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Mercedes Schlapp: Fighting Back Against the Cancel Culture

In this episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison welcomes Mercedes Schlapp, a highly respected conservative figure, co-founder of CPAC, and White House veteran. Together, they delve into the pressing issue of fighting back against cancel culture and winning the war for America. With Mercedes’s extensive background in politics and her commitment to preserving American and conservative values, she provides valuable insights and discusses her involvement in combating human trafficking, ensuring election integrity, and protecting our children from harmful ideologies. Get ready for an enlightening conversation that sheds light on the challenges conservatives face and the importance of unity in reclaiming our country.

Episode 42 Summary with Mercedes Schlapp

Mercedes Schlapp reflects on her personal background and how her father’s experience as a political prisoner in Cuba shaped her dedication to safeguarding freedom in America. She emphasizes the need for conservatives to understand the left’s dominance in media, academia, and politics, and highlights the weaponization of the Department of Justice as a concerning development in our justice system.

The conversation delves into the infiltration of woke culture in various spheres, including academia, social media, and gender ideology. Mercedes expresses deep concern about the impact on young children, discussing the use of puberty blockers, exploitation at the border, and the role of human trafficking networks. She emphasizes the necessity of defending conservative values against a global leftist agenda.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We have dynamism in the studio today. It is going to be epic. We are raising the standard. It’s not even the gold standard, it’s the Mercedes standard. What does she mean? It’s coming up. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
  • Welcome back, Patriots. It is that time. It is time to get to the front line. And today, it looks gorgeous. It is going to be a great episode of Raven’s Radar. Today, we have a true legend with us, the one and only Mercedes Schlapp. Welcome, Mercedes, to Raven’s Radar.
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Hi, Raven. You’re making me sound old when you say “Legend.”
  • Raven: No, they were.
  • Mercedes Schlapp: I’ll take it. Old is good. More of me.
  • Raven: You might have to walk on water or something after I finish warming up. But, uh, Mercedes, I happen to know you are a powerhouse. You have a lot of impressive things to your credit. You are, I believe, the co-founder of CPAC. You have been working on documentaries. You worked in two administrations, I believe, in the White House in Communications and Strategy. Just amazing. So, but for our Patriots who haven’t been watching the front lines, tell us a little bit about you.
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Well, first, thank you for having me on your show. I think it’s so important for us to stay connected as a community as we ensure that we keep America strong. You know, we’re, I think, so many of us are so concerned as to the direction of this country. And you know, my background is, I grew up in Miami, Florida. My father was a political prisoner in Cuba who fought against communism and gave me a real strong background in ensuring that we understand that freedom is fragile. And so, because of what he went through in his life, uh, he inspired me to get involved in politics and in public service.
  • And in essence, then I decided, uh, early on to start working in government and worked for President George W. Bush in the White House at a young age. And then, uh, my second round, after having a bunch of kids, uh, working with, I would say, the best president in our history, which is, uh, President Donald Trump, which was a real honor to work in his White House for two years. And then worked in several presidential campaigns in the process. And, you know, truly, it’s been quite an interesting time to see happen.
  • And now, working at CPAC, I’m not the co-founder, but, uh, my match-up is as a chairman. And I get to support his efforts and the team’s efforts in working on really important policy issues like combating human trafficking, like stopping the craziness with woke corporations, working on issues like Criminal Justice Reform, and ensuring that we preserve not only just American values but conservative values. And the most interesting part about this is that we’ve seen this explosion in terms of the conservative movement not only here in the U.S but across the globe.
  • Matt just came back from CPAC Australia and what you learned so much from these foreign countries and being able to realize that we as conservatives need to unite, not only at the national level but across the world.
  • Raven: That is, she’s given us a lot, Patriots. I want to first of all second that, about Donald J Trump being the greatest president of our lifetime. Also, I want to interject, Patriots, that this is not a hand-me-down story that Mercedes has, for communism. Her father was actually fighting Castro, actually fighting this. The communism that’s at our shores. So, Mercedes, we’ve got going forward, this is a whole complex dynamic and you and I have crossed paths on this before. What do you think is the most pressing thing right now that Patriots need to be mindful of as we take our country back, going into 2024?
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Look, I think that there are several components here, and we should be all very concerned as to understanding the mentality of the left, the mentality of the Socialists in this country, of the progressives. Is that you’ve seen the left take over not only our media institutions but our academic institutions and our political institutions. Look, I’m very concerned about the weaponization of the Department of Justice. We’re seeing this two-tier justice system.
