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Raven Harrison: Classified Documents & Debt Ceiling

In this episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison delves into the pressing issues of classified documents and the debt ceiling. As a well-informed conservative voice, Harrison sheds light on these topics and emphasizes the need for accountability and action. Let’s explore the highlights of this episode.

Episode 14 Summary on Classified Documents and the Debt Ceiling

In this episode, Raven Harrison tackles two significant subjects that are currently making headlines – classified documents and the debt ceiling. With her characteristic boldness and expertise, she provides valuable insights into these matters and calls for action to address the alarming issues at hand.

Harrison highlights the spate of heart attacks and sudden deaths that have become increasingly common, emphasizing that this is not a normal occurrence. She raises questions about the potential link between these deaths and the hastily implemented mandatory vaccines, urging people to come together and prioritize both personal choice and the overall health of the nation.

Moving on to the pressing issue of the debt ceiling, Harrison criticizes the unsustainable debt levels that have plagued the United States even before the implementation of the $1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill. She expresses her strong opposition to raising the debt ceiling, urging elected officials to take responsibility for managing and balancing the budget. She emphasizes the need for fiscal prudence, tax cuts, and spending cuts to curb escalating inflation and prevent burdening future generations with an astronomical debt.

To provide additional perspective on the economic aspects and inflation concerns, Harrison presents a clip featuring Janet Yellen, the Secretary of the Treasury. Yellen admits to underestimating the path of inflation and acknowledges the negative impacts of supply bottlenecks and rising energy and food prices. Harrison passionately criticizes this lack of foresight, highlighting the detrimental effects of policies such as cutting the pipeline and mandating vaccines. She emphasizes the importance of holding elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions, particularly when it comes to national economic matters.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We are filming on a holiday today. It is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I hope everybody’s having a great holiday, but we have work to do to get our country back. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. I want to start by acknowledging, as we’re filming today, it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It is a great day to reflect and remember what our freedom means and the people who sacrifice so much to bring that to us. It’s always good to remember those who came before. We stand tall because we’re on the shoulders of giants. I also want to start by acknowledging we had a big loss this week of the passing of Lisa Marie Presley. She died at the age of 54 of an apparent cardiac arrest, and I’d like to extend my condolences to the family and all those who were affected by that in prayers for healing and comfort to her family. I also want to take the moment to address the elephant in the room, and I will address it before it has a heart attack.
  • Guys, this is not normal, okay? People just dropping dead of heart attacks left and right is not normal. Five-year-olds don’t have heart attacks. Healthy athletes don’t just drop dead on the field. This is happening way too often, and we can speculate, but we know, according to even the CDC’s page, that heart attacks have spiked since 2020. This is something that needs our attention. This is not finger-pointing time. This is a time for us to rally around everybody and start asking the questions that need to be asked about why these people are dropping dead. You know, we have our speculations about this. No one really knows for sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m with many people who wonders if it has something to do with the mandatory shots we were forcing everybody to take that hadn’t been thoroughly tested and vetted.
  • But at this time, I would like to encourage people, whether you took it or not, this is America. This is your right to decide what you put in your body to be kind to others, and let’s try to be part of the solution of getting people well and the information they need to stay healthy. Let’s just leave it kind of there. I also want to talk about what’s going on in the world today. The debt ceiling, okay? Money, money, money, money, money. Inflation, we’re talking about a lot of things in the news right now. We’re just got terms going like Star Wars left and right. So let’s start kind of peeling the layers off this onion and having the uncomfortable discussion.
  • The debt ceiling is on the radar this week because it’s going to have to be voted on to raise it again. It’s been raised quite a few times. Well, what is the debt ceiling, Raven? Glad you asked. The debt ceiling is the upper limit that the government is allowed to borrow. It’s ironic that the government gets to decide what that limit is because we vote on it, air quotes for those of you listening. This is a problem because we already have unsustainable debt. We had unsustainable debt before Pelosi pushed through that Omnistrosity, $1.7 trillion Omnistrosity with her vodka soaked fingernails through the Congress. So in order to do that, in order to sustain that, in order to keep that and allow us to continue this unsustainable spending, we’re going to have to, they’re going to have to raise the debt ceiling. I want to go be crystal clear. They’re going to have to raise the debt ceiling to do that.
