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Victor Avila: Border Under Fire & Biden's Policies

In this article, we will discuss the highlights and key takeaways from Episode 19 of Raven’s Radar, featuring special guest Victor Avila. Victor is a retired special agent with Homeland Security Investigations and a leading authority on border security. We will delve into the topics discussed in the episode, particularly the current state of the border and the impact of President Biden’s policies.

Episode 19 Summary with Victor Avila

During the episode, Raven and Victor discussed the following key points:

  1. The state of the border under the Biden administration: Victor highlighted the unprecedented challenges at the border, stating that it has never been as lawless and unsecure as it is now.

  2. The impact of ignoring immigration laws: Victor emphasized the importance of upholding immigration laws and asylum criteria. He expressed concern that the current administration is allowing millions of people to enter the country illegally, bypassing due process and causing a strain on resources.

  3. The role of cartels and foreign influence: Victor shed light on the dangerous influence of cartels in Mexico and their connection to countries like China, Venezuela, and Cuba. He stressed the need to designate cartels as foreign terrorist organizations and address the ripple effect their actions have on US citizens.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots, to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We are spicing it up. We have an incredible guest. We have a lot to get to that’s going on in the world right now, but boy, we are bringing the fire today. I can’t wait for you to see it. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, Patriots. Welcome to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We are going to get to it today. Today, we’re going to be making a run to the border. I guess somebody should, since Biden’s not going to do it. But we are going to get one of the premier names in protecting our southern border. Going to have a great guest today. But let’s talk about what’s going on in the world right now. We are encouraged that things are coming out of the Republican-led house right now. Not enough on the action side, but we’re still headed in the right direction. We want to applaud that. But this week, Kevin McCarthy, I have to give him props on this, Kevin McCarthy apparently released the J6 footage, the footage from the Capitol that has been eerily absent from all of the proceedings and everything that the Democrats have been having commissions and hearings on.
  • I always thought that was the most ridiculous thing. You’re having hearings when we actually have footage that shows what was happening in the Capitol. And instead, Pelosi and her Mary Band of Communists decided to waste taxpayer time and money with this farce of witnesses without providing the actual footage that shows. I don’t know what they were afraid of. They’re afraid of the video showing that people were waving these people into the Capitol if they are worried that the footage shows that Ray Epps was instigating something or that Ashley Babbit was shot without probable cause, was outreason, and it was not a justified murder. Whatever it is, the fact that Kevin McCarthy released that to Tucker Carlson, I know I’m going to be tuning in, Patriots.
  • Get the popcorn ready. I cannot wait to see this. This is going to be epic. But don’t let me minimize. I am excited to see this because justice dies in the dark. We have got to keep a big floodlight on it. And whatever you believe about J6, here’s what we know. We are not communist North Korea. We are not communist China. We do not keep people detained without charging them. And in subpar conditions where they’re being mistreated, tortured, starved, we know of one J6er in there who has not formally been charged, who has celiac disease, who has lost 60 pounds, and is dying, waiting for Patriots to step up and say something and demand due process. That’s how America works. We get due process. We have a right to a speedy trial. This is one of those things that I wish the people, our elected officials, would reread.
  • Reread the Constitution. reread the Bill of Rights. Read it till it hurts because this is what we’re talking about. This can’t happen. This is America. We don’t do this to American citizens. Doesn’t matter whether you agree with their right to be there, but they have the right to peaceably assemble. They have the right to a speedy trial. They have a right to know what they’re being charged with. They have a right to an attorney. And none of those rights are being held. And we aren’t talking about that. We’re forgetting. So remember when we go home today, and everybody’s in your warm, cushy bed, that there are people right now who fought for our freedom.
  • And they need us now. So bravo, Kevin McCarthy. Kudos, the Raven salute, for getting the ball moving on freeing our political prisoners. Well done. We also have endless drama at the border, because it’s not secure. The border is open. Therefore, the drama is open. Therefore, the illegals keep flooding in. And I just am beyond like a lot of patriots. We’re just beyond the crap and the smoke and mirrors. We have got to secure the border. We can’t just have a welcome mat for drugs, sex, trafficking, and crime. And I can’t even tell you. But what I am going to tell you is Mayorkas, in his latest attempt to save his job, sounded off on the border. And it went a little bit like this.