  • We’re seeing how former President Donald Trump is being prosecuted at multiple levels in multiple jurisdictions and how they’re really trying to throw this man into jail. Now, when you look at this, this is something that you would see in other countries. You know, you’re starting to understand, like for example, take Brazil, where the former President Bolsonaro, Jair Bolsonaro, who, you know, did not win that election, and now they’re talking about the fact that the court in Brazil basically said he can’t run again for a number of years, and now they’re talking about the fact that they might throw him in jail.
  • So these are things that happen in these very unstable countries, and all of a sudden, we’re seeing this come to our shores, where a former president is being indicted over questioning an election where his belief is, “I believe the election was rigged.” And having a belief in something, yet because of that, they’re attacking him and trying to, again, put him in jail. I think that’s a very troubling situation that we’re seeing right now happening in our country.
  • With that being said, I also think that when we’re looking at what is happening in our academic institutions, whether it be this insanity with gender ideology, the pushing in our medical institutions of puberty blockers on young kids, I mean, that is child abuse in and of itself. And obviously, the chaos that we’re seeing at the border, which we know has jeopardized basically our national security right now, where you’re seeing not only illegals, but the drug cartels and human traffickers who are preying on children, sexually assaulting young girls going through, basically coming through the border illegally, bringing drugs to our communities.
  • But also, Chinese nationals that are also coming through this very uncontrolled, open border process that Biden has allowed for. And we’re going to be concerned about election integrity as we go into the 2024 election. We saw what happened with Kari Lake and the voting machines the day of the election.
  • We have several of these cities that we’re very concerned about what’s going to happen there as we enter 2024, so we have to stay vigilant and really get involved in this process of being poll watchers, precinct captains, and really engaging as we go into the electoral process in 2024.
  • Raven: That is, that is, I’m telling you, did I tell you she’s fire? Patriots, most of you already know that this is really important stuff that Mercedes just dropped. Patriots, are we catching this? So they’re trying to indict President Trump, arrest him, and put him in jail for questioning an election. Did Mercedes sign off on my map? I’m old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton wrote a book about the election not being the way she wanted it to be, and so did Stacey Abrams, who refused to concede the election and still maintains she’s the governor of Georgia.
  • But you know, that’s where we are right now. And you are right, this is a war that has crossed multiple planes. They’re in our schools now, trying to teach this gender ideology. They’ve got our border wide open, which is full of unvetted, screened people. And now, they are trying to throw people in jail for questioning what they can see with their own eyes. And just Patriots, for the record, the last few people to do that were Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, who threw their political opponents in jail. Okay, just saying. So that’s where we want to go. So Patriots, we’re going to continue on the front line with the one and only Mercedes Schlapp right after this. [Raven PAC Spot]
  • Raven: Welcome back, Patriots. Welcome to this episode. We have got the fabulous, dynamic, incredible Mercedes Schlapp with us. And I’m telling you, this is one of our legendary conservative fighters in this movement, and we need her right now. Let me show you a clip of what she’s working on.
  • [Clip Starts]
  • Mercedes Schlapp: What’s so scary is you’re starting to see these violent mobs happening across college campuses. You have, for example, a respected liberal professor at Middlebury, Allison Stanger. She actually suffered a concussion and whiplash trying to escort a speaker across campus simply because the students did not agree with the speaker’s ideas.
  • Allison Stanger: We’re going to have a great dialog if you let us continue.
  • There was this real groupthink mob mentality where people weren’t reading and thinking for themselves but rather relying on other people to tell them what to think.
  • Mercedes Schlapp: I know when I was in college as a Cuban American, our University brought Cuban Communists from the Cuban government to our campus. And instead of stopping them from coming on campus, we wanted to ensure that we were able to talk to them, engage them, exchange ideas, and present the argument as to why communism is wrong.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven: Welcome back, Patriots. That’s where we are, Mercedes. When you see this documentary, when you see the clips of what you’re doing on the front line, what do you want Patriots to know about this cancel culture and how we are going to overcome it?
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Yeah, well, I gotta tell you, the Culture Killers was a documentary we put together through CPAC and through the great Jason Meath Productions. And really, we learned what you’re seeing is that you know, this goes from the fact that we as Patriots have to unite to fight the cancel culture. I think for too long, we were just, you know, raising our families, doing our work, getting by, you know, and making sure we could, you know, go to our jobs. And then all of a sudden, all this political craziness seeped into our everyday lives, in every aspect of our lives.
