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Ron Coleman: Twitter, Free Speech & Deep State

In the latest episode of Raven’s Radar, political commentator and lawyer Ron Coleman joins host Raven Harrison to discuss the recent revelations about Twitter’s censorship practices, the First Amendment, and the role of the deep state. The conversation sheds light on the growing concerns surrounding free speech and the need for individuals to take action.

Episode 8 Summary with Ron Coleman

During the episode, Ron Coleman and Raven Harrison dive into the highlights of recent events that have brought the issue of Twitter censorship to the forefront. They discuss how Elon Musk’s revelations have confirmed what many, including conspiracy theorists, have been saying for months – that Twitter colludes with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to censor those with opposing viewpoints.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots! We have a lot going on this week and a lot of things to get to. We’re talking about the outrage, we’re talking about the surprises, the not-so-surprises, and action statements, verbs in our sentences. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots! To Raven’s Radar, do not adjust your set. I am pinked out today, but not for the reason most people think. The pink is in honor of Athena Strand. She is a seven-year-old princess who was cruelly and senselessly murdered this past weekend. She was kidnapped by, allegedly kidnapped by a FedEx driver and murdered at seven years old. So pink was Athena’s favorite color. Her mother today has asked that everybody in remembrance of her wear pink, so we are pinking on Raven’s radar and happy to do it. Rest in peace, Princess. I want to get to what’s been going on in the world.
  • It’s been a crazy few weeks, hasn’t it, Patriots, since the election, but this is kind of what I warned about, that, hey, first is stop the immediate communism, then it’s hold feet to the fire and make sure we keep moving forward. And boy, nobody has given this movement as big a shove in the keester as Elon Musk. Elon Musk dropped a nuke on the swamp this past Friday by releasing what we’re calling the Twitter files. People are also calling Twitter Gate, Twitter 101, and Twitterism, which basically confirms what all conspiracy theorists like myself have been saying for months. And that’s what my father used to always say, conspiracy is something that you know six months too early.
  • But conspiracy theorists said we were being censored. We were having our free speech violated, and we got the unequivocal, conclusive proof that that is happening.
  • And what’s even more unsettling is by who? We have been seeing this in all, and there are different facets to this. The first facet I want to address is that Kanye West got himself banned from Twitter when most people are getting their accounts restored. Let’s roll the clip of how that happened.
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  • Alex Jones: I’ve said it, the most Nazi-like activities I’ve seen, and the Nazis, in my view, were thugs. It shook people down to a lot of really bad things. But they did good things too.
  • Kanye West: We’re going to stop dissing the Nazis all the time. Okay, we’re going to get to that.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Seriously, what is that? For those of you who are listening at home, I kid you not, Kanye West is sitting up on Alex Jones’ show in his Balenciaga face mask covered in black celebrating Nazis. I can’t even with this. It is painful to watch, but you need to, if you’re not, if you’re driving and listening to us at home, you have to watch this. This is one of those that you have to see to believe. It is unbelievable. So in a time when everybody is celebrating, Elon Musk blowing the doors off a censorship and getting their accounts back, me being one of them, I was one of the people who had my account nuked for retweeting something that President Trump tweeted about Hunter Biden’s laptop being real. And he actually comes on and gets himself banned for that. It is absolutely unbelievable where we are.
  • There’s a whole lot of things I think that are going on in that, but I want to be remiss in calling out things that should not be there. I don’t have a universe where that’s appropriate and needed to be put out there. It’s his first amendment right. My parents and my husband bled for the right for him to get up there and be an A-S-S hat if he wants to. Doesn’t mean that it’s right. But the good news in all of this, moving on from the Kanye debacle, whatever the heck that is, is on to what this actually did. I mean, this is Twittergate. This is our worst fears confirmed that the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, colluded actively with Twitter, a big tech giant who was supposed to be a platform for free speech and our First Amendment rights colluded to censor people they didn’t agree with. I know I’ve heard reports that actor James Wood, who had his account torpedoed, is going to be filing suit.
