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Sheriff Waybourn: Winning the War on the Border

In a recent episode of Raven’s Radar, Sheriff Waybourn joined host Raven Harrison to discuss the current state of the border and the efforts being made to combat illegal immigration and criminal activities. Sheriff Waybourn, the sheriff of Tarrant County in Texas since 2017, shed light on the challenges faced by law enforcement officials and the misconceptions surrounding their work at the border.

Episode 33 Summary with Sheriff Waybourn

During the episode, Sheriff Bill Waybourn shared his insights on the border situation and highlighted the impact of the Biden administration’s border policies. He explained that while the administration claims that the border is secure, the reality on the ground is quite different. He emphasized the need for cooperation from Mexico and expressed his concerns about the current state of affairs.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome patriots to this episode of Raven’s Radar. Woo, we’re at the Wild West and we got a new sheriff in town. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
  • Welcome patriots to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We’re going to have an old West style information shootout. It’s going to be awesome. We have a fabulous in-studio guest today. But first, we’re going to talk about a few things that are going on in the world. Don’t we always buy and always keeps it ridiculous. So in that vein, we’ve got what’s happening right here on the local scene. So over the weekend, the Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton in a very rushed, hurried, shuffled through last minute debacle. They decided to run through an impeachment of our Attorney General.
  • And it was a very disheartening scene, I can tell you, as being a strategist and kind of keeping abreast on this, patriots. Here’s what I found the most disturbing about that is this was Memorial Day weekend, this past weekend, when this impeachment occurred. And that is supposed to be a day, a weekend, a time to appreciate people who gave the most, who gave everything. The saying is, some gave all. You know, all gave some, some gave all. All means everything. And we say that so flippantly. All means that somebody didn’t get to go to their barbecue this weekend so that you could. Somebody didn’t get to see their children growing up so that you could. And that’s what it means. There’s a heavy, heavy price for freedom. And very few of us are willing to pay that price. Our men and women in law enforcement and the military do this on a daily basis.
  • And this one day to remember our fallen heroes who gave so much for our freedom was marred by politics and corruption and people adding a diving board to the swamp. I mean, it was really gross, quite honestly. So this is what happened. They impeached him. So he had no, he had no counsel present. He had no witnesses that were called, that were able to be interviewed. This was something that was done behind closed doors. And they removed him. So as of the taping of this show, we do not have an attorney general. We don’t have an attorney general. Greg Abbott has been silent, which is interesting, because he is the governor. So it would be his job if Ken Paxton was removed to appoint his successor. It would also be interesting because Ken, sorry, Governor Abbott was the attorney general before Ken Paxton. So this was his job. And we need to be talking about the protocols of justice. So for people who are asking, I’ve been getting this a lot. Is he guilty? Well, what if he’s guilty? Well, we don’t do what ifs.
  • Our legal system is not based on what ifs. It is based on a presumption of innocence. It is you are innocent until proven guilty. Now, if you listen to Pelosi, you know, if you’re a conservative, you should prove you’re innocent. Isn’t that what she said? Trump should prove he’s innocent. You should prove you’re sober. At the end of the day, okay, take out Ken Paxton’s name, take out President Trump’s name and insert your own name and see how that sounds of saying, you’re being impeached. You’ve had no witnesses brought up. You have evidence that you can refute this, but you have not had a trial yet. And they’ve already taken you out of your job without a preponderance of the evidence. How is that even just? How is that not communism? To basically attack him and make him prove he’s innocent? You know, patriots, we can’t have this. You should be sounding off right now to your legislators and letting them know that we are not going to accept this trial subscription to communism and we will not be renewing. It’s time to get involved, patriots, make the phone calls, light up the phone lines, let them know that they can’t do this. Cause if they can do this to him, they can do it to you. So that’s what I wanna say about that.
  • And for our fallen heroes, thank you for my freedom and thank you for your sacrifice. And I wanna be the patriot worth your sacrifice. So, you know, kudos to all of our fallen heroes. We are also having negotiations right now. I’m gonna do negotiations and air quotes. Okay, so Kevin McCarthy and Biden are having talks, probably sharing over a Bud Light and an ice cream, but having talks about the debt ceiling. Now, initially Kevin McCarthy went out there with chest out and said, we’re going to, you know, require these spending cuts and fiscal responsibility. And the Democrats said, you know, actually I think we have a clip. Yeah, so let me translate. That was pretty much, we wanna just spend. We wanna prove that if we spend enough money, the number will become so monumental that people will forget to counting and we’re out of debt, problem solved. So that’s the Democrats. We don’t wanna cut our spending. We just want to keep raising the limit. So now the limit is $31 trillion, which equates to $1 trillion in interest.
