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Sid Miller: Tyranny of the Minority

In a recent episode of Raven’s Radar, Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller appeared as a guest to discuss various issues affecting the state of Texas and the nation as a whole. The episode shed light on the controversial dress code policy implemented by Miller, as well as his thoughts on the expiration of Title 42 and the ongoing immigration crisis. Miller’s unwavering commitment to conservative values and his dedication to protecting American interests were evident throughout the discussion.

Episode 30 Summary with Sid Miller

During the episode, Commissioner Sid Miller shared his insights on critical subjects that are currently impacting society. His stance on the dress code policy at the Texas Department of Agriculture sparked controversy, as he insisted that employees should dress in a manner consistent with their biological gender. This policy was implemented to address concerns raised by female employees who felt uncomfortable with the presence of a male employee who identified as a woman. Miller emphasized the importance of professionalism in the workplace and the need to maintain certain standards.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome Patriots to this episode of Raven’s Radar is going to be Texas size today. Woo. I’m telling you, it gets me all worked up. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Unknown Reporter: U. S. Navy is approaching a drag queen influencer to help persuade new recruits into joining the military. Yeoman second class Joshua Kelly, who goes by Harpy Daniels, announced back in November that he was the Navy’s new digital ambassador. There are attempts to increase interest among young people amongst a historic recruitment crisis. A survey from the Ronald Reagan Institute found that only 13% of 18 to 29 year olds are highly willing to join the military.
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  • Raven Harrison: Well, let me just be the first to go. Can you give me a break? What does this have to do with military readiness? This is, I just can’t even imagine how hard our enemies are laughing at us right now to see this. It makes no. Conscionable sense that we’ve just decided so that the purpose of our military is to defend our borders to ensure freedom to protect its citizens to deter the forces of evil. And somebody in the Navy thought that we could accomplish all those things by putting somebody really tall and biologically male in a dress and that that was going to strike fear in the heart of our enemies. Let me tell you, it struck fear, but not in the heart of our enemies. It is demoralizing.
  • I can tell you as someone married to a military person, United States Air Force, someone who is the daughter of two Air Force retired Lieutenant colonels, I find this sickening and many of the military do because our military is not a social experiment. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. We all fought for that freedom. We fight for your freedom to do whatever you want in the confines of your own home. As long as you’re not hurting anybody. But this is on a whole nother level than this is can only be summed up as Biden’s military that where this is important, it’s not important that we can actually protect America. It’s more important, okay, that the point 3% of the population who aren’t sure what they are, you know, are allowed to just run over everybody. Everybody’s rights, everybody’s freedoms, everybody’s comfort level, everybody’s respect. We just we were all giving a front, given a front row seat to it. And quite frankly, we are sick of it. So what else is happening? Well, Bud Light’s poll numbers are going down faster than Titanic.
  • They are still yet to apologize. They are doing the, the back pedal walk. They are doing the moonwalk that would have made Michael Jackson a little envious. So they are back peddling with we’re not saying we’re wrong, even though we are, we’re just saying that we didn’t know about it. You know, this we fire the agency, we have scapegoated everybody that needs to be scapegoated to explain why we put an influencer as the face of an American brand. Somebody who admittedly says he’s been a woman for a year. Well, I’m telling you, I’ve been a woman for almost 50 and it entails a lot more, okay, than makeup and saying the word boobies on television. I don’t know if any of you guys have been seeing these ads. It’s, it’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t know any women who talk like that. I don’t know any people who aspire to be women who talk like that. And that’s the part we find insulting. So, you know, Bud Light is on its way down and hopefully they’re taking all these other ones woke all these other companies who were supposed to be celebrating what’s unique and different about being a woman have chosen to align themselves with biological men. So it’s and again before, but Raven, I identify as a furry Raven.
  • Well, here’s the thing, you know, technically my husband probably identifies as an F 14 fighter, but he doesn’t get to sleep in a hanger and drink jet fuel. That’s kind of the way it works. You know, we got to come on back to reality, come on back, you know, to, to the, to the light side, come back to the light. So just not Bud Light, come back to the other lights, but that’s what we want people to, I just want you to see how this wokeness number and also if we’re in declining Joe Biden’s popularity numbers. Okay. My grandfather used to say, you can’t fall off the floor and Joe Biden says, hold my ice cream and my beer. Here it comes. His poll numbers are on the way down because we can’t hide the ridiculousness. People can’t take it. I mean, we can’t take you getting lost in the Rose Garden. We can’t take, you know, you squinting at the teleprompter. It is painful. It is painful.