  • [Clip Begins]
  • Jesse Waters: And so let me get this straight. Mayorkas thinks letting illegals into the country, putting them up in fancy hotels, and letting them stay here for up to four years before they finally get in front of a judge, if they even choose to show up in front of a judge, is a success. OK. But did he come up with the reason why all the illegals are flooding the border? Oh, it’s because Joe Biden handled COVID so well.
  • Alejandro Mayorkas: Right now, the United States has millions of jobs opening due to the economic success of this administration. We have progressed in conquering the pandemic far more than the countries to the south of Mexico. And that makes the United States an appealing place of destination for people fleeing persecution or otherwise in desperate need of a better life.
  • Jesse Waters: And so now I guess they’re redefining what a successful economy means now, too. Irene Armendariz Jackson is the border security coalition president and the wife of a Border Patrol agent. So that was a way with words. Does remind us of what the meaning of is? Is how did that affect you?
  • Irene Armenadariz Jackson: Well, you know, like you said before, Jesse, the Democrats don’t believe in following what the dictionary has upheld for decades. And so whatever word it is, whether it’s is whether it’s border security, whether it’s a woman, they always change it to fit their agenda.
  • Jesse Waters: Have you ever heard from an illegal immigrant crossing the border that they’re coming here because Joe’s COVID policies are working so effectively?
  • Irene Armenadariz Jackson: Absolutely not. They’re coming here because in their country, their government, and with our own government actually helping them get the message out, they’re saying that the border is open and there is jobs for them once they get here. And they have a rude awakening not only when they get here, but when they take the hard road to the United States. There is no jobs for them. They are not allowed to work. And therefore, they want to go back. But unfortunately, right now, the way our immigration system works, they cannot have a voluntary deportation unless they are from Mexico.
  • Jesse Waters: Should Mayorkas be impeached?
  • Irene Armenadariz Jackson: I hear that over and over. I’ve been hearing it since the beginning of January when the Republicans took over. And it’s about time that the words actually take some action. I always tell people, don’t tell me you love me, show me you love me. So I call on this Congress, especially on McCarthy, just put action behind your words. The people here in El Paso, we’re sick and tired of the nonsense that is going on in our communities. We believe that, especially legal immigrants, like my parents that followed the process, our system is not broken. Our system needs to be obeyed. We as Americans, we as an American public, demand that the people that want to come into the United States do it the legal way, just like thousands and millions of people have done before, including my parents.
  • Jesse Waters: All right, Irene. If you’re ever in DC, hand Mayorkas that shirt that you’re wearing. I think he might need to put it on all of these days.
  • Irene Armenadariz Jackson: Everybody to go to the BorderssecurityCoalition.com and support every effort. And Jesse, thank you so much. And if you ever want to come to El Paso, we will welcome you with open arms. Again, I’m calling on Republicans to do their job. Impeach them already and let’s stop the nonsense at the border. Americans deserve so much more.
  • Jesse Waters: All right, I’ll see you there with open arms. Thanks, Irene.
  • Irene Armenadariz Jackson: Thank you.
  • [Clip Ends]
  • Raven Harrison: If there is a border problem, and I’m not saying there is, but if there is a border problem, then it’s because our economy is so great. Ha! Oh my goodness gracious. You know, where is that BS meter? The economy is so great. They are celebrating inflation coming down from 8.5% to 8, or 7.0. You don’t celebrate at that. OK, normally people get fired at that. Crippling economy. Our economy is on life support. OK, they are not coming here for the great economic disaster that you have created. They are coming here for the freebies that allow them to live better than the people who are supporting your dumpster fire. Because everything that is free is paid for by somebody who works. Sorry, Mayorkas. That’s kind of how it works. OK, you pay taxes. You draw out of the system for social security and welfare and benefits when needed. You don’t sneak across the border and say, I’d like a better life. It doesn’t happen. OK, nobody sneaks into China.
