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Wayne Allyn Root: The Power of W.A.R. Insights

In Episode 29 of Raven’s Radar, host Raven Harrison was joined by the legendary Wayne Allyn Root to discuss the pressing issues facing America today. Root, an author, commentator, and political warrior, shared his insights and analysis on various topics, providing valuable perspective on the challenges we are confronting as a nation. This episode was a shining example of Root’s passion and commitment to defending the values that make America great.

Episode 29 Summary with Wayne Allyn Root

During the episode, Wayne Allyn Root tackled a range of important issues that are currently impacting our country. His insights shed light on the dire state of affairs we find ourselves in, urging patriots to stand up and fight for the future of America. Root’s fiery and unapologetic approach resonated with listeners, as he fearlessly called out those responsible for the problems plaguing our nation.


  • Raven Harrison: Welcome patriots to this episode of Raven’s Radar. I don’t want to spoil it for you today, but today we are on fire figuratively and literally we got a lot going on. So let’s get to it. If it’s in your sights, it’s on my radar. We’ll be airborne shortly.
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  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back patriots to this episode of Raven’s Radar. We have a lot going on in the world today. So let’s break it down. I always like to give patriots what the front line actually looks like. And boy, is it something. There is never a shortage of crises when we’ve got this administration. But let’s start with the top. We’ve got unfortunately another American has been detained, kidnapped or being held in Russia.
  • This is a Wall Street journalist, Aaron Gorkozovic (Evan Gershkovich). I apologize for any butchering of this gentleman’s name, but he’s been detained for about a month so far as we know. We aren’t clear on what they’re saying. He’s being held. We do know that access to him has been denied by Russia. Their comment was that they tried to get Russian journalists in to America last week and were denied. So we’re doing a tit for tat thing that’s going on. But seriously, I mentioned if patriots, if you remember, do you remember this horrific, I will call it a trade that Biden made in July of last year when he traded, you know, petty drug dealer or drug user or drug owner, whatever you wanted to say, petty drug charge of Brittney Griner traded for Viktor Bout, who is the merchant of death and prolific arms dealer and responsible for mass murders across the planet.
  • So we traded Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout. We left Paul Whelan behind. And a lot of people have heard me say this is probably the only WNBA trade that people actually watched, but we traded this. So now we’ve got Aaron who is, who is detained in Russia and Biden has a couple of statements. He’s so in response to this, Biden has rolled out some, I don’t even know what you want to call these. He’s, he’s rolled out a new sanction that is going to work. And this time Patriots, it’s really, really, really, really, really going to work when we sanction them. But I think we have a clip of Biden’s reaction.
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  • Raven Harrison: Uh-huh. So yeah, Biden rolled out this, this time we’re going to give them a hostage detained sanction. We’re going to sanction the people who we’re getting oil from. We’re going to sanction our enemy who doesn’t respect us and who is running all over us, who we are actually funding a war against Russia. So we’re supporting billions of dollars to Ukraine. And we’re thinking that this time Russia is going to take these sanctions seriously. In fact, I think we have a clip of Putin’s reaction. You got that right. Putin and pretty much everybody else with common sense reaction to that. Are you kidding me? You’re going to try to sanction somebody we need from oil for oil because you shut us down on day one with our pipeline. This is like a bad joke. And is a continuance on his bid to, uh, to run again and have another four years to ruin our country. But everybody knows he’s not planning on ruining our country for another four years. That would be the good news if we didn’t know what was coming behind it. It’s like the eye of the storm. Oh wait, the sun is out. Well, here it comes again. And that coming again is the cackling czar who, according to published reports last week, Biden allies are saying she is ready to be president.
  • You know, she’s ready to be the first female president. Well, if she can’t define what a woman is, then she’s not even technically the first female vice president, but Patriots, this is one of those who’s paying attention. Biden is ridiculous. Kamala is even more ridiculous. I am happy to say, though, that it feels like I’m taking kind of potshots at her. But if you look at it statistically, Kamala and I got the same number of delegates in the primary, the same number of people voted for me to be president as her. And that’s saying something. So that’s what I want Patriots to remember is, you know, the, the left has a little bit of an issue with facts and truth and reason. And this is what they want. So somebody who was so unpopular that she had to drop out in her own primary. And just for the record, Patriots, only Democrats vote in the Democratic primaries.