  • So over the next 10 years, they are proposing that we raise it to $50 million and we make this unsustainable. So they want no cuts, they want lots of that. And Kevin McCarthy seems to have said, I tell you what, how about $4 trillion? Okay, in the short term, a total of $19 trillion over 10 years and we’ll sing kumbaya. So that’s where we are. We have fake conservatives making fake cuts, okay, to solve a real problem. So what I would suggest to patriots is it is time again to light up those phone lines. We cannot sustain this level of debt. And just to put it into context, if your teenager has a credit card and they max out the credit card, and then you raise the limit and they max it out again, and you raise the limit, it’s going to get to a point where the bank is not going to renew that, you’re gonna have to pay it back. So the difference is Democrats will keep raising that limit and letting them spend with a slap on the wrist. And Republicans are going to point to a grassy knoll and a lawn mower and say, get busy. And that’s what we have to do, patriots, is we can’t sustain this. They could call in our debts.
  • We could default just by the amount of debt we are covering. This is dangerous water we’re in. So we can’t keep raising the debt ceiling. Congress’s job is to pass a balanced budget and they haven’t done that since the 90s. So we need to get a balanced budget, no more reconciliations, no more writers, no more raising the debt ceiling. We gotta get serious about this. It means we have to make some cuts. We can’t keep funding the world’s problem. We can’t do 14 million for gender studies in Pakistan. We can’t fund a war we didn’t know anything about. We can’t keep doing that. You know, we can’t secure our Southern border. That’s free advice. I’ll be here all week. So let’s get our border secured. Let’s get the spending under control, make the necessary cuts so that we can get a balanced budget, which is their fundamental goal. That’s what they’re elected to do. I know people don’t wanna talk about that. But, and lastly in current news is Target is now the hold my Bud Light while I’m wearing Maybelline and prouncing around like a peacock with my Nike sports bra. They didn’t learn anything from Disney. They didn’t learn anything from the All-Star Game and all these people who have tried to do this woke crap.
  • They literally said hold my Bud Light and torpedoed their stock by $10 billion by introducing a line into the children’s section that was Pride and Satan. They had two, I guess they couldn’t choose. It was too hard of a choice. So let’s get Satan and you know, LBGT and Alphabet. I’m terrible at that. For me, it means let’s get Biden to quit. But that’s what they were introducing into children and parents and consumers like they have with all these other companies have pushed back to the tune of $10 billion. But let me tell you Patriots and they won’t be the last. There’s a lot of them still coming on the North Face. A lot of them who are coming on who have learned nothing. They think that if they keep shoving this crap down our throat, we will eventually take it. And they are sorely wrong. So they are going to go the way of the Disney and everyone else, but I am telling you that means it’s working. But here’s what I wanna give Patriots. It’s encouraging as I wrap up the state of the dumpster fire of Biden is that I mean, and I’m telling you, you can’t make this up Patriots.
  • You’re gonna love this one. So in protest to this line of satanic wear and pride that was been marketed to children, okay? Conservatives, those in favor of family values have all said, we’re boycotting target. The left has said, we are going to loot target to protest your boycott. True story. They showed us they looted target to protest the boycott. And somebody thought this was a good idea. This reminds me of when the left, okay, to protest, you know, abortion said, don’t have sex with your husbands. And Conservatives like, great, problem solved, right? So this is the hilarity of the situation. Is the left looted, destroyed and damaged property to protest our peaceful, I’m just not gonna shop there because I don’t agree with their policies.
  • And that is what you call a Biden economy. So that’s a leftist wonderland. I can’t even with these people, but I just hope patriots, the message is it’s working and they’re crazy. That’s the message. It’s working, they’re crazy, crazy on. So we are going meanwhile, the rest of us have a country to save. So in that vein, we’re gonna get right to it. We have a fabulous, fabulous guest in studio today. I wasn’t kidding. We got a new sheriff in town and he’s on right after this.
  • [Patriot Mobile Spot]
  • Welcome Patriots. It’s that time we are here in studio. We’re in Fort Worth literally. Where the Wild West was born. And we are with the one and only sheriff. And oh my goodness gracious Patriots. We finally get some real muscle on the front line. It’s going to be an exciting interview today. Welcome sheriff.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: It’s an honor to be here with you.
