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Michael Quinn Sullivan: It’s Time to Keep Score!

Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar with your host, Raven Harrison. In this episode, we dive into the timely and pressing topics of the wide-open Southern border and the recent impeachment proceedings against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Our guest for today’s show is Michael Quinn Sullivan, the founder and president of Texas Scorecard, an organization dedicated to keeping citizens informed about state and local government issues.

Episode 37 Summary with Michael Quinn Sullivan

In this episode, Raven and Michael Quinn Sullivan discuss the recent discovery of cocaine in the White House, the flawed impeachment proceedings against Ken Paxton, and the dire situation at the Southern border. They delve into the hypocrisy of politicians, the incentives for illegal immigration, and the urgent need for Texans to take action. The conversation highlights the importance of citizen engagement, holding elected officials accountable, and reclaiming our role as leaders in the Republic.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. Whoa, we are doing it Texas-sized. We are kicking butt, we are taking names, and today we’re keeping score. What does she mean? Oh, it’s going to be good. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. Whoa, it’s gonna be a great one. I get really excited because I always say to people, “I’ve got Texas Tea running through these veins,” and sometimes they don’t know what that means. So there is a brand of fire-breather that comes out of Texas that we are action people, we are doers, we are patriots, we love our country. And there’s a difference between being patriotic and being a patriot, and we’re going to sift that out with our guest today. We have a fabulous guest today, the one and only Michael Quinn Sullivan from Texas Scorecard. It’s going to be great.
  • But first, as we always do, we gotta get to a little flavor of what’s happening in the world, and this week was a monster. They found cocaine in the White House. We officially have the stain, the skid marks of society now associated with the White House. They found cocaine in the White House, and here’s the better part, that’s not even the biggest one. The biggest one is we don’t know whose it is. Oh my goodness gracious. Okay, and then they’ve got these chief investigators who are saying we’re investigating, sentence one, sentence two, we may never find out who did it, but the investigation’s still going. But we’re not going to find out who did it. You know, oh my gosh, and this is the time Patriots that memes were meant for. I have seen it all.
  • Okay, Sherlock Hunter and the Mystery of the White Powder. Whose Line Is It Anyway? We have seen the memes go crazy. Okay, there’s a perfect one from The Babylon B that I absolutely love. Let’s show this one. A suspicious substance found at the White House, determined to be cocaine. It was found Sunday, which led to an evacuation and emergency response. The Secret Service saying it was inside a work area of the West Wing. Telling CBS, it was in a spot normally housing staffers’ cell phones. Massive speculation, of course, on who could have left it behind. The White House looking into who had access to that space and when.
  • I know it’s like, are you kidding me? I gotta… I used this a lot. I used to pick on him for about it, now I use it. Joe, come on, man. You don’t know whose blow it is? It was found in the West Wing. So let’s put some facts and verbs in the sentences, Patriots, shall we? Because let’s just put context. As a person who’s been there, as a person who has parents who had top-level clearance in the Pentagon, so I have been there in the White House, you have Secret Service, you have Marine Corps detail, you have metal detectors, you have video surveillance, visitor logs, and facial recognition software in place at all times. This is supposed to be one of the most secure places on the planet.
  • Okay, so congressmen and senators that have taken an oath, who are their party, the state’s elected highest elected officials in the West Wing where it was found, you know its clue. It was in the library with a straw, you know, whatever it is, but these people have to go through rigorous security, turn out their pockets, go through metal detectors. How does this happen? How is it you’re going to tell us you don’t know whose it is? We only have one first crackhead in the White House, and everybody knows who it is. This is ridiculous. Any Patriots going, “It’s just a little coke.”