  • I am unequivocally 100% and without question against raising the debt ceiling. It is a bad protocol and precedent to set. It is unfair to our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren who are going to be responsible for paying this off with no end in sight. Your job in Congress is, I like to say, you had one job. Your job is to manage and balance the budget. And continuing to kick the debt ceiling up because you refuse to raise your spending is not a plan, it’s nothing you were elected to do. So everybody eyes on this. If it was up to me, we would not be raising the debt ceiling. We would be finding a way to make the necessary cuts, tax cuts, spending cuts to get us back in line, get our spending back in line, and manage this escalating inflation. All of these things matter. So I not being an expert on the economy, let’s hear from an actual expert on this economy inflation and what these numbers mean.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Janet Yellen: I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. There have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly. That I at the time didn’t fully understand. But we recognize that now.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Oh my god. Seriously? That’s where she’s going with that. That was Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, who basically just got on television and said, wow, didn’t see the record inflation coming. There were no signs. How could we possibly know? That Joe and Kamala printing money that’s not backed would cause inflation. How could we possibly know that crippling our economy by cutting the pipeline on day one and taking away our energy independence and our ability to export oil and petroleum products would affect inflation? How did we know that mandating that people take a vaccine they didn’t want to and crippling our workforce was going to result in this kind of spiraling inflation? I mean, I guess just because I’m feeling pretty good right now, because I don’t have a degree in economics like AOC, but I saw this coming 100 miles away. So did a lot of other conservatives of going, how could it not? This is the kind of things, ladies and gentlemen, and patriots, conservatives, that we need to start calling out and start having people accountable for.
  • Okay, you didn’t think it was that bad, or you didn’t have any indication that this was going to happen. That to me, I find extremely disturbing, especially as they came amidst all of the mandatory lockdowns that were being handed out like tic-tacs. So anyways, that’s where we are. The debt ceiling currently stands at $31 trillion with a T, or if you’re a Dr. Evil, $31 trillion. So this is how we’re getting to these places. This is how this happens. We are not calling out what we’re seeing. We’re not holding our elected officials accountable. So who are elected officials? Where does this rest? I would tell patriots, this is why it’s a good idea to get involved. So start finding out what your Congress people are voting for. Start finding out when these things come up for a vote. I happen to know the debt ceiling is due to come up for a vote this week. And it is going to be interesting, not necessarily in an entertaining way, but it’s going to be interesting. But this is where the people have the power. Make some noise, get involved, make some phone calls.
  • I’m telling you, let’s really be like the Democrats want. Let’s be social. Make some phone calls. The heck are you doing with our money? How do you expect our grandchildren to pay for this? And you can’t have a plan that involves unicorns. We need an actual plan on how we are going to stop this unsustainable debt. I don’t want to hear anymore about Biden’s green energy and green policies that are not sustainable. He wants electric cars that can’t be charged on the grid because the grids can’t handle it. Grids that have been compromised by China. I know I can’t say it as good as he does. But this is where we have to start going, no, and telling our elected officials, you don’t get to vote for that. You don’t get to cripple our great grandchildren with debt because you refused to reign in your spending. Get it together.
  • That’s how we do it. And that’s what I want to remind patriots throughout all of this. Super important. Well, how do we do it? They’re cheating. The voices of the majority should be heard. If we are the majority, then why are we silent? It’s time to get involved. Come on. This was 1776. We’d already have tea in the harbor. So let’s have a tea party. Let’s go for it. Let’s take our country back. Let’s do that. We have a few other things we need to cover and get to in this segment. I really want to get to what’s really in the spotlight in our country right now and how we’re going to fix it. What’s wrong? What are we going to do about it? And we’re going to get to that right after the break.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back to Raven’s Radar. We’re going to do something a little different in this segment. Usually, as you guys know, I like to bring the generals to the forefront of who are fighting this battle and on the front lines. And today is going to be no different. I really want to get into the issue of that’s going on with Biden and these classified documents. And I wanted a subject matter expert. And I wanted someone who understood classified documents and had experience with top level clearances. And she’s awesome. It’s me.