  • So she was so unpopular among Democrats that she had to drop out. Okay. And then they’ve combined her with the basement dummy and they put them together and said, and Biden says, let’s finish the job. Let’s finish the communism. Let’s finish ruining America. We can do this. Wake him up. This gets to the good part. Somebody wake Biden up. Okay. We’re getting to the good part, but that’s what I want Patriots to, to be mindful of, of what’s going on. Also want to talk about, you know, something that forgettios dropped on television, which was a few months ago, he actually said that he had cut $1.7 trillion from the deficit, which is ridiculous at best. But the important thing is now Biden is in there between naps, trying to get us to kick up the debt ceiling. We want to raise the debt ceiling. Okay. Why do we need to raise the debt ceiling? You ask. It’s at $31 trillion right now. We’re in danger of defaulting on our loans, but Biden wants to finish the job. So why are we kicking up the debt ceiling? It’s because we are not doing government’s fundamental job, which is to balance the budget and safeguard American citizens. Our border is wide open. We’ve sent a billion dollars to the budget, not the budget to the border, not to secure the border, but to process more people, bring them in.
  • Come on. No waiting two at a time. So that’s what we’ve decided to do is the Democrats have just opened the welcome mat. You know, bring us your, your tired, your broke, your criminal yearning to steal stuff. And they have let them in to our country without, I mean, it’s literally a matter and we have one, all estimated almost a million waiting in the wings at the border patiently for title 42 to expire, what is, which it is due to expire in a few days. Unless somebody gets off their stick and does America’s business. Is anybody paying attention? This is a million more in addition to the seven to nine million.
  • We have already let in to the country. Okay. That are unchecked, unbedded, unscreened, a lot of them unemployed and untraceable. Okay. They are in the country and we are literally bursting at the seams. Our border is wide open. We have crime, drugs and sex trafficking spiking at rates people would not believe. It’s made every town in America a border city. Our economy is on life support. We still have record inflation. We still have kitchen table issues that are crippling expensive gas. And now we’re getting Americans kidnapped. We are, this is a dumpster fire and the Crypt Keeper actually had the nerve to get on live television, you know, between naps and say, let’s finish the job. Patriots, this is what it means. So we wouldn’t have our founding fathers wouldn’t have needed this kind of lead to get involved. So I’m telling you, this is what it means to get involved. It means you should be talking to your congressman and your legislators and going, you’re not going to sign off on crippling our kids with another trillions of dollars of debt that their children won’t be able to pay back.
  • You’re going to demand that Congress pass a balanced budget for anybody paying attention. That’s their fundamental number one job. And it hasn’t been done since the 90s. We can’t seem to get a balanced budget. We can’t get our spending in check. And we can’t seem to be get our economy off of life support. So it’s going to require some tough times. But the toughest are getting people to the front line. And that’s what we do better than anyone. So Patriots, I would just like to tell you Raven, give me a sign. This is it. This is it. It is time, okay, to stop accepting the things we cannot change and change the things we cannot accept.
  • Don’t get me preaching in here. You guys know how I do it. Don’t get me started. I don’t come with breaks, but we can do this. And Patriots, today I’m going to bring you a special guest who has been on the forefront of fighting for this country before it was popular, before it was even at critical mass. And we’re going to meet him, the one and only, the legendary, the fire brand Wayne Allyn Root right after this.
  • Raven Harrison: Welcome back Patriots. Whoo, it is time to get to it. The root is on fire. We have our special guest in studio today, the one and only Wayne Allyn Root.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Hey, Raven, how are you?
  • Raven Harrison: Hey, Wayne, welcome to Raven’s radar. Wayne, you know, a lot of people know who you are. You are an author, commentator, sports collector, just a jack of all trades and just general badass. So thank you for being here, but we need these fire breathers in this time. But to start out, tell everybody what you’ve got going on. You’ve got a new book coming out.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Yes.