  • But this should disturb everybody on either side of the aisle. You don’t get to silence opinions you don’t agree with. Okay. I am not saying to silence Kanye West. I am saying I don’t agree with his statements, but free speech is free speech. Not just the speech you would get. You agree with. It’s not hate speech because you hate what somebody’s saying. That’s a distinction we have to make for a lot on the left, but this is communism 101. So outside of getting the proof now, we, he’s naming names. He absolutely not only did he drop a nuke on it. He just sprinkled some contrast in the water so that all the swamp creatures that are still in there are glowing in the dark now.
  • And now we can see exactly where this is going. These ones of going, what place do the Democrats have of being in their censoring their opponents? And on that, that are they going to really certify Katie Hobbs when she is one of these swamp creatures? She is busted. There is conclusive proof that as secretary of state, she used her influence and reached out to Twitter to censor her political opponents for the gubernatorial race. This isn’t even close to ha ha funny patriots. This is sick. It’s horrible. And we have to take this for what it is, but what is this? Raven, this is views meet dynamite. This is the battle cry. Anybody who’s still on the sidelines wondering what they have to do. This is your time to step up because this is not going to be a repunzel community we have here where we’re waiting for somebody to come send, you know, save us. Elon Musk did something that very few people have the guts, the resources and the ability to do, which is he uncovered the truth. Same as President Trump. President Trump said this was happening.
  • He was mocked, insulted, uh, de-platformed and basically treated horribly. Everything is true. Everything he said has turned out to be correct. And now I have to encourage patriots. What are we going to do about it? I know what I’m going to do about it. It’s front line. We need to be making phone calls. We need to, if you have not spoken to any of your legislators, congressmen, state legislators or house representatives since the election, that’s part of the problem. Get involved. Find out what they’re voting for. Another thing I want to encourage patriots to do is to, we have to start writing these wrongs. It doesn’t have anything to do with Republican or Democrat. It has to do with being on the right side of truth and having our elections be free and fair. That is the cornerstone of what our founding fathers, our military and our law enforcement fight for.
  • They are fighting for freedom and truth and transparency and you can’t just celebrate it for the Democrats because you don’t like Trump. That makes you part of the problem and not the solution. We have to get it done. Okay. And that includes why is Kevin McCarthy having dinner and fundraisers with Hunter Biden raising money for Ukraine when we have Americans up to their eyeballs in it? Why is Joe Biden trying to take air marshals off of airplanes and put them at the southern border to fix a problem that he created? We have to be noisy with the noisy. We have to be engaged patriots. This is the time. I say this a lot. You want to know what you would have done in 1776.
  • We’re getting ready to find out. So hopefully it’s call, boots on the ground. If you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are. We have got a lot to get to today, but fortunately on our front line, we have somebody who’s in the trenches. We have Ron Coleman appearing on our show today. He is a lawyer, political commentator, just a powerhouse for truth. And he’s going to be helping us shed light on all of these things and helping us put verbs in our sentences because that’s what we do. We’ll be back shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back patriots. We are fortunate today to have an amazing guest. If we’re going to be snorkeling through the swamp, we should have a pretty good guide and we’ve got the best. He is a powerhouse political commentator. He’s a lawyer. He’s an activist. He has already won a major free speech battle with the Supreme court.
  • I believe it’s Matal versus Tam. This guy is a powerhouse. His name is Ron Coleman and he is here with us today. We are going to pick his political brain. We’re going to get the juice and we’re going to get the brass tax of what do we do to move forward among the things we’re going to be talking about our Elon Musk had dropped a nuke on the swamp. And unfortunately, he actually added a little contrast in there too. So now what’s residing in there is going in the dark, one of which was shutting down Kanye West’s account for some very, very unsettling remarks. Let’s show it.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Alex Jones: I’ve said it the most Nazi like activities I’ve seen and the Nazis in my view were thugs that shut people down to a lot of really bad things.
  • Kanye West: But they did good things too. We’re going to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.
  • Alex Jones: Okay, we’re going to get to that.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Oh my God. That is wow. That was painful. So someone to help me with the aftermath of that. We’re welcoming right now Ron Coleman. Welcome to Raven’s radar.
  • Ron Coleman: Well, thank you very much. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be with you.