  • You know what? Please, just stop. Just stop it. Listen to this. You know, we’ve got Biden tripping over air, we have crack being found, cocaine being found in the White House. It’s better than Mean Tweets, Raven. No, it’s not. It’s ridiculous. If you really believe that, you’re part of the problem. See yourself out. Okay, this is what we’ve got, Patriots. This is not okay. This is not… You don’t think our enemies are watching this go on? Wow, these people voted for this. I didn’t, but people did. We have to clean house. Okay, and you’ve got the white powder press secretary with her little version of, you know, “oh, um, it’s irresponsible for you to ask that question.” Is it irresponsible that you didn’t answer it? Did you forget to answer it? The question was, “Does it belong to Hunter?” And she went kind of around the world, scenic route on the way to the point. We all know who it belongs to. But again, Patriots, look at the tarnish on the White House. Today, we would find this. This week considered, to turn a blind… We’re not turning a blind eye. Joe, go ahead and pack, get those depends packed up, and all the ice cream packed up. You have to go.
  • This Administration blows, literally. I can’t even. So, I just want Patriots to know, we are dedicated to writing this wrong, and we are not taking the cackling czar in place of Sniffy. We’re not going to do the sniffy and blow and then go to the crack. The cackling czar is not happening. We are going to restore the integrity and the prestige of the White House in 2024, and we are going to stop this political circus dumpster fire that they are visiting on America. There, I said it. We all know who did it. P.S. We’re not going to play that allegedly did it. We have an alleged drug problem. No, you know, we have a problem. We all know what it is, and now we need to do something about it.
  • So, in that scape as well, we’ve also got the Santa seems to be stalling and floundering in his campaign. So now they’re looking at who the Democrats want to put up and glorify as an alternative because they can’t beat Trump. Trump 2024. That’s my opinion, that’s my stance. It always has been, but we need to get this righted. President Trump has demonstrated that he has the ability to fix the things that are plaguing America: the economy, the stock market, the border, inflation, all of those things. Those are our kitchen table issues that we must deal with, and all these wars, in Ukraine, all this money we are spending out, and then there’s a report that the Air Force supposedly is running out of money because they’re not letting people travel as they’re supposed to because they don’t have the budget. Okay, where is it going? Is it going to Solinsky? I mean, this is unreal. We’re spending billions, and Americans at home are suffering. And then we’re just… We gotta welcome mats at the wide-open Southern border, 50% intake in migrants this past week. We got them back coming in, and they’re going to join their 9 million compadres who’ve been let in since Biden took office. Unreal. We have a catastrophe.
  • Our country is hanging. But we gotta put verbs in the sentences. And my guest today is going to do just that. I’m telling you, we are going to get to it because what good does it tell you what’s wrong if we’re not going to tell you what to do about it? So, Patriots, we’re going to fix that right now, and we’re going to get to the one and only Michael Quinn Sullivan of the infamous Texas Scorecard right after this.
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  • Raven: Welcome back, Patriots! It’s that time. What did I tell you earlier? We’re going to be kicking butt, taking names, and this time we’re keeping score. We’ve got a score to settle here in Texas, and we’ve got the best person in Texas to do it. The founder and president of Texas Scorecard, the one and only Michael Quinn Sullivan, is joining us today on Raven’s Radar. Welcome, Michael!
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Hey, Raven. Thank you so much for such a nice introduction. I just need to shut up and not say another word. I appreciate that. No, I’m thinking at this point they’re going to want to watch you walk on water or something like that. But no, this is really important because Michael, you live here. We’re both here in Texas. We’re Texans. That means there’s Texas Tea running through these veins. But we want people to know what the front line really looks like, and Texas is the front line.
  • Raven: We’ve got all of these things going on, so let’s get right to it. I would really like our Patriots to hear a little bit about you and what Texas Scorecard actually does.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yeah, Texas Scorecard focuses on helping citizens know what’s happening in state and local government. You can flip through 9,000 channels on your TV and see the scripted drama happening from the Yuna party in Washington, D.C. But there is less and less information available about what’s actually happening in places where we as citizens can make a difference, and that’s in our state capitals, city council chambers, and school board offices. That’s what Texas Scorecard tries to do. We believe that our Republic works best when the citizens are in charge. Our Republic was designed for the citizens to be the masters and the politicians to be the servants. But the only way we as citizens can effectively govern our Republic is if we as citizens are informed and we know how to be engaged. And that’s what we try to do at Texas Scorecard.