  • Nobody illegally crosses into North Korea. OK, and to my knowledge, neither one of them has the inflation that we do. But this is the usual Biden of gas lighting. I’m going to tell you why 9 and 1 half percent inflation is good. I want to tell you why it’s good to pay $5 for gas. I want to tell you why it’s great not to be able to charge your electric vehicle that we forced you to get because the grid can’t handle it. And it still runs on dirty fossil fuels. We want to tell you how great it is for us to be messing around in the banking sector with digital currency. That way we can decide who gets money, who doesn’t, and why it’s good to be forced by the government to put stuff into your body, whether you want to or not. Don’t get me started. You guys know me. It didn’t take much to get me going. Give me a break. Give me a hairy-legged ice cream break, Biden. You are ridiculous. And Mayorkas is ridiculous. Take him with you. Take him and the vodka queen and the poster child for useless people, AOC. Take them all with you.
  • Can we just start over? Can we just tell whatever alternate life forms that are out there looking at us going, we were just kidding. The real government is coming. So if we can do that, we’re going to be happy. But in the meantime, let’s really get back to the border again. Let’s get back to this so-called closed border that is secure and not letting in people who are waiting in the river and not allowing drugs and crime to pour through. How do we do that? Let’s get one of our premier frontline generals to take us through the war. Today, we are lucky to have on Raven’s radar the one and only Victor Avila. Hope I can say that with a spice. Victor Avila is going to be here. He is a former border agent, shot defending our southern border, book Agent Under Fire. He is the man, and he is joining us coming up next.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome, patriots. I did promise you epic, didn’t I? We are doing it. We have in studio today the one and only Victor Avila. I have to say it like that. It’s kind of a thing. It’s just I’m excited. Victor, thank you for joining us today.
  • Victor Avila: Absolutely. Thank you for having me, Raven. So glad to be here.
  • Raven Harrison: So, patriots, I very well worked up about this kind of stuff, but Victor is special. For those who don’t know, Victor is probably the leading authority in border. He was a border agent. He took a bullet for this country figuratively and literally. He’s written a book, incredible talking about his story, and he’s going to help us dissect the massive amount of gaslighting that is going on in our country today, Victor. Welcome. Tell our viewers and our listeners a little bit about your background.
  • Victor Avila: I’m a retired special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, which is under ICE. And that’s just a fancy name for being a criminal investigator that we investigate anything that has to do with a nexus to the border. So if it comes to that border, if it touches our border, HSI has the authority and jurisdiction to investigate it. So human smuggling, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, commercial fraud. The toothpaste that you use, we make sure that it’s not a counterfeit toothpaste coming from China. And it says Colgate on it, but it might not be Colgate. That the shirt that you wear underneath that it’s 100% cotton, we make sure that it’s 100% cotton. So anything that crosses that border, HSI has a jurisdiction to investigate.
  • Raven Harrison: So that covers a lot of department, ATF, ICE, Homeland Security. Any of those things happening on the border right now?
  • Victor Avila: My goodness. It is, let me tell you, I’ve worked on the border for 20 years. And I’ve seen a lot. And I’ve seen a lot in my career. And the border has always had its challenges, but never, never has it been the way it is right now in the last two years under this Biden regime. And I’m not the only one that could tell you that. The border agents down that I speak to at the border can tell you the same thing. It is just out of control because it’s something very simple. It’s not that complicated. They have, they, the Department of Homeland Security under Majorcas and Biden have decided that they’re not going to enforce our laws anymore.
  • They’re going to ignore immigration law. They’re going to ignore asylum criteria that is our own. And they’re going to ignore our own constitution. Our constitutionally, legislatively passed laws that we have in this United States of America, we’re just going to completely ignore them. And that’s what’s happening. We’re talking about millions of people allowed to come into this country illegally.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes, illegally. And you are tapping on it. We’re going to take it one at a time, Victor. So, OK, all of those things. So our immigration laws, OK? That is, that means that there is a protocol for how to come to this country. There are ports that they can go to in various countries where they can apply for legal asylum. So I’m going to play the devil’s act to the CNN voter. But the border’s closed because Biden said so sometime before the hairy leg comment and ice cream that the border was closed. Is the border closed?
  • Victor Avila: The border is not closed. And the definition of secure that Mayorkas uses is absurd. They say, in their own words, that they want operational control of the border. Well, so do I.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes.
  • Victor Avila: But they don’t have that. Giving, catch, and release, allowing people to come in and turn themselves in and allow them to the country, is not control of the border.
  • Raven Harrison: It’s not. And is we just want a better life? Grounds for asylum.