  • Raven Harrison: You are so versed on so many things, but I’d like to start right out by asking you I first before I get going have to ask you what your reaction is to that clip of Alex Jones and Kanye West.
  • Ron Coleman: Well, I guess there are two things. One is it’s the sound of mental illness screaming out at us. But the problem is somebody who is who has lost his marbles, okay, to use the clinical term. Where’s he getting these ideas? In other words, he’s lost the filter. He’s lost the judgment. He’s lost the balance. But he’s clearly saying things that he’s getting from somewhere. I’m all a favor of free speech. And there’s no but that comes after this.
  • But what this does tell us is that there’s someone out there and there’s always been. But people that this guy is listening to are putting this kind of nonsense into his head. And it’s it’s really problematic. But you know, it’s a world full of individuals, some of whom have their brains working properly and some of whom have issues. He’s had anyone who’s been familiar with his career at all. Those that this is a guy who’s had issues for a while. He’s got he managed the incredible feat of making Alex Jones the sane person in the room.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, when Alex Jones is the moderate, you know, then you’ve got something going there. So, you know, I’m going to use one of your terms that in court, you have to have standing to be able to petition the court. So I’m going to, as an Orthodox Jew, I feel like you have standing to comment on this. We have people saying it’s anti-Semitic. It’s mentally ill. It’s left and right. But as an Orthodox Jew, I would like to know what you take from that.
  • Ron Coleman: Well, I’ll tell you the truth. You know, I’m a little bit suspicious of the standing stuff. In fact, there’s an account on Twitter. It’s a very small account that I’m aware of called as a Jew, as this idea that you can say as a Jew, or as a woman, or as an African American, and that somehow gives your view automatically more legitimacy. It does happen to be the case that my family was destroyed. It’s a very small account was destroyed in Europe.
  • Hundreds of members of my family were killed in Europe. But anyone who is a human being can observe the disaster that was World War II and the Holocaust and have an opinion on it. And the fact that I’m the descendant of people whose siblings and parents were murdered doesn’t really make my opinion any more valid. I will, however, say that if there’s any relevance at all to my being not only Jewish, but conspicuously Jewish and an Orthodox Jew, it’s that this is clearly part of an uptick in anti-Semitism that is very, very clear. It’s something that we really didn’t see 20 years ago. And it’s something that is baked into the black community in this country and has really bubbled to the top in the last few years. It’s a real, it’s a really unfortunate thing.
  • Raven Harrison: It is. It truly is. And I love the way you word that. It’s good to hear it directly from you of it’s equally horrible whether you’re of Jewish ancestry or not. And I think that’s the lesson of all of that. If we’re calling out, you know, wrong is wrong. It’s not your truth and my truth.
  • Ron Coleman: It’s the truth. So there’s only God’s seal of truth. In fact, I mean, that’s how that’s it. Not only is it not his truth, not an individualized phenomenon, it’s not even a human phenomenon. It’s an absolute phenomenon.
  • Raven Harrison: Come on. There it is. That’s what I love to hear is we deal in absolutes. We deal with that in my house. When my kids are grounded, they are absolutely grounded. They’re not actually grounded. They’re not identifying as grounded. They are actually grounded. So that’s how we like to do it. So let’s move on with that because I think in the same vein is how we get to this point, but you being in New York and being on what we would kind of figuratively and literally call ground zero for ultimate corruption. Where do you see, I mean, is the feed directly coming from the government? And how do we proceed? Because next I want to get your thoughts on the Katie Hobbes situation. I’m going to elaborate. I live or elaborate it a little bit in the opening, but I really want to talk to what you think is feeding this because we’ve got this thing with Kanye. Now we have Katie Hobbes who essentially ran her own election.
  • Ron Coleman: Well, I think it’s fair to say that there’s but when I say, I guess when you say this, you’re talking about the overall moral decline.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes. What’s accelerating the push toward this? Because you’re right. We didn’t have this 20 years ago, but we have it now in full force.