  • Raven: Well, that’s what it is. People ask who polices the police. These guys – this is the verbs in the sentences. This is not only the action, this is the accountability that we so desperately need. And just very familiar, this is a good organization, Patriot, that’s really out there helping keep everybody on the straight and narrow. No Native American joke, I promise. But what we’re going to talk about, I would like to jump right in. So, the biggest of the headlines we’ve got here in Texas are the border and what’s happening in our house. Let’s start with the fiasco that occurred on Memorial Day, where the Republican-led House voted to impeach our Attorney General, Ken Paxton, which was an absolute miscarriage of justice. Give me Texas Scorecard’s take on what happened.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yeah, at every level, this has been a flawed impeachment. Set aside the charges they make, which are devoid of specificity. Let’s set that aside for a second because process matters. This was an impeachment that was conducted in secret. Most members of the Texas House were unaware that this investigation had been going on. And indeed, when you do read the charges against Ken Paxton, what it reads like are the talking points that have been used for the past several election cycles by his Democrat and RINO Republican opponents. So, there was nothing new in the impeachment. That’s a violation of our state constitution, which says that impeachments have to happen for crimes committed after the last election.
  • Allegations of conduct or, you might want to call it, um, after the most recent election fails that test. It fails the public participation test because it was all done in secret. They came out less than 48 hours before the vote, announced it has been going on, leaving a lot of members confused about what they were doing. Unfortunately, our Texas legislature, where you and I have to bear some responsibility, has elected a bunch of weak men to serve. Weak men are weak men. They have weak product. And the weak product came out of the impeachment proposal by the Democrat and Republican coalition leadership of the Texas House. You had almost 100 weak representatives say, “Okay, we’ll just go along because we’re being told to, not because it’s right, not because something is wrong.” They voted the way they voted because they’re weak. And that impeachment is kind of the crowning glory on all of us where we, as citizens, have to own our own responsibility for letting people tickle our ears without delivering on substance.
  • Raven: And there it is. I’m going to, in Ravenese, translate that means weak men create hard times. So, say you’re a RINO milk toast sellout without saying you’re a RINO milk toast sellout. That’s what happened here. What happened to due process? And they did this on Memorial Day weekend when we’re supposed to be honoring people who gave their lives for this country, and they run through this sham impeachment. You were saying most of the House hadn’t read it. I don’t think Ken Paxton had read it. I mean, it was like unbelievable. He was like, “Wait a minute. I didn’t have counsel present. I didn’t have due process. I haven’t had a chance to answer these charges. We haven’t interviewed the witnesses. What is this?”
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yes, what this is is you have Democrats and these RINO, these establishment, crony, whatever you call them Republicans, what they have decided is they really dislike Texas having an effective Attorney General. What they really dislike is having an Attorney General who is racking up win after win against the Biden Administration. They dislike having an Attorney General who’s willing to fight Big Tech and Big Pharma. What they dislike is having an Attorney General who is actually trying to enforce the laws of Texas and hold the federal government accountable for its misdemeanors. What they prefer is to have a weak person serving as the Attorney General who will just kind of let well robbing liberty from them.
  • Raven: Amen. And I can tell you, Patriots, as Michael is telling us point-blank, Kumbaya is not going to get it. So, that’s what the establishment wants. The status quo. So, they want… We all have to work together. We don’t compromise with Communists in Texas. So, that’s how we know. What it is is basically AG Paxton, like 50, and sniffy zero. So, they’re losing their mind over it. And that, I think we actually have a clip of Ken Paxton addressing these charges.