  • Victor Avila: Well, asylum criteria is very easy. And anyone could Google and look it up. It’s there for you to see. You have to be persecuted from the government of where you come from. And most of these people, 90% of the pluses or those will not qualify for that reason alone. Yet we ignore that. And let me tell you, you don’t even hear the word asylum down there. I go to the border once a month. No one down there is claiming any credible fear. They’re not claiming any persecution from the government. They are coming because Biden told them that they could come and they would be allowed to come into this country with no repercussions.
  • And that’s what’s happening. That’s why we have over 6 to 7 million people in the last two years. That’s a real number. Not the number that they’re telling you. Maybe even more than that of illegal people in this country being absorbed into communities that they don’t know what to do. We’re talking about children. We’re talking about teenagers. We’re talking about adults. We’re talking about all facets of family with a lot of issues.
  • Raven Harrison: And you are and see that’s what it is. Let’s talk about the real numbers. So the border is not secure. These people are coming in droves. It’s overwhelming border security. What could possibly go wrong? Well, we’re going to tell you. 7 million people is larger than the populations of most of our major cities that we are absorbing, that we have absorbed in two years. All these people need housing. They need food. They need medical attention. They need schools. Somebody has to pay for all of that. But on the real note, you have a story of what happens when these people are coming in illegally. This is not our best nor brightest. You got shot, Victor, on the border. Tell our viewers what happened.
  • Victor Avila: And this is why it’s personal to me. While I was an official assignment, I used to be assigned to the US Embassy in Mexico City. And especially Agent Jaime Zapata and I were set on assignment on a Highway 57 on a road in Mexico to go bring some equipment and transport it within Mexico. We were ambushed by Los Zetas Cartel, one of the most vicious cartels in Mexico. And Agent Zapata was tragically killed in line of duty next to me. I was shot three times. And I survived by the grace of God. I’m here. And want to be able to now, you go through an identity crisis. What do I do now? I lost my career the day I got shot. I just didn’t know it. Because the government didn’t want me back. A couple of the weapons used against us were part of Operation Fast and Furious. Remember that? Hold the buckle under the Obama-Biden administration.
  • Raven Harrison: You got that right, because we’re in Biden 2.0 right now.
  • Victor Avila: That’s right. That’s right. So here I am medically retired. And I said, what do I do? I see what’s happening. I go down there. I go to the border. This is March of 21. And I go down there. And I see, what in the world is happening down at the border?
  • Raven Harrison: And what did you see in March of 21? That would have been after Biden was in for a couple of months?
  • Victor Avila: Lawlessness.
  • Raven Harrison: What kind of lawlessness? Tents. People camped out at the border.
  • Victor Avila: allowed in, unvetted. Back then, no one was being checked. There’s still not being checked for COVID. All these issues that I want to tell you how you come into this country. You come in legally, like you mentioned, through a port of entry. And you seek asylum. We do have a legal immigration system that has been
  • Raven Harrison: that many people have followed over the years.
  • Victor Avila: And has been ignored by this administration. Those people have been put aside.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct.
  • Victor Avila: But they have allowed people to come in in between the ports of entry, wading the Rio Grande River, which is completely illegal to do.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct.
  • Victor Avila: But the number one problem here, Raven, is they’re not being vetted. Border patrol does not have the resources or the time, because we have enough agents, but not for what the Biden administration in Mayorkas wants them to do. And that is process. And the process that they say is not the process that I would do, because the process of a border agent is very thorough, and they don’t have the time because of the sheer numbers that are coming through. That Biden administration said, you better move them and move them quick, because they don’t want 17,000 Asians underneath the bridge anymore.
  • Raven Harrison: No.
  • Victor Avila: You said, you better get them. We’ll build more facilities. Get them in, get them out.
  • Raven Harrison: And get them out. Where is the question? They’re not going back to where they came from. They’re going into the interior of our country. Every single city that you can imagine. North Carolina, Maryland, Minneapolis,
  • Raven Harrison: Dallas,
  • Victor Avila: Texas, everywhere. Not just border towns anymore. Not just border towns. So every border is a border state now. And now we’re feeling that, because I go around the country speaking to all these cities. And all of a sudden, the school systems in Kentucky, the school systems in New York, the health care systems, like, wait a minute, what do we do with all these kids? What do we do with all these? They have a lot of health issues. They’ve never been vaccinated for anything. Forget COVID.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct.
