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Shemane Nugent: Finding Faith & Saving Freedom

In this episode of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison interviews the remarkable Shemane Nugent, a powerhouse conservativeauthormother, and wife of rock legend Ted Nugent. Shemane shares her insights on faith, health, and patriotism, and how we can stand strong in these challenging times.

Episode 44 Summary with Shemane Nugent

In this episode, Shemane Nugent joins host Raven Harrison to discuss a range of topics, including the importance of faith, health, and patriotism. Shemane emphasizes the need for Christians and Patriots to stand strong and be Esthers in these critical times. She discusses her own journey towards wellness and how toxic mold in her home led to her remarkable book, “Killer House.” She also mentions her show “Faith and Freedom” on Real America’s Voice, where she shares her expertise on health and faith.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots. To this episode of Raven’s Radar, we have a dynamic one for you today. We’re going to be interviewing the one and only Shemane Nugent, who is the wife of the motor city madman Ted Nugent. You ready? I’m ready. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome Patriots. It is that time for another episode of Raven’s Radar. Sorry. I know if you guys missed us, we’ve been hitting the road a lot and we’re going to be traveling. We’re going to take this show on the road coming up in the next two weeks, but we have an incredible show for you today. I’m not kidding.
  • So we have the one and only Shemane Nugent. She is a powerhouse and author, a mother and the wife of one of the most legendary people, the motor city madman Ted Nugent. Okay. You don’t know who that is. You, you got a few minutes while I tell you what’s going on in the world to look it up. We’ve got some things going in our country.
  • You know, as I always say, Biden always keeps it ridiculous and this will be no exception. We’ve got a lot going on. So what have we got going on here in Texas? The talk has been the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton. So really fast forward for Patriots. The swamp decided to rear its ugly head and they’re coming after Ken Paxton. They tried to impeach him. 16 articles of impeachment, but I think four added later. I have been covering and watching this trial and I can sum it up like this.
  • Why should Ken Paxton be impeached? Because we felt like it. Yes, Patriots. It is, it is crazy. What we have seen so far, we’ve had five witnesses, six now I believe come to the stand for the, for the impeachment lawyers, the ones pro impeachment. These are lawyers. These are staff that work in the attorney general’s office and we are hearing terms like, um, why did you take Ken Paxton’s name as attorney general off of the letterhead and send it out with yours on? I didn’t know it was illegal. Well, is it legal? I don’t know. Um, crazy Patriot. These are lawyers. What made you decide to go to the FBI and report Ken Paxton as a criminal? I heard that he had used some funds to, um, to rebuild his house and his kitchen.
  • Who’d you hear that from? Everybody at the office. So you went to the FBI for hearsay and a rumor and they’re saying, but we had a good faith belief that this was valid. It’s ridiculous Patriots. It’s no bias in here. I am a big fan of truth injustice. I’m just not a big fan of people torpedoing somebody’s career because of rumors and good faith beliefs. We’re lawyers. Where is the evidence? We haven’t seen any evidence. There’s no evidence of this.
  • We have deleted emails. We have, I overheard a conversation in the cafe. I’m, I’m not going to get into the, the logistics they have brought up. Well, Ken Paxton said he had an affair. That makes him a lousy husband. If it’s true, the problem is you’re talking about suspending and killing a man’s career over this. If you’re going to impeach people for having an affair, you better not let anybody leave that chamber of the, of the trial then. Are you serious? That’s what we’re going to do now is we’re going to sit here and, and we’re going to hold moral court by people in glass houses, throwing stones. Again, I’m not here to assess trials and due process or to find and assess guilt and innocence. This is to see if Ken Paxton is going to be allowed to keep his job. 4.2 million people in Texas elected this man to be attorney general.
  • And my personal belief is you’re going to have to do better than I heard from somebody that this happened. Somebody told me the cousin, the second cousin twice removed the guy next door who mows the lawn and did this said that he possibly overheard Ken Paxton being an idiot. That is not going to cut it. That’s not how justice works Patriots. So that’s where I am on that side of the fence. We also had a huge holiday, 9 11. That is a big one for me. It is a big one for America. I feel like you’ve got two dynamics that existed. 9 11 was the very worst when we had terrorism hit our own soil and we lost more than 3000 people in a horrific tragedy that the whole world witnessed. It tore the fabric of America. I had a parent in the Pentagon. I talked to her just before the rubble came down and thankfully she made it out. But a lot of people weren’t that lucky.