  • [Clip Starts]
  • Ken Paxton: It’s accountable when they harm the public. For this crucial work to continue, the political theater must come to an end. I’m grateful for the outpouring of support I’ve received from so many Texans who understand this process is unjust and unethical. The fact that I was prohibited from presenting evidence to defend myself reveals that this shameful process was curated from the start as an act of political retribution. This vote is expected to take place Saturday at 1 p.m., and I want to invite my fellow citizens and friends to peacefully come, let their voices be heard at the Capitol tomorrow, exercise your right, petition your government. Let’s restore the power of this great state to the people instead of…
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven: Now we know what you are doing, Michael, and what I do is we are now stressing accountability, are we not? What’s our next step? We are going to see these three. We have our AG’s back because he’s had hours in Texas like you would not believe. Standing up to the Biden Administration is no small feat. So, what’s the next step for Scorecard on what we’re going to do to support Ken Paxton?
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Well, we’re going to continue to report on the facts of what’s been happening. I understand that there are people who just dislike Ken Paxton, and that’s fine. There are a lot of politicians I dislike. But in the same way, I probably dislike the homeschool kid who served me Chick-fil-A yesterday when I was driving through the drive-up window. But it didn’t matter because he delivered for me. And we, as citizens, have to get away from judging things based on who we like and dislike. We’re hiring people to do a job, whether that’s to give us our chicken nuggets or to run our state. These are our employees, and we need to treat them dispassionately.
  • So, we need to look back on the Paxton impeachment and realize that the charges, they just don’t add up for impeachment. So, we’re going to keep reporting on those. As inconvenient as it’s going to be for the RINO Republicans, we want to keep reporting on the flawed process. Meanwhile, we will be talking to citizens about what citizens should be doing. A lot of the politicians want us to shut up. They want us to not talk about it. They want us to distract ourselves with cat videos on YouTube or something. But our role as citizens is to speak out about this. So, too often, in our modern world, we treat news the way we treat entertainment. I like to call it news porn, where we sit around, get our blood pressure up in front of the TV, and we think we’ve done something.
  • But when it comes to this Paxton impeachment or any other issue, it’s critical that we start getting off of our couches and start getting more involved. Engage-ranging from making phone calls to your state senators, we’ll be doing the impeachment rain. You know, opportunity including showing up at hearings, showing up at their events, and asking them questions, putting them on the spot. And more than just asking the questions, as a citizen, your job is to tell the politician what you expect them to do. And the state senators who will be determining whether or not Ken Paxton is impeached need to understand that they’re not going to get a pass on this vote simply because they need to get along with someone.
  • They need to understand what your position is as a citizen. And the only way they know that is if you tell them. Don’t assume that your politicians know what you think. The only way they know what you think is if you hold them accountable. And that’s our job as the citizens of this Republic.
  • Raven: That’s it, Patriots. That’s the verbs and the sentences I’m always talking about. That’s what “we the people” means. If you don’t know who your legislators are, if you don’t know who your congressmen are, that’s part of the problem. The other part of the problem is you can’t just scream at the TV. You’ve got to faith. Without works, it’s dead. You’ve got to get off the sofa. You’ve got to report to this line. That means they should know before they vote what’s going to happen. Consider this all Patriots, a resume. This is a resume. If they give you this failing resume, what have you accomplished? Well, we impeached our Attorney General. We didn’t do squat for property taxes. We haven’t secured the border. We haven’t done any of these. But we want to get elected because we’re really, really good people. Come on, guys. Biden says, “Come on, man.” You know, it’s just… We’ve got to do that. And we’re going to talk about that. This is what this is. The call to action we have been waiting for. Give me a sign. That’s it. Michael Quinn Sullivan is holding it. So, I want Patriots to address this, and I want to get to the issue of our border right after this.