  • Ron Coleman: Yeah. So, you know, we’re living in a crazy time when it has become, you know, a crime against the state virtually, literally, and even as we speak or minutes before we spoke, the Supreme Court was listening to oral arguments in yet another Colorado bakery case. And there’s a, you know, there’s an institutional problem right there, which is that Supreme Court doesn’t just initiate a very broad rule and throw this entire statute out, but instead decides things incrementally so that this, this bit this baker in Colorado keeps getting dragged into court by the same activists. We could do an entire podcast on that.
  • But there’s too much government, there’s too much regulation and it can in many cases be literally a crime against the state to utter forbidden thoughts of so-called hate. Hate is actually not the word. It’s often not, it involves people making choices about how they want to conduct their business, how they want to run their lives. Because there’s so much government involved and there’s so much government in our lives and so many institutions have merged, converged with the government.
  • So, we see now that, as I mentioned to you before we went on, we’ve got a case coming up of Harvey Dillon and I in the Ninth Circuit this week involved in government censorship of Twitter using Twitter as a government agency for censorship. And you have different levels of government using different institutions. Academia has become part of the government and the FBI has become part of a political party. So, all these things are coalescing and combining and making it harder and harder and harder to be an individual.
  • Raven Harrison: This is huge, sir. I mean, this is, I want you to one more time to give us the cliff notes of this. This is what we are talking about right now, is that one Democratic Party was utilizing Twitter. We know this, this was a conspiracy three days ago, now it’s proof. It is fact that the DNC was using Twitter to censor opposing viewpoints, disparaging information. That is communism. Is it not?
  • Ron Coleman: It’s communism, it’s fascism. There are all kinds of names for it, but what it certainly is not liberty. It certainly isn’t something that the First Amendment considers to be acceptable and this has not been yet tested in the courts. We tried to test it in a case that we brought on behalf of a gentleman named Rogan O’Handley, who is known to millions of people, especially on Instagram as DC Drano. Rogan is a gigantic influencer on Instagram and he had a Twitter account until he didn’t and he didn’t after the state of California decided that he was sharing disinformation or misinformation, disinformation being a made up term, about California election security.
  • This took place a good two months after the 2020 election. They sent a note to again, California Secretary of State, Secretariat or Commissariat of Election Security sent a note to Twitter to flag this account and flag this tweet and they unplugged Rogan O’Handley, a DC, I’m sorry, a California federal judge, decided that wasn’t a big problem and we think that 9th circuit, is going to disagree with him. So I’m actually going to be in San Francisco for that oral argument that our team is conducting to restore that case against Twitter and against the state of California. But this is now we’re fighting out this and going on, I’m sorry, but the federal government law, this lawsuit which we filed a year and a half ago was against the state of California and the Association of Secretaries of State and Twitter.
  • What we now know thanks to the first of DHS leaks and now thanks to Elon Musk releasing information through Matt Taibbi. is that government has been operating Twitter as a sock puppet. You’ve heard about sock puppets on Twitter. Guess what Twitter was until two months ago, a sock puppet for the government and for the Democratic National Committee.
  • Raven Harrison: For people who were saying Elon Musk didn’t just buy a tech giant, he bought a crime scene that they, you know, and Elon, you know, dropped a nuke on the swamp because the left didn’t have a problem with Twitter until they couldn’t control it anymore. And now, you know, they’re losing their mind, but this is, have you ever, you’ve been a lawyer a long time, you’ve seen a lot. I mean, I’m not at the point where I can tell people I’ve seen it all. It just get the popcorn ready. But have you ever seen this big tech deciding who gets their first amendment rights colluding with government to silence, oppress and attack an opposing party? Have you seen this in your legal career before having the lid blown off of this for Twitter?
  • Ron Coleman: No, this is, this is a historic moment. I mean, obviously, even though I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years, the first 20 years of them, there were no, there was no social media really to speak of. I mean, it was, it was out there. And yes, we all know that social media can, you know, that a private social media company can censor under certain circumstances, under most circumstances. In fact, any speech it wants to, I think it’s actually, that’s been a little bit oversold.