  • Raven: A lot of people don’t know as well as I do. You are, you have an incredible job. People have this kind of Texas Ranger-esque view of what goes on with law enforcement in Texas. But you are sheriff since 2017, correct? That is correct. Of Tarrant County.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Yes ma’am.
  • Raven: Which is a giant county here in Texas. Tell us a little bit about what, for those who don’t know, what does the sheriff do?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, the sheriff is of course considered the chief law enforcement officer of the county. But our biggest job is the jail. People who get arrested go to the county jail and we make sure that they stay there until court says otherwise. But we also have traditional law enforcement functions, patrol, criminal investigations. But we also have a human trafficking unit that is very robust. The biggest task force in North, North Texas. And we also have a large narcotics unit and a not a theft unit. So we do all traditional law enforcement as well.
  • Raven: That’s a mouthful and a handful and handcuffs full. Okay, I’ll see myself out. So what we want to, but that ties it a lot into what’s happening with the border, correct?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Absolutely.
  • Raven: Oh, so let’s get straight to what’s happening on the border because from the Biden administration, we’ve got others. Nothing to see here, you know, going on, but let’s so and in fact, why don’t we start off by talking about the border? So we have now pre and post title 42 expiring some. So we have a video of before title 42 expired, what the border looked like. Let’s roll that.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Unknown Reporter: Tonight, long lines of migrants turning themselves in as time is running out on title 42. Border officials urging those who crossed illegally to line up and get processed or face the consequences. How much confusion is there out there with title 42 being lifted and the new Biden policy being enacted? They don’t know who to believe. They don’t know who to listen to. It’s why some families insist on living outside the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso. This family is from Guatemala traveling with their three month old. They tell me they believe being processed means being deported. They’ve risked too much to get here to be sent back. The number of migrants now breaking records even before title 42 expires. Yesterday, more than 11,000 illegal border crossings in just 24 hours. CBP processing centers over capacity all after this message from President Biden.
  • Joe Biden: It is going to be chaotic for a while.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: So that’s the before. Let’s see the after
  • In most cases. That’s usually better, but this is the border post title 42.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Unknown Reporter: I can do it five nearly a week after title 42 expired as many as 35,000 people are reportedly waiting on the Mexico side of the border to cross into the U.S. In El Paso, Texas, some migrants have been sleeping on the streets as shelters remain in capacity. City officials there fear another surge could be coming and for those waiting for asylum applications to be processed, desperation could lead to danger. People are going to get desperate and they’re going to try to cross in a regular fashion either coming across the river or going out into the desert or trying to jump over the wall, which are all very, very dangerous.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven: Okay, so for those of you who blinked, it’s almost the same. That’s what we’ve got going on is that looks so this border. I mean, this is something that you have been dealing with almost probably your entire career in law enforcement. So let’s just go ahead and peel away the layers on that the border. You know, Biden says it’s open. Mayorkas says, oh, I’m sorry, Biden says it’s closed and that he doesn’t know where he is and you know, kids hair smells good and whatever else he’s talking about. But the point is, is that mayorkas is it’s it’s closed are our new policies of doing absolutely nothing or working. I would love for you to tell patriots. What’s the real state of the border.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: I think it’s best described by my good friend down on the border that’s a Democratic sheriff when they said came to him says that the administration says the border secure and he plainly stated, oh, no, it’s not. And it certainly isn’t. And we still have people coming across has there been a pause there has been but we think that the cartel is just restrategizing what they’re about to do.
  • Raven: And that affects so for people I’ve said a lot that an open border means that every city is a border city. Every state is a border state. How does that affect us here in Tarrant County?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, you know, some of the major corridors are in thoroughfares are coming up from the border right through Fort Worth, Texas. And they go through Dallas and they go through Houston. And that is the main places that these things happen. And I think our statistics and narcotics pans that out in 2020. We see is $3.5 million of drugs off the street in 21 just into the Biden administration and open border that number went to $21 million of street value drugs. And in 22 we took $35 million worth of drugs off the street. Huge loads of drugs. And that’s what we caught. What did we not catch?
  • Raven: Well, so we’re talking about $3 million to $35 million.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That’s right.
  • Raven: Within a few months of having the border wide open and we’re seeing all kinds, right? At first it was, you know, these are just people who want a better life. It doesn’t matter if Americans pay for it. But now we’re seeing all kind of nationalities, aren’t we?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: We are. In fact, our latest intel is that the Chinese crossing are up by 1700%. I was down there for a meeting a few weeks ago and the evening I was down there, the border sector, border sector, border patrol told me 700 military aged males from Venezuela came across the border. 700.