  • And so, before you know it, it became a conversation of, you know, biological men playing in women’s and girls’ sports, for crying out loud. And for any of us who have daughters like you, Raven, you know, we know the impact of the girls working really hard to do what they can to compete in sports, and then all of a sudden, you bring in the biological males to basically beat and win these in these girls’ sports.
  • I mean, it is really, really uncalled for and I just think plain wrong. And then when you look at the fact that, uh, you have this whole craziness, uh, with, for example, the, you know, the gender ideology as we’ve talked about, uh, seeping into our social media where you have vulnerable teenagers, you know, maybe, uh, you know, that are basically now saying at 13, 14 years old, even as young as six, you know, seven or eight years old, uh, you know, let me take these puberty blockers so because I want to transition. I’m sorry, but when you’re 13, 14, 9 years old, you have no idea who you are as a person at that time, amen.
  • And so all these um, issues of the fact that the left has an agenda, and it’s really important to understand that this leftist agenda is a global network of liberals, and I would say liberals, I would say of just socialists, of individuals who want to tell you how you should vote, how you should think, how you should raise your children, and make sure that the governments are in control, where you as the individual, you as being in charge of your family, are not the ones making the decisions.
  • In fact, they want you to feel like you’re a bigot, a racist, you know, that you’re just plain wrong when you stand up, for example, for God and your faith and for your family. And it’s why this is a moment in time, and this is what we push so strongly in CPAC. And let me tell you, you know, this Raven, they’ve tried to destroy us, they’ve tried to destroy my family, they’ve tried to destroy the organization. Because why? Because we push back against the wokeness, because we push back against the leftists.
  • They want to destroy. Our goal is to build stronger as a community because we know that there’s more of us. Um, people who love God, who love their family, who love their country, than there are of them.
  • Raven: And that’s it. And Patriots, this is what I need you to hear from all of this. Is Mercedes myself, people like us, we take a lot of fire to be on the front line. And I mean it’s just, but these are who our children should be looking up to, as these ones who are standing up. And Mercedes is right, they’ve had people camped on their lawn, you know, attacking their family.
  • And Mercedes knows my daughter Patience really well. My daughter looks up to Mercedes because she knows what it’s like to fight. And when my daughter was kicked out of school for voting for Trump in a mock election, we know how that ended. It created the conservative warrior Mercedes. But more importantly, I just, we don’t have enough words to explain to people that there’s nothing you can say to a teenage girl when she goes to play tennis and there’s a seven-foot male standing there with all this muscle to compete against her. This is wrong on every level.
  • So, we’re going to fight to protect women’s sports. We’re going to fight to protect our schools. We’re going to fight to protect our children. And that’s a lot of what you do, Mercedes. Now, going forward to the election, we’ve got a very crowded so everybody’s talking about what’s happening with Donald Trump. But we have a presidential debate coming up at the time of this filming. Give me your thoughts on this debate. President Trump is going to skip it, which I think is a very good idea. And what are your thoughts on the field coming after Trump for the nomination?
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Yeah, so look, I think President Trump, he’s obviously, this is an incumbent primary. He’s very much driving the narrative. Not only does he drive the media narrative, he drives the political narrative. And so, his he really has the upper hand. And he can choose not to go to the debate. Why? Because that debate is all going to be about Trump at the end of the day, right? So, it would have been the moderators basically bringing up Trump, uh, the obviously the other candidates bashing Trump, uh, not all of them, I would say, but like Ron DeSantis or Chris Christie. So, there’s no win-win for Trump to go do this debate. He’s the one that’s driving, again, he’s the one in charge right now.
  • So, I think for this matter of the debate, these other candidates are so far behind. It’ll be very difficult for them to catch up to Trump, and quite frankly, I just don’t see that we’re going to get a lot out of the debate other than knowing who really does need to drop out. I think the ones to watch in this debate will be Vivek Ramaswami. He’s learned how to play this political game pretty well for being, you know, a novice. He doesn’t attack Trump. He understands that Trump did a lot of good in this country, and so he wants to be able to build off of what Trump did. He talks about America First 2.0, which makes a lot of sense.