  • Okay. I’m going to do it. We’re going to break it down. I am going to put on my hat of subject matter expert with my credentials being I had not one but two parents who are retired Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel’s, both of them had top security and classified clearances out of the Pentagon. Both have imparted upon me a sense of precedent and protocol when you’re dealing with certain subject matters. And I really want to delve into the terminology and the technology about this because this is important. This is huge. And we’re going to discuss just how huge it is. So we are going to get into it. Let me start by kind of prefacing what we’re going to talk about with this whole thing with Biden and the classified documents. Let’s see what they’re saying.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Peter Doocy: There’s a head scratcher today based on something we learned over the weekend. What exactly was the president’s thinking and what was his logic in having personal attorneys that don’t have security clearances searching for these national security documents, these classified documents, something else. We were told last week that the search in Wilmington was complete. But then afterwards they’re coming out and saying they are finding more documents. So stuff just is not lining up still here on a Monday.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Woo! Okay, Patriots. Yeah, I know. He kind of lost me at Biden in thinking too. But we’re going in. So the crux of the story is that Joe Biden has been, I don’t want to say caught. What’s the appropriate term? Joe Biden has been discovered with classified documents in multiple locations that we know that they are classified at the highest level. We know they are above his pay grade and there’s no mental capacity jokes in there. They are above his pay grade and they are basically stored absolutely everywhere. So this brings so many things into question. So let’s start with the beginning. Let’s start with the fact that you’ll hear a lot about the Federal Records Act.
  • So let me break down what that is. The Records Act just kind of determines who legally has the authority to possess and declassify sensitive material. So let’s clarify, because there’s been a lot of, this is the Democrats’ favorite thing, well Trump did it. So let’s clarify. President Trump was president. As president, the president has the legal authority to declassify anything he chooses to. So he had the legal, President Trump had the legal authority to declassify documents. Joe Biden did not. He was not the president at the time that these documents were acquired and stored. So let’s start there. Here’s another thing we’re hearing. Well, President Trump had a lot and Biden had a little.
  • Okay. So let me go ahead with that. President Trump wasn’t just a little president. He was the president. Joe Biden wasn’t a little president. He was vice president. He did not have the authority. The only way that he could go in with that is there was an executive order, I believe it was 13292 in 2003, March of 2003 under President Bush, that says that he has, the vice president has the right to declassify something that he originally classified, which we don’t know if any of those documents fill in or if he’s acting in an official capacity. The wording is very vague, but the point is that we can pretty much safely say he did not have the legal authority to declassify these documents, but that’s only one element of the problem. The other element of the problem is storing it, storage of these documents, transfer of these documents, chain of custody, other things.
  • And his excuse for that is almost as ridiculous as the attacks on Trump for Trump putting it in a secure place after declassifying it. And we’re comparing that to Joe Biden pretty much leaving it here. This is Joe Biden backing in seamlessly into his garage with his vintage secure vet, and he is about to back in to boxes of documents. In fact, I think, don’t we have a file for that? Do we have a file on Joe Biden’s? Yes. Here it is. Okay. It has all of Joe Biden’s credentials to be able to store classified, sensitive, possibly national security issue documents in his garage. Oh yeah. Here we go. So I want people to really, I mean, it’s not even ha ha funny. So these, for those who are listening, those were in a garage and Biden has gone on camera himself to make the situation worse as he often does and said, oh, hey, you know, they were secure. They were next to my vintage vet. So I’m sorry for you guys who have modern vets. This only works if they’re vintage. Okay. So only if you have a vintage vet. Never mind that the vet is a convertible, but the doors were locked. Okay.
  • That’s, you know, that’s how we’re, that’s how he’s going with it. And the cover up for this is insultingly awful. So this is what we’re hearing from the left is he came, but we did the right thing. He’s doing the right thing. He’s come forward with this information almost immediately. Well, okay, well not immediately like three months later. Okay. So this information, these documents were discovered, discovered by lawyers, interns, the Democrats are implying that they were planted. Okay. I would say they were planted by a vegetable, but let’s just say they’re saying they were planted. Who discovered these documents? They were discovered by lawyers who don’t have security clearance to access the documents that they found and turned over. And they were found six days before the midterm elections in, so in November, they were not so, they were found in November.
  • They’re just handing them over after the midterms. And now we’re asking questions about whether the people who found this and turned it over three months after it was no longer advantageous to hold it are being truthful and forthcoming, which reminds me, Hey, did you have clearance for that file you just gave me? I’m just a lawyer. Okay. Guys, that’s how it pretty much works. The, is we just kind of, we’re, we got classified documents that are riding with Biden. Okay. Guys, this is, you should be outraged and Democrats should be outraged for trying to propagate this massive gaslighting ridiculous. Well, Trump had a lot. You know, okay, I can play that game. So this was an official residence of Hunter Biden. Some Hunter Biden, they said the laptop was misinformation in 2020. Well, this was his residence when, when all of this was occurring with these documents. So you know, do we have a clip of Biden of Hunter looking after these documents he was in charge of?
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  • Raven Harrison: See you guys. Hunter had it on under control. What could possibly go wrong? So we’ve got documents that were found at his think tank at U Penn, who received 40 to $50 million. We haven’t found it all yet from the CCP. Okay. We have the ties. We have Hunter who has a, a little bit of a problem. We’re going to call him a crystal Methodist. Okay. Is was had access and lived at this residence. He had a substance problem. He’s often been in the news about being compromised by the CCP.