  • Raven Harrison: Or out.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Usually, when you say someone’s a jack of all trades, then the next sentence is a master of none, right? But but in my case, I’m a master of one. I’m a master of political talk, conservative political talk. And I’ve got a giant audience of millions of conservatives, Patriots, and, and Christians, people of faith. And we’ve got to get together. We’ve got to save America. What did Ben Franklin say? We either hang together, or we’re all surely going to hang separately. And that’s what we face right now. It reminds me of the American Revolution. And we either hang together or we will surely hang separately. So I’m trying to rally the troops. I’m like Paul Revere and I’m the guy who’s screaming. The communists are coming. The communists are coming. The border is open. The border is open. And if we don’t get our act together, America is going to be gone forever. I know you have young kids. I have four kids ranging in age from 15 to 30. And so America is finished for all of them and my future grandkids.
  • If we don’t get together and save this country. So I’ve got two national TV shows, nationally syndicated radio show, podcast, newspaper column, nationally syndicated and 16 books, including the latest, the Great Patriot Buycott Book, buycott, not boycott, buycott, the great conservative companies to spend your money with to buy from. And also in some cases, a few of them are publicly traded. And these are the ones you want to put in your investment retirement account. You want to invest in them so that you’re giving your money to great conservative patriotic companies. In some cases, Christian led companies that believe in God, that believe in prayer, that believe in faith, that believe in all the things I believe in America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, the military, the police, small business, that’s who I support, not black lives matter, not critical race thinking, not critical race theory, not transgender ideology, not the end of America with open borders.
  • So support the right companies. I’ve got a list of 123 of them, the products they sell, why I marked them as conservative. It’s all in the Great Patriot Buycott Book. Check it out. You can get it at Amazon or any five bookstore.
  • Raven Harrison: Oh, I’m telling you, Wayne, and this is important. Let’s break it down a little bit because you’ve been blazing this frontline longer than I have in terms of trying to rally the troops. But where we are in this country, you’re talking about a buycott because half the time we are funding our own invasion. We’ve got to spend money. They’re testing digital currency in these banks. And what do they do once they have control of our money and our guns, Wayne?
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Yeah, there’s so many things going wrong at once. I’ve got kind of a, it’s not a billboard anymore or a blackboard, I should say anymore. It’s a computer screen. And on my desktop, I’ve got my own digital version of a blackboard and it’s got all the articles I want to write. And it used to be there were like 10 and every week I would choose one of 10. Now I think it’s up to like 300. I can’t get to them all. There’s so many bad things going on and so many stories to write. I can’t keep up with the ball. But just off the top of my head, here are the things that I think threaten America the most that almost no other hosts talk about that almost especially on Fox News.
  • Now that we know Tucker talked about it and they fired him. Dan Bongino talked about it and they fired him. So there’s very few left. I’m one of the few left on national TV if not the only one who talks about the issues that really matter. And the same thing Raven goes for the United States Congress. Yeah, we won the house Kevin McCarthy’s milk toast. He’s not great. He’s not horrible, but he’s not great. And he won’t talk about these things.
  • Raven Harrison: Yes.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Number one would be rigged elections. If you won’t talk about rigged elections, we’re never going to win again. It’s like saying somebody murdered someone forget about it. Don’t worry about it. So he murdered someone. Let him move on with his life. Really? If you don’t deal with the murder, how are you ever going to have a safe society? Well, if you don’t deal with stolen elections, how are we ever going to win again?
  • So number one is rigged and stolen elections. Number two, the communist takeover of the United States and the hallmark of communism is the weaponization of government silencing conservatives, arresting conservatives, going after your political opponents and indicting and arresting them on bogus charges, like they just did to President Trump.
  • Raven Harrison: Come on, Wayne, come on.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: And the January six protesters, all of that’s the hallmark of communism. Yes. And then beyond rigged and stolen elections. And communism is the vaccines, the COVID vaccines that are deathly, excuse me, dangerous, deadly, and the biggest cover up in the history of the world. Literally, people are dropping dead around you left and right. And matter of fact, one of my great favorite people the whole world, huge Republican just died two days ago as we record this two days ago, he died. And another friend of mine is on his deathbed right now.