  • I think Ron DeSantis and his campaign team really failed miserably in the sense that their goal was just to attack Trump head on. They just put out an ad hitting Trump for not going to the debate, calling Trump too weak to attend. The debate. It’s like everyone who knows Donald Trump, who has seen Donald Trump in action, there’s one word that does not go with Donald Trump, and that is weak. Correct. So, I think like his messaging, Ron DeSantis’ messaging has been off, time and time again. He made a calculated decision to go after Trump, which means if you’re going after President Trump, you’re going after his voters, the same voters you have to court. So, I think DeSantis has really lost a lot of momentum.
  • I think Vivek, you’re going to see him shine on stage, although I do believe they’re going to try to all attack Vivek because they view him as the threat. And then you have Chris Christie, who, actually, is doing pretty well in the polls in New Hampshire. He’s not going to go anywhere, but he’s going to be the one attacking Trump the whole entire time and trying to basically say he’s not an option. So, I could see him filibustering, really being anti-Trump. I think I could see him going after Ron DeSantis as well. It’ll be interesting. I don’t know, it’s going to be a lot of… a lot of hype, a lot of back and forth, with really the end result being that Donald Trump won the debate without being at the debate.
  • Raven Schlapp: I agree with Mercedes 100%. I’ve been talking about this on the news circuits. I feel like Ron DeSantis’ strategy of comparing himself to Trump and then attacking Trump was the nail in his coffin before it ever got started. He’s done a fabulous job with Florida, but this is a bigger game. And Chris Christie, let me just go on record as telling you, Chris, you know, he Donald Trump is afraid of me. He’s not afraid of you. We’re afraid of your policies because they suck. Okay, so we are looking forward to this debate. And I agree with Mercedes wholeheartedly that this is going to be all Trump all the time.
  • So, he’s got the best of both worlds. He’s going to be dominating the headlines in both spaces, one with Tucker and one in the debate field. While everybody’s talking about him, you know? So, we’ve got two kinds of people in this race, Patriots, those who are Trump, and those who want to be Trump.
  • You heard it here first, and we are going to return with Mercedes Schlapp right after this.
  • [Raven’s Mantle Spot]
  • Raven: Welcome back. We have been so honored today, Patriots, to have the one and only Mercedes Schlapp with us. She is a powerhouse, and this is what we need right now. I want to encourage Patriots, these are the ones out here doing it. This is what the front line looks like.
  • Mercedes, tell our Patriots and listeners what you are working on now. What is the next step as we move this conservative train forward for 2024?
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Well, we just launched about a month ago when we did the movie premiere of “The Sound of Freedom.” And if you have not watched “The Sound of Freedom,” please, please go watch it. It is an incredible movie and just so inspiring to learn about what Tim Ballard, a real hero, did to save these innocent children from the hands of human traffickers.
  • We launched the CPAC Center for combating human trafficking. We held the event alongside our friends, our Mexican counterparts, Caldeo. We launched the International Summit against human trafficking on Capitol Hill, where we had speakers like Senator Marsha Blackburn, Congressman Scott Perry, as well as Congressman Chris Smith, and several others who basically are talking about what we can do from a policy level to toughen penalties against human traffickers, as well as protect the victims.
  • It’s really important to understand, like they, these human traffickers, it’s sick. This is demonic. They take five to six-year-olds. These children, many times, and young teenagers are raped multiple times a day. The U.S. is one of the top destinations for human trafficking. Add to that the open border where you have these human traffickers bringing children through the border, and then, of course, they’re being exploited. We have about 85,000 children that are missing of those that cross the border.
  • And so the key for us is not only to be a big part of the federal policy changes that need to be made but also work on this at a state level, state by state. Some states are really bad in terms of targeting human traffickers because, listen, if we can’t come together on this issue of protecting the most innocent and protecting the children against these sex predators, then we’re not doing our job in terms of saving humanity and saving our country.
  • So that’s a big initiative that we’re working on right now. In addition to obviously being very involved in making sure grassroots activists get involved in the election process as we move into 2024, we’re going to stand up, fight back. That’s what we do, but also ensure that we lead in this effort of building the conservative movement here in America, as well as internationally.
  • Raven: That is amazing. And yes, Patriots, I push that on my social media. If you have not seen “The Sound of Freedom,” you must. It is difficult to watch. I mean, it is tough to watch what’s really going on, but we have to. This is not a time for ostrich mode where we have our heads in the sand. This is a time for lion mode, you know, time to roar, Patriots.
