hold on a second. Something’s not right here. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not here for it.
  • Raven Harrison: You got that right. And I’m the daughter of two retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel’s, and I’m telling you, I saw this. So I knew exactly where this was headed, and I was the same way. Absolutely will not comply. And we’ll go ahead and give you the spoiler alert, Patriots, for the upcoming round of the “plandemic”. We aren’t going to comply. It’s not going to happen. The government doesn’t get to tell us what rights we’re allowed to have. So that’s how it goes. And then so now this catapulted you into the spotlight, up in the forefront. And now you are Patriot Barbie. You are author, mother, activist. Tell our Patriots you’ve written a book. Tell us about “Targeted“.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: OK, that book is so easy to quote, plug it, because I’m not going to be a millionaire on book sales. It’s just the way that it is. But the story itself, the way that it came about, is so amazing. I’ve never written a book before. I went through an identity crisis when I moved to Arizona and left Oregon and then didn’t have any businesses. And I’ve always been a business owner. I went, oh my gosh, what am I supposed to do with my life? Like, I’m 40 years old, and I’m starting completely over. So I went to Oregon. I was still kind of flying back and forth doing hair. And through four different people, the Lord told me to write a book. And I was like, what? That’s so weird. And it was so distinct because he was more complete. Like, in my opinion, I mean, complete strangers. And so when I came back, I sat down to write the book. And I thought, OK, I’m going to write a book about defining the government for like a month. And then we got reopened. But what happened is that is what helped my identity crisis. That is where God spoke to me and said, this is an identity crisis. I’m changing you. I’m revast your life. Like, I’m calling you into your purpose. And I had to sit down and write the story to understand, truly, humbly, that that’s what God was doing. And then to tell people God’s called you into a purpose, you also have to tell yourself, well, how have I been prepared for this? And I looked back at my life and all of the things that I had done in my 20s that were so incredibly painful and hard on myself when I strayed from God were situations that he was using to mold me into this person. And so the book ends up being completely like my testimony, a memoir, and really just an encouraging story about how God took a basic salon owner and truly said, I’m going to remove everything that you know in your life, just like Jonah, and see what happens. And what happens is that I obeyed and I fell into my purpose.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s what it is. And God is the author of clarity. And just to hear that story, Patriots, I want you to hear that also God uses greatly those who were wounded deeply. And I know that just like Patriot Barbie does, only the broken can minister to the broken. God always has a plan. So we just have to trust it. And for the record, he’s been using people who weren’t man-selected. Man’s rejected or God selected. So he’s been you know, he used Moses was a stutterer. David was the runt of the litter Patriot. Are you seeing the theme here? Little becomes much in the hands of the master. And I think Lindsey is a perfect, perfect representation of that, of just going, OK, when you start letting he who have ears to hear start listening to what God has working in their life. And Lindsey, the story gets even better. We’re going to keep going with the one and only Patriot Barbie right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back, Patriots. Did I tell you it was going to be? We’re going to take back Barbie. Patriot Barbie. We got to have our own that’s not ridiculous and crazy. But we are here with the one and only Lindsey Graham, who was also A.K.A. Patriot Barbie. She’s with the conservative warrior. Do we see a theme here, Patriots? But this is an excellent story. It’s an excellent story about some point we need to stop doing what we want and do what God created us to do. And Lindsey Graham is doing that. So, Lindsey, you went to the front lines. You are an activist now. Tell us what the fight looks like, where you are on the front lines and what you see needing to happen to move this forward of getting our country back on track.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Yeah, I think so a lot of what I’m doing now is keynote speaking, which was also very, very unexpected. Doing a lot of speaking at political events, rallies, churches, women’s events. And that is very fulfilling because my moment of like, defying the government globally, what is it’s over? It’s, it’s, I did it, it’s over. I’m still fighting Oregon, but like, that’s not my fight anymore. That was just the beginning of my fight. Now I believe it’s empowering other people to do those insanely brave things because it doesn’t have to be that you defy your state and reopen a salon against mandates. It could be something as simple as speaking up in a room full of people that you believe are not going to feel how you feel and taking that tiny moment and capturing it and be, and using the knowledge that you have and experience that you have as a conservative, a patriot, a Christian, whatever it is, and educating those people. So we all agree that the election was stolen in 2020, which means we all agree that there’s more of us than there are of them. And if we agree on that, then why is it in