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  • Raven: Welcome back, Patriots, to this episode. We are with the one and only Michael Quinn Sullivan. Like I said, we are kicking butt, taking names, and keeping score. That’s how we’re gonna do it. Michael, we’ve talked about Ken Paxton. I want to talk about something else that plagues us as Texans every single day and in every facet of our life: the border, the wide open Southern border. People, I can’t tell you how many times they come to me and say, “Biden says the border is closed.” Well, Biden says kids’ hair smells good too. So here’s what we’re gonna do about that. You and I have both been to the border, and I can tell you, even with what they report on television, we’ve got another surge in this past week of 50 percent. This joke of a… You know, they say there’s an app for it, and Biden’s created an app for illegal immigration too. But give us your take, as you have recently been to the border.
  • [Clip Starts]
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Hey, this is Michael Quinn Sullivan. I am coming to you live from here at the border in El Paso, just south of El Paso here in Juarez. Looking across the border behind me, you see a large encampment that’s been put in place by the border patrol where illegal aliens are coming. You’re literally right now watching walkers making sure you can see this. Yeah, you just had four guys illegally cross into the United States. There’s another one coming down from the Mexico side carrying bottles of water, another one following behind him, and they are now going across.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven: Michael, Michael, help me, help me, help me. Okay, these people, and then you saw them come in, okay? You and I have both been there. I was there when he [Biden] cleaned El Paso ahead of Biden coming there, and it looked like a postcard city. But you saw these people coming in. You saw them clipping the razor wire with wire cutters.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Not only clipping the razor wire with wire cutters, but doing so with the Texas state troopers, our Department of Public Safety, and National Guard, and border patrol officials all standing by watching, none of them doing a single thing about it. It’s nice and cute to show video on Fox News of troops rolling out the razor wire, but it means nothing if you’re not stopping people from crossing the border. I understand that many of us, now, I’m 53 years old, and for me, I struggle with the knowledge that today, the people crossing the border illegally are not the same kind of people who are crossing the border illegally back in the 1980s, when it was an honest person fleeing bad economic conditions and wanting to get a job.
  • No, today, you’re talking about trafficking, you’re talking about cartel, you’re talking drug smuggling, you’re talking gun smuggling. This is a very different class of people who are coming across, and we have to treat it differently. This is not a paperwork problem. Whether it’s the governor of Texas or the president of the United States, they all take into referring to this as undocumented migrants. That’s a paperwork problem. An undocumented migrant is paperwork.
  • Raven: And that’s word salad, isn’t it, Michael? That’s like saying an unlicensed pharmacist is a drug dealer.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yeah, look, you know, the words we use to describe things will drive the actions we take. I have no interest, Raven, in worrying too much about an undocumented migrant because that means that some bureaucrat lost a piece of paper. On the other hand, when you’re talking about illegal immigration, I want to stop illegality. I need to deal with an invasion at our border. But the politicians understand to use words to change the way we think about a problem.
  • And what I want witnesses to, and I know you witnessed, was not just nice people with paperwork. What we saw instead were people who are willingly violating our laws to come into our country. And in many cases, they’re coming in to do bad things. And the cheap role of government, I don’t care if it is the federal government or the local school board, the end of government is to protect liberty. That’s their number one job. And the only way you can protect liberty is if you are also securing the life and the property of the citizens.
  • Raven: And that’s it because that’s an oath. That’s not just a, “Hey, that’d be a nice thing to do.” That’s an oath that they take to protect and serve, and their primary job is to protect the citizens of this state and this country. And what we saw in that little bit of clip, Michael, they’re just here for a better life. They want to do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Okay, and I saw fighting-aged men when I was at the border. I saw Chinese citizens at our border. You know, I didn’t see, you know, every now and then, and I saw the cartels.