  • Raven: The ones we know about.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: The ones we know about.
  • Raven: And it’s common that the cartel uses a strategy of flooding the border by sending hundreds over at one time, correct?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That’s correct.
  • Raven: To overwhelm law enforcement. And can we just clarify now, because I really want to use, you would know this. The cartels, I’ve been telling people the cartels control that border. Nobody gets through that border without coming through the cartels.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That is correct. And we have several people that we’ve taken into custody. We’ve had several people that we have rescued that they were being held because they hadn’t paid their border debt off.
  • Raven: So they’re coming in here indebted. So that pretty much assails the argument that they’re just coming here to work. They’re coming here to do jobs Americans won’t do, you know, as long as we pay for it.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Right.
  • Raven: That’s essentially. So now we’ve got them here. Biden’s letting them in. So now he’s just putting them, he’s just waving them through legal ports of entry. Now, correct. Because we want to decipher that’s what he’s telling people border crossings are down. The information we have is he’s just not counting and he’s running them through legal ports of entry illegally. How am I doing?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: I think you’re doing fine. I think that’s exactly what’s happening.
  • Raven: And, and then we are. So what do the statistics look like for Tarrant County with this wide open border?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, once again, with all the drug seizures, we’re also seeing arrest and we’re seeing things that relate to the border for stash houses where people are kept and held on to. And we’re seeing the biggest and most saddest thing that we have seen is two points is one, our fentanyl poisonings are up 100%. So we’re losing people all the time. And human trafficking is occurring all around this that people aren’t paying to, you know, as we said here today is that seven people will probably be dead by the time this interviews over from fentanyl poisoning and no telling.
  • You know, always say this and there’s a 14 year old girl in Boston, Massachusetts being sexually assaulted and they made a right turn out of Fort Worth, Texas. So it’s coming up from the border. It’s going to every place in the United States.
  • Raven: And we are so we’re essentially we’re funding our own our own invasion.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: I think we are.
  • Raven: And so in that vein, now we’ve got them. Now we see that Biden and a lot of these sanctuary, sanctuary cities are declaring federal emergencies and asking for money for a policy. They said, bring us your tired, your free loading, your, you know, and now they’re saying, Hey, this is a little bit more expensive than we thought it was going to be. And we’d like we’d like some federal assistance, which is a K a taxpayer funding. Correct.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Absolutely.
  • Raven: And so in that ridiculous just now, what I know what people are going to ask you is, can we deport these people? What options do we have? There’s a policy to 87 G. Correct.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, to 87 G is a local policy, which is where our people inside the jail are trained to be immigration people, ice people. And they have the ability to put detainers on people, but it still has to be approved by headquarters, which is controlled by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. So we’ve seen detention go down a third is that they won’t honor our detainers by a third is what we’ve seen over the last couple of years.
  • Raven: So you’re seeing a lack of cooperation, but you’re trying to put in these policies to help mitigate this damage. You know what? I want to talk to you more about that. Let’s take a quick break.
  • [Patriot Mobile Spot]
  • Welcome back, Patriots. This is good because I know Patriots feel like what’s happening. And you’re giving us a clean insight on what’s going on at the border. So this local policy that we alluded to, 287G, it is a policy to combat to be able to deport. Are we able to deport?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: We are able to deport some. And right now we’re detaining the most violent criminals. But they have to finish all their state processes, go serve time in prison, whatever it is. And some of them, by the way, will never leave our country because they’re getting live sentences. Because they have murdered their multiple sexual assaults on children, those kind of crimes that we have. But there are people that don’t want them detained. We have a whole group of people that think that we ought to not detain them. But if somebody comes to your house is one thing, but if they come and burglarize you as another, and I think that they ought to go back home.