  • The list of in my life is probably up to about 60 people that have died or gotten very sick, had massive heart attacks or strokes after being vaccinated. And I asked their families or them if they’re still alive and out of the 60 58 are vaccinated. So it would be natural that two people might have a heart attack or stroke in your life, you know, but not 60 and 58 and the 60 are vaccinated. So you see a pattern there, folks. It’s like love canal in the 1960s and 70s.
  • In one neighborhood, all the kids came up with cancer, and they realized something was wrong. This is a cluster of death with the vaccine, and nobody wants to deal with it. No one in Congress wants to deal with it. None of the networks want to talk about it because they all took big pharmas money. Then you have Ukraine, another big issue. It’s leading to World War three nuclear Armageddon. And we’ve wasted $150 billion on the most corrupt nation in the world. They just stolen our money. And then you have open borders, the big one, the biggest of them all other than central bank digital currency that could destroy all conservatives.
  • But if the border opens on May 11, which it will, they got rid of title 42, a million people, they say amassed on the other side, yes, be invaded by a million. And behind them will be tens of millions more. This is the intentional destruction of the United States of America.
  • Raven Harrison: This is it, Wayne. This is it because I tell people this is the signature fire. Tell them to vote with your wallet. Why? Because we’re funding our own invasion is to be careful who you elect. Okay. And this is what it is. We’ve got lazy, soft, milk toast Republicans who are in there just, you know, oh, they cheated. Do something. We got that.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Well, they know, they know, they will do something. Won’t even talk about it because they’re afraid if they even say it, they’ll be labeled as a conspiracy theorist. You know what? I’m actually proud at this point to call myself a conspiracy theorist because I’ve been on TV and radio for seven years and every single conspiracy I’ve ever talked about has come true. It’s all proven true. And liberals talk conspiracy theories, and they’re all lies. None of their conspiracy theories ever come true. Was there Russian collusion? No. Did Trump make an improper phone call to the president of Ukraine?
  • No. Did Trump do anything bad to liberals? Did he open the border and destroy America? No. Did he hurt black people? Well, last time I checked, it was the lowest black unemployment history. So I don’t think he was racist. I think he was the opposite of racist. So, you know, was Obamacare actually the savior of our healthcare system? Or did it triple everyone’s healthcare bills? Everything they’ve ever said is a lie or doesn’t happen and would never happen. And everything I say actually happened and comes true and it’s proven. So the conspiracy theorist label is actually a great label. It means you’re telling the truth. Just like extreme right is a great label, because it means up till now, I’ve always been extremely right.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s it, Wayne, because you and I are in the fellow fire breathing category. I have to get a while to get on your level, because that’s a whole level of boss. But I’m telling you, you are absolutely right. And see, this is the thing, we should have t shirts at this point, shouldn’t we, Wayne, because I’ve been called pretty much and I get the white supremacist, you know, I get the, you know, but Elizabeth Warren is real. And I’m, that is Pocahontas.
  • I am the real one. But that’s what we have to tell them. And you have to be unapologetic. But see, the essence also, Wayne, of communism is to kind of break them. We’re seeing these sunshine patriots. There’s a difference between being a patriot and being patriotic. And we need people to step up, stop supporting these countries, stop supporting these politicians, stop, you know, and I mean, I have to honestly say, Wayne, how do I look? This is my first Maybelline three day. No, no, maybelline. Do you know what a woman is, Wayne?
  • Wayne Allyn Root: I know what a woman is. I can define a woman. And the Supreme Court justice that the left just put in cannot define a woman, which is amazing that the Republicans allowed her to become the next Supreme Court justice, just embarrassing, humiliating and demoralizing. And so was the reelection of Ronna McDaniel. So was the reelection as Senate minority leader of Mitch McConnell. So was the election of our, of our esteemed Kevin McCarthy as the House Speaker.