  • I think there are consumer rights issues that are implicated here. But when a social media platform becomes an agent of the government, that’s when it, what happened then, it’s not a social media company anymore, then it is what’s called a government actor. And the amazing thing is that if it hadn’t been for the fact that Elon Musk exists, and that he had generated all this wealth through Tesla, we would not know this. And it would continue on as it is. And we would, and really, our liberty would be at tremendous risk.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, it is, I have to honestly say, I wanted to not fall into the habit of putting these people up on the pedestal and oh, it’s all about Elon Musk. It’s all about us.
  • Ron Coleman: But I wanted to say, if it’s a bit of a tendency, I think, and I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I want to amplify your point. Saviour complexes are really dangerous. They’re dangerous whether they are applying Elon Musk or to Barack Obama or to Donald Trump.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen.
  • Ron Coleman: But it happens to be here, is you’re about to say that through God’s grace, we have, yes, maybe Elon Musk, the agency of an extraordinary moment in American history.
  • Raven Harrison: But then that doesn’t, you call it, I call it the Rapunzel syndrome of people waiting for somebody to come.
  • Ron Coleman: That’s hurtful. That’s hurtful.
  • Raven Harrison: Here, you know, take what you need. But what I want people to caution, but this is great. It doesn’t mean that this is not fabulous to do it. But now I know most people are feeling like me. Mr. Coleman is what can we do now? He has blown the lid off of this. How do we get justice? Because that’s what, you know, I tell people every single person, if you’re not the Rapunzel, we were not a country that was built on the backs of freeloaders.
  • People have to get involved. They have to do their part. So what can we do now? We have this information. We know that Katie Hobbs was trying to do this in a race that she wants to be certified as governor. Are they going to allow them to certify this? We know that Twitter has unequivocally done this. I mean, I was one of those people, believe it or not. I had an account, wasn’t as huge as Mr. Rogan, but I had an account that was torpedoed for retweeting President Trump saying something about Hunter Biden’s laptop and they just, they terminated and suspended my account. So what can we do now going forward? How do we act with this information and move forward?
  • Ron Coleman: Well, when we say we, you know, kemosabi, it often, you know, there’s a lot of different versions of weak. I mean, I’m very privileged in that I’m at a stage of my career and I paid my dues in the, you know, in in the front lines of some of the most boring and uninteresting business litigation disputes that you could possibly even want to think about. I would put you in your listeners’ to sleep the second I started describing them, but that at this point in my career, I’m able to be among the people who is doing things, and able to do things, and also that be a partner with a tremendous person like Harmeet Dillon, who we are doing things like bringing this lawsuit and having the assistance of the Center for American Liberty, which is funding it so that we can and people like judicial watch, which made this lawsuit possible by getting much of the information that we relied on. There are a lot of nonprofits out there that are really fighting the good fight.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes,
  • Ron Coleman: what can people, you know, who are less privileged than I am in that respect do? There’s something that I’m going to say that that is, I get a lot of flack for on Twitter, but I think it’s really not. I think it does any one single piece of advice that I can give to people in terms of pushing back against this, you know, night is Orwellian future that beckons us. It’s to stand for what they believe in. I understand many good reasons for remaining anonymous on Twitter. I’ve lost two partnerships, either being forced out or getting signals that I’d better pack my bags quickly because of the politically incorrect clients that I’ve taken on. If people aren’t prepared to make sacrifices and put their names and faces behind their views, they’re making it harder for other people to do so as well. We need to stand up and be counted.
  • People need to not be afraid. Many of the companies, many of the businesses, many of the institutions that people are afraid will lash out against them for standing up and making their voices heard and showing their faces would be more reluctant to do so if the people, if more and more people stood up, stood behind what they believe in, it gives support and encouragement to others. And anonymity has its place, but I really believe people need to stand up and be counted. That works all the way up and down the food chain.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, and there’s safety in numbers, but people who aren’t paying attention, they didn’t win it in 1776. In quiet, we have to, people, I hear this all the time, they’ll call me a racist. Guys, I hate to break this too. I’ve been called everything. Okay, that’s not going to do. And what’s easy for me won’t be easy for my children. That’s the bottom line is we have to get this right. We can’t hand off this mess. Okay, they didn’t have any hand in creating this.