a room full of people, you’re afraid to speak out, statistically. Doesn’t that mean that the room is full of more people that agree with you and yet every single one of you is worried about what the other person thinks? Well, I’m, I’m honored that God had me completely cancel cultured. I mean, I lost friends, clients, family, and all for what I believe in. And, but guess what? Now it’s like, now you know where I stand and I’m not going to be quiet about it. You can’t cancel me anymore. There’s nothing you can do that would make me shut up. That moment, if everyone could just embrace it, that moment is powerful. When they take from you something that you no longer have to worry about losing, you have the freedom to speak up. And so I want everyone to experience, cancel culture as weird as that sounds. I want them to have the freedom to go, you know what? I was afraid of losing my job, getting cut out of my Bible study, getting kicked out of my church, losing this friend that I know is liberal. Now they’re all gone. Now I can say the truth and that is so, so freeing. And that’s where we need to be in America is where everyone says, just because you think you can threaten me or harass me or cancel me, I’m not going to be quiet because my values matter too. Yours don’t just matter. And you’re not afraid to speak yours from the rooftop.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes. Yes. Lindsey. Yes. Yes. Yes. It is so important. I think that was, I want people to hear you say that I want them to hear you say that it’s simply a matter of no. Rosa Parks didn’t flip the bus over. She said, no. That’s how it works. Patriots is, you know, we have to remind them who we the people are. And that’s what it is. Go ahead, Lindsey.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Listen to this. I’ve never said this before. We all say faith over fear. Well, you say it’s and then the first thing you think of is like, we’re not afraid of COVID. I’m not afraid of getting sick. I’m not afraid of dying. What about faith over fear in the faith that if I speak up for what’s right, because God convicts me to, I’m not afraid of what he’s going to do in that moment. You’re afraid of losing your job. You’re afraid of losing friends. You’re afraid of what people will think of you. That’s not faith over fear because if God calls you to step into something and you say, no, I don’t want to lose this, this, this, this. God saying, you don’t trust me.
  • Raven Harrison: Come on.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Get off.
  • Raven Harrison: Lindsey, you are preaching it there because does it say that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Faith is the muscle of the spiritual realm. Patriots, we got to bring it in right now. You got to believe him. You believe the God of the universe can’t deliver you out of this. That’s how it works. He is a mighty God, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. That’s how we get through this is we put our trust in him and our faith and say, Lord, we believe you for this. But he did say there was going to be trials and tribulations in this, in this world. And Lindsey, I love to hear that because I feel like we, Patriots are getting weary. They’re getting tired and they’re getting run down. But do you realize if it was easy, anybody could do it. This is the time that was written about in the scripture to stand up. And I just want to add that full armor of God is not for you to sit on the sofa, shaking your fists, the TV report to this line, Patriots.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Right.
  • Raven Harrison: We have a country to save. And to start with the fashionable, you know, the press, but that’s what it is. And we’ve all lost friends. We’ve all lost things, but you know what? Maybe I didn’t lose them. Maybe God moved them.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Yep.
  • Raven Harrison: So we’re going to take that out, but I’m telling you, Lindsey, this is important. So now you are a brand and you’ve got merchandise. You’ve got things we need to kind of pump us up as we move forward into this fight. Tell us about your new line and what you’re working for at Patriot Barbie.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Yeah. So I’m excited because God has really kind of brought back my entrepreneurial spirit. I was so afraid of it for three years because I got canceled so badly. I was like, I don’t want to start anything new and just, and then just get, you know, attacked again. But now I’m so grounded in what I believe and my message that I’m not at all worried about cancel culture. I just delete the emails, you know, if I even see them. But I’ve started a clothing brand online, which is, you know, one of the shirts I’m wearing Land of The Free. It’s like rocker style Jesus and patriotic and freedom loving hats, T shirts. I have a whole beauty line, lipstick, lip gloss, eyelashes. It’s all kind of random, but all these opportunities to work with other people keep popping up. And that’s what I want to do is empower other patriots and do business with them. So if someone comes to me and says, Hey, I’ve got, I’ve got a sunglass line that’s patriotic. I want to partner with you. I’m like, let’s do it. I’ll carry sunglasses. Like you name it. And then I started a fashion brand to other influencers that is not T shirts. It’s literal fashion like dresses, rompers, skirts, jewelry. And that is with Pamela, Gene, Novo and Kendall in Kentucky. And we are building our brand strictly on the idea that we are all conservative Christians, moms, whites, we are pro life, we’re pro God, we’re pro freedom, we’re pro America. So, you know, starting business is not just on a neutral level on like a strictly like these are, this is what we stand for. You don’t have to shop there if you don’t like it, but this is what we’re always going to honor with our company. And God is blessing those brands because we’ve given them to him and said, we will honor you with them. And that’s just huge. And it’s been such a gift again to enjoy building a business again with people that I love and value that share my values because I took a break from entrepreneuring for three years and it’s just such a part of me. So I feel like God’s giving me that gift back and I love it.