  • Victor Avila: If you want to go into a public school system, you better have your vaccinations here. These kids that have never been vaccinated for anything, they have a lot of problems.
  • Raven Harrison: Are just in the schools, nothing to see here.
  • Victor Avila: They barely even, they barely speak Spanish. Forget English. They’re illiterate in their own language. So they need a tremendous amount of resources that have been taken away from our United States citizens kids. Our taxpayers, we pay the taxes for our kids to be. And so my child is struggling in math. It doesn’t matter. He’s been pushed aside for these other children. And people always accuse me of, oh, you’re so, how can you be not compassionate about it? And how non-humanitarian. I’m telling you what compassion is. Compassion and humanitarian is to not put these people through the journey of being raped, of being sodomized, of being extorted and robbed, and everything that they had to go through.
  • Raven Harrison: Correct.
  • Victor Avila: To come through this border and victimized. And on top of that, putting them in these conditions without no housing, homelessness, all these other issues. And I’d rather put the burden back on these countries. The countries that they can come from need to be responsible for their own citizens.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s important. So for the bleeding hearts out there, we’re talking about compassion is not incentivizing people to break your laws. I would like to talk about compassion, too, when people are getting in an uproar about DeSantis and Abbott sending illegals to sanctuary cities who said, we want them. Bring them to us. They stepped over veterans, homeless veterans, that were asleep. Veterans who fought for this country, who paid taxes, who were willing to give their lives for this country, were stepped over so that you guys could pander to new voters and let them step over the homeless people and then transport them somewhere into the interior of our country. Don’t want to hear it. You guys can stop right there.
  • Victor Avila: I got to tell you an example, because I was in McAllen, Texas where Catholic Charities, a big NGO, and I stood outside with four US homeless people, one of them a veteran. It was rainy and cold, but they would only allow illegal aliens from Africa, from Haiti, from all these other parts of the world. In front of me, I witnessed this. They get to go in and I pleaded with them. I said, you let them in at least for the night. No. The US citizens and one of them a veteran would not be allowed. I go, you’re Catholic Charities. What do you care? Well, they don’t get paid for the US citizens. They don’t get paid for the illegals. But this is the problem and the corruption that’s going on with these NGOs, not just on the border towns in Mexico all the way down to South America.
  • Raven Harrison: And this is it. So these are the real facts. These are the real numbers. So those are one going, well, Biden says, Victor was on the border, guys. That’s about as expert as it gets. You do this once a month.
  • Victor Avila: Oh my god, I’ve been going even sometimes two, three times a month down there.
  • Raven Harrison: Two, three times a month, and then you and I are going to be going here in a couple of months. But here’s the important thing. You’ve got this documented in your book. Tell us what you wrote the book.
  • Victor Avila: It’s Agent Under Fire. Agent Under Fire is I wanted to put down the story of the ambush that I went through. I wanted people to know who I am. And you’ll get to know me. It’s a very raw, very honest book. It talks about my assignment in Mexico. But then at the end, I said, listen, people identified as the agent that got shot. Well, that was a little bit more than that. I’m a border security expert. I’m a subject matter expert in human trafficking. And I rescued many women and children from those horrific, horrific events.
  • So at the end, I wrote about border security. I wrote about what I know and what I would do. And so if you read that today, you think I wrote it yesterday because it’s so relevant today. I’m talking about the wall, sanctuary cities, asylum, and all these issues that if you read that, you’ll get a good perspective of what you need to know.
  • Raven Harrison: Because I’ve read it and I encourage every patriot to read it. I’m of the doctrine that you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. So we have to know what the problem is. And you’re talking about sex trapping. This is all of them. This is all coming through our borders. Now, we have to keep it a little lighter. But tell us, in terms of right now, Biden is touting that border crossings are down.
  • Victor Avila: Well, they want it to be that way. And it was programmed. I knew about it. I talked about it. I predicted it. And it came true because they are stopping and counting the illegal aliens and counting them as legal. Why? Because they’re being processed on the Mexican side of the border through the CBP-1 app. And this app allows people from all over the world to input the information so they could be processed before they even get to our border and then allowed in.