  • So, and the fact that he is now, let’s finish the job. He has launched a reelection campaign with the second most unpopular. They’re hoping that if they pull their numbers together, both of them can get one. I mean, it is absolutely like hysterical poll numbers. So Kamala, who I love to, to bring this out, who had the same number of delegates in the primary that I did and I wasn’t even running. So she who is slightly less popular than diaper rash is teaming up with the sleeping zombie. Okay. And they’re putting that together with record inflation, a wide open border. Okay. An economy on life support, expensive gas, empty shelves, our enemies railroading all over us, a couple of spy, Chinese spy balloons and some nuclear waste spilling over into certain places and a part, Tredge in a pear tree. And now he wants to finish it, not likely grandpa, go have a nap. The rest of us have a country to save. So that’s what we’ve got going on. And at the end of it, to cap it all off, Patriots, by the time you’re seeing this title 42 will be expiring title 42 is a COVID era protection that allowed us to repel migrants, illegals. Okay. Just wanted to draw you in with that. They are criminal illegal aliens that are on our border crossing into our country illegally. Okay.
  • Now the, the, the bleeding hearts, but they’re not breaking major laws. Well, so aren’t J walkers. Okay. But that’s what you guys want to do. I mean, President Trump wasn’t, is it a violent crime? No, but you guys can’t get off of him for anything. Right. In fact, I think while we’re taping this, he may have cut the tag off a mattress. You guys might want to get the SWAT out there or something. But this is what Patriots need to be focused on right now. We’re looking at possibly up to a million people overrunning our border this week. And Biden says, well, we’re sending 1500 troops to the border, but they’re sending them to do paperwork to help process more illegals. So they’re there to support people in case they get a paper cut. You know, this is absolutely, they’re not there to secure the border. They’re not there to repel these illegals coming in.
  • We don’t know where they’re coming from, what they’re carrying, and what their intentions are. And it is absolutely going to be the worst catastrophe we have seen on our border, probably in modern history. It is going to be a dumpster fire, but like myself, and my guest today, we are all on this front line. We have a vested interest in saving our country. We will not turn it over to sleepy Joe, the cackling czar, the vodka queen, and all the other idiots who are not even pretending to run our country anymore. They have sold out. They are derelict of duty. They are about to put Americans in grave danger. And I and many other patriots are, we’re sick of it and we are not going to take it anymore. So we are officially American people. We let your congressmen, your legislators, your senators know, call them today and tell them, do not let them open this border, secure the border now. All of these people are going to be looking for reelection in 24 patriots. The power is now we can do this. But if you have not communicated with your legislators, that’s part of the problem.
  • We’ve got to get involved. Okay, we got to report to this line. Nobody won the war from the back seat. We’re only going to rent win it from the front lines. And we’re only going to do it when patriots are engaged. Now is the time. You know, we need a sign. This is it. Title 42 is expiring. This is the sign. So come on patriots. We’re going to show them how we really got down in 1776. We’re going to show them what it means to make America great again. And for my veterans and law enforcement out there, we need you, but we’re going to get it done. We’re going to show them the power of the patriot and we are going to make America great again. And we’re going to start by having the most amazing guests on our show today, the one and only legendary Mr. Texas himself, agricultural commissioner, Sid Miller, Sid Miller, right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back patriots. It is time. It’s time when it gets good, right? This is a time. Wake Biden up. It’s getting good. And I’m telling you, we have legend in with us today here on Raven’s Radar. We have the one and only good friend of the family, the Harrison family and just amazing conservative, the legendary one and only agricultural commissioner, Sid Miller with us today. Welcome, Sid.
  • Sid Miller: Howdy, good to be back with you Raven.
  • Raven Harrison: I’m telling you, I am so glad to have you. I am resisting the urge to fangirl. You know what? What the heck? The stars at night are big and bright. So thank you so much. That’s something, but I’m telling you, thank you commissioner. You know, we are on the front lines a lot together fighting this because we’ve got a country to save, but you are in the news again right now because you’re controversial. So right now let’s see if we’ve got this right. So right now you are in the news because you recently instituted a dress code policy at the department of agriculture, Texas department of agriculture. And before I tell people what it is, I want to show what the reaction has been about this from the left.
  • [Clip Begins] President of the United States.