  • And just for context, Patriots, nobody gets through that border, not one person gets to that border without going through the cartels, which means they’re indebted to them for something. They come into this country owing the cartels something. They don’t just go, “Hey, that guy seems really nice. Let’s just let him cross for free.” It doesn’t happen like that. So if they’ve got razor wire cut, I mean, you know, what’s the illegal immigration and Supply Kit? Michael, razor cutters, you know, brand new cell phone, you know, clean… T, come on. This is absolutely unreal.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: And unfortunately, what we’ve now seen happening has been this unfortunate trend of the federal government and our state government serving as kind of the lactation provider for the cartels because once these people come across, I saw it, I know you saw it, they wander across the border unopposed. And what do we do? Rather than turning them around and marching them back across the river, instead we load them up into an air-conditioned bus and we drive them to a holding facility that’s much nicer, probably, than anywhere they’ve lived in the past couple of weeks. I would give them showers, you know, give them food, and give them a free cell phone, that way they can keep in touch with their cartel handler. And then we send them on deeper into the country, all with the promise that maybe sometime in the next year or two, they will show up for an immigration hearing.
  • Raven: Or 12. Didn’t we see that some of these… This is what the Biden administration is, it’s thumbing their nose at people. Some of these people have court dates 12 years in advance. So they are just released into our country and 12 years later to answer for it. But don’t do anything bad while you’re in here. I mean, it’s absolutely… And then he’s got an app. These people are doing an app, the CBP one, which is another way to skirt our immigration. And you know, eight miles… It’s also important to remember, you know, Michael, I don’t know if you saw this, but we saw this, that there are homeless shelters that kicked out homeless vets to make room for illegals.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yeah, well, and what you incentivize, you get more of. And the federal government has been incentivizing NGOs to prioritize and preference illegal aliens. It’s not only happening up here, but we see it happening down on the southern border of Mexico, where you have taxpayer-funded NGOs, taxpayer-funded non-profit entities working there in Central America who will hand out hiking boots, hand out water kits, water bottles, water purification tablets, all of the… You know, so that to these very same illegals who are going to be later invading our country.
  • U.S. taxpayers are paying for it there too. And so what a surprise when you see NGOs, non-governmental organizations, suddenly decide, “Hey, we’re going to get in the business of handing out three cell phones down in Colombia. We’re going to hand out water purification tablets to illegal aliens America.” Because they’re making money off on Sunday. You and I need to do a lot better job, I think, of demanding that the same stuff. I’m sick and tired of Republicans in Congress, you know, banging on a desk but not actually delivering. Come on.
  • Yeah, the release bill. Republicans keep giving up their advantage, that’s right. Because they would rather be friends with the Democrats than fight for our country.
  • Raven: And that’s what it is. And that’s why you just put the nuke on there, of just this… There’s no such thing as government-funded. It’s all taxpayer-funded. That’s our money. Okay, so again, let’s just really quick shred that argument. They’re here to work. Okay, well, if they’re working, then why are they getting freebies from American taxpayers? Okay. If you know… Also, it’s just okay, well, they have the app that allows them… No, they’re not working. There are people waiting in line who have spent thousands of dollars and, you know, have waited years to come here legally that are just watching this stream, this parade. And now it’s made every city a border city. So this is against the Constitution. Is it against their oath of office? So it is absolutely nonsense. And it’s up by 50 percent in the last week. So in saying that, this is what it’s called. So what are we going to do about the border as we wrap up and tell them what a scorecard position on what the action strategy is on getting that border secure?
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: We have got to stop waiting forever. We have to stop waiting for Congress to do its job. It would be nice to think that Congress would tr- they are not going to. In fact, we have to stop waiting in many cases for the other states to get their act together. That means us, Texas. And you know, I know you’ve got a lot of folks around the country who watch. I’m sorry I’m not talking to you at the moment. But as Texans, we have to defend our property. Come on. We have to defend our border. Sorry, but the current push by Governor Greg Abbott, kind of talking tough but playing nice with illegal immigration with the Biden administration, got to stop.