  • Raven Harrison: So hey, OK, patriots, if you missed that, I alluded to that on our previous Ravens radar. CBP-1, it is an app for illegals to register. OK? So then we don’t call them. They’re registered. So the right can’t say that we don’t know who they are because he typed in that he’s Joe Smith and he’s a hard-working individual. And so now that we’re not plucking them out of the river, that’s touted as the border numbers are going down. It’s garbage. OK, the numbers are not going down. They are subverting our own laws.
  • Victor Avila: It’s illegal. And we haven’t even touched on cartels. And the cartel, the influence that the cartels have. Let me tell you really quick because I know we’re running out of time. The cartels are an imminent threat to this country. Why? Because they’re being controlled by China, Venezuela, and Cuba through Mexico, not 6,000 miles away in the Middle East, right here next door to us. Right here. The president of Cuba was in Mexico last week. And Mexico opened their arms to Cuba, a communist country. And we’re ignoring that. The threat is right next to us. And they’re killing us with fentanyl and all this meth and all this stuff that’s happening. Wake up. We need to acknowledge what’s happening in Mexico because it’s a ripple effect that affects us as US citizens.
  • Raven Harrison: And yes, two things I want to point on that because that’s a good point, Victor. So the only ones that Democrats are not letting in are people from Cuba. Why? Because Cubans turn to vote conservative and Republican. Because I’m telling you, if you just have to see what’s happening, you’ve got to follow the money. So for the cartels, people think, OK, cartels are gangs that control the border. How much of money are we talking about being funneled through the cartels?
  • Victor Avila: Billions, with a B.
  • Raven Harrison: With a B?
  • Victor Avila: Yeah.
  • Raven Harrison: Billions.
  • Victor Avila: And not only do they equip them with the violence, the guns, the equipment that they get in Mexico to terrorize, because that’s what they are, the terrorist organizations, and terrorize Mexico and the US, believe me, a lot of the crime committed here in Texas and in other parts of the country is linked to the cartel. But they have money to spread everywhere in the political atmosphere, in the police, corruption, everywhere else. And that’s where they have the biggest influence. Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world for a journalist to work in. 15 journalists were killed last year. That’s the official number. The unofficial is 30.
  • Nowhere in the world, not in Syria, not in the Middle East, in Mexico. Five of the most dangerous cities in the world are in Mexico. This is where people do not realize they’re killing us. They’re killing us with counterfeit pills. They’re staying over balloons. They’re buying our land, China, through the use of cartels. And we are not taking them out. We are not stopping the threat. And why? Because of open borders. The border must be secure. That’s how we start by doing it. We designate the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. We start implementing policies that remain in Mexico that President Trump had and that worked.
  • We start doing it. We know how to do it. I know how to do it. Tom Homan and I will do it in 30 days, and we’ll turn it around. But this administration is fundamentally changing the fabric of our country. It’s deliberately done.
  • Raven Harrison: And that makes them the biggest sponsor for human trafficking, drugs, and sex trafficking. Now, because that is state-sponsored terror. And that is what we’re talking about here, of going. So just last point I want to hit on, Victor, is the one that gets me the most is when President Turnup says that he inherited an unsecure, lawless border. Can you please, for our listeners and viewers, just summarize the fact and fictionness of that statement? Did Biden inherit a lawless border, or was it secure with Remain in Mexico and a border wall being established and us trying to get rid of catch and release?
  • Victor Avila: It’s the most secure that I had ever seen in my career.
  • Raven Harrison: Under President Trump.
  • Victor Avila: That’s what they inherited. They completely and deliberately undid everything that the Trump administration did, because they hate bad orange man. Really? And they’re out of spite? They don’t care for the public safety and national security of this country? That should come first. Us.
  • Raven Harrison: Exactly. I don’t care what the hell he is. He’s a damn good president.
  • Victor Avila: Raven, if you think about it, this is not a partisan issue.
  • Raven Harrison: No.
  • Victor Avila: Public safety and national security affects us all. A bomb from the Middle East or from these cartels, an attack does not, they don’t care what political spectrum you’re in. It affects all of us. The violence on the streets affects all of us. And this violence and this crime wave that we’re hearing, feeling in our country, attached to the cartels. The cartels use the gangs everywhere, here in Dallas, in Chicago, in LA, everywhere. It’s directly related to the border. Yes, it was secure. It was going to be even more secure. And they purposely undid it.