  • We lost a lot of friends in the Pentagon that day. We lost more in the Twin Towers. We lost some in Pentagon and in I’m sorry in a field in Pennsylvania because they were brave enough to stand and try to fight back. So the let’s roll, roll tide for our Patriots. I don’t think any of those people intended to be heroes that day, but they are and we promised them that we would never forget. We promised them that we would keep their spirit alive. We promised them that we would hold accountable all who had dared to strike a blow at the heart of America. 9 11 was the very worst. 9 12 was the very best America had to offer when we re raised that flag in the rubble and the people came into the burning buildings to help and we held hands and we declared in one voice that we are Americans and terror will not live here this day. It was the very best.
  • So I want to tell everyone that we acknowledge that. I will continue my pledge to the 9 11 heroes and the first responders, many who are still suffering from health and complications from that day that we will always remember. We will never forget and we will hold our elected officials. Even as Biden went to Alaska, he didn’t have time to make it back. He had to take a nap before he made it back to Washington, DC or the ground zero Memorial to pay homage to our heroes. So on behalf of my family of heroes and the ones I can speak for and represent stay in Alaska, keep him because he sucks. That is absolutely a slap in the face to America and our heroes and it is ridiculous. So we were better off with him wandering around the outback somewhere than we are here. The Patriots have it and we’re not going to let it go. And lastly Patriots something I really want to keep the attention on is that we had 215,000 illegal border crossings that occurred in August. That’s our wide open, unsecure border, 215,000. Okay.
  • You’ve got Mayor Adams saying that there, we have 110,000 where it’s going to destroy the city. You’re kidding. In fact, let’s take Patriots on a quick trip down memory lane. So before they had to be responsible for their own destructive policies, this is what the left had to say. As the mayor of the city of New York, I don’t weigh into immigration issues, border issues. I have to provide services for families that are here. That’s what we’re going to do. And that’s what we, our responsibility as a city, you know, I’m proud that this is a right to shelter state and we’re going to continue to do that. Now that we have nine plus million illegal border crossers, people that need to be housed, fed, clothed, educated, okay, and employed. Okay. Now this is what they’re saying. Two at 11 now. Mayor Adams more passionate than we’ve seen about the asylum seeker crisis as more buses arrived at Port Authority today. The mayor says the city is severely impacted by the influx of migrants.
  • Speaking at a town hall meeting tonight on the Upper West Side, the mayor said that he doesn’t see an end to this problem as the city is not getting enough support from the federal government. This issue will destroy New York City, destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month. Now we’re getting people from all over the globe have made their minds up that they’re going to come through the southern part of the border and come into New York City. Are you kidding me? People we have got to get this right. A nation without borders is not a nation. We aren’t sovereign when we are just welcoming, rolling out the welcome mat to everything. There is no sign that says bring me your, your free loading, you’re tired, your illegal law breakers, yearning to have free stuff. Okay. It doesn’t say that.
  • And we are in a bad situation with our economy is on life support. Afflation is still high. The resident turnip is tripping over air like it’s worth something while the left is going. It’s still better than Trump. You know, meanwhile we’re going to indict him for breathing. Okay. He doesn’t like it when we attack him. Trump rock on. That’s our rock star boss mode and Patriots courage is contagious. You see him carrying this cross for us. Help him lift it. That’s where we have to be. We have to move forward, but we have to get our border under control. So get up, pick up the phones, pick up your arms, have them secure our borders. Patriots, this is the work that needs to be done. God didn’t say all things were easy.
  • He said all things were possible. Report to this line. Find out what your legislators are doing to get our border secure. Find out what they’re doing to hold Biden accountable. We need this impeachment. We must move forward with the wheels of justice. Okay. Justice is blind, not deaf and stupid and late. We got to get here fast. So and it starts when we decide. Okay. If you aren’t bugging the hell out of your legislators and you’re not doing the job. So again, Patriots, we don’t have time for sunshine Patriots. There’s a difference between being a Patriot and being patriotic and we need Patriots right now on the front line. So speaking of Patriots, I got you one.
  • You guys ready for this? It’s going to be great. She’s beautiful. She’s an author. She’s a mother. She is a tour fanatic with one of the most amazing voices in rock, the amazing Ted Nugent. And she is a wellness advocate of how to keep your temple strong while we fight this spiritual war. And we are going to be here with the one and only Shemane Nugent right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back Patriots. It is that time where we get to the front line and this time we’re going to do it in such a stylish fashion. You can thank me later Patriots. We have the one and only, the beautiful, the dynamic, the resourceful, the charismatic and the legend Shemane Nugent with us today. Shemane, welcome to Raven’s Radar.