  • And we don’t even know. Now we’re trying to get a log of who had access. What was the chain of custody? So we know that the lawyers who found this did not have security clearance to handle this material. This just, you can’t make this stuff up. Patriots of national security and they’re going to confirm, they’re going to compare this. Well, Trump had a lot and Biden had a little. Okay. Not even going there. I’m going to let people caption this later when they get to it.
  • Guys, here’s what it basically boils down to. There’s a reason that those documents are classified and deemed sensitive. And there’s a reason that there’s a protocol for how you store and how you handle these kinds of materials. There is a reason that exists. There’s a reason that only the president can classify and declassify. And I can tell you, I lived in a house. I grew up with two military parents, two Air Force kernels who had military top level secret classified credentials and security clearance. I can tell you unequivocally, I have never accidentally come across classified files that my parents left lying around. I have never accidentally seen something like that.
  • I don’t even know what my parents fully did during the time at the Pentagon because it was a secret. So you should be concerned because this is not a partisan. This is a national security. And the ends don’t justify the means for those out there. Well, we don’t like Trump that does not give Biden or anybody else the right to put American citizens at risk does not make the law any less pertinent. You don’t get to cherry pick the things out of the law and nothing in the Federal Records Act or this declassification deals with intent, which is also something we’ve heard. He didn’t mean to do it. He didn’t, you know, it wasn’t intentional. Joe Biden has been in politics for 47 years.
  • If he’s learned nothing else, he should know how to handle sensitive material. If they feel like there’s an issue going on with his mental capability, okay, then that’s a whole other issue that needs to be delved into. But the end of the day, I’m going to give you, well, why is this happening? So I’ll wrap up the ridiculousness with why is this happening? You know what? Why indeed? Most of us have been watching them protect Joe Biden incessantly. They’ve been covering for him. They’ve been protecting him. They have been shielding him from the full weight of his actions. Okay, so especially Obama, who’s been especially silent on the declassification.
  • Wouldn’t he have been president during this time? And he’s been eerily silent. I’m not going to say that I’m opposed to that, but it is worth noting that this, this the, the ultimate thing that’s happening here is what you’re seeing is they’re about to eat their own. They are hanging him out to dry. This information was available before the midterms, but it would have been horrible, horribly damaging from them. So they held it until it was advantageous. And now they are hanging Biden out the dry because they’re done with him. They don’t want him to run again. They want to get rid of him. And so now they’re going to start removing the protections they’ve been giving for him all this time, and it is ridiculous. Here’s the bottom line is this is not a pounce on them moment. This is a accountability. The law has to be applied evil equally, you know, rules for the, but not for me has to stop and it stops when we decide patriots.
  • This is the moment we are moving forward. We demand full accountability. We demand justice and we demand that any other conservative or official who had been caught in this position, when does the raid start? Okay. We want to see the law applied equally. We have a special counsel on it now. So let’s see if this is going to be another waste of taxpayer money or if we’re going to start getting down to brass tech, you know, I’m going to keep the fire on it. And that’s what we’re going to do. Stay with us.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you so much, Patriots, for joining us for this episode of Raven’s Radar. I wanted to, I’d like to thank our subject matter expert of just being here to just be mindful. This is how we’re going to do it. I always want to leave you on an encouraging note that things are bad, but we have the tools we were made for a time such as this. It just happens when we decide. It’s time for Patriots to wake up, step up to the line and be part of taking the country back.
  • We can do it. For those of you who want to catch up with me, I’ve got my book. Raven’s Mantle is going to be coming out very soon. It’s going to be available for pre-sale. If you want to see that, you can go to ravenharrison.com. You can follow me and on social media, Raven, the conservative warrior on all social media platforms and Raven’s Radar is available on all podcast platforms for you to get involved. I want to hear from you. I want to hear what you want me to be fighting for. And I want to encourage you that this is not a sprint.
  • It’s a marathon and we can do this. I’ll see you next time.


In the face of critical issues like classified documents and the debt ceiling, Raven Harrison reiterates the power of the people to demand accountability and drive change. She urges listeners to get informed and involved by contacting their Congress representatives and voicing their concerns. Harrison reminds patriots that it is essential to advocate for economic responsibility, fiscal prudence, and a fair and equitable application of the law.

To stay informed and be part of the movement to reclaim our country, Harrison encourages patriots to follow her on social media platforms, such as Raven, the conservative warrior. She also mentions her upcoming book, “Raven’s Mantle,” which will delve further into these pressing issues. Harrison invites listeners to engage and share their thoughts as together, they can work towards a brighter future.

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