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen. And I’m telling you, I think I’m the next in line for that that we’re, you know, collabing on some ideas and I couldn’t be more excited and Patriots. It’s also good to know that you can spend your money. I mean, these are all things that we do make up beauty fashion. This is really important to me. You know, I really like to challenge what people think conservatives look like or should look like. That’s what this conservative looks like, but we can support the ones who support our values. That is so incredibly important. Stop funding people who hate you. And again, everything that has been taken out has been replaced by abundance. That’s how god operates, and it’s amazing. Where can people, what is the website, where are the contacts, where can people find the patiot barbie.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Easy, patriotbarbie.com – So my shop is there, my books is there, if you want to book me to speak at an event – it’s there, my backstory, my sizzle reel – everything is at www.patriotbarbie.com. And then I haven’t been able to integrate my fashion brand into that site yet, because it’s so brand new. But that is www.prettylittlepatriot.com. And that’s just for shopping fashion.
  • Raven Harrison: It’s fantastic, Patriots. We’re also gonna have information on our website about that to help you find Lindsey, help you find Patriot Barbie, and find your spark, Patriots, because each one of us was made for this time. So it’s time to do it, and don’t just walk toward your desk, be strut. Right? So that’s how we do it. Lindsey, I can’t even tell you what an honor to have you here on Raven’s Radar. It is amazing, and we’re gonna be hopefully talking and working together in the future. We look forward to having you on again.
  • Lindsey Graham / Patriot Barbie: Thank you so much. Thank you. And we’ll be back, Patriots, right after this.
  • Raven’s Mantle spot
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you, Patriots, for being here for this episode of Raven’s Radar. Did I tell you? Woo, we made Barbie cool again. Make Barbie great again, and we just did. Thank you so much to Lindsey Graham, the one and only Patriot Barbie for being with us here on Raven’s Radar. Spectacular Firebrand Patriots. You wanna get behind her. If you want information on Lindsey and what she’s doing, you can go to our website, ravenharrison.com. You wanna find me, you can find us on social media at raven_TXWarrior, Raven, the conservative warrior on social media. And I encourage you, Patriots, this is how it’s done. These are success stories of how we get it done. Progress is slow, but it’s working. We’re moving the right way. One step at a time, and that’s where we gotta do it. So I encourage you in the meantime, Patriots, also pick up a copy of my book, Raven’s Mantle, Fighting the Betrayal of America. Is it not apt title for what we’re dealing with right now, Patriots? This is it. This is what was written in the Bible. And for those of you who are keeping track, the Bible has a perfect record of things going to happen. So it was not a guide for panic. It was for preparation to be prepared. God gave us a plan, and he did not leave us here on his own. Faith, Patriots, the substance, okay? The evidence of things not seen but believed. We gotta get to that moment again. You can pick up my book, Raven’s Mantle, on amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com. You can find a link on our website as well. And I’m telling you, Patriots, it’s a great time. If you can’t be on the frontline, support those of us who are. We’re gonna be blatant on the frontline because we have a country to save. We get to save our country. What a glorious time to be alive, to be anointed by God. So walk in that light, Patriots. And until next time, keep fighting.


Lindsey Graham’s encounter with cancel culture became the catalyst for her transformation. Instead of succumbing to fear and intimidation, she embraced her newfound purpose—empowering others to speak up for what they believe in. In a society plagued by cancel culture, where individuals are often silenced for expressing conservative values, Lindsey stands as a beacon of hope and resilience.

Lindsey Graham’s story serves as an inspiration to all who desire to assert their beliefs and values, even in the face of opposition. As readers, we are encouraged to join the fight against cancel culture and reclaim our rights to freedom of speech and expression. Let us support other brave individuals who are standing up against the prevailing narrative and working towards a society that upholds conservative principles.

In conclusion, Patriot Barbie’s transformation showcases the power of faith, resilience, and the refusal to be silenced by cancel culture. Let us be inspired by Lindsey Graham’s story and strive to be voices of truth and freedom in a world that desperately needs them.

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