  • Shemane Nugent: Hey, Raven, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.
  • Raven Harrison: I’m so glad I know how busy you are, but this is important. I really love for our Patriots to see the ever-changing faces of the front line of what it means to fight for our country. Now a lot of people know who you are. Most people know who you are. If you don’t guys, you gotta, you gotta catch up. This is, this is good stuff. Shemane, you are not only a business woman, a mother, an author and a solid Patriot. You are also married to Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman.
  • Shemane Nugent: Yes, I am. We’ve been married for 34 years and you know, he’s really the reason that I’m here right now. I have watched him over the decades, the past couple of decades, really responding to critics who have said, you know, you can’t write a song about a great white buffalo. You can’t do an 11 minute song in Stranglehold and when you do an interview, don’t talk about guns and don’t talk about hunting. So I’ve seen him say, um, no, I’m going to talk about what I want to talk about. And now is the time, Raven, for Patriots, for Christians to stand strong, to be bold and brave and to be Esthers’. Esther 4:14 talks about, reminds us that we were born for such a time as this. These are critical times right now. We need to fight. We need to take our country back and it starts with you and me and everybody in your audience watching.
  • Raven Harrison: That’s what it is. That is a mouthful right there because Ted lives out loud and Shemane lives out loud and you know, there is something to be learned by that. We have to be bold in our steps. You’re right. We’re going to be Esther anointing and this time we were made for. So in that vein, Ted, I just finished up his tour and I can’t even imagine what it’s like Shemane to try to support someone with a schedule and a gravitas like this, but you do it incredibly. You have a show as well on R.A.V. Correct?
  • Shemane Nugent: Yes. My show is called Faith and Freedom on Real America’s Voice and I’ve always wanted to have a platform where I could talk about not only politics, but faith and health and Real America’s Voice allows me to do that because I’m banned. I’m permanently banned on Twitter or X or whatever it is that you call it and we all know about shadow banning on other platforms and they’re coming after Patriots. They’re coming after people who speak the truth and my latest book, Killer House, talks about how I got sick and almost died from toxic mold between the walls of my MTV Cribs home. We never saw anything. We just kept getting sicker and sicker and I needed to share that information. I needed to talk about health, especially during the pandemic when we weren’t allowed to talk about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. I put that info out there. I talked about getting natural vitamin D from the sun and eating healthy and taking care of your temple, this body that we all have and they banned me. So here I am. I’m grateful to be here and speaking with you and getting the word out about health and faith and patriotism.
  • Raven Harrison: Shemane, that is awesome. So what I want to, so the mold in your house, but you’ve always been a general proponent of wellness. You also talk about how people can continue to keep themselves strong and keep their mind clear. Is that what inspired the last round of books? I mean, you’ve written several books.
  • Shemane Nugent: Yes. And I’m writing another one right now. I’m writing a 40 day wellness devotional. But yeah, what inspired me to write Killer House is that I once was Detroit’s most physical female and I started getting sick from this toxic mold and no doctors could help me. I went to dozens of different doctors and they all just said, ah, maybe you’re overstressed. Well, who isn’t stressed? I finally discovered that it was toxic mold between the walls of our home that was once featured on the MTV Cribs that was causing not only me, but my son, our son, and my husband, Ted, to get sick. And I had to put all this information out there.
  • I had to tell people about it. And the first month, I believe, I haven’t caught up with it, but we were number one in two different categories on Amazon, like the first month. And I still, I think it’s still up there, but it’s, it’s amazing because it’s resonating with people. People are wanting to take their health into their own hands, which is what you should do these days. And people are discovering, you know what? There’s a lot of doctor, good doctors out there, but some who are just regurgitating what they learned in medical school and how much do they learn in medical school about toxic mold?
  • How many doctors tell you that you can, and during the pandemic, you could take Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Not many were. So it’s time we need to take care of our health so that we can continue to do God’s good work.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen. Amen. Amen. And they didn’t tell, they didn’t want us to talk about that. They told Congress just saying, but the point is, is Shemane, were you surprised? Were you really surprised at the pushback you got from not only social media, but everywhere for simply saying choose health?
  • Shemane Nugent: I really was, but it confirmed what was going on. You know, you and I have talked off camera and we’re on the same wavelength about what is going on in this world. This is a spiritual war. This is a fight of good versus evil. And the players, the evil players are showing their cards right now. They’re scrambling because they know that their days are numbered. And we knew what was going on during the pandemic. It didn’t make sense to wear a face diaper and to not breathe and to keep our children home and not be in school. And it was wrong for the government to say, no, you can’t have a funeral. No, your kids can’t have graduation.