  • Raven: Well, I agree. If they come to my house, I only serve leaded. So that’s, you know, that’s what I think a lot of patriots are confused about in this day and age is what options do we have. A lot of people, I hear this a lot and just want to ask your opinion, you know, why doesn’t Abbott just secure the border? Why can’t we close the border? Why can’t we why can’t we declare an invasion?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, one, I’ll tell you that he has declared an invasion and he has declared that the cartel are terrorist. And with that, he has asked DPS to take all four measures to combat the cartel. And by the way, we have cartel members in Tarrant County. And I can tell you exactly where they’re at right at the moment. They’re at 100 Lamar Street, which is the address of the county jail. So we have some of those in jail and but Abbott, the governor has probably done more than any governor in the history of the United States. He has marshalled people at the border, but we still need the cooperation of Mexico, which this we do not have. And I’m very concerned about that president down there. And I’m very concerned about, you know, the people in law enforcement over there. And I think that that until we get some of that straightened out until we get that done, it’s going to be very difficult to secure our side of the border.
  • Raven: Correct. Because if we’re paying attention, we had remain in Mexico.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That’s right.
  • Raven: And we no longer have that being enforced. We got rid of catch and release, which we are doing again now. Have you heard the processing? I’m hearing stories coming out of our contacts down there that they these people are being brought in. They’re being given cell phones and they’re giving notices to appear that are 12 years from now.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: I have heard similar stories. I have been told firsthand by the people that are down there that court dates are at least two and three and four years out. That’s the minimum, even though we’ve hired lots more of the folks that are immigration magistrates. They’re not getting the job done. It’s too overwhelming at this point.
  • Raven: Well, absolutely, especially when we know that the money that was in that Omnistrosity, as I call it, was only to process. It was not to help you secure, detain, deport.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Correct.
  • Raven: So are we in a so we don’t really we’re not giving you the resources and the money you need to do the job we’re asking you to do.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, that that is true to an extent, but we have to remember that ICE is the only one with the authority to deport. So when we process them, they go to ICE and that’s who actually is deporting them. And they’re telling me they’re able to get some people out of here. They’re not going to get the low level offenders out here. They’re turning them loose, unfortunately.
  • Raven: Well, correct. I’ve also we heard stories about colonies. We heard about one outside of Houston that was 40 to 50 acres cleared out for illegals to colonize and ICE is not allowed to go in there. ICE is not allowed to deport. We’re giving them little safe, safe haven sanctuaries. Does anything like that that you know of exist in Tarrant?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Not at all.
  • Raven: Woo, that is good news. And so what do what’s it going to look like moving forward? What do we do to kind of move the needle? We need cooperation from the resident turnip at 1600. We need, you know, it looks like it sounds like the Abbott is is doing is is giving you some leverage to do that. But what else do we need to do to start winning this war and moving it forward?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Long range people need to get involved in the political arena and and say they’ve had enough and let’s take our country back. That’s that’s the long range go. I would say short range right now if I could speak to the parents out there of children who who who have these kids that are at risk for one pill and you’re dead with fentanyl and it’s there. You know, we got 15 year olds and 16 year olds dying. We had a two year old that died.
  • And and what I would say to him is please invade their social media space. Please invade their phones. Let’s make sure that they’re not making bad connections out there. That’s here right now what should be happening. But I think long range is that people can get involved in the political process in the medium range. I think that they they need to be very alert and wise and list. Don’t listen to just one side of this story because you’re going to hear from mainstream media. Everything’s fine. Yes, and it’s not fine.
  • Raven: It’s definitely not fine. We live in Texas. This is we don’t have a choice to turn a blind eye to this situation because it is our backyard. It’s in our streets. It’s in our schools. It’s in our community. So we have to be paying attention and that’s really important. Get involved at the local and state level of politics. You can make a change. It’s we the people got to get some of these entrenched politicians out. It’s where we’re going to if it gets nuked. It’s going to be cockroaches in these, you know, 60 year politicians. I mean, is anybody paying attention? Feinstein’s been there 60 years. She was there before the Internet.
  • That’s kind of a, you know, that’s scary of letting. I don’t think that our founding fathers meant for it to be like that for people to get comfortable. I think it was a civic duty, not a career and, you know, a failed retirement plan for idiots. I went there. I’ll see myself out. So I will, but yes, Sheriff, that is, but that’s encouraging. Now, how do you feel from the law enforcement side? What is going to be your next action plan? What are your steps moving forward to keep securing Tarrant and Texas?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: We are going to aggressively and boldly combat the criminal elements that we’re fighting the cartel here on the ground. And we’re going to continue doing that. And our narcotics team is doing an incredible job. Our human trafficking team are rescuing people. We’re putting bad guys in jail. Our DA, we had a great DA. He’s sending him to prison. And we’re also, we’re going to go after the auto thieves, all of it’s combined with criminal organization. Our legislative group is about to wrap up. We’re going to have some stronger laws to do exactly those things.