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  • Raven Harrison: Woo, Sid, if you would think you forked a kidney out of somebody. So explain to us what this, what the policy that you just instituted is.
  • Sid Miller: Well, several reasons. One, people got, you know, sent home, worked from home. That was great. And like you could just stand your pajamas and work off the couch. When we came back, people’s, you know, dress got a little lax. I actually had some people come in into pajamas when the lady wore a nightgown to work. I mean, just crazy stuff. The one that really bothered everybody, especially the women and most people, my employees, majority of them are women.
  • So especially in food nutrition. And this guy is six foot four, as Adam’s apple big as my fist, decided he would just start dressing like a woman and go in the women’s restroom. So I had one lady quit and others were revolting. So I come up with the dress code. We ran it through legal and the controversial part wasn’t no pajamas or, you know, tucky shirt tail in and all that stuff. I had a line in there about you must dress as your biological gender. And that’s, that’s what all the libs heads exploding over.
  • Raven Harrison: Oh, you got that right. But you know, let’s talk about this. So this is what people, we need to hear. There’s two sides of the story and then the truth, right? And this is what people need to, people were coming to work in their pajamas. So Sid, come on now. Let me be, let me be uninformed viewer, but I identify as half asleep. I should be able to come to, to work, but that’s what it is. But you just hit on something that I really want conservatives to hear. Okay.
  • Somebody’s six foot four who just, you know, woke up one day and said, you know what, you know, there’s a, because women, we’re all like pack animals. We all have to go to the bathroom together. So he just kind of followed these, these women into the bathroom and heck no guys, it doesn’t work like that. So you don’t get to just all of a sudden change the rules, keep that stuff at home. So Sid, you’re not saying that people, you, what you do in the privacy, you’re home, you’re saying, don’t bring it to work. Correct?
  • Sid Miller: Right. That’s, this is my agency. I am the commissioner. I run it. I’ve got 700 employees in the thing and I expect them to look and act professional. You know, I have, I have dignitaries from all around the world, ambassadors, trade representatives, elected officials from all over the country, in and out, judges, mayors, you know, all kinds of professional people in and out of my, my building and out in and out of our offices. So, and I, you know, I don’t want anyone embarrassing my agency. We’re going to look professional. We are professionals. We’re going to act the part. We’re going to address the part.
  • Raven Harrison: Sid for the win. Okay, Patriots, are you paying attention? Because that’s what we need. I, and thank you, Sid. I know what a woman is. I’ve got good insight on this and we need to, these women came to you. Some employees came to you and said, Sid, do something. You know, this is, you know, this is our space. We are uncomfortable. So I want the people to hear this. Your rights can’t trample. You’re wanting to be something can’t trample over somebody else. So you did this. You instituted what you thought would be a common sense measure of just saying, you know, you got to dress like your biological second. In fact, I think we have a clip of you talking about this on one of the news networks.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Unknown Reporter: Have a new dress code that critics say targets transgender people. The Texas Observer first reported on the memo from state agriculture commissioner Sid Miller. It says that employees are required to quote dress in a manner consistent with their biological gender and that anyone who violates repeatedly could be fired.
  • Unknown Reporter 2: Our legal expert tells us the memo could violate title seven, which prevents workplace discrimination based on race, sex and religion. And though gender identity isn’t spelled out, U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 2020 decision that gender identity is included in those protections. Our expert also points out that it’s okay for employers to have a dress code and that this memo is ultimately just pushing a legal boundary.
  • Unknown Speaker; They can tell them to dress professionally. You know, they can have certain grooming types of requirements. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just cannot be based on sex.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: Sid, were you prepared? Are you surprised at the pushback on this at the absolute heads exploding about this?
  • Sid Miller: You know, I’m not surprised. It’s Austin. It’s actually expected. You know, anytime you try to do something morally right, you know, add your family values, you know, run an agency like it’s supposed to be run. You know, a lot of liberals in Austin, you know, most of the people probably work for me are probably, you know, somewhat liberal. I don’t have a lot of conservatives applying to work in state government. A lot of turnover. But you know, yeah, I was expected. And that’s why we took our time, went through the legal department. We had four or five versions when we finally got the last one. I personally included the word biological in front of gender. Some people said you better not do that. You know, it’s going to be too much. You’re going to get pushed back. Well, I don’t really care, you know, as long as I think I’m doing the right thing, I can sleep at night. So that’s what I did. They got the message out and it’s effective.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, that’s right, because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to water down conservatives, right? They are trying to water us down and, you know, and try to soften it. So you’re essentially just going along to get along. So Sid, but that’s really important. So we’re taking a stand. We’re saying, okay, this is how it works. And can you please inform those who are who are watching right now who are going, Sid, Sid, Texas is an at will employment state, which means Sid has the right to force you to rope cattle before or get the ropes ready for his cattle roping. And he has the right to set the tone of what standards of professionalism are held in the workplace. And then you have the right to abide by those or quite frankly, go pound sand, correct?