  • Ron Coleman: The irony is that your children and my children who are not the privileged majority, as an Orthodox Jew and as a woman of color to use the modern terminology, okay? And we have children who we want to benefit from the liberty that founding fathers make part of parcel of the United States of America, the Constitution that governs it. We have the most to lose from a tyranny of right think, of political correctness, governing how we communicate.
  • You would think that this is for our benefit if you were, if you didn’t understand it, but it is not for our benefits for the benefit of the very thin elite whose races and sexes and colors are irrelevant, but who are all part of a club that you and I are not members of. And our children members of and the vast majority of Americans will never be members of.
  • Raven Harrison: And in the same vein, if there’s no honor amongst thieves, the people who think they’re going to be a member of that club won’t be a member of that club either. So that’s the thing. There’s a difference right now. We’re telling people between not wanting to say your voice and not being able to. And that’s where we are right now. So, Mr. Coleman, thank you so much for providing this kind of insight and perspective. Where can people find you and get involved in what you’re doing? You’re out in San Francisco right now fighting the Rogan case. Where can they find you and get behind you?
  • Ron Coleman: As a general rule, the easiest place to find me is on Twitter @RonColeman spelled with an E – C O L E M A N. And there I, I put my podcasts up and I put my little thoughts up in the legal work that my firm and I are involved in. You know, that’s probably the best place to start. I appreciate you’re giving me the opportunity to let people know that.
  • Raven Harrison: this has been awesome. Love having you. I love it because I’m not about fanning the outrage. We got to tell them what’s wrong and what they can do about it. And you are one of the doers. You’re on the front line. I love it. So the most important thing I have to ask you what everybody wants to know. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
  • Ron Coleman: No, this is an America.
  • Raven Harrison: In this, this is, you know, the conservative warrior is at your disposal. That is the correct answer. So it has been absolutely a pleasure and make sure you’re following me. I’m following you on Twitter and Patriots. If you’re not follow Ron Coleman on Twitter, he is giving you the playbook of what he’s doing and he’s on the front lines fighting this. Thank you for being with us today on Raven’s Radar. Thank you, sir. Fantastic Patriots. I always want to end with the positive.
  • We’ve had a lot going on this past week. It has been a doozy, hasn’t it? But for all the doom and gloom, we do have positive. The biggest thing rests in the Bible because we know how this ends. And God is always faithful to his word. But the most important thing for people right now is to remember is that taking our government back is not a sprint. It is a marathon and we each have a role in it. So let’s celebrate that each one of us was made for a time such as this. I’m going to be on this front line fighting this fight for the foreseeable future. And I encourage Patriots, reach out to me.
  • You can find me at RavenHarrison.com. You can find me at Raven the conservative warrior on social media and Raven’s radar on concern on all platforms for social media. And we have a book coming out. Some of the amazing stories. My parents being in the Pentagon 9 11, being at the Vegas massacre, being on the front line of some of the most life changing historical events has given me a perspective that I’m ready to share on what makes a conservative warrior. And I invite you, we’re going to be going on pre sale soon for Raven’s mantle. It’s going to be a great read. I promise you in the meantime, Patriots, we have got this.
  • We know God has the victory. We know we can do this. We’ll see you soon.


To conclude, Raven and Ron Coleman stress the importance of taking action and standing up for what one believes in. They encourage individuals to participate in advocacy, engage with their representatives, and support non-profit organizations fighting for liberty and free speech. The conversation serves as a call-to-action, reminding listeners that the battle for free speech and truth is ongoing and requires active engagement.

In the episode, Ron Coleman provides his Twitter handle (@RonColeman) as a platform for further engagement and updates on ongoing legal battles related to free speech.

Listeners are urged to follow Ron Coleman on Twitter, where he shares his insights and legal work related to free speech issues. The call-to-action emphasizes the importance of individual engagement and encourages people to stand up for their beliefs and support organizations fighting for liberty in the face of deep-state influence.

In conclusion, Ron Coleman’s appearance on Raven’s Radar sheds light on the issues surrounding Twitter censorship, highlights the need to protect free speech, and encourages individuals to take action. The conversation serves as a reminder that the fight for liberty and truth requires the active engagement of every citizen.

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