  • All of these are giant mistakes. We put people in charge who are milk toast at best. And at worst, they’re bribed traders who are playing for the other team and always trying to screw us over. How many people know that both McCarthy or I’ll say I’m an opinion guy and it’s alleged, it’s alleged that McCarthy and McConnell both took money from that, that famous crypto company that that got so much trouble that laundered their money in Ukraine and then sent it back to the Democrat party.
  • But very few people know they sent back millions to McCarthy and McConnell to use in the Republican primary of the midterms in 2022 to defeat MAGA candidates. Our own party stabbed us in the back. Remember Platoon, Willem Dafoe, he put his arms out like Christ as the Vietnamese are about to murder him because they left him alone in the forest. His own people abandoned him and he had his hands out like Christ. That’s what Republicans got treated. Every good MAGA America first Trump warrior got treated that way by McConnell and McCarthy in the last midterm. They wanted our candidates to lose fact.
  • Raven Harrison: That is and I was one of those candidates wasn’t I Wayne? That was and you want to talk about we’re gonna get we’re gonna get down and during this was what it is people are like, well, you know, a soft Republican Raven is better than a Democrat. How? Okay, the Democrats are a known quantity. It’s the ones who are selling us out in our own party and you are preaching and since we’re on that Wayne, let’s get right to it.
  • So let’s talk about they tried to perp walk our president and which has made him taken him from rock star to, you know, we have got to so tell us what we need to get done in 2024. The Patriots are listening now Wayne, take him home to what we why we have to get behind President Trump and we have to let him checkmate this country so we can get it back on track.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Well, now it’s not a big reach for me, you know, but months ago back in November, after we really had a terrible showing in the midterms, even though we won the house, it was an awful milk toast performance in the house that we lost several seats in the Senate, which is embarrassing and ridiculous. It was a year where with inflation raging and the economy dying and the middle class being wiped out.
  • The main issue was not abortion 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every Democrat ad was abortion. So I mean, it was a terrible performance. You mean the American people voted for abortion and women voted for abortion instead of inflation that’s destroying your life. It’s insane. It wasn’t. It was rigged again, just like 2020 was rigged a little bit less this time because more people were watching. So they were a little bit more careful, except in Arizona where they stole Kari Lake’s selection, like nothing that’s ever been stolen in the history of the world.
  • So, you know, look, all I could tell you is we’ve got to win in 2024 after the November milk toast performance. The media blamed Trump and most rhinos blame Trump and a lot of conservatives blame Trump, which is ridiculous. I was alone in the media standing there going, he’s our only choice to win in 2024. DeSantis cannot beat them. Trump’s been through the fire twice, 16 and 20. And then four years as president with nonstop vicious kamikaze attacks, suicide bombings. And this guy survived it all and thrives.
  • He’s the only one that could defeat the deep state. And if anything, he was too soft on them. And the next time he’s president, he’s going to wipe them out. So we got to have Trump. He’s the only proven one. Well, nobody was listening to me and the polls showed DeSantis was pulling ahead of Trump. Now look at the polls. I was alone. Now everyone’s with me. Trump’s up by 45 points in a recent poll over DeSantis, 46 points in another poll, 37 points in the morning consult poll.
  • You name the poll, Trump’s up by double digits, but generally 20 to 46 point lead. And everybody else is in, you know, single digits, Pence is at five or six, Nikki Hailey at one or two. There’s nobody else that you can even name. There’s a guy named Vivek Ramaswamy or something. I can’t even pronounce his name. So it’s all Trump. He will be the nominee. The reason you got to support him is that he already proved himself one of the great conservative presidents in history up against the entire deep state and the entire DC swamp. The reason you got to support him is they’re not trying to indict and arrest Ron DeSantis or Nikki Hailey or Vivek Ramaswamy or whatever his name is.