  • Sid Miller: That is correct. And they can, you know, they have to go by the dress code or they get reprimanded, sent back home, you know, just change. They don’t want to do that. Well, they don’t have a job. So, you know, it’s, I hate to be that way, but I shouldn’t have to be that way.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct.
  • Sid Miller: You should have more respect and more common sense than what we’re getting.
  • Raven Harrison: I agree with you. And it torpedoes that, but Sid, you hurt their feelings. And we’ve got to get past this guys. We have to – no safe spaces around Sid Miller. And thank goodness for that. So Sid, I also want to talk to you because this is really important, some things that people don’t realize that fall under your wheelhouse. We’ve got Title 42 getting ready to expire. So what this means is this was the last little layer of flimsy protection that we had to repel the invasion that’s coming through our southern border as our ag commissioner, as someone who is also a rancher and a farmer. Can you please tell our listeners and our viewers what the end of Title 42 is looking like to you as the ag commissioner?
  • Sid Miller: Well, it’s, it could possibly up to double the amount of immigration that’s coming through our border illegal immigrants that we’re allowing to come in. We could turn some back that didn’t qualify as refugees, you know, fleeing from an oppressive government or dangerous situation. Now you don’t have to have a reason. Everybody shows up. Everybody gets in free, you know, so it’s going to be it’s total chaos with Title 42. I can’t imagine the chaos it’s going to be when when floodgates are wide open, we don’t turn back anybody. So a lot of these countries are sending their worst of the worst, you know, people over here to get rid of and get them out of their incarceration and out of their penal system. And it’s just we’re not, like some of these people are probably fine people. There’s a lot of them that aren’t so and we don’t have any way to screen them now.
  • Raven Harrison: You got that right. So and you are a rancher and a farmer. So you’ve heard the feedback from the ranchers and farmers. So they’re coming across and they’re mowing the yard for these people and they’re upkeeping the property that they’re trampling across or is it a different story?
  • Sid Miller: Well, they’re coming across everywhere. There’s no place that it’s not. They’re still the got-aways that don’t want to be caught. They don’t want to come across even when they’re processed. They don’t, a lot of them we don’t even process, but mostly it’s Title 42. They will come across, get processed. I saw where President Biden sent another 1500 troops down to the border, but not to repel the invasion. It was to, you know, more processors, you know, help process the surge that’s coming. So probably won’t be enough. I don’t know where we’re going to put all these people. It’s very overwhelming to these, these rural counties on the Texas-Mexican border. It’s just overwhelming. I just don’t know how we’re going to handle it.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, you got
  • Sid Miller: chaos.
  • Raven Harrison: That right. And you just really called it. I think I said that in the opener that Biden sent 1500 troops to the border, but not to repel or secure, but to help the paper pushers. So in case they get a paper cut, we’re going to have 1500 there, people there to help them, you know, get these illegals processed so they can disperse into our country immediately. You’re got to be kidding. This guy is ridiculous. This is, you know, I say that, you know what I’m going to say to, wake Biden up. This is getting good. We have to secure the border. Okay. We have to actually secure it. The numbers are dropping because you’re not counting anymore. So this administration, but I would like to tell before we, we let you go tell our patriots, what are your priorities right now as ag commissioner? What are you working on to help get America back on track and Texas?
  • Sid Miller: Well, we, that’d be a whole nother show. We’ve got a lot going on. Of course, we’re making headway on stopping China from buying any more of our farmland. That’s a, that’s a biggie that looks like we’re actually going to get something done there. We’re working with Congress on the new farm bill. We’re crafting that, getting legislation put in there. We’re pushing legislation to secure our schools and get an armed guard in every cafeteria across the country. Of course, we continue to market agriculture products around the globe. We just got a delegation back to Uzbekistan. It’s kind of an unheard of country. It’s biggest Texas 30 million people and they import 80% of our food. So we’re reaching out. We found we’re still finding new markets all over the globe.