  • No, you can’t go to your child’s play recital because you’re not vaccinated. We know what was in those vaccines. It’s a bio weapon and it was designed to harm us and maybe even kill us.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct. And they were trying to test our compliance with this when they tell you, no, you can’t do this. You can’t go to work unless you put this, you can’t feed your family unless you inject this stuff and sign a waiver saying you’re not going to sue anybody, but unless you inject this into your body, that’s not America. That is third world communism.
  • Shemane Nugent: Yeah.
  • Raven Harrison: And we aren’t going to take it. Are you noticing Shemane that we are headed? Is it just me or are you seeing them trying to ramp up now for lockdowns? 2.0 PS spoiler. We won’t comply.
  • Shemane Nugent: Exactly. That’s happening now. And it’s really quite interesting, almost comical for people who don’t realize what’s going on. Didn’t this happen during the last presidential election when Biden had to stay in the basement because you have COVID. He couldn’t go out and debate. So we know what’s going on. We see this. We have eyes to see and ears to hear. Our job now, Raven, is to wake other people up.
  • And a lot of people are recognizing even on the Democrat side what is going on, that the forced vaccines didn’t make sense. The forced mandates didn’t make sense. The six feet apart didn’t make sense. And Raven, what happened to two weeks to flatten the curve?
  • Raven Harrison: It was two weeks to flatten our economy is what it was. But you are so right, Shemane. This was the garbage they floated out among us. It was absolutely terrible. And I know right now when I’m seeing them ramping up again, I just, I got to tell you, we will not comply. So I just want to and Biden the basement dummy. It was because of COVID. We thought it was cause corn pop was a bad dude. The problem is, is that guy needs to stay in his basement.
  • Can we get him back in the basement? And we’re going to do that soon. And we’re going to be back with the one and only Shemane Nugent right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back Patriots. We are back with the one and only the incredibly stunning and dynamic, Shemane Nugent here on Raven’s Radar. Shemane, you are Wonder Woman. You have all this going on and it’s great. And you have a son, Rocco, who keeps, you know, you busy, not a young son, but he’s dynamic just like his mom and his dad.
  • What have you got going on right now? Patriots are wanting to know, because we are in a scramble for this country. What do you have going on right now?
  • Shemane Nugent: Oh, Raven, I don’t know if I have time to tell you everything that we have going on, which is good. I like to be busy. Ted and I have been doing a hunting show called Ted Nugent, Spirit of the Wild on Pursuit Channel. It’s running eight times a week on Pursuit Channel. It’s, I can’t remember the numbers on Direct TV, but you can get it on Direct TV. And I’m writing another book. I’m writing a devotional, a health devotional for women.
  • And I’ve got my show on Real America’s Voice. And just trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world is sometimes too time consuming and overwhelming. So you got to have an outlet. And I try to fit fitness into my daily life, which is good. We need to exercise and eat healthy and stay positive during these difficult times.
  • Raven Harrison: We got to keep our muscles tuned. I think it’s a good time, Shemane, to remind people that faith is the muscle of the spiritual realm. It pulls the invisible into the visible. So if you don’t exercise your muscles, they’re weak. So faith is a muscle too. And that is fantastic. And so you have been touring. Ted just finished up his final tour, didn’t he?
  • Shemane Nugent: Yeah. He went on his final tour, just ended a couple of weeks ago. And it’s not like he’s never going to play concerts or play music again. He’s just not going to go on an organized tour. He wants to stay home more with the dogs and me. And he’s 74. He’s going to be 75 coming up. And he really wants to just enjoy these years of his life.
  • He’s worked so hard. He’s toured for about 60 years. Can you imagine? 100 to 200 days a year? That means 100 to 200 different cities a year. He’s tired of hotels and he just wants to stay home. But he’ll still be playing music.
  • Raven Harrison: That sounds amazing. And yes, I can. I can definitely envision what that is. But he’s got a birthday. I’ve got a birthday coming up too. But we’re not getting older. We’re leveling up, Patriot. That sounds better. So I’m going to be leveling up on the 21st. And I’m looking forward to it. And again, it’s amazing to see Patriots. If you’re not familiar with Ted’s work, you’ve got to. It’s just they don’t make them like this anymore.
  • Shemane Nugent: No.