  • The only guy to try to destroy is Trump because he’s the only one standing in their way. And if they could take Trump out and arrest him, put him in prison or just defeat him in 2024, it’ll be one party rule. And after Trump, they’re coming for you and me. So just remember, this will be one party rule if we don’t win in 2024. And this will be a disaster. They’ll come door to door to take your guns away. They’ll come door to door to inoculate you with poison experimental vaccines. They’ll go door to door to drag the best conservatives away to reeducation camp and take your, you know, this is like the Soviet Union, the KGB, East Germany, the Stasi, you’ve got a taste of what they’re willing to do because they did it to Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Next is you and me. Trump is the only answer in 2024. And if he doesn’t win, I’m really almost certain we will never get another chance. The window closes, America’s finished. So give everything you’ve got to Trump and spend all your money and support with conservatives only. The Great Patriot Buycott Book, I list all the best companies in America to support and to spend money with and to invest in in your retirement account. So we never give another nickel to the left. The Great Patriot Buycott Book, my websites, rootforamerica.com. You find my two TV shows there.
  • You’ll find a library of every show I’ve done. You’ll find when I’m online, you can watch it right there. And my radio show is right there. And my podcast is right there. And my newspaper commentaries are right there. RootforAmerica.com. Because Raven, what do I do all day? I root for America.
  • Raven Harrison: And that’s what I love about you, Wayne. And but a point of order, Wayne, you weren’t alone. I have been right here. I am proud to be a root sidekick. I have been right here pushing behind Rain and I’m 100, 1000% behind Wayne. And he knows that because I mean, we’ve got to, you know, we kicked into high gear when Wayne, you know, my kids, when my daughter was kicked out of school for voting for President Trump in a mock election. And the warrior, or no, in California was expelled. And I’m telling you, that’s when the warrior was born. But I am honored to be able to support legends like Wayne Allyn Root Patriots. Give me a sign, Raven. That was it. Okay, get out there and buy before I let you go, Wayne. Tell them you are coming to Dallas to to shake it up and bring the fire the heat down to Texas.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Actually, let me correct you. I’m not because the event has been postponed until September. So we’ll have new dates for you for September or early October, probably late September. My schedule just won’t allow it. There’s too much going on. I’m actually leaving this week for a week in Florida. I’m addressing Club 47, the biggest Trump fan club in the world should be over 1000 people waiting for me at a book signing. And then I’ve got 10 other events lined up, and I just couldn’t make Dallas work.
  • I couldn’t squeeze it in, but we’re going to rearrange it and set it up far in advance for Dallas in early fall. So we’ve rearranged that event. There’s just so much going on. And it’s not easy for me to get away. And I’ve got so many other big events that are already scheduled like flights on a runway at an airport that my schedule is just killing me. So I got to save my voice, which as you hear, is already is already rough first thing in the morning. And I can still do three hours of radio hour of TV podcast and book interviews all day. So my schedule is crazy.
  • Raven Harrison: But I know
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Dallas till fall.
  • Raven Harrison: I love that voice. That is the signature Wayne Allyn Root and Patriots. This he is one of a kind. I’m telling you he’s been he’s been dropping the hammer since, you know, before most people knew they needed one. So get behind Wayne, Wayne, we’re going to have information on our podcast as well. And RavenHarrison.com, but you got to get behind the one and only Wayne Allyn Root. Wayne, it’s been an absolute honor to have you on the show. Thank you so much for getting and sharing that fire with us.
  • Wayne Allyn Root: Thank you, Raven. Appreciate all you do. God bless America. RootforAmerica.com is the website. All my TV shows, all my radio shows start there. You can watch them there or click on the link and you’ll go to the show and the Great Patriot Buycott Book grab a copy and spend only the right way with conservative Christian and patriotic companies. Wayne Allyn Root route for America.com. Thank you, Raven.
  • Raven Harrison: God bless you. God bless you. And we’ll be back right after this.
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  • Raven Harrison: Thank you, Patriots for joining us for this episode of Raven’s Radar. Did I tell you the route? The route, the route is on fire. Oh my gosh. Love having Wayne Allyn Root. He is a firebrand. He’s also a good friend. And I’m telling you these, it takes courage to be disliked. It’s something I know a lot about. But Wayne and these people, I just want to encourage Patriots that, you know, we should be really honored to have people who will risk as much as Wayne, President Trump, myself, some other people. I mean, it takes a lot. The attacks are relentless. They are constant and they are dirty that come on Patriots who are trying to push back against this. I mean, it is a really ugly front line.