  • Raven Harrison: That is incredible. I’m telling you, my ag commissioner is better than yours. I’m, this is a, this is a really important time, Patriots. This is what it means to have patriots on the front line fighting for what it makes America great in Texas is ground zero. We got a lot going on. And I’m telling you, I feel very honored to be with the, one and only Sid Miller. So Sid, and in your third term as agricultural commissioner for the state of Texas, congratulations. Where can Patriots find you and reach out and get involved with team Miller?
  • Sid Miller: Well, go to websitewww.MillerforTexas.com. Find us on social media, MillerforTexas. Facebook/MillerforTexas is my main venue. We have almost a million followers there and reach 30 or 40 million people a month. We put out a lot of a lot of our good information goes out there. You can also find us on our official state of Texas website, Texasagriculture.gov, Texasagriculture.gov. We also have social media for all of our agriculture programs, you know, our go Texan program, our wine program, just the Texas agriculture Facebook page. So we’re out there just hop on board and take a trip with us.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s right, Patriots, what I always say, if you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are and Sid Miller, one little fun fact before you go, you wrote the forward on my book, correct?
  • Sid Miller: I did. They did a good book.
  • Raven Harrison: Well, thank you so much, Sid, for being with us today on this episode of Raven’s Radar. I really get encouraged when I see conservatives like you, you know, helping us because the front line is dirty, but it’s, it’s awesome to have you here fighting for Texas, fighting for America. We are so glad to have you on our show today.
  • Sid Miller: Glad to do it. God bless. Keep up the good fight.
  • Raven Harrison: And we’ll be back right after this message from our sponsor.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you, Patriots, for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar. Did I tell you there is one Sid Miller? My gosh, he is a great guy. He is a gentleman. He is a strong conservative. And that is so what we need. We don’t need these people getting pushed around and letting them tell you up is down and left is right. We need strong men who will stand up and actually represent what they believe in. And I’m really grateful. Thank you again to Sid Miller for information about Sid and more about what he’s doing. You can check us out on the web, ravenharrison.com, on social media. We are Raven, the conservative warrior, Raven_TXwarrior. And while you’re at it, I made a little hint of it in the interview today, but please go out and pick up a copy of Raven’s Mantle. It is my book. It is available for pre-sale on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.
  • It will be out in print in just about two weeks. And as I mentioned, the forward was written by our one and only Sid Miller. And it is a barn burner. It was also endorsed by Michael Lindell and Dr. Peter McCullough. We’ve got an endorsement for Moms for America. I mean, this book is packing some serious power. And it is a blueprint of how we got here, what makes a conservative warrior, and how the scape of taking our country back looks from the front lines. I’m going to give it to you raw and unfiltered and patriots. I consider it an honor to do so. I also want to take a shout out to my sponsor, Patriot Mobile. They are the only Christian conservative wireless provider.
  • We are members and I’m telling you, Patriots, you have to vote for your wallet. It does no good to scream and complain about China and communism if you’re using that money to fund your own invasion. So get behind our sponsors. Get behind the people who are trying to preserve your freedom like Sid Miller and myself and Patriot Mobile because Patriots, it is time to mobilize. So use the code Raven and you can get free activation. They’re going to take care of you. We’re going to make sure of that. And Patriots, I’m telling you, this is a glorious time to be alive, to be made for this. Our country needs us and we get to answer. America is sending the distress and I know I will be there to answer the call and I hope you will too.
  • Until then, keep fighting.


Commissioner Sid Miller’s appearance on Raven’s Radar highlights the importance of standing up for conservative values and unapologetically defending them. His dress code policy not only ensures professionalism but also addresses the concerns of female employees. Additionally, Miller discussed the imminent expiration of Title 42, expressing concerns about the potential consequences and the overwhelming immigration crisis at the border. He urged viewers to get involved, contact their legislators, and demand secure borders to protect American citizens.

It is crucial for patriots to support leaders like Sid Miller, who stand firm in their commitment to protecting American values and ensuring a secure future for our nation. To learn more about Commissioner Sid Miller’s work and get involved, visit his website at www.MillerforTexas.com and follow him on social media. Additionally, consider joining organizations and supporting initiatives that align with conservative principles and actively contribute to the preservation of American freedoms.

As citizens, it is our duty to hold our elected officials accountable and make our voices heard. Together, we can make a difference and combat the rising tide of tyranny and progressive ideologies that threaten our great nation. Let us stand united in defense of conservative values and work towards securing a brighter future for all Americans.

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