  • Mercedes, I agree with you. I also happened to, on a side note, Jim Caviezel does an amazing job. Yeah, he was literally born to inspire Christians and Patriots with his performance. So, I just, Mercedes, this is awesome.
  • So, Patriots, this is what it looks like. This is Mercedes on the front line of protecting your kids, your freedom, items in your home because I live here in Texas, and that border, you know, is ridiculous.
  • We have been down there, Chinese national fentanyl drugs, bracelets that came off of children or what they’re indebted to the cartels. We have got to fix America now, and it starts at home. So Mercedes, thank you so much for being with us today. Where can people reach you and find you and get involved with what you’re doing?
  • Mercedes Schlapp: Sure, well if you want to learn more about what we’re doing with the center and all of our other initiatives, go to cpac.org. Obviously, follow us at CPAC. I’m @MercedesSchlapp, and Matt is @mschlapp. And believe me, we stay very connected with our grassroots. As Raven knows, we’ve…she goes to CPAC. She’s so amazing, and I’m so blessed to know she’s a dear friend and someone who, you know, who’s just also on the front line making sure that we do what we need to do. Because I do agree, Raven, it starts at home.
  • It starts with praying with your family. It starts with making sure that you keep your kids in a place where they know that you know that the outside world, reject the outside world. But do what you can to be strong and being strong in character and being strong in your faith. I think is definitely the remedy to getting through these very difficult times, because we are going through difficult times, dark times here in America. But we can’t give up. We have to have hope.
  • Raven: That is absolutely it. And thank you, Mercedes. I feel very honored to work alongside Mercedes whenever I can. It’s…it’s difficult, Patriots, but we were made for a time such as this. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies who he calls. So that’s where we’re going. Mercedes, it has been an honor and a pleasure. Thank you so much for joining us, and we will be back right after this. [Patriot Mobile Spot]
  • Raven: Thank you, Patriots, for being here for this episode of Raven’s Radar. I hope you enjoyed having Mercedes Schlapp. She was so gracious to come. She’s such a busy woman, she’s everywhere fighting for schools, fighting for the border, fighting for election integrity, fighting for our Republic. Just everywhere. And she takes a lot of heat to do this, Patriots. So I always say, you know, it’s going to take more than shaking our fist at the TV. This is the time for action. Now, it’s time for us to really report to this front line, to step up, put on the full armor of God, and get ready for the battle to take our country back.
  • God didn’t say everything was going to be easy, he said all things are possible. So, Patriots, this is our time. If you want more information about Mercedes, you can find it on our website ravenharrison.com. We’re on social media at Raven_TXWarrior. You can find us there. You can also go out and buy a copy of our book “Raven’s Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America.” It is a barn burner, it is a firebrand in print. You want to know what created the conservative warrior, I’m going to tell you. You’ve never read anything like this before. I’m going to tell you what brought me to the front lines, and more importantly, Patriots, what are we going to do about it? We have a lot of outrage being feigned, but not a lot of people feigning solutions. So, I want to change that.
  • Please go to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, pick up a copy of the book. Also, please go to ravenharrison.com and click on Raven Pack. That is a pack I formed, and it is specifically to help Christians conservatives as we fight this war for our schools, our border, our elections, everything that we need to reset this country and get it back on track. Our founding fathers gave their fortune and their lives to protect what we’re fighting against right now. So, Patriots, it’s time to report to this line. If you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are. Please give us your most generous donation. Every little bit helps. And Patriots, we are so inspired to have people like Mercedes on the front line helping us fight. So, until the next time, keep fighting.

Wrap-up with Mercedes Schlapp

As the episode comes to a close, Raven and Mercedes Schlapp discuss the upcoming presidential debate and the field of candidates vying for the nomination. With Donald Trump’s absence from the debate, Mercedes predicts that the focus will still center on him, granting him the upper hand. She highlights the importance of standing alongside Trump and acknowledges promising candidates, encouraging patriots to engage in grassroots activism and participate in the 2024 electoral process.

Mercedes Schlapp’s tireless efforts in combating human trafficking and promoting conservative values make her a standout figure in the conservative movement. To learn more about her work and engage with CPAC initiatives, visit cpac.org and follow Mercedes on social media. Remember, it’s time to step up, support those on the front lines, and contribute to the fight for our country’s future. Together, we can make a difference. Keep fighting.

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