  • I tell you, you know, report to this line. That line is dangerous, ugly, and just downright criminal a lot of times. But I tell Patriots, you know, when you’re a people of faith, this nation was built on God. Our founding fathers believe that. I believe that. And I believe that it’s important to honor that sacrifice by realizing that it’s not going to be easy. God didn’t say all things were easy. He said all things were possible to those who diligently seek him. So that’s where we are. So Patriots, please get out there, support Wayne, support myself, support these conservatives and these Patriots who are risking a lot to bring you the truth and giving you the tools to fight back. And in that vein, Wayne’s book will be available, the Great American Buycott. And it’s, it’s important to support country companies, I’m sorry, and countries who are supporting our freedoms and our liberties and helping us in this fight.
  • So in that vein, and we’ll have information on my website, Raven Harrison.com and also on my social media platforms, Raven’s Radar and Raven, the conservative warrior, which is Raven_TXwarrior. In the meantime, I’d like to tell you, Patriots, my book is available for pre-sale. It is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. It is Raven’s mantle fighting the betrayal of America. And it takes you through what a journey from someone who was raised by two retired Air Force Lieutenant colonels and is married to a retired C17 pilot.
  • I have two kids that I adore. I am fighting CRT. I am fighting the communism that has found itself on our doorstep that I saw once in the Cold War. And now we’re getting ready to go into another Cold War and just all the things that make a Patriot with the spark being that my then eight year old daughter was expelled from school for voting for President Trump in a mock election in an elementary school. And boy, let me tell you, Patriots, on that day, the warrior was born.
  • What makes a conservative warrior? Okay, that makes a conservative warrior. And from that day, it became a fight not just for my kids, but for the America that my parents, all the veterans and law enforcement and spouses and all the Patriots, some lost everything to bring us this. And I’m telling you, we’re going to make them proud. We’re going to do that. So go ahead and check out the book. Join us on the front lines.
  • Donate to Raven PAC as we continue to get out here and fight these battles against the communists. Wars are expensive. We need our Patriots. Every little bit helps. And until we come back, Patriots, remember, we were made for a time such as this. We are biblical and literal right now. What an honor to be able to make history fighting for our country.
  • Until then, keep fighting.


As the episode drew to a close, Root implored patriots to take action and support conservative causes and candidates. He emphasized the importance of rallying behind President Trump, who has proven himself capable of withstanding the relentless attacks from the deep state and progressive left. Root’s conviction and unwavering dedication to the cause of preserving American ideals left listeners inspired and ready to join the fight.

In conclusion, Wayne Allyn Root’s appearance on Raven’s Radar was a powerful reminder of the importance of courageously speaking truth to power. His insights and analyses served as a rallying cry for patriots who are committed to defending our founding principles and securing a future for our country that is free from the encroachment of communism and big government control.

To stay informed and support conservative causes, Wayne Allyn Root urged listeners to visit his website, RootForAmerica.com, where they can find a wealth of information, including his TV shows, radio show, podcast, and newspaper commentaries. He also urged patriots to purchase his latest book, “The Great Patriot Buycott,” which highlights conservative and patriotic companies to support, as well as investment opportunities that align with conservative values.

In addition, Raven Harrison encouraged listeners to pre-order her upcoming book, “Raven’s Mantle: Fighting the Betrayal of America,” which shares her personal journey in the fight against communism and CRT, and offers insights and inspiration for fellow patriots.

To make a difference, listeners were urged to support Raven PAC, an organization dedicated to fighting for conservative values. Every donation, no matter how small, helps in the battle against the forces seeking to dismantle the principles that our great nation was built upon.

In the face of challenges and threats to our freedom, Wayne Allyn Root and Raven Harrison both urged patriots to remember that they were made for a time such as this, and encouraged them to continue fighting for America’s future.

So, patriots, let us unite and keep up the fight. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the principles of liberty and justice endure for generations to come.

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