  • Everyone is playing off of a very flawed U.S. Supreme Court decision from the early 2000s, Arizona versus the United States, where they said, “Oh no, Arizona, you’re not allowed to send illegal aliens back across the country once they come in. They’re the federal government.” And we need to challenge that. And the only way you challenge those if you take-and I love the idea that the tax department is going to be a force- a foreign… ‘Cause now they’ve got some- something to play with in the water. And it might help, but you need to do more. You know, shooting a couple rounds of ammunition into the water ahead of where some illegal aliens are coming, that might- might, you know, if they know they’re going to be turned around and marched back across the border, that might also- I’ll start calling, but but again, the state wants to take a very play-it-safe approach and wait for someone else to make the hard decision. To push the question, Texas needs to protect Texans. That’s it. Until we’re willing to do that, illegal immigration worse and worse.
  • Raven: Amen. Well, I appreciate it. That is it. I like that the end, Patriots. You notice that we only serve leaded in Texas. That’s how we do it. But I have to thank you, the one and only Michael Quinn Sullivan. And Michael, you have a podcast and a book. Tell us real quick where everybody can find you, the book, and get involved with Texas Scorecard.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Yeah, we’d love for folks to use our website at texascorecard.com. My podcast is called the Texas Minute. It comes out every weekday morning. It actually runs about five minutes because we’re five stories. But it’s called the Texas Minute. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, and Google, or just go to texasscorecard.com. Kind of there. My most recent book is “Reflections on Life and Liberty.” There’s little vignettes looking at the things we as citizens should be thinking about and reclaiming our role as the leaders of our Republic.
  • Raven: That’s it. So Patriots, I encourage you to get to this website, get in here, and get involved. I always say, if you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are. And this is one of those people. We are… This conservative warrior is… You know, aligned. Michael and I are going to be doing, hopefully, much more together in the future of trying to… That’s it. Texas protects, protecting Texans. We gotta get there. Michael, thank you so much for your time today.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan: Thanks, Raven. Really appreciate you. Glad to have you. And we’ll be back after this.
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  • Raven: Thank you, Patriots, for being here for this episode of Raven’s Radar. I want to thank Michael Quinn Sullivan, Texas Scorecard. Get on that website and check. Also, I want to thank my friends and my protectors at Texas Defense Force. Texans protecting Texas. You’ve got to get involved with these organizations who are doing it right. I encourage Patriots to go to ravenharrison.com and find us and donate to RavenPAC. That’s what RavenPAC is. It is a non-corrupt organization that I control, that allows us to fund the people who are doing the work. The real conservatives, the ones on the front line who don’t get the most press and attention. Because that’s what it’s going to take. It’s going to take some action and verbs in the sentences to fix what’s wrong with our country.
  • And, in that vein, I encourage you to get out and get Raven’s Mantle. It is available in bookstores now and it is available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. And it is literally a blueprint of what it was like to go through the Cold War and to be back there again. I’ve been through it, so I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do about it. And it is a monster.
  • There are some stories in here that you have to read to believe. They are all true, but it just goes to show you know, those who are wounded deeply, God uses greatly. I consider it an honor to fight for the country that my parents and husband fought for, and for all the veterans out there, for all the law enforcement out there doing the thankless dangerous jobs to protect our freedom. Thank you. This Patriot is grateful. This is the greatest country in the world and I will continue to fight for it. Fight for the America that I had so that my children can have the same. And until then, Patriots, keep fighting.


As the episode comes to a close, Raven emphasizes the urgency of defending our values, securing the border, and demanding accountability from our politicians. She encourages listeners to get involved with Texas Scorecard, visit the RavenPAC website to support grassroots conservatives, and check out her book “Raven’s Mantle” for an insightful perspective on the current challenges America faces. Raven’s final message is a call to keep fighting for our great nation, honoring the sacrifices made by veterans and law enforcement personnel, and preserving the America we hold dear.

Continue to stay informed, engage with grassroots organizations, and take action as active citizens. Support Texas Scorecard, donate to RavenPAC, and stay vigilant in the fight to protect our border and uphold conservative principles. Remember, we have the power to shape our future and secure a better America.

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