  • Raven Harrison: There’s a reason they call him the mad man. But he is out loud. And that’s how we should be living bold. And we win the war from the front lines, not the backseat Patriots. So report to this line. So Shemane, you have it is good. I want Christians and Patriots to see you can. You’re still smiling. You’re still doing it. There’s still work to be done. And you are still going to be on the front lines helping us make this country great again. Correct?
  • Shemane Nugent: Well, yeah. And thank you for that because I think the other war is the war within. They want us to be fearful, but we have to have faith over fear. They want us to stay home. They don’t want us to continue to live our lives. The next pandemic, they’ve already announced it. The next pandemic is coming. And you know, there’s a possibility. It makes me wonder. I don’t know if it does you as well. But why did they put up these 5G towers when they don’t improve your cell signal? And what is coming?
  • A lot of people have been talking about frequency and AI being involved in the next pandemic. So we shall see, but we have to have faith over fear. We have to continue to live our lives. We have to be healthy. You know, when we suppress our everything from our imagination to our creativity to our health and happiness, it lowers our frequency, lowers our vibration. And that’s going to affect overall our health. So continue to do the things you love to do with the people you love and make health a priority.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen. And I can tell you, Shemane, as a person who’s married to a retired C-17 pilot and now commercial airline pilot, I know exactly what they’re doing with the 5G. And I’m telling you, it’s not good. I could also tell you a few stories about them selling a frequency that’s one tick off from the one that the air traffic controllers have to use to China. Should we not get into that at this point in time? But I’m telling you, Patriots, you need to be mindful of what’s coming on.
  • This is all spoken of in the Bible. He warned us to be prepared, not fearful, prepared. So put on the full armor of God, Patriots, and let’s do this. We got a country to save. Don’t say I have to save my country. I get to save my country. And it’s going to be awesome. And Shemane, I consider it an honor to be on the front lines with people like you who are just women of action. We’re going forward because faith without works is dead. So we’ve got to do that. So where can Patriots who are looking for you reach out to you, read your books, and give us all things Shemane?
  • Shemane Nugent: Well, they can follow me on social media, the ones that I still have. I’m on Instagram, Shemane Nugent. Where occasionally I do some dancing videos. I’m also on Facebook, still Shemane.Nugent. I’m starting to stream on Rumble, stream my shows, my faith and freedom shows on Rumble.com/user/Shemane. And I really, I wanted to follow up on what you just said. You know Ephesians 6:12 through 6:18 reminds us that we are not in a war against one another.
  • This is a spiritual battle against the principalities and the rulers of this dark world. And it mentions in Ephesians 6:12 through 6:18, three times it says to stand. When you put on the full armor of God, stand. After all of this stand, and it reminds us, you know, that’s not that much to ask. Stand in your faith. And something important, a lot of things important happened in three days. Jesus rose from the dead. And you know, it talks about standing and one of those reminders that we have, the number three, reminds us the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. So three is also a sign of completion.
  • Go read Ephesians 6:12 through 6:18 if you haven’t already and stand firm in your faith. Put on that full armor of God. You got some work to do, don’t we, Raven?
  • Raven Harrison: We sure do, Shemane. And that’s what it is. Because without faith, it is impossible to please God. We believe this is the God who is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him, Christians. And that means report to this line, our God has got this.
  • He didn’t say all things were easy. He said all things were possible through him. So that’s what we’re going to do. And Shemane, thank you so much for coming on today and firing up the Patriots and getting us where we need to be because this is what it’s about. I’m going to have you before we let you go take it home for our Patriots, look directly at our Patriots and our listeners and give them the inspiration that only Shemane can.
  • Shemane Nugent: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. And the most important thing I think is that we have to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our health so that we can continue to fight this good fight. You know, the stewardess, the flight attendants always remind us to put the oxygen masks on ourselves first before helping others. And that’s what we need to do. We need to take this seriously what’s going on in the world today.
  • Listen, learn, do your own research, but stand, continue to stand and fight for the freedoms that we still have. We don’t know if and when we’re going to have them in the future, but right now today we can and never ever, ever think that your voice doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be a Ted Nugent or Raven or anyone else to have millions of followers. God put you exactly where he wants you. And for that, I am grateful. I stand along with you.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen. Little becomes much in the hands of the master. So I’m telling you, this is, this is the time to get it inspired. And I love Shemane’s sentiment. This is they want us downtrodden, broken, feeling like we’re too big. You can’t overcome us. That is the mental game of communism and patriots. The reason you don’t have British accents is because the spirit of the patriot that serves God is strong. And that’s where we need to be Patriots. Shemane, thank you so much. Again, tell again our listeners and our viewers website and contact, make sure we can get you.