  • Raven Harrison: That was one of his first actions in office, was to undo President Trump’s remain in Mexico and other policies that had us secure. So cause and effect. It’s not Trump’s fault. Trump is a rock star. OK, but the bottom line is this is an oath. Victor, didn’t you take an oath to protect and defend citizens of the United States?
  • Victor Avila: I’m so glad you brought that up. I’ve taken that oath several times. And obviously, as a special agent, to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend our homeland security. And yet, border agents are not allowed to exercise that oath because they have been abolished. How? They said they were going to abolish us.
  • Raven Harrison: They did.
  • Victor Avila: And they did. They did by, they said, you know what? It didn’t work out good. It didn’t sound good to abolish them. So we’re going to just handcuff them. We’re going to take their authority away. And that’s what they’ve done.
  • Raven Harrison: And take their ammo in some cases. They’ll sit there. They have no ammo. They have the guns. But they can’t actually fire back, even when they’re being fired upon.
  • Victor Avila: National Guard, yes.
  • Raven Harrison: I mean, it’s just, it’s insanity. Tell our listeners and our viewers as we wrap up. You know, Victor, you have to read this book, Agent Under Fire. It is a barn burner. I’m telling you, it is crazy good. Where can they find you? Where can they find the book? And where are you next? What’s our next endeavor?
  • Victor Avila: Oh, my goodness. Please go to agentunderfirebook.com. And you can grab a copy there. You can follow me on media. I’m usually at Victor Avila or at Victor Avila TX for Texas. I will going to guide you to go through border911.com. Because that’s an initiative that I’m very proud of with Tom Holman, that we’re going across the country speaking, bringing the truth to the people and showing it and disrupting this narrative of the left.
  • You know, they’re very good at setting it. We are going to start setting the narrative. We’re going to continue to start and showing the truth around the country. And not just telling the truth, but changing legislatively and helping states write these laws and border security laws. Because we know that by the administration they’re not going to do it. So we’re going to disrupt what’s happening and make a difference there at the border.
  • Raven Harrison: Disruptor, I know what you guys are thinking. He’s me. Yes. Victor, thank you so much for being with us today.
  • Victor Avila: Thank you.
  • Raven Harrison: Patriots, this is what it means to be on the front line. It’s not always easy. It’s not always comfortable. But thank God for people like Victor Avila who are willing to do what a lot of us can’t. So I’m telling you, this is it. So join him. I’m going to have information on Raven’s radar and ravenharison.com. I want you to go there. Support our front line Patriots. You can’t be on the front line. Support those of us who are. And we will be back right after this.
  • Raven Harrison: Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of Raven’s Radar, Patriots. I get really excited when I see the movers and the shakers moving and shaking. I was so lucky to have Victor Avila on the show today. Please get behind him. Support what we’re doing. He’s fighting for us. We have very few people who can say they actually took a bullet for their country. But those are the ones we want to celebrate and get behind.
  • So we’ll have information ravenharison.com. You can find me at Raven, the conservative warrior, on social media. And in another compelling story, Raven’s mantle is almost ready for pre-release. Going to be telling you the story of how to fight the betrayal of America. Parents in the Pentagon at 9-11, Czech, having been at the Vegas Massacre, the worst massacre in US history, and sustaining injuries, Czech, having my eight-year-old daughter expelled from a school, a public elementary school for voting for President Trump in a mock election. Czech, you have to read it and see it to believe it. It’s going to be raw, unfiltered, and exactly the blueprints we need to take our country back. We can do this. We are doing this. And remember, Patriots, we were made for a time such as this.
  • We’ll see you next time.


To learn more about Victor Avila and his experiences on the front lines of border security, check out his book “Agent Under Fire.” Additionally, stay informed and engaged by following Victor on social media and visiting the website Border911.com. It is crucial for patriots to support those fighting for secure borders and hold elected officials accountable for the well-being and safety of American citizens.

In conclusion, the episode with Victor Avila sheds light on the current challenges at the border and the need for effective policies to secure it. By understanding the realities of border security and supporting those on the front lines, we can work towards a safer and more secure America.

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