  • Raven: And I want to just say before I go on my, my little tirade of, you know, what was the one thing you would like to say to people that you think is a big misconception about law enforcement or what you do? If you could get through the mainstream media tape and just let people, one thing that’s probably a misconception about what you’re doing and your passion for this job.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Is don’t believe the conspiracies. Law enforcement, the law enforcement personnel that I know all across the country, and especially here in North Texas, are great, honorable people wanting to stand between evil and good for the good people of America and good people of Texas. Don’t believe the conspiracies.
  • Raven: And nothing bothers a good guy with a gun more than a bad guy with a gun.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That’s correct.
  • Raven: And I want patriots to understand that they are out there doing the jobs. You want to talk about the jobs nobody wants to do. You know, the Bible says there’s no greater love than one who would lay down their life for another. These guys do this every day, patriots. He puts on this, it’s 120 degrees out here. He’s got his full of proof best on it. He’s out there doing the job to try to keep us safe, be kind, respect our law enforcement and, you know, help them be their allies as they’re trying to keep us safe. And Sheriff, I’m so honored to have had you on the show today. I’m so grateful. So if people want to get involved, I know this is not like a campaign speech, even though a sheriff is an elected position.
  • Sheriff Waybourn: That’s right.
  • Raven: So and he’s pretty popular. Let me tell you guys down here. We love our sheriff. He’s awesome. So Chuck Norris, pay attention. This guy’s got it going on. So I want patriots, you know, where can they get involved? Can they donate to your account? How can they support?
  • Sheriff Waybourn: Well, they can go to billwaybourn.com and visit us there and they can send us messages and get involved in my campaign. And we, Soros has came after me in 20. We suspect he’ll come after me again. So we’re going to be ready and we’re going to keep this county red.
  • Raven: Yes. I mean, Soros is everywhere with a healthy dose of the communist Kool-Aid. So we are, we got to, so God patriots, I want you to go be information on our show about that. I want you to get out support. He has our full support, full endorsement. We love our sheriff. Something about the Stetson element, guys. That’s Texas, Texas T. So thank you again. And we’re going to be catching up with you really soon. And we’re going to be back patriots right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you, Patriots, for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar. Patriots, I hope it encourages you as much as it does me when you see these frontline fighters. I always mention frontline fighters. It’s very rare that we get one. He’s really on the front lines. Sheriff Weyburn is an amazing Patriots. He is a dedicated man, husband, father. He is an incredible asset to Texas. We are so lucky to have him and we will have information about him on our website, ravenharison.com. You can find us on Raven’s Radar as well and get involved guys back. You’re a law enforcement. No industry, no profession is perfect, but we have to get behind those who are doing the hard work doing the difficulty.
  • This is a hard job to do day in and day out. I just want to encourage Patriots to get behind him, vote for him, elect him, donate. Money is always in a short supply for wars. In that vein, I would like to announce drum roll that Raven’s Mantle is in bookstores now in print. Still available online, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. We are in stores. We are official. The story is coming out Patriots. We are going to get it. So I encourage you come out.
  • Let me tell you how I got into this, what the front line looks like and what the blueprint is to get us out. You know how I am. Verbs and the sentences. This is where it all started. So I’m going to take you raw and unfiltered through this process and I encourage you Patriots. Get out there. It supports a good cause and also to go to our website and I want you to consider going and donating to Raven. That is a pack that we have formed to make sure that money goes to the conservatives who are fighting this fight. No milk toast, no rhinos. No, I don’t know if I’m a woman or not. We’re talking about real conservatives who need us to step up into the gap in this moment. This is a fight of epic and biblical proportions for our country and we need every Patriot on the front line. If you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are $25. Everything makes a difference. Help us get the message out.
  • Keep your chest up and encourage the Patriots or at the helm and God is on the throne.


In conclusion, Sheriff Waybourn’s appearance on Raven’s Radar provided valuable insights into the border situation and the efforts being made to secure the region. With his expertise and dedication, coupled with the support of Patriots, there is hope for winning the war on the border and protecting the communities affected by illegal immigration and criminal activities.

To support Sheriff Waybourn’s efforts and get involved in the fight against illegal immigration, Patriots can visit his website at billwaybourn.com. They can contribute to his campaign and stay informed about his initiatives to secure the border and uphold the rule of law.

Through engagement at local and state levels, Patriots can make a difference in the political landscape and ensure that their voices are heard on issues related to border security. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure America.

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