  • Shemane Nugent: Shemane, ShemaneNugent.rocks. It’s S H E M A N E Nugent. R O C K S is my website and I’m on social media, some not Twitter or X or whatever it is that you call it and watch my Faith and Freedom show on real America’s voice every Sunday morning at 10am Eastern on realamericasvoice.com or rumble.
  • Raven Harrison: This is it. So Patriots, you have everything you need. What I always say is if you can’t be on the front lines, support those of us who are here today. Shemane, thank you for being with us today.
  • Shemane Nugent: Thank you so much for having me. God bless.
  • Raven Harrison: Amen. We’ll be right back right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you Patriots for being here for this episode of Raven’s Radar. I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing from a really dynamic voice in the conservative movement. Shemane Nugent is an incredible powerhouse conservative that we need right now. We really need those doers, especially in this state because faith without works is dead and people sometimes use prayer as an excuse not to act. Okay. Remember, God didn’t tell David. He didn’t say pray for me to move the stone.
  • You know, he, he told him to report to this line. Moses, same thing. In fact, with Moses, he said probably one of the few times that God says not to stop praying. He said, get off your knees and stop praying and go do what I called you to do. And Patriots, that’s where we are in this scape. We are doers. Got to be doers of the word.
  • So in that vein, I’m going to be on the road the next few weeks, bringing you some different avenues of the front line. We’re going to be going to the salt light festival in North Carolina, faith and freedoms. It’s going to be an amazing event with some of the strongest names in the conservative movement. You’re not going to want to miss that. Yours truly is going to go there and hopefully light it up for God. And then we’re going to head across the country, literally to the GOP debates that are going to be in CME Valley, California at the Reagan library. And we’re going to be giving you the perspective of those who are stepping up for the ultimate office to try to help get our country back on track. I have to tell you, I applaud the effort, but I am Trump all day and twice on Sunday. So giving it up for our rock star.
  • And I just want to encourage Patriots, if you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are. No, Shemane, see what she’s working on. Read her book. They’re incredible and they’re very well written. I’d also like to encourage Patriots to pick up a copy of my book. We’re going to talk about 9 11 and talk about the Vegas massacre. I’m going to talk about my eight year old daughter being expelled from school for voting for Trump and a mock election, which was proof of indoctrination, shadow curriculums in our school. I’m going to tell you how dirty this, this fight for our country really has been. And the best part is what we’re going to do about it.
  • Verbs in the sentences Patriots available in my book, which is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. Please pick up a copy. Find out the blueprint of how we’re going to fight back. I’d also like you to go to our brand new redesigned website, Raven Harrison.com. I’d like you to click on the Raven pack link. This is a pack that is to fund America’s restoration. What does that mean? It means we’re only going to fund true conservative candidates, ones who stand for our principles in God.
  • We’re going to support our pro life mission and protect the sanctity of life. We’re going to fight to secure our border. We’re going to protect our God given rights. And we’re going to make sure that everybody who benefits from this pack holds that high standard that we expect of them. Okay. We are done accepting the things we cannot change. We’re here to change the things we can’t accept. Wars are expensive. If you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are and join us. If you want to see me on social media, it’s Raven underscore TX warrior. I’m going to be giving you what the front line looks like in the saucy way. I always do. Don’t I Patriots?
  • And I’m telling you it’s going to be glorious ride. Don’t say we have to save our country. Say we get to save our country because that’s where we are. I’m going to see you guys in the coming weeks all over where I am needed.
  • And until then, keep fighting.


In this episode of Raven’s Radar, Shemane Nugent brings her unique perspective and inspiring words to the forefront. She encourages Patriots and Christians to stand strong, take care of their health, and continue fighting for freedom. Shemane shares her journey towards wellness and the importance of faith in overcoming obstacles. She reminds viewers that their voices matter and encourages them to keep up the fight for our country.

As Patriots and Christians, it is essential to support those on the front lines of the battle for freedom. Shemane Nugent provides valuable insights and resources that can help individuals take charge of their health and make a difference in their communities. Visit Shemane’s website at [website] to learn more about her work, follow her on social media, and watch her show on Real America’s Voice. Additionally, stay engaged with the fight for America by supporting conservative candidates and organizations and actively participating in the restoration of our nation.

Together, we can strengthen our faith, protect our freedom, and make a lasting impact on the future of our great country.

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